MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, February 20, 2023

Monday, February 20, 2023

Sequential Prophet 6 - Divinity Vol.1 - Custom Patches 000 to 049 (of 100)

video upload by Orano Music

"This is the First of two demo Reels showcasing the first 50 Sounds from Divinity Volume.1

As always I aim to create great playable sounds easily translatable to your own Productions or for Live use. I have created basses, arps, leads, pads and my usual styled analog keys too.

The Prophet 6 deserves the commonly stated "best synth Sequential have ever made" it is truly a lovely synth, full of warmth and character. The Poly Mod section really brings the synth alive along with great oscillators.

Patches are available now at

Thanks for checking them out.


12 Custom Presets on the DSI/Oberheim OB6

video upload by Bendrr Music

"Decided to do a video showcasing some of the OB6's sounds, using my own custom made patches! No external effects were used for anything in this video, everything you hear is coming straight from the OB6. Hope you enjoy!

*Highly recommend using good headphones or speakers with this video*"

Sonic The Hedgehog | Green Hill Zone | Synthesizer Cover

video upload by Bendrr Music

"Covering an absolute all-time video game classic with some synthesizers, the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 1! Hope you enjoy!"

Yamaha CS-50 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

Special Metallic Red 2006 Studio Electronics Omega 2 SN 1240

via this auction

"STUDIO ELECTRONICS OMEGA 2 - Custom Built in Red Metallic Omega 8 Chassis.

This studio ANALOG MONSTER rack synth has been babied in my studio with very little use (unfortunately). Original owner I had this custom built with a special anodized metallic RED finish in the larger OMEGA 8 chassis for future upgrade which I never did. BLUE Led screen and Red lite-up buttons."

Access Microwave Hardware Programmer SN B19500196

via this auction

"Access made these hardware programmers in the mid 90's to program the Waldorf Microwave Mk 1.

The synth is not included, this is only for the programmer and it can only be used to program the Microwave mk 1 (A or B) where you connect your midi into the programmer then the programmer goes into the Microwave.

The condition of the unit is fantastic, not a mark on it and it all functions correctly.

Complete with power supply."

Roland Jupiter 6 w/ Europa Mod

via this auction

"Comes with the very rare Europa mod which adds many new features and improves MIDI."

E-MU Vintage X Pro Collection Synth and Keyboards (Volume 1, 2, and 3)

Demos for volumes 1 & 2 above. Not sure when these came out but I'm seeing reviews for it online dating back to 2010.

via this auction

"E-MU EMU Vintage X Pro Instruments Sound Library bundle (including all 3 volumes).

New and sealed In Manufacturer's original package.

A Massive 7.5GB Collection of Vintage Synths and Keyboards!

These sound library are for use with Emulator X Proteus X.

Yamaha SY35 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

Casio RZ-1 Digital Sampling Rhythm Composer Drum Machine w/ PS 100 Pedal

via this auction

Flame 4 Vox Eurorack Wavetable Oscillator LFO Synth.

via this auction

You can find demos of the 4Vox in previous posts here.

Lil' Nicky (Erica Synths mki x DIY synthesizer full system)

video upload by Greg Dixon

"This is a demonstration video for the Erica Synths mki x full system. The recorded audio is completely raw mono direct from the synthesizer with no added effects etc. I built the synthesizer (which I named "Lil' Nicky") including the case with kits designed by Moritz Klein and released by Erica Synths. Lil' Nicky is patched mostly with purple 18" cables by Luigi's Modular. The purple and black look of the synthesizer/ cables as well as it's name is an homage to the pop icon, Prince."

Jeannie Polyhonic DIY Synthesizer Unisono Modes

video upload by Rolf Degen

"Jeannie Polyhonic DIY Synthesizer Unisono Modes

DIY Projekt:

Mystics Vol 1 - DSI Prophet 08/REV 2 - Patches 1 to 16 (Dry + FX Presets)

video upload by GEOSynths

"Mystics Vol 1 contain 64 New Patches for the venerable DSI Prophet 08. I used to have one years ago and sold it, but had the opportunity recently to pick one up on Ebay, not to make Patches, just...'cause! Even though I have a Prophet Rev 2 and have made 2 Banks for it, there was something about the Prophet 08 that got me hooked on making new Sounds for it....Here they are....Mystics Vol 1.

