MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday, March 05, 2023

New Vaemi XFMR VCA

video uploads by Vaemi

"Vaemi's new module XFMR VCA, which is designed for Eurorack systems, introduces users to a transformer-based VCA design.

Turkey-based Vaemi (Volt Age Electronic Musical Instruments), which commercially produces synthesizers and electronic musical instruments, recently released its first module, the Osi-Op (through zero fm VCO), and quickly followed with other Eurorack modules such as Shift Register, R2R Ladder, Buffered Multiple, making a name for itself. Now, it has introduced and brought its users the new XFMR VCA module, which is handcrafted with high-quality, through-hole components and features an audio transformer in its output.
The XFMR VCA is a VCA with linear curves. It has two separate audio outputs, such as the classic Op-Amp and the Transformer Output feature that gives it its name. It is AC Coupled and designed specifically for audio signals, making it a VCA module that you would want to use at the end of your chain. You can use it to add saturation, harmonics, and EQ to your patches made with the Osi-Op and through zero fm techniques, or use it for a clean range if desired. This wide range of options will be loved and make you feel comfortable.
Additionally, the XFMR VCA has an expander that allows you to expand it up to 3 channels. With the expander, you can have two more exponential VCA channels, which you can use for frequency modulation of oscillators or in other places you need them.
In studios, preamplifiers are equipment that can properly raise the microphone or line signals level without distorting or adding noise to the sound. However, when recording analog synthesizers, we tend to lower the sound instead of raising it because they have very high outputs. At this point, we thought that one of the most important things that preamplifiers add to recordings, other than gain, is audio transformers.
The XFMR VCA also has an EQ stage. This will provide great flexibility when finalizing your last patch, especially in multi-channel patches, and will provide a more accurate and clean sound in live performances.
Vaemi aims to create systems that can comfortably be used in today's electronic music and popular synthesis techniques such as additive, FM, Formant, Subtractive synthesis, and will continue to shape and evolve with new module designs that will be released in the coming year.
You can visit the website to check out Vaemi's products and get more detailed information. Additionally, you can follow Vaemi on social media and take a look at promotional videos, features, and sounds of new modules.

Transformer and Op-Amp Output Stages
Linear VCA
2 Audio Inputs
2 CV Inputs
Saturation and Distortion
3 Different Distortion Types
3 Band EQ
Amplitude Modulation (AM)
AC Coupled
2 Channel Exponential VCA Expander (coming soon)"

Scott McAuley Trigon 6 - Isosceles Volume 1 Patches

video uploads by Orano Music

"Isosceles Volume 1 Contains 100 Custom patches for your beloved synth. These consist of Basses, Leads, Pads, Keys, Polys and more. Available now at

What a great synth the T6 is and adds a very very different flavour to the Sequential sound pallet. from ripping huge leads and basses to extremely stunning ability to create fantastic soundscapes, the polymod and oscillator design is outstanding along with the two ladder filters. Great synth to program!

I hope you enjoy these!

As always thanks for checking them out!


FM Synthesis Made Easy on Aalto Modular Synth for Your Computer by Madrona Labs

video upload by Madrona Labs

"Try patching in the DAW on Aalto Modular Soft Synth VST today.
Free demo download at

By using two simple waveforms — one, as the audible 'carrier' whose frequency is modulated by the other (our LFO) — we can create harmonic or inharmonic tones using very rapid vibrato, based on the frequencies of these waveforms and the depth of the modulation.

FM synthesis was first discovered in the 1960’s by an ex-GI turned artist, John Chowning, who was initially scorned by his academic composer peers for his desire to make music with an //inhumane//computer. The speed by which a computer can modulate a waveform created new sounds beyond the capabilities of acoustic and analog instruments: the birth of a new sound! ✨

We can thank FM synthesis for the sounds of the 1980’s w the popularization of the Yamaha DX7 which allowed FM synthesis to infiltrate video games, movie soundtracks, and of course the power ballads! (Take My Breath Away! Take On Me!)

You can try FMing on Aalto w a free demo download at ///
// What FM sounds will you make on Aalto?

🌒🕹💥 #madronalabs #fmsynthesis #modularsynth #modularsynthesis #vst #vstplugins #1980s #aaltosynth"

And a short:

Aalto: A Modular Synthesizer for Your Computer (Space Kit!)

"Madrona Labs makes Modular Synthesizers for Your Computer. Try a free demo-download of Aalto at || This patch preset is called Space Kit-- Aalto comes with a ton of preset patches made by synth wizards from around the world so that you can go modular today, even if you're still learning.

Aalto's complex oscillator and lopass gate modules are a modern take on Don Buchla's classic West Coast designs. Aalto's advanced capabilities make it an endless playground for the seasoned modular synthesist, while its accessibility and ease of working in the DAW makes it a perfect launching point for those new to modular.

If you want to learn how to patch in the DAW and get those modular sounds at a fraction of the price of a hardware rig, try Aalto, by Madrona Labs.


Designing the Fenix! // This is Not Rocket Science, Stijn Kuipers // Synth Design Podcast

video upload by Synthux Academy

"Synth Design Podcast face to face with This is Not Rocket Science in Amsterdam! This is a super special edition, after a long break (and lots of learnings on my end!).

