MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Synthesizer Virtuoso Robin Hatch Performs on Midnight Looms

video upload by Midnight Looms

"Tonight, we have our first IN-STUDIO PERFORMANCE since lock down! By synth virtuoso ROBIN HATCH!! A classically trained pianist, Robin has toured with OUR LADY PEACE, DWAYNE GRETZKY, THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE, and more. Her synth skills are highly sought after, but tonight we have her all to ourselves as she flexes her chops on 3 SYNTHESIZERS and a DRUM MACHINE, inside our PLAYDEAD CULT DIY concert space. We are so geeked for this!"

Robin Hatch Performs with TONTO_For approval

Robin Hatch Performs with TONTO_For approval from National Music Centre on Vimeo.

Sequential Prophet 5 Desktop, Torso Electronics T-1 & Empress Effects Echosystem

video upload by Nightlife Electronics

"Here we have some beautiful chord progressions and arpeggios being coaxed out of the Sequential Prophet 5 Desktop by the exquisite Torso Electronics T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer. Some lovely spacial delays have been added with the Empress Effects Echosystem.

The sound of the Prophet 5 is instantly recognizable; lush and woozy 1970's vibes, dreamy chords and sizzling leads. Finally available again with the same vintage sound but in a modern build!

The Torso T-1 takes the reins when it comes to arranging and sequencing complex, musically interesting chord progressions and rhythms. A new approach to sequencing that is based on sculpting a set of parameters more than tediously entering individual events and notes.

All three devices available at Nightlife Electronics:

Nightlife Electronics is a shop based in Vancouver, British Columbia that specializes in the sale and service of the world's finest drum machines, synthesizers, eurorack modules and samplers. Visit our online shop to see what we have in store or if you are in the Vancouver area please stop by and try some amazing synths in person!"

Elektron Talk: 140 BPM Dark Techno, Good use for the Lyra 8, and Songwriting

video upload by EZBOT

"In this stream I am starting to write a new 140 Bpm track using the Digitakt, Lyra 8, DB-01 Bassline and the Octatrack MK2 - along with the Analog Heat as my end of chain master effect.


If you want more and feel inspired to support me, please visit my Patreon page:"

3am - kleine boxen

video upload by justin3am

"Machines jamming out on the couch. 0-Coast, Strega, 0-Ctrl, Zoia Euroburos, CVilization, Joystick.
Just a self playing patch I put together while having breakfast."

Ensoniq MR-Rack + Doctor A reverb (TheoryBoard controller)

video upload by SynthAddict

0:00 Patch demo (no external FX)
0:54 Patch demo 2 with Doctor A reverb

"A basic manual sequence of a layered patch on the MR-Rack, with and without the Doctor A reverb. Demo played with an Irijule TheoryBoard.

The MR-Rack is one of Ensoniq's last few products before becoming part of E-mu and then all under Creative Labs - finally disappearing forever. It's based on the MR-61 and MR-76 keyboards, and it's a nice mixture of quality samples (with upgrade boards for hiphop, world music, etc.) and wavetables (transwaves)."

Yamaha FS1R

via this auction

"Yamaha's most sophisticated FM synth + formant shaping synthesis.

Notable users: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Plaid, .snd."

Yamaha DX7

via this auction

Techno with live drums, synths & mixing (Sequential Tempest, Waldorf Rocket, Ableton)

video upload by Colibris Music

SUPERBOOTH 2021 Abused Electronics - New Format Rack [Tangible Waves]

video upload by

"Abused Electronics have invented their own new modular format with a smaller more compact size and smaller connections - using jump leads.
Several new modules including a MI Clouds, a mixer with modular jack outs, mutes and whatnot.
One of the big advantages is that the price is very competitive - starting at just €20 and going up to €100"

Dawless Techno Jam using Roland TR-808 and full System 100

video upload by

"Having some good fun with the TR-808 driving the System 100, TTSH ARP2600 clone (processed by System 100m filter) and Moog DFAM. Some compression from the Distressor and FMR PBC-6a. No post processing, stereo from the mixer."

Tower | Elektron Analog Four MK2

video upload by HEAD DRESS

"4 evolving sequences shift high probability trig positions to a dual instance backdrop of Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer."

