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Thursday, September 01, 2022

Oberheim OB-X8 Demos by Orano Music

video uploads by Orano Music


1. OBX8 1st sound made, this thing is huge #OBX8 #TomOberheim #Oberheim
Very Brief to let everyone considering this synth and wondering how big it can sound. This is a very quickly thrown together Fast Attack Pad sound. Some PWM, Slight Pitch Mod on One osc, and a touch of Strymon Big Sky for Verb. Opening up the Filter on this beast just has me in awe! SHOW LESS
2. Oberheim OBX8 and OB6, Perfect Companions #OBX8 #OB6 #Oberheim
I wanted to try and recreate one of my Favourite OB6 Patches in the OBX8. The result at the correct filter amount is very close, the two have the same character but are so much two different beasts. They bounce off each other and both shine in their own way.

This is not a technical Vs video its just to let you hear them both together. The sequence at the start is from OB6 then I play my programmed patch on the OBX8 live.

The OB6 arp is using the onboard OB6 preset fx running through a Strymon Big Sky verb OBX8 patch is Mono running through the same Big Sky Verb, no other FX or processing.
3. Live Play - OBX8 XMOD Sound Design - #OBX8 #OBERHEIM #XMOD
This is a live recording of me playing around with the XMOD on the OBX8, the variation in sound is exceptional, once a sweet spot has been found it just sings!

I basically hit record and took this all in one take. Pad - OB6 on Hold
Arpeggio - OBX8

Love this synth! it may just be my favourite ever!
4. Recreate Thriller on the Oberheim OBX8 #oberheim #obx8 #OB-X8 #Thriller #michaeljackson
Every Sound on this Except the Drums is created on the Oberheim OBX8, done for fun, just to see how close it gets :) great Synth, absolutely love it.
5. Oberheim OBX8 - Sound Design 90's Nostalgia #oberheim #obx8 #sequential
Not the Usual Oberheim massive sound, but some serious 90s nostalgia, took me back to being 18 again :)

Original Track is -
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (she's homeless)
Additional demos

Sequential Prophet X demo by Giaga Robot

video upload by Algam EKO

"Giaga Robot ci accompagna alla scoperta di tutte le funzioni del potente synth Sequential Prophet X, uno strumento nel quale la sintesi digitale e quella sample-based (150GB + 50GB caricabili dall’utente) si uniscono per dare vita ad un motore sonoro dagli orizzonti praticamente infiniti. Filtro analogico, due multi-effetti, 4 LFO, 4 inviluppi DADSR e una matrice di modulazione estesa fanno di questo synth a tastiera semi-pesata a 5 ottave (velocity e aftertouch), con arpeggiatore e sequencer polifonico uno strumento perfetto per i tastieristi professionisti."

Sequential Prophet Rev 2 demo a cura di Giaga Robot

video upload by Algam EKO

"Giaga Robot ci dimostra il synth analogico Sequential Prophet Rev 2 in versione a tastiera 5 ottave. Si tratta di un sintetizzatore bi-timbrico, con 8 voci di polifonia, sequencer polifonico (6 note per step) a 64 step, arpeggiatore e multi-effetto. Il motore di sintesi è basato su 2 DCO con forme d’onda variabili in modo continuo, un VCF passa basso Curtis a 2/4 poli, 3 inviluppi D-ADSR e 4 LFO. Estesa è la capacità di modulazione, grazie alla matrice da 22 sorgenti e 53 destinazioni."

A Visit the Italian Synth Museum

video upload by Alex Ball

You can find additional posts featuring the museum here.

"Whilst taking a holiday in Italy we stopped off at Museo del Synth Marchigiano for a couple of days and this is the account of what I experienced there.

Enormous thanks to everyone at the museum, particularly Riccardo and Paolo.

