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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

video upload by thenoiztemple

"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances. A continuation of noiz during the persistence of The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

Update: and one with norns and the Rav Drum:


video upload by

"Live performance by Astrogenic Hallucinauting [SPIKE the Percussionist] at the Fringe Fest in Houston, TX.

noiz weaponry:
• Rav Vast Drum - B Pygmy
• norns - running Cheat Codes 2
• Eventide SPACE pedal
• Boss FV-300L

more noiz from SPIKE the Percussionist and Astrogenic Hallucinauting:

more info about the Fringe Fest:"

Take 5 vs Prophet 5 // A Modern TAKE on the Prophet 5?

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 intro
0:43 oscillators
4:32 Filter
8:54 Poly Mod & FM
11:54 Tone Matching
14:33 Final Thoughts

New Module Flamingo Patch Lab with Richard Nicol and Michael Johnsen

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Richard and Michael discuss and demo the Harmonic Interpolation Flamingo module. What is Center Clipping? Who needs Harmonic Interpolation? Now you know."

Zerosum Inertia - PLXNA2

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The Zerosum Inertia PLXNA2 is a tubed signal mangler processor. Its main function is a PLL that adds heavy distortion with analog tubes.

Read more about this module here -"

Xaoc Devices Eurorack Modules w/ Original Boxes

via these auctions for more.

Note these are supporting member listing.

Xaoc Devices Jena 1989 Binary Transfunctioner - Eurorack Module

Xaoc Devices Tirana II 1960 Utility Micro Seqencer - Eurorack Module

Xaoc Devices Lipsk 1989 Bit Inversion Commander - Eurorack Module

Use the search box on the top right of the site to find demos and info on each.

TipTop Audio Circadian Rhythms - Eurorack Module

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Note this is a supporting member listing.

MakeNoise Morphagene w/ Grayscale Faceplate - Eurorack Module

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Note this is a supporting member listing.

"Used in smoke-free studio. Includes original Make Noise faceplate (see pictures), power cable, mounting screws and original packaging.”

Roland Announces Zentracker for iOS and Android & TR-EDITOR Software

video upload by RolandChannel

Roland TR-EDITOR Software for TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performers

Yo! Roland TR-6S (and TR-8S) Editor!

video upload by Red Means Recording

Update: videos above added.

Press release for Zentracker:

"Roland Introduces Free Zentracker Audio Recording App for iOS and Android

A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Multitrack Recording Solution for Mobile Musicians

Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2021 — Roland introduces Zentracker, a free audio recording app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Ideal for singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists, the app turns the device in everyone’s pocket into a professional-level multitrack recorder with advanced audio production tools. Zentracker puts the focus on getting ideas down while they're fresh with an easy-yet-powerful way to record, edit, and mix music anywhere.

Recording music doesn't have to be complicated, and a complex home studio full of expensive gear is not required to get great results. Zentracker is simple to use and designed to capture inspired moments with a friendly, pick-up-and-go approach to recording and mixing. A complete studio is never further away than a smartphone or tablet, and a simple finger tap is all that's needed to begin a new project.

Zentracker can be a musical scratchpad or the starting point of a professional production—or both. Creators can quickly record new ideas or build complete songs, all within the app. Over 200 audio loops are also included to jumpstart the creative process and fill out productions. And by saving Zentracker projects to Google Drive* or Microsoft OneDrive, it’s easy to share and collaborate with friends, bandmates, and other artists.

With unlimited tracks to work with, Zentracker puts no bounds on musical creativity. Users can craft complex, layered textures and overdub as much as needed to complete a project. The integrated mixing console provides touch control of each track's level and pan position, and 16 audio effects are available for pro results that don't require a degree in audio engineering.

The free version of Zentracker is mighty powerful, but users can unlock even more creative options by upgrading to a Roland Cloud Core, Pro, or Ultimate membership. Additional Zentracker features include expanded audio effects, unlimited track sends, stem export support, timeline automation, over 20 Loop Packs, and much more. Membership also provides access to all the other wonders on Roland Cloud, like authentic Roland virtual instruments and effects, expanded sound content, additional mobile apps, and many other powerful production tools.

Availability & Pricing

The Zentracker app is available now for free to all Roland account holders and can be downloaded via the App and Google Play Store."