Join me as I go into Stijn and Priscilla's home in Amsterdam, where they brought the Fenix IV to life. Sunday 5th, at 19:30 CET (Amsterdam time), we'll premiere this episode with live chat with the TiNRS team. See you there!

02:58 - Workshop tour
15:09 - The Story Behind The Fenix Synthesizer
25:30 - Studying Acoustic Instruments
33:17 - Building Tools For Synth Building
34:46 - Making the Fenix
54:22 - Where Ideas Come From
01:00:38 - Stijn's Background
01:02:40 - Early Works
01:08:00 - Design Philosophy
01:22:40 - Synthesizer Design Process
01:25:23 - sDFM (Synth Design for Manufacturing)
01:28:56 - Streamlining Product Testing
01:32:52 - Synthesizer Interface Design
01:35:51 - Synthesizer Visual Design
01:41:00 - Answering Community Questions
01:54:03 - Budgeting and Pricing Synthesizers

Ending music by Teunis Marseille. Check out his work here:"

DRONE v2 - a Eurorack Teensy synth

video upload by Ghost In Translation

"DRONE v2 is the first of my modules to use my new Eurorack Teensy platform (I have yet to find a name for it). This platform provides up to 8 audio rate analog inputs, dimmable LEDs, I2S audio, expandable via I2C, MIDI,...

Support me on Patreon:

My music on Bandcamp:


Follow-up to this post.

"Deep Sequence" - Waldorf Quantum & Iridium Soundset by D-Edge Sound

via D-Edge Sound & Waldorf

"Yuuki Koide is a Japanese musician, producer and sound designer who has already released a successful soundset for the Waldorf Nave plug-in. He loves chillout, trance and techno. The soundset contains 20 typical patches, some of which also contain split layer sounds and can be used in many different ways. The structure of the patches is extensively documented. Listen to the demo."

Relive the '90s with the Roland JD800: Factory Presets

video upload by Andy Whitmore


The Roland JD-800 is a digital synthesizer that was manufactured between 1991 and 1996. It features many knobs and sliders for patch editing and performance control — features that some manufacturers, including Roland, had been omitting in the name of streamlining since the inception of the Yamaha DX7. The JD-800 thus became very popular with musicians who wished to take a hands-on approach to patch programming. The introduction in the manual states that Roland's intention with the JD-800 was to "return to the roots of synthesis".

The JD-800 employs Linear Arithmetic synthesis (introduced and made famous by the Roland D-50), which combines sample playback with digital synthesis. The JD-800 has 108 built-in waveforms, which can be expanded via PCM cards. The waveforms span a variety of categories such as analog synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and voices. Many of these waveforms are very short and are used primarily for the attack portion of a sound, while longer ones are used for the sustained part of a sound. The JD-800 was Roland's first instrument to have its core presets developed entirely in the United States, under a short-lived branch of its R&D-LA office in Culver City, California. The core sampled waveforms and factory presets of the JD-800 were created by Eric Persing.

A patch, or single sound, in the JD-800 consists of up to four tones. As every tone consists of an almost completely independent synthesizer voice, a patch could be considered a combination of up to four different synthesizers. In Single mode the JD-800 plays one patch at a time, but in Multi mode it is possible to play five different patches over MIDI, plus a "special" patch. The special patch has different waveforms assigned to the 61 different keys on the keyboard, so is used for drums and percussion sounds. The JD-800 has one effects section. In Single mode, seven effects can be used simultaneously, in series, so all tones in a patch go through the same effects. In Multi mode, three effects can be used at the same time, with all patches sharing the same effects, though any of the patches can be routed to bypass the effects.

A Guy Called Gerald
Gary Barlow
Jean-Michel Jarre
Rick Wakeman
Tony Banks

64 Factory Patches


Arp sound with Sequential OB-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

Tandem random sequences with one-finger performance on Mellotron, Moog clones

video upload by glkibler

"The 5U modulars I'm using here are two prototypes I hand-built in 2014 using mainly Yves Usson's (Yusynth) circuit designs - ones, I might add, that I painstakingly transcribed from his original printed circuit designs to my own veroboard layouts. These were originally housed in cheap Ikea bookshelves but last year I broke down and bought two very nice-looking cabinets, though I retained my own power supplies. The two 960 sequencers above are simply Behringer 960s I had re-housed inside full-size matching panels and cabinets."

Also see "Piano Phase" - Steve Reich (1967) - modular synthesizer arrangement.

Moog Matriarch Eurorack Extension Cabinet by Erik Needham Woodworks

via Erik Needham Woodworks

"Start with the Side Panels, and add-on any of our available accessories, including the Eurorack Extension Cases. Side panels slide over existing sides and requires zero assembly skills. You can have your system together in 10min out of the box. The side panels are required to use the Eurorack cabinet and are not included with the cabinet. Please see short video for a demonstration on how they work.

The Matriarch Cabinet is one 150HP row of standard Eurorack 3U format and one 150HP row 1U Intellijel.