Mycelium Symposium September 2021 - Modular/Virtual Modular Performances, and Presentations

video upload by Omri Cohen

"This is the second Mycelium Symposium event. An event all about bringing virtual modular and hardware modular together with performances and presentations. there are links to all of the people involved, please try to check them out, and while you wait for this event, here is the previous one if you want to have a look and see what it's all about:" [previously posted here]

Chase Bliss CXM1978 for SYNTH // 0-9 Presets with Sequential PRO3 + Elektron DIGITONE & DIGITAKT

video upload by Dexba

"In this video, I wanted to show you the Chase Bliss and Meris lovechild, the CXM1978, a pedal that pays homage to the legendary Lexicon 224.
There are many videos here on YouTube discussing the price, the usefulness, or even how it compares to the real one or the UAD plugins, but I haven't found any video about how this thing sounds in many different situations, settings, (electronic) instruments.
So here we go, I did one myself, with what I think is a bit of a representative sound palette you could find in your music productions, but more will come in the future since I think this one's a keeper.

0:00 - Quick intro
2:04 - [Sequential PRO3] Pluck
3:49 - [Sequential PRO3] 'Prophet like' Pad
11:51 - [Elektron Digitone] 'Vangelis like' Pad
15:32 - [Elektron Digitone] FM Pluck
20:21 - [Elektron Digitakt] Drums
22:03 - [Elektron Digitakt] Vocal sample
23:53 - [Elektron Digitakt] Ambient house (?) Jam"

Playing with Urano #5

video upload by gotharman

"For no reason..."

Gotharman Urano posts

AE Modular Synth Jazz #TTNM


"Trying out some Jazz on the tangible wave AE Modular Synthesizer :D
More info here:"


Korg M1 - Graal Pad performed by Chronos

video upload by LFOstore

"From our soundset:



via this auction

Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

Yamaha SK-15

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Yamaha SK-15 is fully functional and in excellent condition. This model has been fully serviced. The Yamaha SK15 is a 49 key, 7 voice analog ensemble synthesizer, featuring organ, string, and poly-synth sections, brilliance (organ and string sections), release, tremolo, sustain and volume pedal inputs, and vibrato. The synth section also features a slow attack button and a resonant low pass filter with dedicated ADSR envelope. The organ section features 7 stops. This unit is missing the "Volume" fader cap for the Polyphonic section. Unit is fully functional and has been serviced."

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Vintage soviet synth OPUS (ОПУС) video-test

video upload by Allan Smithee

"Вступаем в группу:

USSR (Riga - Latvia) electro-organ-synth with a lot of filters and amazing sound!"

Электроорган Лель-22. Electric organ Lell-22

video upload by Allan Smithee

SN 03024 04 85 via this auction

Lell Lel' 22 Rare Analog Piano Strings Electro Organ Synthesizer

"Pro serviced, tuned & tested. Excellent working condition, 1/4TRS "Jacks" installed.

Lel' - 22 is a small-sized electronic musical instrument that can play soundings of the other instruments: electric piano, clavesin, classical and pop organs, banjo. This portable, simple in control, inexpensive instrument has great musical possibilities. It can be successfully used in professional and amateur ensembles, at schools or at home.

Very good mechanics of keyboard like for soviet synth.

Keyboard's volume - 4 octaves
Adjusted registers - 8', 4', 2'(1), 2'(2).
Adjusted effects - phase vibrato, attack, sustain, glissando.
Glissando shifts musical range on an octave down. Registers become: 16',8',4'(1), 4'(2). Variants of attack, sustain is used to get some interesting sounds such as electric piano, organ, clavecin, banjo, celesta.


The accuracy of temperament, % - 0,04
Mains voltage, V - 220
Dimensions, mm - 970x300x100
Weight, kg - 10
Manufacturer - The Kalmykov Moscow SAM factory.


Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 162414

via this auction

"Korg VC10, Classic 20 bands vocoder from Korg from the seventies MS era."

EML ElectroComp EML-200 1970s Analog Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage Moog Organ - White Elephant - CDX-0652 Cordovox

video upload by Nate

via this auction

"This is an extremely rare Moog collaboration with Cordovox. When I purchased this beast it was in rough shape so I restored most of the outer shell and got most of the internals working the way they should. This includes

1. Exterior UV treated to restore the original "white" appearance.
2. Fixed various wiring miss connections within the circuitry.
3. Reconnected trouble spots that needed to be resoldered.
4. Repaired sliders that were no longer operational.

This is about as far as I got on the restoration. There are however some issues with the Moog side of things. These include.

1. Pitch on particular keys don't always work perfectly. (I speculate that this is due to bad key contacts, which should be an easy fix)
2. Some presets are not fully operational.
3. In manual mode not all parameters work perfectly.
4. Some Moog sliders don't have caps

This was a really fun restoration project, the Moog side has a few issues as noted above but the organ side of things is truly amazing! All together this Synth/Organ sounds great and is a true one of a kind.