"Free Graphical Editor/Librarian Software for the TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performers, Available Exclusively on Roland Cloud"

No additional press release at this time.

Update 10/20: the press release is in:

Los Angeles, CA, October 19, 2021 — Roland announces TR-EDITOR, a free Mac/Windows software application for the popular TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performer instruments. Representing the apex of the Roland TR line, the TR-8S and TR-6S are the most complete drum machines to date—forward-thinking, performance-tuned instruments unlike any other. TR-EDITOR significantly enhances the workflow of these hands-on machines, providing an easy-to-use graphical interface with expanded visual controls and organizational tools that further amplify the TR’s creative possibilities.

TR-EDITOR’s large display and five tabs eliminate the need for menu diving and page scrolling on the hardware while designing kits and sounds. It’s possible to access kit and instrument parameters on a single screen, draw motion data for instant results, and view all parameters for selected FX at one time. Undo and redo are also available for quick revisions and comparing ideas.

The breakout librarian window in TR-EDITOR assists with organizing and managing patterns and kits. Users can access the complete TR library and filter various instrument categories to customize sounds. And via the computer keyboard, it’s quick and easy to name and rename hardware patches, kits, and projects.

Availability & Pricing

TR-EDITOR is available for free through Roland Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland Cloud content. Roland Cloud is also the home of Sample Packs and other premium content for taking the TR experience to the next level.

For the full press kit, including hi-res images, click here.

To learn more about the TR-EDITOR, TR-8S, TR-6S, and Roland Cloud, visit"

AVP Synth Ritmobox

video upload by NOISEBUG

"The AVP Synth Ritmobox is a fully analog drum synth that can do a wide range of drum, synth, FM and much more within each G track. Here is a short demo of sound that the Ritmobox can create."

Favorite NEW FEATURES of Gotharman's URANO Modular Synth #TTNM & a KRELL Patch


Gotharman website:

"Here's a very quick rundown of my favorite 10 new and unique features of Gotharman's Urano modular synthesizer.

0:00 Hi
0:11 It's a Modular Synth
0:35 Single Signal Bus
0:50 Bigger Touchscreen
1:05 Wavetables
1:30 Sequencer Main Screen
1:46 1V/Oct Note Sequencer Output
2:09 Sequencer Ratcheting
2:20 Trigger Probability
2:32 Easier Gain Staging
2:47 Improved Potentiometer Smoothing
3:00 Stay Tuned!

Get free wavetables here:

WaveEdit open-source wavetable editor:"

Attempted a KRELL PATCH and got carried away // Gotharman's Urano Modular Synth #TTNM


"I wanted to create a Krell-like patch on Gotharman's Urano modular synth, but then I added some drones and effects and drum samples and a bass line and ... oh well ... it's a jam session now, I guess. :D"


Quick Tips : Contact Mics, External Inputs, and Instruments Without Outputs!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Today's quick tip comes from our pals Wes and Brian and goes into using contact microphones, also known as Piezos, to pick up the harmonics of a Sitar.

This process effectively adds an output to an instrument that lacks one, and can be used for all sorts of interesting and experimental techniques, try this tip on any flat surface or strange membrane!

If you'd like to grab a contact mic we've got tons here :

We used the BoredBrain Injectr as our input, and character source, it's cab simulator sounds absolutely awesome with contact mics, check it out here:"

E-mu Vintage Keys Classic Analog Keyboards

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 REV 3.2 SN 6008 w/ Original Manual & Factory Programs Tape Cassette

via this auction

"This synth has been fully serviced, calibrated, and tested, and is 100% functional. A few of the CA3280 OTA chips and a couple of the CEM3340 VCO chips have been replaced to bring it up to spec and then it was fully calibrated. This is a completely stock version 3.2 unit with the version 9.7 ROM. It has no modifications or additions."

Synth Chaser Serviced Vintage ARP Omni 2 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

video upload by Synth Chaser

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This synthesizer has just been fully serviced by Synthchaser, the leading ARP specialist - recapped, new key bushings, sliders disassembled and refurbished, clean, fully functional, calibrated, in tune and sounding great. This keyboard is the sound of Joy Division and is all over The Cars' "Moving In Stereo", and many other late 70's/early 80's albums. It produces the lush Solina/String Ensemble sounds plus has a polyphonic synthesizer section with a voltage controlled filter, LFO, and ADSR, and a dedicated bass synthesizer section.

