MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday, November 08, 2020

New Pics of KORG's Upcoming SQ-64 Poly Sequencer

Follow-up to this post.

Some pics via hispasonic.

Click the images to zoom in.

Labels on top:
A MONO Pitch Gate
C MONO Pitch Gate
D 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8



RECORD, STOP, and PLAY buttons

Display and 4 data wheels


Labels on bottom:
MUTE for A, B, C, D main tracks
1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4

Multiple jacks on back including USB

KORG Introduces the NAUTILUS Streamlined Music Workstation Synthesizer

Korg's NAUTILUS - Dazzling New Sounds; Streamlined Workflow; KRONOS Pedigree.
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 1- Introduction and Navigation
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 2 - Program Mode
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 3 - Combination Mode & Set List
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 4 - Arpeggiator, Drum Track & Step Sequencer
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 5 - Sequencer & Effects
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 6 - Audio Recording & Sampling
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 7 - Global & Media

"The new NAUTILUS Workstation from KORG delivers the power and performance of KORG’s flagship Kronos in a streamlined design, with new and updated sounds, making NAUTILUS ideal for performing musicians, songwriters and producers.

NAUTILUS pushes the boundaries of what a performance synth and workstation is capable of. With the power of nine engines to drive a new approach to sounds, plentiful sampling, audio recording, effects, and processing power, there is simply no other synth that delivers more to explore sonically, with the workflow to get you there faster than ever. Korg spent years refining all our digital, analog, processing, and hardware technologies and delivering them in a way that helps the musician connect with their instrument. The result is the incredibly powerful, one-of-a-kind NAUTILUS."

Available in 61, 73, and 88 key versions as pictured below.


"Introducing #NAUTILUS - a streamlined #synthesizer that pushes the boundaries of what a performance #instrument is capable of! There's simply no other #synth that offers more to explore with the workflow to get you there faster than ever. #korgnautilus #newmusicalways"

The Engines:

"The NAUTILUS features nine dedicated sound engines to realistically reproduce sounds such as pianos, electric pianos, organs and more.

To start, the enhanced SGX-2 piano sound generator offers delicate expressiveness to capture all the nuances of the acoustic piano, and NAUTILUS features the most piano libraries ever put into one product; with 12-step velocity-switched sound, string resonance and more. The EP-1 electric piano sound generator realistically reproduces seven different famous electric piano sounds. The CX-3 engine – the heart of our sought-after CX-3 reissue -covers the distinct sound of classic tonewheel organs. Add to that MOD-7 VPM/FM synthesis, the PolysixEX and MS-20EX for analog modeling, and the STR-1 for physical modeling, and you have essentially an engine for any type of sound you’re looking to get. Used together in Program or Combination mode, these distinctive engines create completely new timbres."

The NAUTILUS features:

- New sounds offered over three broad categories
- The DYNAMICS knob makes delicate expression possible
- Make intuitive changes to sounds with the Realtime knobs
- A user interface designed for easy operation
- Convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions
- Color TouchView Display
- Set list mode that demonstrates its power in live performances
- Open Sampling System
- 16-Track MIDI Sequencer / 16-Track Audio Recorder
- 16 Onboard Effect Processors
- USB/MIDI Host Ports Accommodate MIDI Control Surfaces
- Smooth sound transitions that eliminate dropouts when changing sounds, regardless of the mode you're in
- 88-key model with piano touch, 73-key model with light touch and 61-key model available

Uglysound Build Report: Nonlinearcircuits Chopper


"For the third installment of Build Report, we wanted to feature our favorite manufacturer, Nonlinearcircuits. Is the Chopper a utility module, or an unpredictable jack of all trades? Yes! Really inspirational module to use, and not too hard to build if you have a bit of building experience. Soundtrack by Appliancide, with the Chopper at the heart of a complex, chaotic modulation patch. PCBs, panels, and complete kits (featured here) available at synthCube hereL"

Serge Birds Waveshaper Feedback

Todd Barton

"A fun and crazy feedback patch. Riffing off of and his Cybernetic and AI thread over on Muffs"

Serge Modular Music Systems Brochure

via this auction

"Serge Modular Music Systems synthesizer brochure. Six page fold open, San Francisco vintage. Very good condition. Punch holes, no writing, no highlights, no stains, no stamps, no staples."