Of course, there are no FX onboard, however I have previously use 2 Free Plug-Ins (below) and have made 64 FX Presets for each to match up with each Patch. I have also demonstrated the Patches both Dry and with the FX.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus
2. Valhalla Supermassive

All you need to do is set up an Insert in your DAW, add the chorus in Slot 1 and in Slot 2, Supermassive. Then just match up the Preset Numbers/Names...That's it, levels are all done!

Here are the first 16 Patches with 3 more Videos to come.

00:00 - 1. Saviours Day GEO
01:50 - 2. Poly Prophet GEO
03:59 - 3. Low Down GEO
04:34 - 4. Nostalgia GEO
06:05 - 5. Sentinels GEO
08:54 - 6. Rushed GEO
10:55 - 7. Steel String GEO
12:33 - 8. Brass Balls GEO
13:45 - 9. Super Sync GEO
14:55 - 10. Dragnet GEO
16:13 - 11. Vectors GEO
18:10 - 12. Foldback GEO
19:27 - 13. Circular GEO
22:13 - 14. Toll Lines GEO
24:09 - 15. Warmth GEO
26:20 - 16. Ballsy GEO"

Sequential Prophet 5 & Prophet 6 review | @premikjolly | Vivin Kuruvilla

video upload by ProMusicals

"In these video series, they show you in-depth on the award-winning sequential Prophet 5 & Prophet 6 analog synthesizers

The new Prophet-5 is Dave Smith’s timely return to the analog poly synth that changed the world. It’s “the best of all Prophet-5s” as Dave puts it because it embodies all three revisions of the legendary synth — Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3 — through the use of genuine Curtis analog VCOs and filters (as in the Rev3) as well as new 2140 low-pass filters designed by Dave Rossum, like the 2040 filters he designed in the original Rev1 and Rev2. A Rev switch lets you choose between the two filter designs. It also adjusts the Filter Envelope’s shape and response to match the original Prophet Rev 1/2 or Rev 3 respectively.

The Prophet-6 is Dave Smith’s tribute to the poly synth that started it all—the Sequential Prophet-5. But it’s not simply a reissue of a classic. Rather, as Dave puts it, “It’s the result of our effort to build the most awesome-sounding, modern analog poly synth possible.” The Prophet-6 takes the best qualities of the original Prophet-5—true voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers—and adds enhancements such as studio-quality effects, a polyphonic step sequencer, an arpeggiator, and more. The result is pure, unadulterated analog tone with the stability and reliability of a state-of-the-art modern synth."

Herb Deutsch Family Donation to Form Heart of New Bob Moog Foundation Archival Collection

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"We are thrilled to share that we have recently received a truly exceptional donation of artifacts from the estate of Herb Deutsch.

New in our archives is the first known audio recording of the historic 'Jazz in the Garden' concert performed in August 1968 at MOMA. These hugely significant items — early letters between Bob and Herb as they made musical history together, catalogs, reel-to-reel tapes, and much, much more — form the heart of our new Herb Deutsch Collection of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

It will be weeks or months before we can share the entire collection with our community. Until then, we are honored to steward these priceless pieces of electronic music history that Herb and Bob created together, and delighted at the opportunity to share them with you.

Your partnership and support empower us to provide a permanent home for historic items like those in the Herb Deutsch Collection.

Every raffle ticket, every merch purchase, every piece of gear bought from our Official Moogseum Reverb Shop supports efforts like this one — to preserve and celebrate the history of electronic music, and share it with the world.

We do this work together. Thank you for being part of it!"


Michelle Moog-Koussa: Remembering Herb

An excerpt:

"I would visit Herb and his wonderful wife Nancy every time I was in New York City, which allowed Herb and me to take long walks around their neighborhood. During those walks he would talk about Dad, the early days of pioneering the Moog synthesizer, about the darker period when Dad had to sell the business, the couple of times that Herb and Dad had significant disagreements, and the years Herb served as marketing director, and then sales director for Moog Music in Buffalo, in the period after Dad had left the company."

Read the full remembrance of Herb Deutsch here.