Good condition, scratches on the top as is common for these, see photos. This is an early model Omni 2 with the black buttons, power indicator LED, enameled ARP badge, and wood side panels. Left panel has some red sticker/tape residue on it and a chip on the bottom. See photos for condition.

Sliders refurbished - It's rare that Synthchaser will agree to restore the original sliders in these synthesizers, but when he does, he does it right! The sliders have been desoldered, disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, lubricated, reassembled, tested and reinstalled. All original slider caps are present!
Power supply rebuilt - All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced, and high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors have been used for the power supply filter capacitors.
All tantalum capacitors replaced - The tantalum capacitors in ARP synths are ticking time bombs. All of the over 100 tantalum capacitors in this synth, including the power supply and filter submodule, have been replaced with electrolytics to help provide stable operation for years to come.
Synthchaser 4075 Filter Enhancement Kit Installed - The ARP Omni uses the same 4075 filter submodule found in the Odyssey, Quadra, Avatar, and Pro DGX. This has been recapped, and enhanced to provide superior frequency response.
Keyboard rebuild - New key bushings installed, buss bar & key contacts cleaned and adjusted, keybed leveled, keys ultrasonically cleaned
Oscilloscope calibration - Fully calibrated to factory spec using oscilloscope and frequency counter."

Breiter Audio VOLTAIRE

Breiter Audio VOLTAIRE (official demo) by killer times
Experiment Demos by Ferdad Roidad

Note this is the first post to feature Breiter Audio.

#002 via this auction

"Voltaire is... an auto-sequencing synthesizer. It was designed to simplify generating melodic sequences down to a few tactile switches and knobs. Navigating sound is easier when there are less steps involved. The VOLTAIRE outputs unfiltered square waves through a 1/4" Switchcraft mono jack. There are 3.5mm CLOCK input and output jacks on the rear of the unit. These enable VOLTAIRE to sync up with drum machines, sequencers, eurorack gear, and even other synthesizers. I created this concept with improvisational live performance in mind. Operates off of 9VDC, using the common, center-negative plug type. *No battery or power supply is included."

Prophet REV 2 - patches / soundset by Jexus (no talking demo)

video upload by Jexus / WCOG

"How to buy + my review: - To get all my 175 sounds you have two options: Via PayPal: Please send € 26,00 (Euro) to this paypal address: [] writing "rev2 sounds" + your email in the title / note. I will send the presets after I get notified about your payment (max 24 hours).

Via Debit / Credit Card: Send me an email [] and say you'd like to have your card charged - I will send you a payment request and it will be processed by my Paypal (you don't have to own a Paypal account, your card is enough).

You will receive all the sounds from my Youtube video plus extra sounds that are not included in the demo (128 patches + Layer B sounds = 175 sounds in total). My library will come to you in sysex format exported directly from my REV-2. You will have the option to choose the destination bank (you will be able to load my patches into bank U1, U2, U3 or U4)."

Par - Ya (c/ Camila Rodríguez)

video upload by Par

Dirección: Nacho Adda
Dirección de fotografía: Nacho Farías

Asistente de cámara, producción y fire bender: Matías Cavelli
Vestuario: Lu Cossani - Diseño de producción y VFX: Nacho Adda
Color grading: Colour


Node in the studio. Node 2, vintage modular, Flood, Mel Wesson, Ed Buller, Dave Bessell

video upload by David Bessell

"Just a short tease of Node recording Node 2 at Assault and Battery studios in London.
You can find the album here Also Node live at the Royal College of Music here"

Korg Prophecy Editor and Librarian for Patch Base

via Coffee Shopped

"Patch Base has the best Korg Prophecy editor and librarian available for Mac and iPad. Edit any parameter, organize patches, create random patches, and more.

Edit every voice parameter on your Korg Prophecy in real-time. Adjust and fine-tune the oscillators, filter, envelopes, LFOs, and all modulation capabilities that the Prophecy offers:

Visualize and edit all of the dozens of parameters in a Prophecy voice, without diving into the menus on the synth. See the parameters for the chosen oscillators in a voice only, to help focus and understanding of how each oscillator works.

