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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Lazy River (Pro 3, Force)

video upload by ToyKeeper

"Just a fun silly bit of synthpop to lighten your day as you drift along on life's lazy river.

- Sequential Pro 3: Everything except drums
- Akai Force: Drums, arrangement

Audio from the Pro 3 is dry, no effects. No mother ducks were harmed in the making of this song. (the Force's sidechain effect is called 'Mother Ducker') However, rubber ducks have been known to enhance the listening experience.

Background image is from Wikipedia's page for 'lazy river'."

TK Karpluck String patch (Sequential Pro 3 tuned feedback, Karplus Strong) demo

video upload by ToyKeeper

"I'm just noodling with Karplus-Strong synthesis on my Pro 3, using a tiny pluck of noise as an exciter to get the tuned feedback circuit started. Basically everything in this example is coming from the feedback, to demonstrate its expressiveness and range while it self-oscillates and evolves. None of the oscillators were used at all; they're completely off.

Apologies for my sloppy, aimless playing. I mostly just wanted to demonstrate the variety of timbres and textures which can be created this way. I'm barely even doing anything; most of the expressiveness comes out on its own just based on how the patch is played.

Sometimes it sounds like an acoustic guitar. Sometimes it sounds like a cello being bowed. Sometimes it's a big angry growl. Sometimes it's a searing lead. Sometimes just a soft hum. All from a single, surprisingly simple, patch.

To tweak the sound, I mostly just play legato or not, to control when a fresh "pluck" happens versus just adjusting the tuning of the feedback circuit. I also used the mod wheel sometimes to add distortion, used the pitch bend wheel occasionally to dampen and detune the feedback, and occasionally bumped the feedback amount up or down by a single notch to control whether sustained notes would slowly build or slowly fade. Oh, and aftertouch for pitch-linked vibrato.

The feedback seems to be quite temperature sensitive, so the amount must be tweaked a bit each time it's used, and the sound isn't ever quite the same. So I recorded and uploaded the first improvised take, with no attempts to correct anything.

Audio is straight out of the Pro 3, dry. This is what it sounds like without any processing.

To make a patch like this, basically just start with an init patch, turn off the oscillators, route a plucky aux envelope to the noise level, and turn on tuned feedback (amount = ~62 to ~64, tuning = 24). The rest is just performance conveniences, like the mod wheel, aftertouch, pitch wheel... and some delay."

Octave Cat analog synthesizer ambient drone

video upload by Jim Alfredson

"This past summer I acquired a non-functioning Octave Cat SRM monophonic analog synthesizer. It was only making slow clicks but the filter and noise circuitry worked. I spent about three weeks troubleshooting it with the help of some folks in the online synth community. Thankfully I was able to bring it back to life. I completely rebuilt the power supply, replaced about half the ICs, and all the capacitors. I also refurbished the Pratt Reed keybed and refinished the wood side panels.

It sounds amazing; like raw voltage surging through wires. This is a little clip I made just messing around. I'm looking forward to adding this little kitty to my music.

Reverb is the Reverb Foundry HD-Cart. Delay is u-he Colour Copy. A bit of FabFilter Pro-L2 on the output and that's it. Edited in DaVinci Resolve."

Ciclos by Par

Estreno de Ciclos (full album - visualizer)

video upload by Par

00:00 intro
00:20 Fin
03:10 Silencio
06:26 Días
10:37 Atravesar
14:17 No estar
16:52 Disrupción
20:09 El otro día
24:02 Ya
27:26 El túnel
33:10 créditos


Par - Ciclos
Vera Sienra (voz en Días)
Lucía Torrón (letra y voz en Días)
Camila Rodríguez (letra y voz en Ya)
Pedro Dalton (voz en El túnel)

Luis Angelero (guitarra en Días)
Gabi Lucena (guitarra en Disrupción)
Candela Cibrián (coros en Ya, recitado en El otro día)

Voz de Vera Sienra grabada en El liebregal por Federico Coore y Haugussto Brazlleim
Voz de Lucía Torrón y Camila Rodríguez grabada en Basurita por Guillermo Berta
Voz de Pedro Dalton grabada en La encrucijada por Orlando Fernández

Producción, grabación, texto en El túnel y mezcla: Par
Master: Emiliano Zapata.

Arte y diseño: Nacho Adda.

Grabado entre 2019 y 2021

Gracias a Vera, Lucía, Camila, Pedro, Luis, Gabi y Cande por sumarse y elevar la idea; a Lu y Feli por acompañarme, y a todos los que de alguna manera u otra colaboraron para que este trabajo salga a flote.

Para Bruno.

