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Tuesday, July 12, 2022


video upload by Peter Grenader

"I am Peter Grenader - the designer, curator and sometimes sound designer for Danny Carey's Toolbox, the modular system used live with Tool (Chocolate Chip Trip).

I recently did a huge overhaul and expansion of that system and this video details that journey.

For a recent interview detailing this system and my involvement with Tool, check out Kris West's Spiral Out podcast:

For an article on how this synth came into being check out The Fortheye:

EAR/Plan B Synthesizer official website:

Peter Grenader's POV website:

zZyzx Society:"

AudioViz Glitch FX Video Processor / Audio Reactive Video Synth / LoFi HipHop Demo / Yamaha QY70

video upload by LoFiFuture


In this demo the AudioViz output is sent through a Panasonic MX12 for stabilisation then captured directly into the PC. The Source footage is from "Cumbernauld, Town for Tomorrow" A promotional video for a Scottish town from the 1970s

The AudioViz is an analog video glitch effects processor made for DJs, VJs and Video artists alike. The AudioViz has a very vibrant colour palette and it loves to create rainbows, edge repeats and super over saturation.

Featuring an original analog circuit that was designed from the ground up to create circuit-bent visuals in a sleek, portable, user friendly format.

The AudioViz features 4 controls: SENS (Audio input level) FX GAIN (Overall FX gain, vibrancy) and two MODIFIER controls that let you manipulate the appearance and character of the effect.


RCA Composite Video In/Out
3.5mm line audio input
5V DC input ( Standard 2.1 x 5.5mm DC connector) -- PSU is NOT included
Intended for use with CRT Televisions / Video Mixers / Digital Frame Synchronizers
NTSC & PAL Compatible
Weight: 115 Grams
Dimensions 113mm x 44mm x 67mm"

Roland CN-20 Music Entry Pad SN ZA51211 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Taurus II Synth Bass Pedal System SN 2647 w/ Original Patch Sheets & Manual

via this auction

Note the handle on the back of the pedal for carrying it around.

"Closer to "Excellent" condition if not for the previous (original) owner's decision to "paint" notes on the pedals. (It could be removed with relative ease, but we decided to leave it to the next proud owner.) Only a handful of minor scuffs and dings are visible (especially on the corners of the wooden side panels). The graphics are all bright, the module panel is clean, knobs and fader tips are original, the pedals (aside from the painted notes) are clean with no cracks or wear.

The module (343A) and pedal unit (343B) have been fully tested and are working perfectly. Of course, there's a little pitch drift, which we expect. Matching serial numbers!

We're offering the original owner's manual, four of the hard-to-find settings overlays (Original Taurus Voice, Solo VI, Bass I, Bass VII - some staining), pole mount (they're straight mic stands without the base - some pitting), the original factory power supply, and a 'vintage' MIDI cable."

Norand Mono Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Qun mk2 : Piano mode (Only 8 keys piano)

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"Qun mk2 has piano mode, which is not so practical, external MIDI keyboard is recommended for normal use, because it has only 8 keys.
However, it can do some fun stuff with scale quantize and quick transpose turning the dial."

Luke Neptune's Synthwave Soundset for Take 5

video upload by Luke Neptune

"To purchase this soundset follow this link

NOTE- This soundset will not overwrite my Vintage/Classic soundset so you can have both my Vintage/Classic and Synthwave soundsets on your Take 5 at the same time

Synthwave for the Sequential Take 5 features 64 80s inspired patches designed to turn your Take 5 into an 80s retro dream machine. Full of lush pads, warm brasses, thumping basses, ripping leads and sun kissed arps Synthwave has everything you need to create those classic retrowave hits.

-You will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds with your purchase-"

DX5 playing Alphaville "Dance With Me" (edit cover)

video upload by DX5

"This is the first take, first time I played it on its entirely after practising section by section only, hence some variations can be found. Gear used:
Left: Kurzweil PC1x
Right: Roland JX8P, Emu Emax
Backtrack previously recorded by me on Pro Tools. All sounds were synthesized and sampled from my own synths, including a Yamaha DX7 II FD for the bell sound (which seems they used for the original track).