Easy modulation routing, with LFOs and Envelopes available for editing next to any parameter you want to modulate. Copy/paste/randomize/init envelopes for ease of editing

1977 Computone Lyricon 1 Vintage Electronic Woodwind Saxophone Analog Synthesizer for Selmer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"For your consideration is this vintage 1977 Computone Lyricon 1 woodwind synthesizer. This example, 1 of approximately 200 ever made, (serial number 784101) is in very excellent unmodified all original condition. It includes; the instrument, the synth, the original power cable, (3) original synth sound booklets, and the original red & white vinyl cover. While it has been tested and is currently working great, a service is recommended."


via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

"Rare Italian beauty from the seventies, a great string machine/brass machine sporting a stunning mono synthesizer section with an interesting filter and portamento. Used by Radiohead on Kid A. The keyboard is in very good cosmetic and working conditions.

It includes different sections: Instastrings (strings) Polyphonic (Polytron) and preset monophonic (Monotron).

Strings section includes violas & violins. Separate outputs (stereo & mono) + sustain.

The polyphonic section includes: Brass I, Brass II, Horns, Chorus, + Vibrato & Delay effect.

Monophonic includes the following presets: Synthy Wah, Reed, Funky Solo, Jazz Pulse, Pop Synthy, Trombone, Trumpet, Pan flute, Mod, SEC, + Chorus & Auto Bender effect.

Volume control, tune & portamento section."

Yamaha SY35

via this auction

Yamaha CS6X

via this auction

Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Korg Minlogue unit has also a 'Custom Professional Angelic Skinned Surface'; 3M-patented adhesive allowing for secure application and safe removal."

"When it comes to traditional subtractive analog synthesis with modern sophistication, the Korg minilogue analog polyphonic synthesizer delivers. It starts with a pair of highly shapable VCOs, which you can shape with a switchable 2-/4-pole lowpass filter, and there's plenty of modulation to go around. At the same time, you can store up to 200 settings, and there are 100 killer presets onboard to fuel your creativity. There's also a built-in tape-style delay effect and an OLED oscilloscope display — something we've never seen on a hardware synth. And that's just the beginning. Between the minilogue's Voice Modes and the onboard 16-step sequencer, you'll be amazed by the sounds you can come up with."

1984 Casio CSM-1 Digital Sound Module

via this auction, also on Reverb

You can find an odd demo of one here, and pics of the original box here.

Preset machine. "You essentially have 3 different programmable voice slots on three seperate MIDI channels as well as a fourth for either drums or a 4th patch (yes, it’s multitimbral). The drums can actually sync to MIDI clock. You have indidividual sliders for each voice and plenty of patches to work with!"

Roland Juno-6 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 365490

via this auction

"It is in near flawless new condition. The only thing that I can see that makes this keyboard not perfect is a silver knob has broken off, which can be found on ebay for $13 to fix it. look at the pic, it is the "MODE" "UP UP & DOWN DOWN" switch....this could also be fixed by gluing a new piece on the switch, the switch still works, just needs something to flick it with...pretty easy fix if your even barely handy."

1970s Roland SH-3A Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 493xxx

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Roland's first non-preset based synth, the SH-3A features two LFOs and is unique for offering five different footings with mixable waveforms, as well as both subtractive and additive synthesis. The single oscillator SH-3A has an incredible range of pure analog sounds used by the likes of Blondie and Vangelis, and with the transistorized ladder-filter, the SH-3A can achieve very Moog-like sounds.

All features of this vintage synth work as they should and the keyboard is remarkably clean. All of the original knobs and sliders are intact, barring the Release slider, and the graphics are well preserved. This particular SH-3A was produced for the Japanese market, indicated by the Roland badge with green Japanese text underneath.

The synth comes complete with the original latching lid."

1980s Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble SN 1210

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This Yamaha boasts dedicated synthesizer, organ, and string sections that can be independently mixed together. Featuring a five octave range, the SK-20 also includes a Leslie simulator (with dedicated output), vibrato, attack and sustain rocker switches, a slider for 'brilliance' and a one-octave transpose switch. The keyboard was also one of the first to utilize a form of Yamaha's FM technology.

The Organ section offers a full range of stop levers from 1' to 16', percussion levers with adjustable decay, and controls for overall sustain, brilliance and decay. Very B3-esque in its tonal intent, the organ can also be augmented with Vibrato and Tremolo. The Preset String section is simple yet lush, and arguably the most desirable subset of this vintage keyboard.

