MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 3, 2023

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Introducing the Woovebox micro music workstation; pocket groovebox, synth, sequencer, sampler

video upload by Woovebox

"Discover the Woovebox; the smallest all-in-one micro music workstation on the planet."

via Woovebox

"The Woovebox is a workstation/ groovebox that does more with less. It aims to make music production simpler, cheaper and more portable by condensing a powerful music workstation/studio into a small pocket-sized device - all through aggressive hardware and software optimization. Pocketable, powerful and economical

The Woovebox was designed for those who love creating tunes away from a desk or studio; whether it's on a couch, on a bus, in a coffee shop, or in bed. No space, no hassle, no cables. Just plug in your headphones and go! And when you are ready, the Woovebox plays nice with DAW and other gear; physical MIDI and sync out, wireless MIDI in/out over Bluetooth, audio in, .WAV song and dry/wet stem export - it's all here. Featuring a variety of synthesis algorithms, filters and effects, the optimized engine - quite literally - punches far above its weight; despite weighing only 68g/2.4oz/0.15lbs, the Woovebox offers deep sound design, real-time synthesis, sonic abilities and advanced features that are absent from grooveboxes many times its size and cost.

A fast workflow that inspires

The Woovebox workflow is a rethink of song building; it is fast, it fits a compact device, and it avoids "empty DAW project" paralysis. It was built to reduce friction and make the time from 0-to-head-bobbing to your own track as short as possible. You do not have to memorize endless obscure button combinations, and menu-diving is kept to a minimum.

The workflow centers on quickly setting up and filling out distinct building blocks, where each block quickly combines to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Tempo, rhythm and chord info is re-used throughout the song, interface, playback options and even the synthesis engine. This is combined with conditional triggering and conditional modification of elements and tracks. The results are complex, intricate compositions that sound refined, intentional and planned. If you wish, even just a single 16-step pattern for each of the 16 tracks, is entirely enough to make a complex song that keeps the listener's attention.

Built from scratch using close-to-the-metal programming

In hardware engineering, size restrictions mean power limitations. And power limitations mean DSP (Digital Signal Processing) limitations. Starting off as a personal challenge during the days of lockdowns by a veteran signal processing engineer, the Woovebox' DSP engine was built from scratch to be as "close to the metal" and optimized as possible.

It is a style of programming that focuses on extracting every last drop of raw performance from the hardware, at the cost of easy development. The hardware, firmware and DSP code were hand-crafted in assembly and optimized over the course of three years, to perfectly balance frugality with power, audio quality and features. As a result, your Woovebox synthesizes full, complex tracks and effects in real-time, yet the small built-in battery still lasts 10h+ on one charge. In all aspects the Woovebox project embodies doing more with less."

Variable Bandwidth Filter Prototype - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Far from ready/finished. But I’m very happy to finally have this thing passing audio!"

Shredding Not Guitar Solo

video upload by nbor

"Buchla synth turned glitch guitar."

New Approaches

video upload by ThorF

"@Novation Summit, @Roland Juno 106, @Yamaha DX7 and Deckard’s Dream MKII play nice together. Saturday midi flow with new approaches and a fresh mindset. It’s good to be back in the studio.

Analog and digital realms meet and fuse."

The Soothing Ambient And Microtonal Depths of a Decopunk Synthesizer

video upload by HAINBACH

"This is the Soma Terra, a microtonal digital synthesizer released just this year. Soma send it to me a while back for feedback, but I only got to play it now (sorry Vlad), as I felt this instruments deserves time and space to learn. And I was rewarded. Terra is a digital synthesizer in a shape that seems archaic, like a Decopunk harp straight from Bioshock. It has an interface that takes the touch keyboard experiments that Don Buchla pioneered further, making for a very responsive instrument. It uses specially coated sensor to translate touch into control. Terra allows a while range of tones, from soothing ambient to screaming microtonal noise, with an impressive range of expression. But it has its quirks that relate to directly to the minimalism of its design."

Sultry - Novation Circuit Tracks - Improvisation

video upload by So.2.0

"First impressions with circuit Tracks. After few moments on the circuit Rhythm"

Second Round - Novation Circuit Rhythm - Jam

Stevie Wonder and the Yamaha GX-1 at Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus London

video upload by Preview London

"Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus (August 1989 – September 2001), was a walk-through exhibition celebrating the history of rock and pop music, featuring its major figures recreated in wax."

Update: video added. Stevie with the GX-1 comes in at 1:34.