Original song composed by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, Ricky Echolette.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer Demo

video upload by RolandChannel

"The GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer makes playing high-quality synthesizer and instrument sounds from your guitar as simple as 1-2-3. First, attach the included GK-3 Divided Pickup to your steel-stringed electric (no drilling necessary). Second, select the type of sound you want using the Bank knob. Third, choose a sound variation using the Number/Value dial and start playing. With the GR-20, its easy to tap into the power of guitar synthesis."

New Loops Releases Mosaic Thorn Expansion with 30% off intro offer

via New Loops

New Loops has announced the release of Mosaic — a collection of 64 presets for DS Audio Thorn Here's what they say:

"This is our best thorn expansion yet with unique sounds never heard in Thorn before! You’ll find 6 deep and punchy basses, 12 emotive keys, 15 futuristic spacey pads, 12 cinematic leads, 10 evolving atmospheric soundscapes and textures, and 15 melodic, and bass sequences. As well as the main 64 presets, we’ve also included 34 MB of addition content including, 10 samples for the noise oscillator, 15 arp presets, 5 harmonic filter presets, and 5 custom oscillator presets.

These Thorn presets are suitable for a wide range of genres including cinematic, soundtrack and film score, ambient and downtempo, cyberpunk, dark wave and industrial, and also suitable for trance, techno, and other synth music."

Intro Price: £17.49 / 30% off until the end of August 2022 (RRP £24.99). You can also get an extra 30% off orders over £39 at with code: 30OFF39

Free demo presets are available at

True Trance Sounds V2 for Roland ZEN-Core

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

True Trance Sounds V2 – Second chapter of popular True Trance series for Roland Zen Core. This is a beautiful set of Plucks, Leads, Pads, AAH‘s as well as powerful Bass and Effects. You get in your hands a complete set of various sounds, 100 percent ready for use. The demonstration used nothing but the pure sound of a Zenology Pro. And it is gives you a full opportunity to understand what you get with this product.

The sound palette of the sound pack is perfectly balanced between a warmth Virtual Analog sound and clear sharp of Digital. So it gives you an unlimited opportunity to use sounds in absolutely any style.

Soundbank Contains 65 Presets, which:

15 Leads
5 Synths
11 Plucks
14 Bass
8 Pads
1 FX
Compatibility: Zenology/Pro, Fantom, Jupiter X/XM, MC707/101, Zenbeat, RD-88, Verselab MV-1, and Axe-Edge. Also it must work on newest Roland Juno X, FANTOM-0 series."

New Boredbrain Monitr, UniFX, and Xchangr Brief Introduction & User Demos

video upload by Boredbrain Music

"Three new eurorack modules focused on interconnectivity: Monitr, UniFX and Xchangr are briefly explained by Boredbrain's founder Adam Harding."

Boredbrain Music: Unifx, Exchangr, and Monitr overview and demo

video upload by Matt Lowery

"Today we're taking a look at three stellar modules by boredbrain music. We'll talk about the feature set of each, and look at some use cases as well.

00:00 Intro
00:45 unifx Overview and Uses
02:44 Feedback Looping
04:35 Processing Desktop Instruments
05:20 xchangr overview/uses
07:15 monitr overview"

The EASIEST way to start your Eurorack journey (Boredbrain Unifx, Xchangr, and Monitr)

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"Eurorack modular can be a daunting thing to get into - both figuratively and literally. These three new modules from Boredbrain will make your transition into eurorack a smooth one, as they make sure your rack plays nice with all the gear you already own.

0:00 - why eurorack is hard to get into
0:55 - how I chose to begin the journey
1:25 - very professional explanation of output levels
1:53 - the solutions
2:42 - Unifx makes your pedals modular
3:25 - Unifx sound examples and CV control
5:13 - CV control for the Gamechanger Light Pedal
6:15 - creating feedback fx loops with Unifx
8:00 - Xchangr for noise-free stereo effects
9:45 - GR-1 granular goodness through Xchanger
10:51 - Monitr is a mixer/output and has VCAs
12:10 - putting the VCAs to work with Planar2
14:29 - a little about the eqx5 and why it's so cool
15:06 - have these organ samples for FREE
16:05 - all together now"



2-channel stereo VCA mixer with CV per channel
Master volume control and dual 5-segment VU meter
Headphone amp with level and 3-way selectable cue source
System mute switch for convenient output silencing
Low-noise balanced pro line-level outputs at +4 dBu



Single-channel effects loop with bi-directional level conversion
Routes eurorack thru pedals or instrument thru eurorack
Effects mix crossfader with CV input
Feedback capable and functional as VCA