The Poly-Synth section is a 7-note polyphonic synthesizer with basic filter, pitch, envelope, and portamento controls. It features two (detunable) oscillators per voice, making it ideal for thick pads. This section features a built-in sustain and the Tremolo and Ensemble chorus effects also apply to this section. Cosmetically, this SK-20 is an extremely well-kept example with pristine graphics and virtually no wear to report, retaining all of the original rubber feet, slider caps and knobs.

The original Yamaha-branded hardshell case is included."

Smoo Synthesizer from Teensy 4.1

video upload by Bert Jerred

"I made another thing! Here's a sound demo.
And here's more things I do:
And here's a free soundfont I made from this device:
And here's where you can get sounds and music for stuff:"

Soma Enner Synth Tutorial Lesson 6: Delay Section

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorials series for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Soma Labs Enner body patching synthesizer electronic instrument. If I get a response to this series, I will try to break things down into small videos that are easy to mentally digest and apply to your own electronic music. We will be exploring both east coast tonal and west coast avant-garde uses of the synthesizer. The Enner is especially good at ambience, noise, and soundscapes for film music.
This sixth video will teach some mainstream and experimental uses of the delay section and show you some of what's possible to do only using your fingers. Please leave a comment with any questions or requests and a like if this was helpful."

EthanJamesMusic Soma Enner Synth Tutorials

Introducing FORCE Features Update 3.1

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"FORCE 3.1 delivers the most creative, feature-packed update to FORCE ever with new plugin instrument sounds, new insert effects, the AIR Vocal Suite, and for the first time to Akai Professional standalone devices, Disk Streaming."

FORCE Features Update 3.1 Full Overview Video

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"The ultimate standalone performance system is expanded with 3 new plugin instruments, 7 insert effects, the new AIR Vocal Suite, class-compliant audio interface support, Disk Streaming, and much more. Visit to discover FORCE Features Update 3.1."

Akai Force V3.1 First Look - Sonic Lab Presentation

video upload by sonicstate

And the press release:


FORCE 3.1 Feature Update introduces 3 new synth plugin instruments, 7 new plugin insert effects including a Vocal Suite, Disk Streaming, Class Compliant USB Audio Interface Support, and many other major upgrades for new and existing Force users.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (October 19, 2021) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce FORCE 3.1, its latest and most substantial update to the FORCE standalone music production system. FORCE 3.1 introduces the next chapter of standalone performance with revolutionary features and functionality alongside inspiring new sounds and sound processing. Powered by the unrivaled tactical control and interface of FORCE standalone hardware, the FORCE 3.1 update will engage the modern music creator like never before.

New Instruments, Insert Effect Plugins, and AIR Vocal Suite
From the beginning, FORCE set a new bar for what standalone hardware music production could be. The FORCE 3.1 update builds on that precedent with 3 new plugin instruments: AIR Solina, AIR Mellotron, and WayOutWare’s Odyssey. These new plugin instruments are faithful recreations of iconic synthesizer and keyboard instruments, now with powerful graphic interfaces for visually striking feedback and interaction. Mellotron and Solina feature the Flavor effect processing sections, enabling creative applications of additional texture and character to your sounds with Distortion, Noise, Flutter, and more.

FORCE 3.1 also introduces 7 new plugin insert effects for creative arranging and performance, as well as mixing and mastering. The versatile group of insert effects including Stutter, Half Speed, Granulator, Diffuser Delay, and Stereo Delay will quickly insert an inventive spark into your tracks for unique drops, edits, and transitions. Diode Clipper will add grit and distortion to any source while AIR Limiter will bring dynamic signal processing to your music for a punchy, finalized mix.

The creativity doesn’t stop there as the new AIR Vocal Suite delivers the power to create, record, and mix the perfect vocals right inside FORCE. The adaptive Vocal Tuner handles any tuning tasks from subtle pitch correction to the modern auto vocal tuned sound found in all genres of modern music. AIR Doubler adds depth and dimension to solo or group vocals with spectrum-filling width and presence. Finally, the AIR Harmonizer will transform any single voice into 4-part harmony instantly. Create full background vocal arrangements with ease and accuracy with built-in volume, pan, delay, and eq.