0:00 Intro
1:19 Synket
4:40 EKO Computerhythm
8:01 Chilton Talentmaker
12:07 Crumar Compac Synth
13:41 Crumar DP-50
15:07 Elkatwin 61
16:29 Elka Synthex
19:38 CRB Oberon
21:29 CRB Voco Strings
22:53 CRB Uranus 2.0
24:34 Farfisa Polychrome
25:24 Logan Piano Strings Synthesizer
27:10 Welson Syntex
28:28 Keytek CTS-2000
29:47 Baleani Solista"

Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer Now Available in the UK and EU

The Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer is now available in the UK here, and EU here.

"Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer with VCF, Saturation, and Delay Effects. In order to provide a better user experience, Donner B1 analog bass synthesizer has made unprecedented innovations in the operation interface, offering a more straightforward and more intuitive interface for all music lovers. And this innovation won the 2022 red dot design award."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Yamaha Introduces the MODX+

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

It looks like the rumors were wrong on this one - no AN-X engine. Instead we get the AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine, and a pure FM-X (Frequency Modulation) engine.

"Check out the compact, lightweight MODX+ synthesizers, designed to help you take control of your sound and stand out on every stage, studio or stream.

MODX+ is powered by the same innovative technologies found in our flagship MONTAGE synthesizer including the AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine and a pure FM-X (Frequency Modulation) synth engine for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.

MODX+ Motion Control brings the sophisticated automation of music production to live performances by giving you simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters. So you can shape live sound like a conductor commands an orchestra."


The most important element of any instrument is the sound. MODX+ makes all elements of your music sound amazing. MODX+ uses the same technology that powers the flagship MONTAGE: 128 notes of AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis polyphony for stunning emulative acoustic instruments, synth sounds and drums. MODX+ also features 128 notes of FM-X (Frequency Modulation) polyphony - a unique, expressive, highly-programmable synthesis technology for dynamic, electro-modern music creation.

The AWM2 engine is exclusive to Yamaha synthesizers and offers much more than just sample playback. Each of the 16 AWM2 Parts feature eight programmable synthesizers with 18 different filter types, amplitude, pitch and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, 3-band EQ and a dedicated dual insert effect with Virtual Circuitry Modeling.

The FM-X engine: Everything you love about the iconic DX7 meets the latest Yamaha innovations. FM-X produces classic ‘80s or cutting-edge EDM synthesizer sound with incredible dynamic range, power and fidelity. MODX+ goes well beyond the capabilities of the original DX7 with an 8-operator FM architecture, 128-note polyphony, many filter types and more. All with Motion Control for ever-evolving and changing textures to create sounds no one has ever heard before.

MODX+ features 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 128-notes of FM-X polyphony. Due to the unique architecture of MODX+ and MONTAGE, this polyphony is always available without latency or compromising other features.

Smart Morph enables morphing between FM-X sounds. Its sophisticated A.I. algorithm creates an interactive morphing map from up to eight FM-X sounds. You can “play” this map from the touchscreen or use the Super Knob to move between two points. The result is a staggering number of interesting and interactive new sounds.

You can find additional info at:

PWM Malevolent 10 Patches [No Talking]

video upload by VCO USA

"10 Patches on the PWM Malevolent Analog Synthesizer. Demonstrating the mean and gritty character of the synth while giving you some idea of how it might sit in your mixes!


0:00 Patch 001
1:13 Patch 002
2:38 Patch 003
4:18 Patch 004
5:23 Patch 005
6:48 Patch 006
8:19 Patch 007
9:22 Patch 008
10:08 Patch 009
11:20 Patch 010

Patch Notes:

Yamaha Synth Space History | DX1 | Dom Sigalas

video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"In this video, Dom Sigalas explores the super rare Yamaha DX1 Synthesizer.

This FM synthesizer was introduced to the market in 1983 with no expenses spared when creating this machine with 73-key with polyphonic aftertouch. The DX1 was packed with features, including a distinct palette of new synthetic and 'authentic' sounds, six operators with thirty-two algorithms, all placed within its beautiful handmade Brazilian rosewood case. There were only 140 DX1 Synthesizers ever produced."

