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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Make Noise Strega + BugBrand Board Chirper

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Make Noise Strega and BugBrand Board Chirper cross modulating each others touch points."

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #2 -

video upload by John L Rice

JLR's Modular Synthesizers System Breakdown posts

"This is the second video breakdown/rundown for one of my modular synth systems, this time a small 5U one. Next time I'll do one of my Euroracck systems.

0:00 Beginning
0:19 Introduction
0:32 Modules and Modifications Overview
6:26 Modification Details
9:33 Miscellaneous Items and Final Words
11:30 Wrong Side Of The Jacks
12:02 It's A Jaaaack Celebration
13:09 Jack Frost Patching With His Toes
14:50 Release The JACKEN!
16:14 Your Jack-Jokes Have Become Tiresome
20:10 End

List of the modules in this system:
Moon Modular - 526 Reversible Mixer
YuSynth - Quadrature LFO
FreeState FX - 116 Dual Trigger Processor
Chrutil - MU version of Plaits Macro Oscillator
Martin Jan Koehler - Macro Oscillator based on Plaits - Q171 Quantizer Bank - Q172 Quantizer Aid - Q157 SH++ Utilities
Synthetic Sound Labs - Mini Sequencer II Model 1651

You can see details of the modules on my ModularGrid page:

Also part of the system: - Box11 Case - Right Angle 'A' Series Patch Cables
Gator Cases - padded utility bag model G-MULTIFX-2411
TC Electronic - Hall Of Fame, Flashback, and MojoMojo pedals
Analog Craftsman - acBUS power distribution board

Check out Aaron Kraten's wonderful artwork at

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, subscribing, and commenting! 🥳 Please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found the content of this video helpful, interesting, or entertaining."

Yamaha An1x glorious knight of his time HQ Video with amazing sound no talking

video upload by js-sound

"Yamaha AN1X Synthesizer Demonstration. Still one of the best!

In this video, I recorded the sounds from my modified synthesizer, in which I changed the old operational amplifiers NJMxxx that various Japanese companies loved to use at that time (and still today) for the best of the best High End!

00:00 AN1x Drum Kick

00:22 AN1x 2 Scenes Sequences
03:09 AN1x Video Part 2 various presets and information Part 1
04:10 Information Part 2 FREE EG
05:10 Information Part 3 Modulation
06:10 Information Part 4
06:54 Information Part 5
07:53 Information Part 6 (sorry one Error in Text i mean 'good sound')
09:00 Just sound"

ARTURIA POLYBRUTE Basic sounds and effects review by MARK JENKINS

video upload by Mark Jenkins

"A first look at Arturia's Polybrute polyphonic analog synth, some sounds, basic editing, touch sensitivity and other controllers, and effects. From the forthcoming book "SYNTHESIZERS: 50 YEARS" (ZyXyZ Books, London 2021)"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Although typically understood as a slimmed down entry level offering from Sequential Circuits, the Six-Trak has the distinction of being one of the first multi-timbral MIDI synthesizers. Like the name says, the built in sequencer can access all six voices individually for easy stand alone composition. This Six-Trak is in good cosmetic shape with average wear and tear, no sonic issues. All voices, keys, buttons, and pots in good repair. Includes original box!"


Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The ARP AXXE is the younger sibling to the better known Odyssey, to which it features a very similar layout. The main difference being that it only has one VCO so there are no duophonic capabilities or ring modulator. That doesn't take away from the fact that its still a really great sounding monosynth with that beloved ARP bite!

This synth is in great shape for its age, recently serviced and calibrated."

Vintage Casio MT-800 Casiotone w/ Extras

via this auction

"includes user manual, power adapter, song books and extra sound cards"

Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Synthesizer Intro (Tears For Fears Keyboard Cover)

video upload by Marcelo Pereira (CafeSound)

Short but good. Roland Juno-106 & JV-90.

