MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021

Is this all there is | DSI Prophet 12 Ambient track

video upload by MIDERA

"It came today, even my daughter was excited, 'A synthesizer???' She and I ran downstairs and opened it up. She was interested, and then she saw it, and went to do something else.

I was impressed by a few things: 1) The keybed isn't quite as awful as people think. I would say it's in between the AN1x keybed and the TP/9S. It's not great, but it's ok. I agree that the velocity on here is not excellent. It's hard to control. 2) I find that despite all the knobs, it's actually somewhat difficult to navigate. I'll chalk this up to my inexperience with it. 3) It sounds like it distorts way quieter than other synths that I own. I wonder about the D/A converters. 4) For all the modulation capabilities, I sense that the P12 can't go the extra mile. It hits a wall and the sounds become clangorous (as opposed to an FM synths which just keeps going, beyond its obvious boundaries).

My first day with the Prophet 10 was similar. I was underwhelmed. I'll give it more time and learn more tricks before I settle down with an opinion.

Eventide Blackhole VST used for reverb."

The Eve Of The War - Synthesizer Recreation

video upload by Luke Million

"Today I'm jamming on Jeff Wayne's masterpiece - "The Eve Of The War" from the musical version of The War Of The Worlds.

Gear Used:

E-mu Emulator II (Marcato Strings)
Roland SH2 & Jupiter 4
SCI Prophet 5 Rev 3 & Roland Juno 6
Arp Odyssey Mk 1

Stream my music"


video upload by thenoiztemple

"RHODIUM IS THE METAL is a compilation album featuring 33 artists.

Features the track Spectropal Sigils by ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING

Lioc is a joint venture of artists and musicians.
They have one thing common: they all get inspired by the tracks of the band Coil.

Available soon at:"

Firstman FS-4V 4 Voice polyphonic Synthesizer w/ SSM Filter

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

via this auction

"Der FS-4V ist eine Kombination aus einem 4 Voice poly Synthesizer mit SSM Filter und einem Stringsynthesizer."


"The FS-4V is a combination of a 4 voice poly synthesizer with SSM filter and a string synthesizer."

Only one other has been featured on the site here. Oddly enough, G-Force's VSM Expansion pack featured samples of one.

Salamander Music Systems SMS Voice 400 Synthesizer ultra rare Boards and Panel

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

via this auction

"Salamander Music System SMS Voice 400 boards and control panel

This convolute contains

1x Control Panel
2x SMS 400 mother boards with dual VCO , VCF ,dual EG , delay and CV S&H modules
1x SMS 400 mother board with dual VCO , VCF ,dual EG and CV S&H modules
1x SMS 400 mother board with dual VCO ,VCF and CV S&H modules

All parts are untested . Selling it for spares and repair ,
Curtis IC's are not includet .
The MN3005 BBD Chips (2 per Delay as far as i know) are includet"

Roland Juno-106 - systematic test before shipping shipping

video upload by 123synthland

"Here at Tone Tweakers Inc, we meticulously refurbish all the Roland Juno-106s we sell. An essential part of our process is quality control, so we systematically test items multiple times, over extended periods, to be sure items are working perfectly when they leave here. Here’s part of the final test before packing and shipping this 106 off to its next owner. Please visit us at if you’re looking for meticulously serviced vintage synths. Thanks for watching and reading!"

Tone Tweakers eBay

Tone Tweakers Reverb

Easel Serge Krell Improv

video upload by Todd Barton

"Exploring this new combined territory of Buchla/Serge Krell.
Thanks also to for the CV switch pedal.
Serge 73-75:
My Patreon:"

VCV Rack Live Stream with Vult Nitrous

video upload by Omri Cohen

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

MATTHS Release - Live Eurorack Modular Synth Dark Ambient Broadcast 30th July 2021

video upload by MATTHS


Live version of 'Release' available July 2021 on for a few months and then on all streaming platforms.

#MATTHS aka #MattHodson takes us through his monster #eurorack #modular live performance case that has been the result of months of design. In part 2 we get into some of the sound design aspects and routing options.

Connect with me for live streams, broadcasts, music and more:


YAMAHA GX-1 (full set up) - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

Re-uploaded Nov 16, 2021
Re-Re-uploaded Jun 14, 2023

Behringer's Pro-16 Prophet-5/16 Clone?

Behringer shared these pics with the following:

"Prototype completed. Firmware development in full force."

The number in their product names usually indicate the number of voices, so I'm guessing a 16 voice Prophet.

Curious what the status of the Behringer PRO-800 is.