I had to part with this because its taking up too much space and I would like my living room back ;)"

Logan String Melody II (1976) SN 4946

via this auction

"Logan String Melody II by Ing. Giuliano Costantini. Amazing analogue string machine. It seems that the old owner couldn't stop playing it, so it has some wear around the case, but is still perfectly working, despite the 45 years of age. It was sold under both the Logan brand name and re-badged as both a Hohner and Vox product. The Vox version was called The String Thing but still featured the Logan brand name on the back of the case."

Pics of the inside below.

Yamaha DD-10 Vintage Drum Machine (Japan,1988) SN 014712

via this auction

You can find demos of the DD10 including some X1L3 circuit bent models in previous posts here.

"The Yamaha DD-10 is a great stereo digital drum machine with 8 touch sensitive drum pads, 98 preset rhythms played on some 26 or so drums. It comes with one demo pattern and the ability to store 2 user patterns.

It responds to MIDI and the channel for MIDI can be set. It runs on 9-12 volts and can be powered by C batteries (power supply or batteries not included!). We recommend using it with batteries because all compatible power supplies are always a bit noisy.

• TEMPO: The Tempo can be generated from a manual entry system where you merely tap a button and the unit plays at the tempo you are hitting the button.

• PADS: The pads are assignable from the kits available. All the pads can sound at the same time. The green purple and white buttons choose from the 3 sets of instruments available for each pad!

• MIDI: The Channel for the DD10 can be set by pressing the MIDI MODE button and the numeric buttons for the channel. Entering 00 means the DD10 will respond to each drum note sent to it individually - entering 99 means it will respond to a MIDI clock signal and program numbers will change which rhythm is playing. MIDI channel response is good and ability to swap to note mode or clock mode makes it easy to configure to any setup!

• RHYTHMS: The rhythms cover all the usual patterns. There are 100 patterns, two of which (98 and 99) are user programmable by using the pads! There is also a built in metronome.

• USER PATTERNS: The user patterns are selected using number 98 and 99 for the rhythm number and can be overdubbed as the sequence loops."

Elgam Match 15 C (1971) vintage analog drum machine! The First Elgam Rhythm Box!

via this auction

"Extremely rare analog drum machine Elgam Match 15 C! This gorgeous analog rhythm box - made in Italy in 1971 – is the first electronic drum machine produced by Elgam, the italian brand that also invented the legendary Elgam Carousel in the same years! This gem is the same rhythm section that was then assembled on the Elgam Carousel! Extremely rare and highly collectable! It’s born in 1971, so this year this little gem turns 50 years old! The item is fully working and in very good cosmetical conditions for its age: the drum machine sounds great and works perfectly! The rhythms are mixable and very cool. It has a characteristic fat warm sound especially with a nice tape delay and reverb added. The tempo slows things right down and you can get some unintential sounds out of this piece of kit. For example, you could use it running through distortion pedals to get some interesting riff style sounds! On YouTube you can find a video of the smallest model of the same serie: the Elgam Match 7C!" [demos in previous posts here]

Eko Rhythm Box (Italy, 1972) - vintage drum machine + original start stop pedal!

via this auction

"vintage italian drum machine EKO Rhythm Box, made in Recanati in the early 1970's. Silver face edition with the original Eko Start-Stop pedal! Front panel includes two controls: volume and speed of the tempo."

Solton TS3 (Italy,1988) Italo Disco Machine Module Synth & Drums Expander

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"Solton TS3 synth module with PCM drums and some analog sections like bass especially designed for real-time arranger performance. Made in Italy in 1988! It’s the brother of the famous Solton Programmer 24!"

Roland JX-3P SN 343720 + PG200

via this auction

Modor NF-1M Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This thing doesn't have a speck or smudge on it. Super solid metal construction, and sturdy rubber feet. The knobs turn evenly and the synth responds great, especially the filter! The NF-1M has the same features as the larger NF-1, just in a smaller format."


video upload by Richard Brewster

"Tetrazzi, Dubernator, 5-6 Rollz, Quantussy, and Cocoquantus jamming"

Playing And Assembling The Transcendent 2000 At The Same Time

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"After fixing the Transcendent 2000 i tested it while putting it back together
Loads of samples including Transcendent 2000 Samples available here :-"

Roland JD-800 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.
Supported by Synthesizer Museum.(Studio and Waldorf Wave)

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