Eurorack Modern Classics: Maths, Dual Prismatic Oscillator (DPO), and ModDemix by Make Noise

video upload by Patchwerks

"Learn how to create complex and unique sounds by using Maths, DPO, and modDemix together in your modular synth setup. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to patch these modules for ring modulation, VCA, wave shaping, and more. Discover how the analog computer power of Maths can be combined with the complex waveform generation of the DPO, and how the modDemix can add versatile modulation and attenuation options to your sound. Follow along with us and explore the endless possibilities of these modules when used together.

Get Make Noise Maths here:
Get Make Noise DPO here:
Get Make Noise ModDemix here:
Demo by: Nick Bigelow
Video by: Matthew Piecora, Steven Ly"


video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"Pursuit - A poem by Stephen Dobyns

Reading and performance by Just The 5"

Eurorack setup is close to final form #2

video upload by Meska

"my euro setup is now close to is final form, 1more modules and 2 swap, bring back the grendel drone commander 2 swape the pinck 3d print pieces,ect
Nomw time for some music
Arp: Softpop2
chord (kind of): plinky
low: Grendel Drone commander 2
drum&sample&glitch :LD3
mixing/compresion: eurorack & LD3

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expƩrimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Introducing the Arithmophone

video upload by Arithmophone

"The Arithmophone is a new tool for exploring musical intervals from your computer, tablet or phone. It is a musical keyboard for touchscreen devices, you can play it directly from your browser using the built-in sounds or connect it to other instruments via MIDI.

To play the Arithmophone directly from your browser:

For more details and for using the MIDI version:"

"The Arithmophone is a new kind of musical keyboard, a rethinking of the way we interact with electronic music instruments. It provides easy access to many familiar and unfamiliar notes in colourful two-dimensional layouts and is a tool for exploring different kinds of tuning schemes, both just and tempered.

It currently exists in two forms:

The Arithmophone web app is a self-contained instrument that you can play from your computer, tablet or phone. It works best on touchscreen devices in landscape orientation (try an iPad or something of similar size if possible: the bigger the screen, the easier it is to play the keyboards).

The Arithmophone MIDI is a keyboard interface for controlling synthesizers. If you work with a DAW and software instruments, or if you have a hardware synthesizer you’d like to control through your (touchscreen) computer, this might be interesting for you.

Future ambitions for the Arithmophone project include a native iPad app with MIDI output as well as a hardware prototype.

I’ve made a manual that provides more details about the Arithmophone. I’ve also made an interactive guide to the building blocks of melody and harmony that explains some of the basic principles behind the Arithmophone in an accessible way."

Rhythm Lab - "Neu Breakbeat" (samplepack)

video upload by LFOstore

"Neu Breakbeat is a massive collection of over 200 luxurious drumloops suitable for a wide spectrum of genres: Booty Breaks, Big Beat, Funky Breaks, Nu Skool, Slow DnB, Acid Breaks, Breakbeat Hardcore etc.


The drumbreaks have been layered, assembled, and put through vintage hardware samplers and processed with saturation and dynamic effects for a solid, powerful sound right out of the box.
This makes them a great backbone for any song. Inspiration is guaranteed!

The collection also includes 200+ juicy synth shots including bass, chord, hoover, reese, pad, and FX sounds.
Various vintage gear was used to create and heavily process the sounds to ensure a fat, full tone.

Sounds in the pack are 24-bit 44,100 Hz and they come in WAV and REX2 formats."

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Spring

video upload by SynthAddict

"Maschine+ jam.
Handmade/played mash-up of Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood from Peer Gynt with a new synthy jam - good fun that starts out hopeful and gets a bit dark."

Yamaha CS1x Control Synthesizer

via this auction

Dreadbox Erebus Reissue Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Gently used condition, works perfect and sounds amazing."

Korg Trinity TR Rackmount Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 011630

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Used in very good condition. Tested and working. Great 90s sound with 32 voices!"

PPG Wave 2.2 v8.3 with MIDI & New Display

via this auction

"Works great, sounds amazing, minimal scratches, backlit LED display from Virtual Music."