Making Ambient Music with the Model:Samples and Empress Reverb

video upload by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) shares his technique for making performative ambient music using the Elektron Model:Samples and the Empress Effects Reverb. This technique also works for the Elektron Model:Cycles as well.

Model:Samples is a 6 track sampler player and midi sequencer with an exceptional sound engine and dedicated knobs. The Model:Samples is equipped with Elektron's famous step sequencer and along with a few unique bells and whistles.

Order the Elektron Model:Samples here:

Empress Effects Reverb offers realistic simulations of spaces, as well as never-before-heard surreal ambiances are represented with stunning sound quality. Sporting stereo ins and outs, a small footprint and all the controls at your finger-tips, it strikes the perfect balance of control and ease of use, avoiding laborious menus. Presets, the versatile control port, and MIDI open up a world of possibilities for live performances. Whether you're looking for a classic spring, realistic room or new sonic flavors to expand your creativity, this pedal delivers.'s got a beer mode! Features 32 high quality algorithms.

Order the Empress Effects Reverb here:
Demo by: Matthew Piecora
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Going Bananas on the Buchla Easel Command 208C!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Wes shows off some Never-Before-Seen advanced Easel tips and tricks to supercharge your workflow!
The Buchla 208c Easel Command Synthesizer is a modern revival of the classic Buchla Music Easel. With built in MIDI and USB hosting functionality, as well as a slew of quality of life improvements, the Easel Command 208C is the definitive west coast style synthesizer. Check it out here -

These tips are hot!! so grab a cool drink and make sure you've got enough potassium in your diet before we dive in!

0:15 - Intro jam with SP-404SX
1:22 - Tip #1: Jumper settings and under-the-hood adjustments
3:19 -Tip #2 : Polarity settings on complex oscillator
5:58 - Demo of first two tips
7:00 - Tip #3 : Random outputs
7:25 - Tip #4 : Mod oscillator CV output and uses
7:45 - Tip #5 : Mod oscillator FM input
8:35 - Tip #6 : Reverb crossfader functionality
9:45 - Demo patch of mod oscillator CV outputs
10:44 - Tip #7 : Pre-amp and envelope detector
12:00 - Tip #8 : Envelope detector and inverter for sidechain emulation
12:41 - Tip #9 : Built-in white noise!
13:18 - Tip #10 : MIDI settings hidden on the forbidden keys
13:58 - Bonus tip! Velocity output!

Other gear we used in this video include the SP-404
and the Moffenzeef Shtick!"

Obsession Volume I Patches by Robust American Patches

Obsession Patch Demos (Part 1) upload by Robust American Patches

Don't miss the promo code below!

"Welcome to our Obsession! Volume I for Obsession contains 90 brand new custom patches!
(As usual, we've also added 10 complimentary patches to make it an even 100)
The list below is sorted by category to give you an idea of what's included.

Leads - 18
Strings - 10
Plucked - 9
Pads - 8
Poly Synths - 8
Sequences - 7
Bass - 7
Bells - 5
Brass - 4
Keys - 4
Drums - 4
Sound FX - 4
Splits - 2
Plus 10 Complimentary Patches!

Discount Code: KVR DISCOUNT
(Use the code above when checking out to reduce our intro offer even more!)

07 30 21 Rhythm Ace, Minimoog & Fenix

video upload by batchas

"I took out my Musonics Minimoog to calibrate it and jammed a bit with the Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6 I modified and the Synton Fenix 2 & 3."

DEMO TWO - Chiptune Dreams - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yves Big City

video upload by


"UPDATED: Now includes Full sessions Patch and Sample Packs for the Circuit Tracks!

Chiptune Dreams Track Edition is inspired by the chiptune scene. If you were ever a fan of the music found in many classic 8-bit games then this pack is for you!

So what's new in this edition ?

All the macro has been changed to match the new layout of the Circuit Tracks, and you will be happy to find a total of 128 remastered presets.

Together the patches show off an amazing amount of sounds that will work in a wide variety of genres and offer the kind of flexibility that musicians crave when performing live.

For the drum side, 64 Samples were lovingly crafted from classic hardware such NES, Gameboy, Commodore 64, PO-20, and many classic drum machines!

All samples have been processed to cut through any mix and will save you valuable time in post production.

At a glance :

- 128 Patches ( OG Circuit compatible )
- 64 Samples
- 32 Remastered Sessions including the famous scenes feature
- By preset : New velocity filter function to take advantage of the circuit tracks pads pressure.