MIDI Controller 101s: Getting Started with Launchpad and Launchkey // Novation live

video upload by NovationTV

"Things can sometimes be a little confusing when starting out with anything new, so in this session -CALC- goes back to basics. Starting at the very beginning we’ll be looking at the first steps to take when opening the box. Focussing on both the Launchpad and Launchkey MK3 ranges, -CALC- will help get you up and running and share some useful hints and tricks along the way."

Q169 Oscillator ++ waveforms & Siren Sound patch

video upload by synthesizersdotcom

"Demonstration of Waveforms on the Q169 Oscillator ++."

"A simple patch for a siren sound."

Additional Q169 Oscillator ++ posts

Madrona Labs Sumu Preview & Aaltoverb Public Beta

You might remember the development of Sumu announced back in 2018. The preview is now available.

via Madrona Labs:

"In the same way that Kaivo brought two different and compatible kinds of synthesis together, combining granular synthesis with physical modeling, Sumu combines advanced additive synthesis with FM. Since it's been in the works for a long time, and is now nearing completion, I broke with my normal way of doing things and put out a detailed preview on the web site."

Sumu is an additive instrument that I've had in the works for a long time. Now that it's nearing completion and heading towards a public beta soon I'm going to break with the way I normally do things and put some detailed info out ahead of its release.

Sumu is another semi-modular instrument. It shares the general appearance of its patcher-in-the-center design with Aalto, Kaivo and Virta. As you can see, it's on the more complex end of the spectrum like Kaivo. Everything is visible at once and there are no tabs or menu pages to navigate, which suits the way I like to program a synthesizer tweaking a little something here, a little something there.

In the same way that Kaivo brought two different and compatible kinds of synthesis together, combining granular synthesis with physical modeling, Sumu combines advanced additive synthesis with FM synthesis.

What's most different about Sumu compared to my other synths is that the signals in the patcher are not just one channel of data, but 64—one for each partial in a sound! By keeping all these channels of data independent and still using the same patching interface, Sumu offers a very usable entry point into additive synthesis, and a range of musical possibilities that have only been approachable with high-end or academic tools or just coding everything yourself... until now.

Each of Sumu's oscillators is the simplest possible kind of FM:a single carrier+modulator pair. And the modulator can produce a variable amount of noise, which like the modulation ratio and depth can be controlled individually per oscillator. In a single voice there are 64 such pairs. Obviously a lot of sounds are possible with this setup—in fact, with the right parameters varying appropriately we can reproduce any musical sound very faithfully with this kind of oscillator bank..."

See Madrona Labs for additional details.

Aaltoverb public beta
Sumu's design combines a lot of animated displays, as well as a new popup menu system that I had wanted to add for a long time. The graphics / UI framework that I was previously using was a big help in getting Aalto and friends written but didn't have the speed to support the new designs, so I dove in and wrote one from scratch. This new UI kit runs entirely on the GPU using OpenGL and Apple's Metal framework. It's exciting to see it bringing the new designs to life. You can see a movie of some of the new menus here [], that I now have running in Aaltoverb.

Another big improvement to the plugins going forward is that they will all run natively on Apple Silicon. I have one of the M1 Macbook Airs and it's a great machine for music, with impressive power for DSP, and no fan! I feel like we skipped forward a few years into the future with these machines.

This all brings us to the Aaltoverb beta. I've got these big enhancements—new graphics and Apple Silicon compatibility—to a beta state, but there's more work on Sumu to do before they could be tested there. So I'm rolling them out in a new version of Aaltoverb for Mac and Windows, released as a public beta. This way adventurous users can try the new features while I'm still finishing up Sumu.

Version 2 of Aaltoverb will be a free update."

Movement by MATTHS

"MATTHS (aka Matthew Hodson) has been busy releasing 1 track a month for the entirety of 2021. This 11th instalment is unapologetically hard and upfront.

Movement is a dark, repetitive and brutal offering inspired by the dance floor and will make you come back for more.

MUSIC: Production, performance, mix and mastering by MATTHS
ARTWORK: Elina Krima

This track is exclusive to Bandcamp and you can become a MATTHS VIP member for only £3 a month and receive hours of extra releases right away!"


video upload by Perfect Circuit

"A quick short !
Head over to our page for tons more performances, tutorials, reviews and more!"

Happy Nerding FX Aid Chorus Dimension-D

video upload by Happy Nerding

"“Modulation” section is updated with the Dimension-D chorus emulation. Unlike the real unit, this emulation has smoothly varied modulation Rate, Range and positive/negative Feedback for wider range of possible settings.

As usually for such effects: once Rate is set to zero, then Range control can be used for manual/CV modulation. This way external LFO can be used as the modulation source."