Ultra-low noise buffered level scaling designed for stereo effects pedals
Two stereo sends with selectable -12/-18 dB attenuation
One stereo receive with selectable +12/+18 dB amplification
Functional as auxiliary line-level audio input and output

TWO Polychrome Phasers! Stereo FTW Eurorack Effect Demo #2

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2022

Continuing phaser adventures, this time with TWO Polychrome Phasers.Having two phasers opens a new world of stereo possibilities.
Using 2 phasers is not unlike a Mutron Bi-phase dual phaser.
A 4HP analog circuit adaptation of the 6-stage phaser section from the Italian stallion - Farfisa Polychrome. Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

0:00 | Intro and patch explanation
0:53 | VCO: Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator
1:28 | VCO: DNA Symbiotic Waves
2:37 | Yamaha SK203:44 | Juno-60

Check my Reverb store for availability and other cool modules"

A DARK PLOT OF LAND ADPOL-AV-102 Abstract Video Eurorack Sound Design Experimental Music

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"WARNING!!! This video has fast flashing lights which can cause problems for some viewers.

Through deconstruction and reconstruction the work continuously evolves and with every new permutation offers a new message.

Sounds were performed with a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

2001 KORG KARMA VHS Promo Video

video upload by Ross Totino

"Promotional VHS video from Korg introducing the KARMA workstation."

Macbeth X-Series Micromac D

via this auction

Yamaha AN1X Analog Physical Modeling Synth

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother SN 21700

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

DIY Built Ciat-Lonbarde Mini rollz5 - av dog, ultrasound filters, rolls

via this auction

"Banana format build of ciat lonbarde pcbs. Ships with power supply. Listing as very good, noting that the aesthetic is intentionally rugged.

Notes from the builder:

Mini rolls 5 - one AV dog with sensitivity switch, 2 ultrasound filters, 4x 2 rolls and 2x 3 rolls rollzer style with one positive node per roll. 3 mono mini jack outputs (one per voice) and volume control. This build corresponds to plum butter colour codes which are

Brown - androgynous roll jack
Orange - roll positive output jack
Green - input for av dog and filter"

Synsonics Model 5300 Vintage Analog Drum Synth SN 727-4611

via this auction

Demo video in the listing previously posted here.

"Synsonic Model 5300 Vintage Analog Drum Synth. It could use cleaning cosmetically but is fully functional. Cool unit to use as a pad brain, or for just triggering it for its drum synth sounds."

Korg 770 - Serviced with Midi

via this auction

Rare Early Roland Jupiter 4 w/ BA662 Filter

via this auction

"A very beautiful Roland Jupiter early version with BA662 filter on the voice boards and key assigner board."

Oberheim OB-8 w/ Moog Style Knobs & Fatar Keyboard

via this auction

"The GOOD!!!
- I just paid $2000 in service fees that include a recapped power supply, deep cleaning, Synthchaser Voice Board Service Kit with extra trimmers, new IC chips / IC sockets / Op Amps / Transistors / Film Capacitors, etc.
- I just bought and installed a brand new (and MUCH better) Fatar Keybed that plays and feels beautiful.
- I just bought (but have NOT installed) a brand new Midi Mod Kit, Battery Eliminator Chips (so you no longer need a battery to save patches!), and wood end pieces from Rosen Sound. These are brand new and in the boxes.
- In all I have put over $3000 into this classic 8 voice, 2 osc, 3 lfo, monster analog synth.

The BAD!
- This synth does NOT like to be cold. When it is cold it sometimes takes 15-20 minutes to warm up and stabilize. When first turned on a couple voices sound terrible and that usually causes some serious panic. After it warms up I just hit the auto tune and it's usually solid after that. The crappy video included shows the synth warmed up after it was cold from a near by AC blasting all night long. The sound is just coming out of a stereo speaker but you get the idea.
- The knobs appear to be Moog style knobs. I think they look great but if you want it all original you will have to track down Oberheim knobs. Personally I don't like the original knobs. I also have the original keybed listed for sale if you want to have that one too."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Synthesizer SN 3058

via this auction

YAMAHA CS-30 Vintage Analog Synthesizer & Sequencer SN 1729 w/ Hard Case

via this auction, also on Reverb

The seller has one other, SN 1406, minus the case listed here, also on Reverb.