The DB-01 turns two: An interview with its designer, Girts Ozolins

video upload by Richard DeHove

"It's just over two years ago that the DB-01 was released into the wild. Gritty, aggressive and surprisingly deep, it may well eventually join the ranks of classic synths. Founder of Erica Synths and designer of the DB-01, Girts Ozolins, explains how the machine came to be, how it was designed and dives into history, engineering and future. Along the way we also get an insight into some of the design philosophies of Erica Synths.

0:00 Origins of the DB-01
2:24 Sequencer integration
4:16 The design process
11:00 Links to the 303?
13:20 The drive circuit
14:28 A happy surprise
15:35 The preset debate
17:30 Testing the sound
19:50 Latvian production
22:30 DB-01 component changes
23:00 Verion 2 ?

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free"

Instroducing: Instruō - cruïnn and cnōc

video uploads by Instruō

"I would like to introduce two brand new modules to the Instruō line up!
cruïnn is an all analogue stereo oscillator and the cnōc is a highly compact powerhouse of a function generator."

Video Playlist:
Instroducing: Instruō - cruïnn and cnōc
Instruō - cruïnn Overview *This video heavily features stereo patch examples. For best results use both ears*
Instruō - cnōc Overview

The Instruō cruïnn is an analogue stereo oscillator that utilises through-zero phase modulation to create deep, animated textures.

On top of its single sawtooth oscillator core, cruïnn produces five additional parallel phase-displaced sawtooth variants – each controlled by their own discrete internal triangle waveform LFO. With both on-board and external control over the LFO rates and modulation depths, cruïnn effortlessly creates, super-super-super-super-super saws, lush pads, phasey basses, and chaotic effects.

With cruïnn’s included passive 4 HP Expander, access to all six waveforms are available. Add to that the ability to individually displace the phase of each waveform via CV and cruïnn becomes an amorphous swarm of harmonically rich sawtooths.

• Stereo and summed outputs
• Six phase-displaced sawtooth variants
• Five internal triangle waveform LFOs
• Global rate and depth modulation controls
• Built-in stereo VCA
• Linear and exponential frequency modulation
• LFO functionality
• Includes 4 HP passive waveform and CV expansion module


The Instruō cnōc is a fully analogue voltage-controlled two stage function generator. This style of function generator was pioneered by the West-coast mindset of sound synthesis and goes far beyond the functionality of a traditional envelope generator. With AR, ASR, and Looping modes, as well as its unipolar positive and bipolar outputs, cnōc finds its home in any patch.

Whether you need a general envelope generator, LFO, delayed gate signal, or a slew limiter to add portamento to your pitch sequences, cnōc fits the bill.

• AR, ASR, and Looping envelope modes
• External control over Attack and Release stages
• Unipolar positive and bipolar outputs
• Assignable gate output
• Manual trigger button
• Slew limiting functionality
• Two response curve settings

Strokes VST3/AU MIDI Sequencer

video upload by Cong Burn

00:00 Overview
02:04 Step Mode (XOX/TR)
02:52 Euclidean Mode
05:42 Algorithmic/Analog Logic Rhythms
07:19 Probability & Shares
09:28 Parameter Sequencing with Matrix
11:04 Ableton Live Modulation Setup using the Receiver
13:15 Envelope Following with Weights
14:52 Weights Sidechaining
16:45 Patterns & Demo Project
17:49 Scale/key switching with Note-Select
18:25 VCV Rack Demo
19:16 Wrapping up

via the creator of Strokes, John Howes:

"I've been developing a VST3/AU MIDI sequencer for the last year called Strokes, previously it was a Max For Live device inspired by Jaki Leibzeit (Can) that was in development for over 2 years.