Ambient Explorations pt.29 (Roland System 500 + Korg SQ-1)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Found out that Berklee's Creative Technology Center has one that students can borrow, so I booked some time and played around with the Roland System 500 for a little while. I triggered it with the Korg SQ-1. For detailed patch notes, follow me on Patreon, and you can find them there. Cheers!
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:

Hydrasynth Deluxe & AKAI Midimix LFO Step sequencer experiment

video upload by the sun god RA

"This is an experiment in using the Akai Midimix to control the Hydrasynth LFO step sequences. I’m using Logic Pro X environment faders to convert midi CC from the Akai to Hydrasynth NRPN’s. What you’re hearing is one Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch, the Midimix controlling only the lower part."

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #3 -

video upload by John L Rice

JLR's Modular Synthesizers System Breakdown posts

"This is the third video breakdown/rundown for one of my modular synth systems, this time I'm doing my Eurorack briefcase. Next time I'll do one of my small 5U systems.

0:00 Beginning
1:24 Introduction
2:05 Modules and Modifications In Tray
5:02 ASR Newsreel
5:58 Modules and Modifications In Tray (continued)
9:42 Modules and Modifications In Lid
16:13 Additional Modification And Construction Notes
26:03 Pleased Ann Buy
27:21 Wiggle 1: Typical Poly Patch
32:57 Wiggle 2: Magneto Magic
33:39 Wiggle 3: Getting Lost
34:52 Wiggle 4: Into The Beyond
36:38 Wiggle 5: Rotated ASR
40:03 Wiggle 6: The Twins Have Spoken
43:20 End

PHONIC DUO with Pete and Walker

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A new video format for the channel: Two new patches with two different instruments!

In this one, the 0-CTRL gets a starring role. Pete plays a Strega with the Arion DDS-1, and Walker plays a dual-STO melody/harmony!"

TAPE LEADERS - Book Review & Flipthrough | Early British Music Composers & EMS Synthesizers

video upload by synth4ever

"Tape Leaders book review & flipthrough. Tape Leaders is a richly illustrated A-Z compendium featuring over 100 composers active with tape and electronics in the analogue era.

Containing information never previously uncovered, Tape Leaders shines a fresh light on many sound experimenters unacknowledged in the history of British electronic music. It also covers EMS synthesizers such as the VSC3, Synthi and others as well as BBC Radiophonic studio.

Get your copy of Tape Leaders here:


Tape Leaders: A Compendium Of Early British Electronic Music Composers is an indispensable reference guide for anyone interested in electronic sound and its origins in the UK. The book compiles information on practically everyone active with experimental electronics and tape recording across the country to reveal the untold stories and hidden history of early British electronic music.

With an individual entry for each composer, it covers everyone from famous names like William Burroughs, Brian Eno and Joe Meek to the ultra-obscure such as Roy Cooper, Donald Henshilwood and Edgar Vetter.

There are sections for EMS and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and amateurs, groups and ensembles that experimented with electronics, including The Beatles, Hawkwind and White Noise.

Author Ian Helliwell draws on his experience and extensive research into electronic music. After six years and dozens of interviews, he has amassed information never before brought to light on this fascinating subject.

With a specially compiled 15 track CD of mainly unreleased early British tape and synthesizer works (exclusively available to the Velocity Press shop), this is an essential book for anyone interested in electronic music history during the 1950s and 60s.

This hardback book is 22.7cm x 17.7cm, and the 224 pages are printed and bound on heavyweight 130gsm paper. You can grab a copy at



00:00 - Intro & Overview

00:50 - Electronic Music Composers A-Z
12:07 - Experimental Amateurs
13:20 - Electronic Music Groups
15:31 - EMS (Electronic Music Studios)
16:32 - BBC Radiophonic Workshop
17:25 - Tape Leaders CD Liner Notes
17:41 - Info, Credits & Index

19:02 - Conclusion & Final Thoughts"

Stylophone GEN X-1 - LFO & Delay Groove Machine

video upload by Stylophone

"Create your own groove machine with the Stylophone Gen X-1!"

The Sound of Genesis - MAMA with ARP Quadra, Moog Taurus, Emulator II, Linndrum

video upload by RetroSound

"❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The second Genesis video of three in the mini series. Mama is one of my favorite Genesis songs.
Yes it`s a cover but not original at all. It`s my interpretation of this great song.

I used The DX7 for the voice main synth sound. In the original song is the sound made with the NED Synclavier II. The triggered chord sound is made with the ARP QUADRA.
The analog pad sound and the deep humming sound is made with the Oberheim OB-Xa. In the original with the Prophet-5/10.
The deep bass in the middle part is the MOOG TAURUS bass pedals.
The thin synthetic sound in the middle part is made with the Emulator II.
The drum beat is the LinnDrum. Additional Percussion is Simmons SDS-8 and Emulator II."