PPG Wave 2.2 w/ Factory MIDI & Individual Outs

via this auction

"Full service documentation for this units is included in the purchase.

It's now ready for another 40 years of fantastic sound creation.

Factory MIDI, individual outs are rare for such an early 2.2."

Yamaha DX5 FM synthesizer

via this auction

"Twice the engine of the DX7. Stack both up, you get a fat FM synth sound. Or you can split or layer two different voices."

Yamaha DX200 Loopfactory - FM synthesizer groovebox

via this auction

"This is a Yamaha DX200 Loopfactory groovebox. It has a 6-operator FM synthesis engine (basically a hidden DX7 but with an added filter) and drum tracks-- it's an all-in-one rhythm and groove box that gives you FM sounds with knobs for real-time performance. This does have the FM card in it and it has not been parted out. It's in great shape and works nicely."

Akai AX60 vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction

YAMAHA CS01 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 27758 w/ Silver Carry Bag

via this auction

1015 Muse Research Receptor Trio SN trio-3820-7227-8452-3061 w/ Omnisphere

via this auction

"This is the almost top of the line Muse Receptor Trio with quad core intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. Full working condition. Omnisphere is installed and authorized, alongside the factory soundpacks and plugins. Listing includes Receptor rack unit and power cable only."

Dave Smith Prophet-12 Demo I No Talking + Patches

Alphacode Synth Demos

"If you would like to buy this Bank of 100 Patches, please send a 9€ / 10$ PayPal payment to (please cover fee) and feel free to add a small donation on top to help me grow the channel and content :) Thank you for watching my demo!"

Vector Digital Hardware Synthesizer Version 2.2 Firmware Update

via Vector

"The Vector synthesizer has just received firmware upgrade version 2.2.

The release builds on the recent versions 2.0 and 2.1 which introduced the Corner Matrix for a much more versatile configuration and placement of LP, HP and BP filters, increased polyphony to 16 voices, extended the orbiter with a new ADSR shape with separate envelope controls and more.

Version 2.2 doubles the number of available user preset slots including new built-in presets. The Overtone Generators’ oversampling factor has been quadrupled giving a cleaner and more transparent spectrum and the Overtone Blend depth has been doubled. Furthermore, the ADSR Orbiter Warp now had its amplitude and frequency range increased for audio-rate movement.

Vector is a digital hardware synthesizer produced by a small team in Prague, Czech Republic. Introducing a novel synthesis method based around the Orbiter, a compact form-factor and a 7” touchscreen interface, it entered the European market in June 2019 and recently started shipping worldwide. Vector is constantly evolving based on the users’ feedback and the firmware upgrades are available to all existing customers."

See the Vector label below for more.

Easel Celebration

Todd Barton

"Easel yayas for the new US vision and the work ahead!!"

||| Drone Box |||


"Drone Box, a collaboration with Akhila. Meditate over the echos of 808 Cymbal Drone Generator. More info here:"

"This DRONE BOX was made to create a special setup for your music sessions.

Perfect as a gift for analog synth enthusiasts.

Box includes:
1x Lumanoise 808 (desktop or eurorack)
2x boxes of aromatic incense (Dragon's blood and Sandalwood)
1x Natural soy candle
1x Tea box(as you choose) with 16 tea bags inside

Remember to choose EURORACK or DESKTOP version!
The 808 Cymbal Drone Generator use six fixed frequency square wave oscillators. The six oscillator cluster circuit came from the TR808 drum machine for creating cymbal sound and other metal plate sound, in fact these are the harmonic frequencies of the sounds of metal plate. Each of the six oscillators have a volume pot. and a 12 db low pass resonant filter, the filter cut-off can be controlled by the potentiometer or the photoresistor.

Lumanoise works with voltage between 9 and 12 volt
direct current DC, 500 ma tip\central +

Demo of Lumanoise 808:
➪Visit our website to discover all Leploop synths:

▷Natural soy candle
It’s a candle with a pleasant aroma of orange, bergamot and Ylang-ylang. Composed by Ylang-ylang essential oil that has a calming, relaxing and stimulating effect on the senses, Orange essential oil that refreshes and energizes, Bergamot essential oil that has a relaxing effect, reduces stress, relieves tension and helps fight persistent headaches and Pine essential oil that has a calming effect; facilitates breathing and relaxes. Burning time: Approx. 30 h. Vegan candle.