CLAVIA nord Rack 2 16-voices + memory card

via this auction

"CLAVIA nord Rack 2 16-voices + memory card / 100% fully working order , like new ! Buttons already rought - very low use - 2LFO - 2OSC- 1997 model - 4 OUT - wide filter section lot of possibilities"

Alesis A6 Andromeda 61-Key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Tuning Issues

via this auction

"All knobs, buttons, keys, wheels, ribbon, and screen etc. work great. This A6 has a voice issue with voice #6 and on occasion voice #1 (if you get trigger happy with autotune). The error shown in both cases says "too high" but the voices seem to be working if you wish to ignore the error and enable all voices. If you use autotune, Voice 6 will fail however you can go through the rest of the manual tuning features that normally follow osc tune and put it to use. The tuning fail of voice #1 is intermittant if you use autotune frequently and is easily recreated if you jump the gun tuning cold it but again works fine and it does not disable. When you let the synth warm up for a solid amount of time (30 mins) it's in it's prime state. I rarely ever use the autotune, instead if tuning is off just temporarily enable the other built in temp-correction and background tuning intermittently if I feel the need to align the tuning but then turn them all off again. This is an analog dream synth and works and sounds great, use it as a 15 or 14 voice (at it’s worst) if you play a gig with temp fluctuations and want to use autotune all night but everything works well over multi hour sessions. I've attached images from a few months ago when I went through all of the tuning, and the images were taken in the sunlight to highlight any imperfections around the chassis. It has the latest firmware installed and is ready for a new owner."

Moog Subsequent 37 CV - Moogfest Edition SN 0107

via this auction

"It's #107 of 125 made on-site at Moogfest 2017, and one of only 2000 made. This one comes with the soundsets from 808 State, Zola Jesus, etc that only the Moogfest editions had.

It's a beautiful instrument but I'm not using it to the extent I should, and my OSCar covers most of what the Moog will do. So it's time to pass it along."

Sequential Pro-One 37-Key Monophonic Synthesizer SN 1986

via this auction

"This synth recently serviced at Electronic Innovations in St. Clair Shores, Michigan in January 2023. Has had no other issues since and works perfectly."

ARP Axxe (moog style filter) SN 2310 - 105

via this auction

Casio CZ-101 w/ Original Box, Manuals, & EZ-CZ Cart

via this auction

Casio CZ-1 w/ Manuals

via this auction

"including four manuals:

1) 136-page Operation Manual in English and Spanish

2) 104-page Preset Tone Data & MIDI System Exclusive - Shows exact settings for all 64 of the included preset sounds, plus MIDI settings for programming or other controller setup

3) 48-page Summary in English & Spanish - Explains the synthesizer technology so you can better understand how to shape your own sounds

4) 53-page Sound Data Book - Provides detailed settings for 49 suggested sounds you can create"

Custom Black & Grey Roland SH-101 w/ LFO Mod

via this auction

"This was modified by the previous owner. It was painted and a 3 speed lfo switch was installed."

Roland SPV-355 Analog Synthesizer

video upload by Analog-Ear7

Stoicism //SIG+/XPO/QPAS/Mimeophon//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"A self-playing Eurorack modular synthesizer patch featuring Make Noise’s XPO, QPAS & Mimeophon, and Stochastic Instruments’ Stochastic Inspiration Generator (SIG+). Plus many more modules described below.

Everything you hear in this is coming from a single monophonic sequence from the SIG+ and a single Make Noise XPO. I’m pretty amazed by how much variety of tone and texture can come from this single oscillator, all at the same time. The different waveform outputs are each running through their own VCAs, filters, triggers, and effects, but the melodic content is all the same. I’ll go through the sequencing in a minute, but first I’m going to focus on the audio signal paths.

Overall, the XPO’s L & R modulation are controlled by a triangle LFO coming from Acid Rain’s Maestro.

The first output is the stereo square wave, which goes through QPAS and Mimeophon, then into the mixer. QPAS’s L & R rotation and Q are modulated by two different smooth random waves from ALM’s Pamela’s Pro Workout. Mimeophon’s repeats are modulated by a smooth random wave coming from Maestro. This voice is triggered by a bouncing ball coming from Make Noise’s Maths.