Modal Electronics Cobalt8 & TC Electronic Flashback 2

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Circuit Rhythm - Meet the Maker Chat & Jam Ft. Slow Clap // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"Novation’s lead designer for Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks: Danny Nugent (AKA Slow Clap) joins us on this special live stream.

Danny will be chatting with -CALC- about his processes and decisions in designing the new Circuit family, plus he'll be showcasing his own stunning musical talents with a full Circuit Rhythm live performance.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm"

Sequential Pro 3 Elemnt Preset Pack

video upload by Elemnt


My Sequential Pro 3 Elemnt Preset Pack is OUT!!
100 presets including vintage tones, sounds from my covers, classic songs, basses, leads, etc.
This audio preview was recorded dry, without external effects. All effects/reverb/delay you hear in this video are from the Pro 3 only."

The Universal Symphony

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"The act of listening is itself the generation of music, to paraphrase Pierre Schaeffer. All the parts are always there, and our ear generates the score.

Discussed in this video:

Kri Samadhi, “Serge MOTS 7-25-21”:

Pierre Schaeffer, "Treatise on Musical Objects":

Strega Patch Corner Noise Patch:

David Dunn, “Angels & Insects”:"

Korg Wavestate - "Cinematica" Vol.3

video upload by LFOstore

"Introducing: "Cinematica" Vol.3 soundset with one of the most deep patches you heard on Korg Wavestate.


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author "Stratosphere" for Wavestate

The third part of the series is devoted to organic & motion sounds ready to go in your action track.

40 performances ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Inside of the pack:


Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

This trick unlocks more LFOs on your FM synth (Reface DX)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's an idea for using fixed frequency operators in sound design - as a makeshift LFO of sorts.

00:00 short demo
00:16 introduction
00:41 create a new patch
01:01 choosing an algorithm
01:28 setting the modulator's level
01:55 setting the operator's mode to fixed frequency
03:05 shaping the tone using the remaining operators
04:21 applying a pitch envelope on the fixed frequency
05:21 using the amp envelopes for further sound shaping
06:42 adding effects
07:02 longer demo
07:32 conclusion"


Floyd's videos on FM synthesis:

UNTITLED #36,001 - itijik

video upload by itijik

"Check out these trash beats and sounds. Sample licensing available by request.
I'm up for collab deals if the vibe is there."

Roland TR-6S All Preset Sample FX Sounds ACB Drum Machine Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"This is a just a quick demo of every preset sample fx
sound on the TR-6S. If you were like me, you are curious
about internal sounds & if you are going to be happy with
the money you just spent. I looked for a video demoing the
FX sounds of the TR-6S and found nothing. So for those who
are interested on the internal FX sounds, here you go! :)
Some Roland fans will notice some FX sounds come from the
Spectrasonics Special FX SR-JV80 expansion board! Awesome!
Then after the sample demo I tweak a short dark beat. Sweet kit!
My new Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite pyramid is hanging out, too!
**It sends you POSITIVE COSMIC VIBES!!!**
Thank you for watching!"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer (1979) Sounds from the old Synth Beast

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer (1979)
For me one of the best synthesizers ever made. I use the OB-X many years and I had never technical problems. The sound is very different to the later curtis chip based OB--Xa. But I like both.
My OB-X is a eight voice. Enjoy some sounds."

RetroSound OB-X posts

1970 Moog Mini Moog Model D

via this auction

"Everything functions except the three orange buttons. I never used these buttons, so I don’t miss them. They turn some settings off or on. I was always adjusting these setting while playing, so didn’t need the buttons. One key is slightly raised, but it doesn’t impact how I play it. I bought this original MiniMoog in 1970. I used it for about 10 years until I moved to Va and no longer played out."

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer SN AD0274

via this auction

"The JD-800 is a 24-voice digital wavetable synthesizer which mimics an analog polysynth, using dozens of dedicated sliders for sound editing. It has 108 different PCM waveforms, and a multi-mode filter. Its five-octave keyboard responds to both velocity and aftertouch.