Strokes is a MIDI plugin that brings new life to your plugins, hardware and DAW

Grids - 4 x channels of euclidean or step (XOX/TR) rhythm generators
Logic - 4 x channels of algorithmic rhythm generators
Matrix - 8 x synchronized per step/stroke parameter sequencers (parameter locks!)
Weights - 4 x envelope followers
Shares - 4 x probability processors using markov chain pattern analysis
Notes - 7 x pitch presets for sequencing chords, melodies and kit changes
Patterns - 5 x device wide snapshots / presets"

Wavparty - Dog Daze Elektron Digitakt sound pack

video upload by wavparty

"Get it now:

This sound pack includes:
127 samples formatted for the Digitakt (16bit/48 kHz)
1 project file (includes 16 unique kits/patterns)

Drag and drop one file into the Digitakt and you're good to go.

Chapter markers for the 16 included patterns:
0:07 Niles
0:18 Stavros
1:05 Itchworm
1:44 Fizz
2:32 R2FU
3:02 Catman
3:32 Airlock
3:53 Brewt
4:31 Axus
4:47 Topgunn
5:16 Tiptow
5:42 Lean
6:10 Big Cletus
6:52 Poindexter
7:23 Flop
7:46 1Track"

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: "Will You Rock?" redux (fixed stereo)

video upload by SynthAddict

"a.k.a. 'Hard Rock Job' redux (Chris Rock)

forgot to unlock this stereo remade version after a while since I was trying to avoid confusion with the original accidental mono post that had all the comments

I remade this last night (4/20/22 - 10 days after the original HWJ show posting) since my HW jam version last week had a stereo mix problem :-P

Virus TI, Roland TR-8S, Roland SP-404, Roland Boutique JU-06A, and Arturia Keystep Pro"

The Sound of Voyage Voyage by Desireless - Yamaha DX7, LinnDrum

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Desireless - Voyage Voyage from the year 1986
Written by Dominique Albert Dubois and Jean-Michel Riva

I used the Yamaha DX7 II for all synth sound parts and the LinnDrum for the drums.

Here can you find the full DX7 playlist with a lot single sound demos and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy."

Modal Moment - LORE on ARGON8

video upload by Modal Electronics

"LORE takes you on a sonic journey with ARGON8"

EML Electrocomp Model 500 - Futureproofed

via this auction

"Up for grabs is an EML 500 purchased during the Electric Lady attic sale about 13 or 15 years ago now. It was used on some albums. For being in storage for who knows how long it was in great shape and has performed fairly well this whole time. In preparation for sale we had it fully serviced earlier this year: Power Supply rebuilt, all new electrolytic capacitors, all new key bushings and springs, keybed calibrated, bus bar cleaned, all faders either disassembled and properly cleaned and rejuvenated or if they were not up to par they were replaced with period correct identical stackpole faders, and all trimmers tuned with precision calibration.

The cosmetic condition is very good. There are some obvious signs of use but it has been studio kept it’s entire life and well cared for. A modest 9/10. We are probably far under rating it by listing the condition as very good. Still, it is a 50 year old synth."

E-mu Systems Drumulator

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

Simmons SDS7 Analog Electronic (LOADED) Vintage GERMAN DRUM SYNTHESIZER

via this auction


Pic of the inside below.

TRAX Retro Wave R-1

via this auction, also on Reverb

Electro-Faustus EF202 Theremorph Theremin Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction


video upload by DANIELE

0:00 Intro
0:28 A/B Mode
0:53 Waveform editing
1:30 Morphing between waveforms
2:05 Effects section
3:32 Sub-oscillator
4:13 Scope
4:19 Snapshots
4:25 Rearrange, edit, create wavetables
4:31 Other settings
4:44 Wavetable mode
5:48 Wavetables matrix mode
6:32 Drum mode

"I know I'm late to the game, but no one told me this oscillator was so good! In this video I'm exploring what the Erica Synths Graphic VCO is capable of, without going too deep. Check out Erica Synths videos of this module if you want to listen to some amazing sounds and dive deeper into the drum mode!"


video upload by ELTA music

"POLYVOX PF3 double-stereo filter. Two independent 12dB multi-mode filters that can be controlled by a single cutoff knob. Turning the filter into a 24dB filter, when connected in series. When connected in stereo, you can achieve interesting effects by using different modes to each channel. A noise generator is on board pre-filter and can be used separately as a source of white and pink noise. Volume as well as clean and processed signal balance per channel. Can be used as two independent filters or stereo mode.