ALESIS ANDROMEDA A6 Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A6003020400146

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This unit was serviced by professionals (us). Refurbishing and thorough testing took approximately 10 hours. As you can see from the photo of the display taken after tuning, this unit tunes properly. As much as we love this instrument's design overall, the plastic end pieces were a poor design choice. We've seen a number of them broken, this one included. Our tech fixed these though, so you'll only notice minor evidence of this from the outside. Feel free to email us for bigger pics if you're serious about buying this beautiful synth. We cleaned all the pots to get rid of the typical and highly annoying glitches that make most A6's unusable, and we replaced the battery so you shouldn't have to do that anytime soon. Not because we needed to, but because we didn't want its next owner to have to go through the trouble.

This unit's ribbon controller had a dead spot in it when we got it. After calibrating it, the entire left side of the ribbon wasn't working, but the right side worked great. All three units we have here at the moment each have their own ribbon controller issue, and none of their sellers mentioned anything about ribbon problems before we bought them, suggesting people just don't notice these things or care to disclose them. We're not most people. Alesis stopped supporting this model a long time ago and we don't know of a source for replacement ribbons. If you do, we'd love to hear from you."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS SN 1117

via this auction

"Never made in large numbers, the Sequential Prophet VS is now a hugely collectable synthesizer. Made in San Jose, California in 1987 (s/n 01117), the VS was Sequentials last model before the company folded. Most of the R & D team ended up in Japan, helping Korg to produce the famous Wavestation....and they sold thousands of those.....

It all started in 1985, with Chris Meyer dreaming up the concept of Vector Synthesis. Initially tagged Prophet 2400, the name VS was eventually adopted. Basically, "morphing" among FOUR separate digital waveforms, with the 360* joystick, allows the creation of new patches (100 memories on board). There are 95 resident/32 user waveforms on board.....derived from 4 oscillators being shaped by Curtis analogue filters (but digitally controlled) ~ 4-pole lowpass, using 8-voice polyphony (+split/dual) ~ with twin chorus + agile stereo routing, all being sounded with a 5-octave velocity/aftertouch keyboard. As a bonus, there is also a versatile arpeggiator. Cosmetically, this synth is a bonny sight to behold, with lots of attractive blue switches and pleasing livery with SEQUENTIAL well featured on the cooool.........

This particular VS (rev 1.2) is currently on the bench being fitted with a heat sink. This is a vital addition, which prevents overheating & subsequent crashing. New blue display has been installed, and some new buttons & switches. The keys are nigh perfect, with velocity fully working, and the channel aftertouch triggering every time. KKGB rate this beauty at 9/10. Dims are 97 x 44 10 cms..weight is around 20Kgs (sturdily built with metal chassis + decent feet). 6 months full guarantee will be offered. AVAILABLE in January 2022, after extensive soak-testing. Sounds like? There are plenty demos on YouTube etc. New sonic creation is easily found; its nice to swerve away from the "normal" sounds!"

Studio Electronics / Moog MIDI Mini SN 1367

via this auction

Video in the listing posted here.

"With the price of the original Moog Minimoog sky rocketing why not get the same dense potent analog sound AND extra LFO, and MIDI, and other excellent addition not found on the Moog Mini?

All in a smaller rack mounted space for less than half the cost.

Jump to 4.37 in Alex's video to hear the analog divineness!"

MFB SYNTH 2 w/ Custom Desktop Stand

via this auction

"German Analog with many ways to modulate

3 analogue vcos (sawtooth, square, triangle waveforms)
2 envelope generators (adsr)
analogue 24 db lowpass filter with resonance (vcf)
2 lfos (sawtooth, square, triangle, random waveforms)
50 preset- and 49 user memories
integrated step sequencer

Comes with Stand and power supply"

Moog Source Vintage Monophonic 37-Key Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ Patch Memory

via this auction

Vintage 1974 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 4177

via this auction

AKAI Professional EWI3020m w/ Original Box

via this auction

Margus Voice Rare Limited Analog Synthesizer by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment


Exploring Wavetable Synthesis in Modular w/ Modbap Osiris

video upload by Reverb

"Wavetable synths are pretty complex, but the new Osiris Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Oscillator aims to break down the complexity into just a few knobs.

Shop the Modbap Osiris here
Learn More on Reverb"

MAESTRO rare vintage ussr soviet digital synthesizer goodluck vintage shop

video upload by GLvintageSHOP



via this auction

The Best Sampler You Never Heard About

video upload by HAINBACH

"In which I demo the VESTAX Faderboard, an innovative sampler from Japan. Made as a co-operation between Vestax and Korg, this unique instrument is the brainchild of DJ Shing02. Played with faders instead of keys, it befuddled its targeted audience and was largely forgotten. Yet it is a fantastic instrument for ambient and experimental music even today."

Additional Vestax Faderboard posts

Patch n Tweak
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