This one is in via swissdoc

The following is a cut and paste from the text in the image. Not sure how well the text parsing is. Below is the text Google translated.

"Rock 'n' Roll war nun DIE Musik des westlichen Kultur und verkaufte nicht nur sich selbst, sondern auch alle möglichen anderen Produktel Einige der größten Geldsummen in den 'Cola Kriegen alkoholfreier Getränke gingen an Madonna, George Michael und Michael Jackson, die an den gefilmten Werbekampagnen teilnahmen. Große Tourneen wurden von Herstellern von Bier, Sportkleidung und Jeans finanziert. Klassische Rocksongs aus den sechziger Jahren wie beispielsweise '1 Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'I Feel Free' und "When A Man Loves A Woman' wurden als Soundtracks für Fernsehreklamen benutzt.

1988 ergriff George Bush, der neue Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten, auf einer Party zu seinem Amtsantritt eine elektrische Gitarre und gab zusammen mit einer Rock 'n' Roll Band eine Bühnenvorstellung. 1989 nahm ein russisches Astronautenteam auf seiner Reise in das Weltall Bander mit Pink Floyd Musik mit. Wie es schon in dem alten Lied hieß: Rock 'n' Roll is here to stay!"


"Rock 'n' roll was now THE music of western culture and not only sold itself but all sorts of other products too Participated in advertising campaigns. Major tours were sponsored by manufacturers of beer, sportswear, and denim. Classic 1960s rock songs such as '1 Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'I Feel Free' and 'When A Man Loves A Woman' were used as soundtracks for television commercials.

In 1988, at an inauguration party, George Bush, the new President of the United States, grabbed an electric guitar and gave a stage performance along with a rock 'n' roll band. In 1989, a Russian astronaut team took bands with Pink Floyd music on their journey into space. As the old song said: Rock 'n' Roll is here to stay!"

Some info on Rock Circus via Wikipedia:

"Madame Tussaud's Rock Circus (August 1989 – September 2001), was a walk-through exhibition celebrating the history of rock and pop music, featuring its major figures recreated in wax. It was located at the top four floors of the then-newly refurbished London Pavilion building at Piccadilly Circus, London. Predominantly British artists featured, but many American artists were also included. The attraction told the story of rock and pop from the 1950s to the then-present day by using videos, music, narration and audio-animatronic figures."

And a list of GS1 owners via gearspace

GX-1 #5088 - SWE - Benny Andersson.

GX-1 #5080 - JPN - Private owner - Previously owned by committee members of a temple JPN.

GX-1 #5076 - ITA - Riccardo Grotto - Previously owned by John Paul Jones, Keith Emerson, Hans Zimmer et al.

GX-1 #5074 - ENG - Richard D James - Previously owned by Mickie Most.

GX-1 #5073 - ENG - Gordon Reid - Previously owned by Yamaha HQ AUS, private owner AUS.

GX-1 #5046 - ITA - Riccardo Grotto - Previously owned by Keith Emerson, painted black.

GX-1 #5041 - ENG - Pete Townshend - Previously owned by private owners AUS.

GX-1 #5040 - USA - Vintage Key Gear - Previously owned by Yamaha Dealers Association AUS, private owners AUS.

GX-1 #5023 - JPN - Private owner - Previously owned by private owner JPN.

GX-1 #5019 - USA - Merlin Entertainment (Madame Tussauds) - Previously owned by Rock Circus ENG.

GX-1 #50nn - JPN - Yamaha Corporation

Still waiting to hear from someone who knows the actual whereabouts of Stevie Wonders two GX-1s though...

You can find additional posts featuring the Yamaha GX1 here.

CubuSynth Engine V2 Introduction

video upload by

00:00 Intro
00:53 Sine Shaper
01:26 Wavefolder
01:48 RM Output
02:25 AM Output
03:06 Exhaust - Audio optimized Chaos
04:06 Exhaust - Sub-Osc
04:31 Exhaust - Mix Out
05:25 Exhaust - Gate / Trigger
07:50 Sounds