FILTER modes - Lowpass, Bandpass, Hi-pass, Notch.
NOISE generator - pink, white and channel balancing.
FILTER 1 and FILTER 2 - CV controls.
LINK switches to control two filters and CV at the same time with one slice knob.
SOFT/HARD cutoff control

The net price €350 + VAT for customers in EU, without EU VAT registration number + shipping
24 month warranty

Be sure to check with the dealers on the right as well.

Pics posted here.

group - Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches 2 (1996)

video upload by Steven Templar - Retrospective Channel

"Sound by Steven Templar, 1996.
Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesiser only. Recorded directly to cassette tape."

Erica Synths Syntrx - A modern noise machine

video upload by Default Corporation

"Hi, today a video about Syntrx (MKI) by Erica Synths.
For my taste this is a fantastic noise machine plenty of 'sweet spots'.

If you like, you can sample it and use as fx in your tracks."

Making Sound Machines Coming to Dutch Modular Fest

Dreamy Shuffle, Lush Pads: Stolperbeats and Digitone
video upload by Making Sound Machines

"We're off to Berlin - excited to be hosting a workshop at Schneidersladen, tonight at 7:30 pm.

We will be playing a short modular live set, spill the beans on our setup and share our deepest and darkest secrets about deliciously bad timing in #Eurorack. You're invited to swing by, and we look forward to hanging out and chatting afterwards. You will have to sign up via mail -

We recorded this dreamy little sketch during the search for our live set - a very simple setup using the Elektron Digitone as a sound module for its lush synth pads and slick drum tones, sequenced and shuffled by our #Stolperbeats drum trigger sequencer via MIDI notes. The module in turn receives MIDI from the super portable OMX27 keyboard by Denki Oto (with backlit linear Cherry keys - love it!)

Stolperbeats, roughly translating to 'beats tripping over themselves', is our drum trigger sequencer designed to create shuffled beats influenced by the gritty push-and-pull grooves from the golden age of Hiphop. We've always been fascinated by taking our beats offgrid to give them more fluidity and life. This module allows you to easily dial in and seamlessly switch between all the shuffle, feeling and groove we would, in the past, painstakingly nudge together in a DAW.

Stolperbeats is used here in its 'MIDI Rec' mode, originally envisioned as a quick way to map pitch, channel and velocity from drum machines onto the modules instrument channels by matching the selected instrument to the incoming MIDI data. Turns out this is really fun to use as a transpose with an external keyboard to provide shuffled melodies to the Elektron #Digitone.

If you are in the Netherlands, come see us at Dutch Modular Fest 2022 in Utrecht on Saturday Sept 3rd - we'll have a booth there next to the lovely This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS) and Vaski, who will both show amazing new stuff."

KURZWEIL K2000 (1991) - SOUNDS DEMO - Analog & Pads - (NO TALKING, ONLY PLAY)

video upload by Eaglechild

♫ List of the sounds :

▨ Intro 0:00
▨ Sounds

1 AM Square Synth 0:24
2 Big Jupiter 1:13
3 Poly Analog 5 1:39
4 Bella Voce 2:05
5 Braz Analog 2:44
6 Rock Stack 3:19
7 LA Outside 3:56
8 Fantasia 4:47
9 Neo Prophet 5:29
10 Lunar Dance 6:13
11 Ana Saws 7:13
12 Hi Rez Sweep 7:37
13 2000 Odyssey 7:56
14 Stereo Sweep 8:44
15 Fair Breath 9:48
16 Digital Choirs 10:21

YAMAHA DX5 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Effect Used.
Universal Audio Apollo 8P Audio Interface System.
Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay (Stereo Delay)
Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb."

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