Arturia MatrixBrute "Polyphonica" 16 Cinematic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"polyphony & more polyphonic sounds to complete the sound pallete with monophonic & paraphonic timbres.

Introducing "Polyphonica" - the most handcrafted soundset which contains 16 para "poly" presets!


Pads,Strings,Keyboards & Drones are ready to go in your Cinematic Track & create deep & spacey atmosphere.

'Polyphonica' is a combination or collaboration between hardware (MatrixBrute) and software - wonderful free effect Valhalla DSP "Supermassive" with lushiest reverb & chorusing custom settings.

So if you want the sound exactly like on our video - you will need DAW, audiocard & MatrixBrute.

All instructions of setting up effects & hardware are included.

Also check DRY DEMO:"

the PIPE by SOMA laboratory (the main demo video)

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"PIPE is a voice / breath / mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer. It turns your voice into a powerful FX / beat / lead / soundscapes synthesizer and it offers unprecedented levels of vocal processing, really transforming the possibilities of singing.

Here you can find a demo of the additional four algorithms: [posted here]

the PIPE was designed by Vlad Kreimer.
Idea, sounds, video, edition - Vlad Kreimer.
Source video streams for the background video art - Iliya Sidorenko.
Also, in the background used fragments of math fractals from “Eye of the Universe” by Math Town

SOMA laboratory 2018"

Additional PIPE by SOMA posts

Soma Cosmos Delta Cep-A Friday Fun Synth Jam

video upload by sonicstate

"Just got the Soma Labs Cosmos Drifting Memory Station in for a look, and while we havent fully figured it out yet, we did find a nice setting for creating granular beds from the Radikal Technologies Delta Cep-A (which we have previously reviewed)

Hope this inspires you to hook up some gear and have a jam or noodle."

$15,000 Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer 2000s Eggshell

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8 with factory MIDI

via this auction

"OB-8 with Factory MIDI and original manual. It was serviced last October (see photo for list of services) where the OB-Xa mod was done to give it a little more low-end like the OB-Xa. The keyboard was swapped out years ago for the OB-X keyboard, which I and others prefer the feel of. A goose-neck cable attachment was also put on it on the upper right face for a goose-neck light to be attached if desired. I also labeled all the Page 2 functions (see photos) Considering the nearly 40 year-old age, it is in good shape cosmetically with only mild wear and tear from over the decades."

Pics of the inside below.

Roland SH-2000 37-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"Roland SH-2000 from the early 70s, the second synthesizer ever made by Roland. It is a monophonic anologue synthesizer with 30 preset sounds. They can be modified with the "borrowed" Moog ladder filter built in, that can also be modulated by an LFO. Additionally portamento, vibrato, pitch bend, volume and master tuning are available, as well as a "WOW" and a Growl effect. All these should be assignable to aftertouch, but is not working as intended I think. The pins at the bottom of the note stand broke off as seen in the pictures. The synth was tested, is in great condition and comes with original wooden case that it was sold in."

Powertran Transcendent DPX Synthesizer c.1979

via this auction

"This synth was designed by Tim Orr who also designed synths for EMS, and was sold in kit form by 'Electronics Today' magazine." [See this post]

"They originally sold for £365 + VAT which would be around £2k +VAT today. This particular example seems to have been assembled as all the screw holes have been used, but was then was opened up again, presumably due to a fault."

Pics of the inside below.

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab Synthesizer Drum ZP71178

via this auction

Roland SH-2 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Hard Case SN 023785

via this auction, also on Reverb

Roland Integra - 7 SN Z7F9428

via this auction

Roland JX8P Synthesiser with PG800

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 8 SN 413297

via this auction

"An 80's analogue dream machine...from the classic design look to the well thought through layout to the sounds!!! 8-voice polyphonic beauty. All working (tested today!). In very very good condition, just a minor few marks on the metal side cheeks but the rest is rather minty....."

Behringer's Jupiter-8 Clone in Development?

PCB graphic shared by Behringer with the following:

"The space journey has started…"

Behringer first teased a Jupiter-8 in March, 2019.

They also cloned the BA662A chip used in the Juno-6/60/106, JX-3P and TB-303, Jupiter-4, and Jupiter-8.

Bad Gear - Roland U-20 - Vintage Synthwave

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland U-20 RS PCM Keyboard. Is this classic 80s ROMpler the ultimate vintage synthwave instrument?"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Dreadbox Murmux meets TI:ME by Crazy Tube Circuits

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Dreadbox Murmux Initiatee meets TI:ME delay pedal by Crazy Tube Circuits"

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