▷Choose your favorite tea:
➝ Chocolate Pu-erh Organic Tea
A velvety soft infusion of powerful Pu-erh tea with cocoa, vanilla beans, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rich in antioxidants. Ingredients: cocoa powder* (45%), Verified Fair Labor black Pu-erh tea (30%), rooibos*, honeybush*, cinnamon*(4%), orange peels*, nutmeg*. * produced organically

➝ Jasmine Green Organic Tea
A light and delectate fragrant green tea infused with real Jasmine flowers. Ingredients: Fairtrade certified organic green tea (100%), scented with organic jasmine flowers.

➝ Herb and Spice Infusion Sweet Matcha
Ingredients: green tea (45%), nettle, ginger, spearmint, lemon grass, fennel, cinnamon, Matcha green tea (2%), basil, lemon myrtle, turmeric root, cardamom, cloves, black pepper (all ingredients are organic)"

Elektron Digitakt & Sequential Prophet 6


Sequential Prophet 6 & ProCo You Dirty Rat




"Short ambient test drive of the new dual wavetable algorithm for Disting EX.

Disting EX is set with dual wavetables on both sides, giving 4 voices in total. Right side provides a drone base, left side provides melodic lines determined by Marbles.

The Disting Mk4s contribute a low-fi delay and a rotary speaker effect. Both applied to the melodic voices.

The mix is done in the case (TomaTek 4x2 matrix mixer) and recorded as a stereo pair direct to camera."

Latest TTSH build (Arp 2600 clone)

Todd Murray

"This is from the latest V4 TTSH PCBs from Synthcube. There have been many mods done to this as well, including waveshapers, gatebooster, VCO sync, etc. Although most of the voltage control still uses the LM301, many are selected for the lowest input offset voltage as possible. Additionally the entire audio path uses OPAMPs that are closer to the original MC1439s in either fast slew rate or lowest input offset voltage where needed. VCOs, VCA and VCFs make heavy use of matched (Vbe) transistor (NPN/NPN or PNP/PNP) pairs, matched JFETs and NPN/PNP pairs selected for identical and optimal Hfe."

Démo Töörö, 6 voice hybrid polysynth by Fred's Lab


"A demo made with the 6 voice polyphonic hybrid synth by Fred's Lab: the Töörö.

All sounds (even drums) made with Töörö.
Most of the FX added in DAW (logic Pro X, Dimension D Arturia, BL20 Flanger Arturia, VCA compressor Arturia, SoundToys little Plate, Eventide Ultra Channel, Native Instruments Replika, Native Instruments Raum)"

See the Fred's Lab label below for more.

(Vermona '14/Rucci Drone/MxB): "Da Day Dawn" (Traditional)

Kris Lennox

"The beauty of the Vermona - my synth of choice for lyrical, melodic work. Tone is ideal for lonesome-sounding melodies. The included patch took quite a while to set up - the aim was for a flute/vocal-like tone, with a bird-like quality. Something that always appealed to me RE the Vermona is the bird-like tone - ideal for traditional music.

Rucci Drone enters after the first playthrough, with a low octave added after the second playthrough. Very subtle - but great tone.

Matrixbrute is providing the moorland wind effect. In fact, the MxB's various noise options was one of the primary reasons for my purchasing it (especially the pink noise - which is ideal for wind-like effects). Being on the hill most days, I say in all humility that I'm quite familiar with the sound of the wind in nature: in terms of hardware synth, you won't go far wrong with pink noise on the Matrixbrute through a bandpass filter.

"Da Day Dawn" is a very old piece - possibly Celtic, or possibly a Viking piece. The work is traditionally associated with Shetland, with the island itself a marriage between Celtic and Viking. Stunning melody.

For historical/reference purposes, at the end of the video I've included an image of the score (or rather, a version of it), plus a typed story by one of the locals, which should be very useful for those looking for some historical context (especially given the mentioning of names/places within Shetland). If you pause the video, you'll be able to read/screen capture. This score/text should, for those in traditional music circles, prove very valuable.

Who we learn our tunes from determines how we play our tunes - hence there will always be 'local' variations RE interpretation. However, this variation certainly adds to the interest.

The moorland footage: after recording the Vermona part (4th Nov 2020), I went out on to the moor to get some footage to use for the video. Unfortunately the weather was a little too nice (moody sky would have been ideal), but I've used this footage as it was from the same day of the recording, thus feeling appropriate.