This unit has had the problematic red glue (for key weights) sealed in, and all sliders on the front panel cleaned. Power cord is included."

YAMAHA CS15 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer SN 6066 w/ Case

via this auction

Roland EF-303 Groove Effects Processor / Filter / Synthesizer / Sequencer SN ZN92340

via this auction

KORG MS-10 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 134258

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101 SN 442994 w/ Mod Grip

via this auction

Dreadbox NYX Paraphonic Analog Synthesiser

via this auction

Oskitone Scout Arduino-compatible Open Source DIY Mini Synth

Oskitone Scout Assembly from oskitone on Vimeo.

Putting together the Oskitone Scout, after it's been soldered

New from the makers of the POLY555 Synth.

It's called the "Scout" because it's the first Oskitone synth to use a microcontroller, specifically the ATmega328 -- just like the Arduino Uno.

From the readme:

scout (/skout/):

One sent to obtain information
Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, of Atticus Finch
The first synth from Oskitone to venture into the big ol' world of microcontrollers
The Scout is:

Beginner-friendly: All components are through-hole (instead of surface mount) for easier soldering, and full assembly takes about 45min. Standalone, battery-powered, doesn't need a computer or external speakers to work. Fun! 3D-Printable: Besides the electronics and nuts and bolts, all parts are 3D-printed. And with a total width of ~160mm (about 6.3"), the Scout can fit on smaller, "Mini" (18x18x18cm) size print beds.

Hackable: Arduino-compatible and fully open source! Hook up an FTDI Serial TTL-232 cable (sold separately) to update its code using the Arduino IDE.

Minimally featured: 1.5 octaves of keys, a volume knob, on/off switch, speaker, headphone jack. Monophonic square wave with fixed glide and octave.

In addition to it being the first microcontroller-controlled instrument from Oskitone, the Scout would also make a fine introductory DIY instrument for the budding electronics hobbyist. (Some experience soldering and a general familiarity with how electricity works are recommended though!)

Like my previous work, I designed the Scout's PCB in Kicad and everything else in OpenSCAD, specifically for 3D-printing. The Scout is available assembled or as a DIY kit, with and without the 3D-printed parts; and it's fully Open Source!"


Leaf Audio Drone Synth Re-vived

video upload by TheLeafAudio

"We re-vived an old friend, the Drone Synth in a beautiful wood-case! Available as a DIY kit only. A classic 4-OSC Drone Synth with OSC-Sync. 2 Channels with 2 OSC each, Mixing Circuit leading into a 2-Chn. Tilt-EQ (combined Hi- and Lo-Shelf). The VCA features a CV-In, Pitch is controllable manually only. Available again from september 2021 via Exploding Shed."

Drone Synth & DFAM Demo

video upload by

KORG miniKORG 700FS (2021) Limited Release Demos by Y.O.P. channel

"The "miniKORG 700S" released in the 1970s was reprinted by KORG in a limited production. I got it, so I made a review video immediately.
This synthesizer was the "first synthesizer" I first encountered when I was in high school. The feelings I wanted at that time will come true now! Thank you Korg.
I think it's a very attractive instrument, such as "It's a genuine analog synth that isn't found in recent digital synths." "At the same time, it has features that couldn't be realized in the 1970s." ..

This instrument looks very small, but it's heavy enough to slip out! !!

A toast to the revival of a famous machine that will throw a stone in the way musical instruments should be!"

Note this playist includes some extra videos, but primarily featured the miniKORG 700FS at the time of this post.

[MOOG: MemoryMoog Plus] resotred in 2021_(Synthesizer Quest 7)

video upload by Y.O.P. channel

"I restored a malfunctioning MemoryMoog + that I hadn't used for a long time. Since the restore is finished, I made a video as a trial play."

Suzuki Waraku III through Microcosm pedal

video upload by Dj Puzzle

Ableton M4L GENE 2.1 (.amxd file)

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

"Generative MIDI Sequencer for Ableton Live."

Patch n Tweak
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