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard Polyphonic Modular Synthesizer w/ 600 Patches SN 98050402

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This listing is for a Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard with a CD-R. This CD-R contains Modular Editor, PDF Manual, Preset Patches(Nord Modular Factory Presets, micro Modular Factory Presets and Extra Patches; Total about 600 Patches). This unit is 100% perfect working. This synth is AMAZING Synthesizer. You can build any synthesizer patches as you want even."

Korg MEX-8000 Memory Expander | Why didn't they go for cartridges like everyone else?

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Korg MEX-8000 Memory Expander from 1986, Korg's way of adding memory to their synths at the time. Where Roland, Yamaha, Casio and many other brands chose to use cartridges, Korg chose the MEX-8000 box that through MIDI could be hooked up to several of their synths at the time.
4 memory banks of 64 patches each. A total of 256 program settings.
Was this the best way to expand on memory locations at the time? Is the smaller, more cheap (then) cartridges the better way? I don't know.
Big thanks to Anders Jensen for giving me this for Christmas some years ago. I finally did it man!

Support this channel on Patreon:"

Oberheim SEM module vs Arturia SEM V2 - How good is the software?

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A comparison between the modern Oberheim SEM module and the Arturia SEM V2 software.

Raw recording. No effects or processing added.

Video sections:

00:06 Introduction
00:29 Sawtooth wave
01:47 Square wave
03:02 Sawtooth wave, filter sweep, 50% resonance
03:46 Sawtooth wave, filter sweep, 100% resonance
04:35 Two sawtooth waves, longest attack and release times, 100% resonance
06:08 Two square waves, lowpass + highpass filter, filter modulation only by LFO
07:32 Two square waves, lowpass + highpass filter, filter modulation only by LFO
08:27 Simple square wave sequence
08:59 Two sawtooth waves, lowpass + some highpass filter, higher tuned VCO2, 100% resonance
09:42 Square wave, highpass filter modulated only by LFO, 100% resonance
11:23 Tight square wave
12:12 VCO1 square + some higher tuned VCO2 sawtooth, lowpass + highpass filter, 100% resonance"

DYSMETRIA / 5 step Sequence

video upload by Dreadbox

"Orfeas is recording a 5-step sequence with DYSMETRIA and then manipulates it

DYSMETRIA is a A Full Voice Analog Modular Groove Synthesizer, in Desktop and Eurorack format, with which you can create Basslines and Drum Sounds."

Moog MAVIS & Strymon Big Sky

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Vectors - 100 New Patches for the Modal Argon 8 - GEOSynths

video upload by GEOSynths

"With the recent release of Firmware 2.6 for the Argon 8, Modal reached out to make a Bank of Patches using only the new Wavetables. There are 100 Patches included in Vectors and cover a wide variety of Sounds, from Motion Pads to Strings, Bass & Lead, Polysynth & EP's plus much more.

Download -

The majority have Controllers assigned where possible, especially Aftertouch, Y+/Y-.

00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Lost Prophet
01:28 - Quantum Foam
02:27 - Alpha Lines
04:08 - Deckard
05:19 - Inca Tribes
05:49 - Remember Him
06:38 - Orion Sleeps
07:47 - Simple Pad
09:01 - Notch It Up
09:53 - Fast Mini
10:16 - Arp4Ever
11:06 - Redeemer
12:57 - Fusion
14:11 - Trickle Down
14:44 - Broken Promise
16:28 - Wave Madness
16:49 - Fake Tan
17:18 - Unilead
17:58 - Swept Away
19:13 - Lately Bass"

Tech Talk: Florian Meindl (Electronic Beats TV)

video upload by Telekom Electronic Beats

"Electronic Beats Tech Talk series returns with a new episode featuring austrian producer, DJ and live performer, Florian Meindl. The FLASH Recordings founder walks us through the set up at his Berlin studio which features an extensive range of synthesizers, drum machines, a modular system and mastering equipment.

Meindl is known for his technical prowess and founded several brands including sound design and e-learning platform Riemann Kollektion, he’s been releasing his idiosyncratic twist on Techno over the past two decades predominantly via his own FLASH imprint which has also welcomed the likes of Radio Slave, Jeroen Search, Lucy and Sigha onto its roster.

Join us to dive deep into the inner workings of Florian’s studio and the production approach of this highly respected producer and sound designer."

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