Now Streaming Superior Performance
The essence of the standalone experience is hardware that responds immediately to the needs of your dynamic workflow. Users can now enjoy a more accessible and efficient workflow with the power of Disk Streaming from external storage devices. Disk Streaming enables better system resource allocation and performance for expanded creativity and performance. Record and playback longer audio tracks, perform an entire DJ set, or create larger keygroup programs all while enjoying faster project load times.

Major Workflow Enhancements, Engine Updates and Expandability
With the power of Disk Streaming comes added expandability. With FORCE 3.1, instantly expand your hardware connectivity with Class Compliant USB Audio Interface Support. Route up to 32 audio inputs and outputs to-and-from FORCE, all via a single USB cable. Increase your input count to record more tracks directly to FORCE, or route audio into your favorite outboard gear.

Get more performance out of the drum and keygroup engines with the new portamento function for gliding notes and percussion, like 808 kick drums. Dial-in the perfect sample shape with dedicated pitch envelope. Smooth out your drum breaks and chops with Akai Sample Tail and access up to 10 drum pad effects including Ringmod, Bitcrush, Tubedrive, Lowpass, and more.

Force 3.1 also ads new functionality to Buses (Submixes/Returns/Masters) for more control and creativity. Now the Recording, Playback and Editing of automation follows the same workflow on buses as other tracks. Control submix and master tracks with the “Select,” “Rename,” and “Clips” functions as well as dialing in automation on the fly.

Finally, Force 3.1 expands MIDI integration with the ability to load and export MIDI files to and from FORCE. For even more MIDI integration, assign your FORCE parameters to your 3rd party MIDI controller for additional tactical control.

New FORCE 3.1 Features Include:

• 3 New plugin instruments Solina, Odyssey, and Mellotron
• New AIR Vocal Insert Effect Suite with Automatic Vocal Tuning, AIR Doubler, and AIR Harmonizer Plugins
• Disk Streaming: Audio files can now be streamed from disk
• Class-Compliant Audio Interface Support
• New MIDI file Compatibility enabling MIDI file loading
• 7 New Insert Effects such as Half Speed, Diode Clipper and Stutter
• Drum and Keygroup Engine Enhancements including Akai Pro Sample Tail, Dedicated Pitch Envelope, and Keygroup
• 10 New Drum Pad Effects including Ringmod, Bitcrush, Decimator and more
• New functionality to Buses (Submixes/Returns/Masters) including Automation
• Automatic sample Key Detection

“Force Features Update 3.1 is not only a major upgrade for Force users, but it’s also a major evolution in standalone music production,” said Akai Professional, Senior Product Manager, Dan Gill. “Disk Streaming is a significant advancement to this product as well as standalone music production in general, because it opens up recording and playback possibilities without content limitations. Combine that with a Vocal Suite which includes an adaptive Vocal Tuner, and powerful new synths and insert effect plugins, and you have an inspirational modern music creation system for any genre.”

FORCE 3.1 will be available on October 19, 2021, as a free update for FORCE users.

For more information on FORCE 3.1, visit

All information subject to change

ARCANE Jam (Generative Chiptune FM Drum Machine / Synth)


"There´s some audio interfernces from the phone. Obviously ARCANE output is clean, the interferences were caught at the recording time from the phone mic

ARCANE is a generative synth that lies somewhere between a synth, a sequencer and a drum machine, depending on how you interact with it.

It is based on an authentic Yamaha YM2413 FM chip; the one used in some arcade coin ops, MSX and in the japanese version of the Sega Master System.

To control it it has 6 potentiometers and 3 buttons. The pots are:

-Tempo. It controls the tempo/speed

-Base Register. It determines if the machine is more musical or glichy

-Intensity. The higher this pot, the more amount of notes and percusions sounding. This is a veru playable way of alter the generative composition by transitioning between the simple and complex sound explorations

-Sequence. It let you browse between sequences.

-Dispersion. the higher this pot, the most registers that we are writing on the chip, so the sequences get more complex and chaotic

-Combination. It multiplex, demultiplex and recombines sequences, keeping the output related but always fresh and different

It has 3 buttons, Left, Right and Reset. Reset is located in the arduino and is self explanatory. Left and Right buttons are to be determined as the firmware is still in development.

It has Clock In and Clock Out so you can synch it with external gear

It comes fully assembled and ready to play.

You can get assembled units, kits and PCBs at:"

Patch n Tweak
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