MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Live pattern creation with Korg EMX (no talking all sounds from scratch)

video upload by DATABROTH

check out my wavetables and presets at
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Polyphonic Aftertouch for Everyone !!

video upload by Tim Shoebridge

"Would you like to be able to play polyphonic aftertouch without using a poly aftertouch keyboard? Here's a sneak preview of a new software product I've developed which should be available for download some time next week."

Dreamy Sunshine Arps outside with the M8

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Enjoying some arps outside in the sun.

Been working on some more complex arp presets, you just put down one note, and off they go, lots of table modulation. So this is 2 different arp presets, and a pad that modulates its notes in a table also.

So just a C in track 1, C in track 2 and C in track 3."

Roland TB-303 Serviced w/ Social Entropy Quicksilver CPU MIDI Upgrade

via this auction

"Fully serviced Roland TB-303

-Quicksilver CPU Upgrade adding a ton of new functionality to this beast.
-Din Out converted to Midi Out
-Replacement of all faulty hardware

Includes original manual and Roland strapped Travel Bag! Condition is as shown. Sounds and plays amazing!"

Sequential Take 5 Poly Synth review - Sonic LAB

video upload by sonicstate

"Sequential's new poly synth with an analog heart - the Take 5 offers us the chance for proper analog VCOs and analog VCFs (Prophet 5 type) in a five voice compact form. It's also relatively reasonably priced at around £1090/$1499.

To save space, the pitch and mod wheels are set on the top panel with a 44 key F to C keybed with aftertouch. The build feels pretty good with nicely firm and consistent knobs, rotary encoders and backlit switches.

(note we've uploaded 6 multisample sound sets to our

00:00 Intro and overview
04:10 Oscillators
08:39 Filter
11:11 Calibration
12:29 LFOs
14:37 Some presets
18:10 Vintage knob + more patches
20:10 Drive
20:47 Envelopes and more patches
22:35 Sequencer
23:21 Mod Matrix
24:47 FX
26:10 wrap"

A Sampler, Synth, and Drum machine.. All you need! // A Compact Creation with this Dawless Setup

video upload by Ricky Tinez

"Simple-ish Dawless setup i've been using while i await a new computer. Pretty fun just jamminga round on the Tepest, Pro 3, and the Octatrack! I'm doing a ton of live looping, running drums through FX, and 'performance mixing' on the Octatrack by adding effects and using the crossfader."

Arturia Microfreak, Landscape HC-TT, Cocoquantus and Strymon Nigthsky

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"A Failure for Civilization: a maditation for retrograde words

I have quite confused ideas about what could be the right behavior in a situation like the one we are living today: one can stop petrified by horror to reason, to try to understand; we can take refuge in unconsciousness and pretend that that same horror is far away, that it does not touch us closely. What is the right thing to do in order not to wobble that glimmer of lightness that was glimpsed on the horizon after these two hard years?
Today I am lost like this."

New Artisan Electronic Nucleus LFO Demo

video upload by Mike @ Artisan

"New variable slope and variable pulse width LFO waveshapes.
And a short description of the unique LFO Delay function"

Neutral Labs Meg unique waveshaper Eurorack module demo

video upload by nyppy

"Available in March 2022 as DIY kit or prebuilt module. See"

"Meg is a unique kind of waveshaper. Instead of folding the wave back in on itself like a common wavefolder, it shifts parts of the wave up or down, with the shifting threshold being adjustable. The resulting 2 half-waves can be flattened one by one, essentially morphing into a half square wave and eventually a full square wave. Essentially, it will add pulse-width modulation (and more) to any kind of wave."

Roland RS-505 49-Key Paraphonic Synthesizer SN 750578

via this auction

"The RS-505, from 1978, is a rare analog synthesizer with three independent sections: Strings, Poly-Synth and Bass. These three sections can be blended to create sounds ranging from thunderous bass to luscious pads. The RS-505 can even process incoming audio through the BBD ensemble effect!

This unit has been fully tested, and the power supply has been recapped and rebuilt."

Roland JD-800 Synthesizer with Manuals, Cards and More - SN ZC55620

via this auction

"The skinny: The keyboard ribbon cold solder joint is toast so the keyboard DOES NOT WORK. NO, it does NOT suffer from any sticky-keys. Never did. Still doesn't. Pic shows how everything is solid, no melties anywheres. If you can butcher the proper ribbon from another Roland, you're golden.

Everything else works. As a MIDI device it's wonderful. Just too big for my studio right now.

Comes with 3 notebooks that are copies of the Reference manuals and User Guide along with an extra Guitars & Brass card along with the two Drums/Percussion cards as pictured."

KORG DDM-110 Super Drums (Japan, 1984) Vintage Drum Machine + Manual & P. Supply

via this auction

Casio CZ-101 Phase Distortion Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

4-voice PROGUE

video upload by JSI

"4-voice PROGUE polyphonic setup played with KeystepPro. Fxs from Meris Polymoon and Mercury7."

See the JSI label below for more.

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