The second output is the mono triangle wave, which first goes through an Intellijel 1U VCA, then uses Intellijel’s 1U pedal I/O to go through a Chase Bliss Mood (repeats tuned up a 5th) and Chase Bliss Dark World, then into the mixer. This voice is triggered by another bouncing ball from another Maths.

The third output is the mono sawtooth wave, which goes through channel one of a Make Noise ModDemix, an Intellijel Morgasmatron (with panning controlled by separate LFOs going to the L & R FM1 inputs - LFO 1 coming from Mutable Instruments’ Tides and LFO 2 coming from Intellijel’s Rubicon 2), then a Happy Nerding FX Aid XL running a flanger algorithm, then into the mixer. This voice is triggered by a repetitive Euclidian rhythm coming from Acid Rain Constellation and Doepfer Dual ADSR.

The last output is the spike wave going through channel two of the ModDemix, a Doepfer Multimode VCF, and Strymon’s Magneto in shift mode, then into the mixer. Magneto’s repeats are modulated by another smooth random wave coming from Maestro. This voice is triggered by a slower Euclidean rhythm coming from Constellation and Make Noise’s Contour.

Each voice goes into Doepfer’s VC Stereo Mixer, which has a built in VCA on each channel. The level of each voice is independently controlled by a separate smooth random wave from Pam, so the mix is constantly evolving. The voltages coming from Pam are further slewed by Mutable Instruments’ Stages, since the smooth random wave from Pam can still have some sharp edges. Then the whole mix goes through a 2HP Verb, with the reverb mix modulated by another smooth random wave from Pam, and finally through Endorphines’ Golden Master, which connects directly to the Intellijel 7U Performance Case’s built in audio outputs.

Now for the melodic content and harmonic structure. This is all driven by Stochastic Instruments’ Stochastic Inspiration Generator (my first patch with it!). This is an incredible module. I won’t go into everything it does, as there are already a couple very helpful videos out there on that, but suffice it to say that it lives up to its name! I’m using multiple channels, each with its own tonality, then cycling through those via an ALM Boss Bow Two switch to determine which channel will control the v/oct pitch of the XPO. The Boss Bow’s channel is control by a sequence coming from another Stages. Channel one is just a low C, to establish the primary key. Channel two randomly selects pitches from a C major chord, with low C in the bass. Channel three selects pitches from an F minor chord, with an occasional 2nd and 4th and a low F in the bass. Channel 4 selects pitches from a D flat major chord, with an occasional 6th and a low D flat in the bass.

I’m not sure if this is indeterminate enough to be considered generative, since the harmonic content is fairly structured, even if the melody, rhythm, and balance of the parts are all random. It’s more, well, aleatoric. I hope you enjoy it (although I realize than if you are into this sort of thing, you are born of a special breed!)."

Twisted Electrons BlastBeats & the Polyend Tracker - A perfect retro match

video upload by Stazma

00:00 Intro
02:13 Sequencing the drums via Midi + samples
04:45 The FM Synths
08:12 Midi CC to the Blastbeats
10:16 "trigless" automation for CC and velocity
11:57 Dynamic FM!!!!
14:46 Changing kits live on the Blastbeats
15:46 End talk

Sinevibes Corrosion v2 - with Dreadbox Hades

video upload by Sinevibes

"Dreadbox Hades analog bass synthesizer working together with Corrosion v2 multi-algorithm distortion plugin by Sinevibes. Four different algorithms are shown here: Triangle Foldback, Binary Shred, Parabolic, Triangle Clip. Product page for Sinevibes Corrosion v2:"

"The Nurse of Becoming" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer

video upload by gavinryanmusic


video upload by kapillarkraft

"The only sound source is the Soma Pulsar 23
with a little sequencing help from Make Noise Pressure Points or Elektron Machinedrum UW.
Have fun watching."


video upload by TD-DRM

"I sat down in front of the DDRM for a couple of hours on Sunday to see what might fall out. Always difficult trying to come up with something with a camera rolling šŸ˜’ A few ideas here which I strung together, some go well together whereas others don't. But anyway, all DDRM sounds, plus Stylus RMX for drums...."

The MARF Files: Ep 2, pt 2 - Quantized Scale Presets

video upload by Source Of Uncertainty

Source Of Uncertainty The MARF Files

Patch n Tweak
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