Enjoy/all best



"Here I attempt to add the Highly Liquid UMR-2 MIDI kit to the Yamaha CS-01
I also make an unfortunate stupid mistake. doh!
Apologies for the noisy video
Synth audio has a slight delay effect added

Here is a link to some old documentation I found on fitting the UMR-2:"

Inside a Yamaha CS01.

Vintage Schulmerich Carillon Bells

via this auction

I spotted the keyboard and decided to post it. I searched YouTube for demos and couldn't find one, but I did find demos for the other models above. I then found the Model 110 and Model 36-192 and figured I should capture them as well, especially with how the Model 110 to the left lives in a giant metal locker. Kind of a Dr. Who/Tardis/Phone Booth vibe going. Open the unasuming locker and inside you find an eccentric world of audio.

If you are curious what these are, they produce bell chime sounds, mainly for church use. I thought the keyboard version was interesting, and could make for a unique tool in the studio. I guess the larger models could as well. Definitely a talking piece. The vacuum tube logo is pretty cool. It looks like an old school rocket ship!

BTW, it turns out this isn't the first Schulmerich post on the site. There were a few others you can find here, including a demo of a three tier keyboard model here.

Although not technically test equipment, I'm giving it the label as those looking for test equipment sound sources might find these interesting. They are also borderline synth rorschachs, but skipping that label as these do indeed produce sound.

Alesis AirFX

via this auction

"Remixers and DJs will go nuts over this utterly unique instrument that looks and acts like UFO original equipment. There are no strings. No pedals. No keys. Just move your hand (or other body parts) through the invisible infrared sphere to twist and shape sounds into awesome trip-hop fodder. Seriously, this machine is tons of fun. It's loaded with 50 flipped-out effects and sounds such as panning, flanging, vinylizing, skratching, pitch-shifting, and vocoding for hands-off sound shaping."

Yamaha CS01 Mono Analog Synth SN 3652

via this auction

3 PACK *mint* Moog Voyager 10th Anniversary Filter Cutoff Knob

via this auction

"these were in the Voyager package gift bag from Moogfest 2019, right here in durham."

Moog Brushed Aluminum Moog Voyager Limited Edition

via this auction

"One out of a 100 made worldwide."

Making of video in the listing previously posted here.

Waldorf Quantum Digital/Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

Some nice pics of the colored LEDs reflecting on the knobs.



Update: video is back.

"This is a really nice kit, sadly now discontinued.

It allows control of parameters via MIDI CC
Use of the Programmer and MIDI
3 Separate MIDI channels"

Inside a Roland JX-3P.

ROLAND RE-201 SPACE ECHO Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

YAMAHA TG33 - Ambient arpeggiator soundscape | Synth demo


"Yamaha TG33 synth demo -- playing relaxing ambient arpeggiator soundscape on TG33 tone generator synth from Yamaha.

This ambient chill-out / new age synthesizer music created using Yamaha TG33 vector synthesis, random arpeggiator, and Yamaha TG-33 reverb effects. The Yamaha TG33 is a great synthesizer for ambient music."

App Sound Korg Wavestate Technoid Flow


"The sound pack "Technoid Flow" is a Set List of 64 new Performances for the Korg Wavestate. You can buy it here:"

Yamaha Montage V3.5 Smart morph!

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"Smart morph is an amazing new feature in the latest OS for the Yamaha Montage series. Simply select 4 to 8 FM sounds and Smart Morph will creating a hybrid sound from these,
Here are some sounds I have programmed using this awesome feature.
This new feature makes FM programming easy and fun!
All rights reserved."

Roland Jupiter X and Xm Sound Design: Understanding the Zencore and Zenology synths

Starsky Carr

"How to approach sound design and editing this little marvel. It can do so much, but the interface is small compared to the options available - as are any hardware units that have complex engines. This is essentially like a Roland XV5080 (or JV1080 etc) with extra virtual analog oscillators and filters etc for modelling the classics. So the editing goes DEEP!" 0:00 intro
0:38 Overview
5:57 ZenCore
8:30 Zenology explained
12:30 Editing with Hardware
13:49 Analog Models
15:34 Editing Analog Models
21:04 Editing the Digital Engine
27:32 The Epiphany
29:35 Final Thoughts

Roland TR-808 + JX-3P House Jam

Danny Korrson

"some chords"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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