Space Ambient liveset (Home Concert 54)

video upload by Martin Stürtzer

Kasser Synths Blaster YMF262

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's a short video on the #kassersynths #blasterymf262 #fmsynth, which can be found here: This synth is built around the Yamaha YMF262 chip, which was part of early "Soundblaster" PC expansion cards. This video walks through it's specs and the user interface. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:10 disclaimer
00:25 hi!
00:50 hardware & features overview
02:19 user interface basics / creating a patch
02:49 fm basics, screen 1: algorithm, feedback and velocity sensitivity
03:36 screen 2: operator frequencies
04:05 screen 3: amp envelopes & key scaling
05:11 screen 4: vibrato and tremolo
05:34 screen 5: waveshape selection
06:00 screen 6: file and patch management
06:16 finishing the patch, external effects
07:22 finished patch
07:48 using multiple midi channels
08:07 important things to consider!
08:53 demo 1: live tweaking sounds using MIDI CCs!
10:10 demo 2: in a synth setup
11:30 conclusion
12:56 bye bye


Tweaking the GRP-A1 Synthesizer -Audio only -HD 1080p

video upload by MrSynthmania

"A few minutes audio of the GRP-A1 Synthesizer. This is a monophonic synthesizer with one oscillator and a sub-oscillator. It sounds very noble, has a good filter and very fast envelopes."

Logic Blox Music Synth Builder Virtual Synth Over the Net Jam

video upload by Granby Ridge Farm

"Development progress with LB synth multi-user. Jam with band mates over the internet with instruments you make with Unity and Logic Blox Synth Builder. New version slated for Fall 2023 release at unity Asset Store."

You might remember Logic Blox Music Synth Builder from this previous post back in 2019. You'll find another demo there.

Davide Incorvaia - Clockwork Elves [Fat Banshee Rooftop Sessions]

video upload by Fat Banshee Records

"The Fat Banshee Rooftop Sessions presents Davide Incorvaia - Clockwork Elves!

Join us on this psychedelic, electronic piano journey with Davide Incorvaia on the rooftop of Fat Banshee Records! Davide is a Berlin - based pianist and composer who is known for his intricate soundscapes.
The song is a dark and twisted exploration of the human psyche, and it is sure to transport you to another world. Enjoy the techno jazz!

Piano / Composition / Mixing: Davide Incorvaia

Video/Sound Recording : Yamirah Gercke"

A Lot Going On: synth track com Moog Sub 37 e Roland TR-6S

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"O Moog Sub 37 é um synth extremamente poderoso nas possibilidades de modulação. E foi explorando essas possibilidades que criei esse patch, que combina Sample & Hold e pitch modulation de um dos osciladores, criando muitos efeitos aleatórios. Para os sons de bateria, a Roland TR-6S, muito versátil, utilizando timbres com síntese FM.

The Moog Sub 37 is an extremely powerful synth in terms of modulation possibilities. And it was exploring these possibilities that I created this patch, which combines Sample & Hold and pitch modulation for one of the oscillators, creating many random effects. For drum sounds, the Roland TR-6S, very versatile, using tones with FM synthesis."

Novation Peak 09/02/23


"Kiteracer 2."

September 3, 2023

video upload by Richard Devine

"@folktek Dual Resonant Gardens are quite the combo! 👽"

9/3/23 Technosaurus Cyclodon sequences Microcon + CXM 1978 (typhoon)

video upload by Cfpp0

Korg SDD-1200 Dual Digital Delay from 1986

video upload by manmade madman

"Can delays have "a sound"? I'm not sure!

This is a rare beast: the Korg SDD-1200 was one of the last Digital Delay units in the Korg lineup from the 80's. It's a true "dual" architecture in that you can use each unit (A/B) as a totally independent delay. Or you can use them together, like I am here, to make some awesome sounding stereo effects from flange, chorus, vibrato, and typical delays.
There are multiple inputs/outputs on the back that let you wire it in unique ways. I have this setup in cross-modulation, where the A output is feeding the B feedback input for some great ping-pong like delays.
Here I made a little pattern on the MC-101, turning off built in effects so that all you hear is the effects from the SDD-1200

•True independent signal paths for use as two mono delays
•12-bit processing and reduced fidelity, sits nicely in the frequency spectrum.
•Easy to get stereo effects with 2 LFO's that can be sync'd, or not.
•No presets = you have to dial in the sound!
•100% feedback sounds great, and better slowed down.
•Cheap (until this video!)

•Changing delay times clears the buffer at each increment.
•Difficult to use dual-concentric knobs in tandem with each other.
•No presets for weak minded individuals!
•Somewhat rare."

Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

"Beautiful Jupiter 4 recently serviced (2023)"

Dreadbox Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 0904

via this auction

Some pics of the packaging.

PAIA 2700 4700 8700 MODULAR DIY Analog Synthesizer Parts

via this auction


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