Cabinet includes one Eskatonic Modular powerboard and customer power plate. You’ll need to provide your own DC Brick to power the system. We recommend this one found at many online retailers:

7A: Meanwell part number: GST120A15-R7B

The Willa Edition includes a hand painted blank panel made from same maple used on the case. :)"

ROLAND CSQ-600 Computer Controlled Digital Sequencer

via this auction

"Very nice 4 part CV/Gate sequencer with nice features and ease of use.

This unit was serviced:
- the original battery leaked like on many of these units. It was repaired and a 2032 coin battery was installed on socket for easy replacement in a few years
- Power supply was set on 240v for european countries (was on 220v. Other voltage will need a converter)
- switches were cleaned
- full calibration"

Doom approaches

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Not depressed enough about everything yet? Maybe this can help! Here's the DB-01 synth in a single take with a little help from some pedals. No other music or processing. Sampled voices are from the brilliant 1984 UK movie "Threads" a harrowing, grim and completely believable movie about the lead up and aftermath of a global nuclear exchange. There's no happy ending.

(And yes, for anyone who saw my last video this is exactly the same setup - I was noodling afterwards and this just fell out).

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

The Surprising Musicality of a Telephone Line Simulator

video upload by HAINBACH

You can find the post HAINBACH mentions with pics here.

"Of all the instruments in my studio filled with many obscure things, this is the one that draws most peoples attention: the vintage telephone line simulator by Axel Electronics. It looks rather disco for a piece of test equipment, with its Battlestar Galactica golden color. In this video I put it through its many surprising musical applications.


TR-909 and TB-303 workout #tb303 #techno #acidtechno #acid #acidhouse #tr909

video upload by Honeysmack

Using the "hidden" step sequencer on Akai MPC One

video upload by

"The standard step sequencer on MPC One is optimized for entering drum patterns quickly, but not-so-useful for melodies. For entering melodies, there's a better option that isn't quite so obvious, so if you don't know it yet, this video is for you.


/ @mr_floydst"

Roland SH-4d Voice Count, Note Stealing and other questions

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Including how smooth are pattern to pattern transitions? Is the Arp Global? How are the 60 voices allocated and what does that mean in reality?

Answering some of the questions I've been asked a few times now... so maybe others are looking for the same info?

Lots of questions... and I have some of the answers ;)"

Moog Mother 32 SN MOM32316

via this auction

Additional Three Wave Music Listings

Access Virus Rack Classic (B)

via this auction

"Access Virus Rack Synth. It's the access virus classic b in a rackmount chassis. Great sounds. Good condition, and everything works, but there's some normal rack rash on the sides (see pictures). You won't see it if it's in a rack."

Waldorf Microwave XTk

via this auction

"The classic Orange Monster from Waldorf, the XTk. These are harder and harder to come by, and this one is in excellent shape - fully functional and cosmetically clean. Wooden end cheeks in very good shape, no real damage to speak of. Sounds amazing. Not much else to say."

Fairlight CMI IIx Listed for $88,651.38

via this auction

"What you see here is the real deal! This is not a reissue, THIS IS IT! The one and only Fairlight CMI IIx! This unit belonged to the Bee Gees / Pet Shop Boys keyboard player Blue Weaver! This is the holy grail of Fairlights! This unit comes with some original Pet Shop Boys, Scritti Politti, Steve Nye and tons of other floppies! The Fairlight IIx has been personally signed by Blue Weaver and even has his phone number written on it! Don’t let this one slip out of your fingers, because it won’t be around for long. There are only a few working Fairlights IIx left and none in as good condition as this one! When you own this piece of history, you can truly say “I made it” We wanted to keep Blue Weaver’s Fairlight as original as possible. Any upgrades and CRT replacements can be done for free upon request if you are interested in purchasing the unit. Who knows when the next unit will show up? Personally, I wouldn’t risk losing this piece of history!"

Black Corporation ISE-NIN

via this auction

Vintage 1978 Arp Avatar w/ Arturia Keystep

via this auction

"Vintage 1978 Arp Avatar analog synth module, with Arturia Keystep keyboard controller w/ built in sequencer and midi to cv. Basically a vintage late 70s odyssey mkIII in a module format. All ready to plug and play, comes with cv cables that go between the Avatar and Keystep. Or send midi to the keystep's built in midi to cv to use other midi controllers or sources. Fatter rawer richer than any clone or vst for pure analog tone...fat punchy bass, screaming highs, crazy bleep bloop sounds of all sorts, etc. Excellent shape & in fully working order...cleaned calibrated recapped, refinished real wood side panels."

LinnDrum Drum Machine From 1982

video upload by Bata

"Messing around with an old LinnDrum. This is probably my favorite drum machine. This one is in pretty rough shape and loves to crash over and over until it finally stabilizes. This LinnDrum has timbales eproms instead of the conga sounds."

Take On Me - A-ha (Synth Cover)

video upload by Electric Vibes

"Full Instrumental #aha #takeonme #korgkronos #yamahadx7 #rolandjx3p #fmsynthesis #80smusic @KorgOfficial @rolandglobal @YamahaSynthsOfficial"

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