MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday, September 24, 2023

ReFX Vanguard 2 - NatLife Trance Expansion

video upload by NatLife Sounds

"BUY reFX Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template:

Free Download NatLife Trance Expansion with a 128 Vanguard 2 presets:

NatLife Sounds present you a first reFX Vanguard 2 Template, which was created in FL Studio 20 DAW. It’s a part of the new NatLife Trance Expansion soundset which included in Vanguard 2.0.7 version as Factory presets (which are FREE for Vanguard users)
Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template contains a 61 Vanguard 2 synthesizer in the project, Leads, Plucks, Pad's, Key's, ARP's, Sequences, FX's, Impacts and Vanguard 2 Drum Loops presets.

The demo song shows what Vanguard can actually sound like today. Despite the intuitive and simple interface, the synth sounds very warm as for a soft synthesizer, and can easily compete with the Access Virus TI or even the Novation Peak.

So what you will get:

8 Demo Tracks in one
61 Vanguard 2 synthesizers/presets in the project
23 Aditional Drum Samples
No 3rd Party Plugins (Except Invisible Limiter G2 on Master/ It can be changed with any other Limiter/Compressor)
More Then 130 Playlist Channels
Each demo track is separated by color in both the Tracklist and Channel Rack
MIDI (all the Vanguard 2 sounds named, so you just need to put it in any DAW and use same preset)"

Qun mk2 new tutorial series No.1 Overview/Basics

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"This tutorial shows the basic operation of Qun mk2.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
3:25 Major modes
4:25 Sub modes
5:40 Parameter editing
9:15 Session
11:45 Bucket
13:02 LED light
14:45 File/menu browsing
16:45 Basic parameter editing demo (Changing some parameters of Organ preset)"

Future-Retro VECTRA Giveaway

Future-Retro is having a drawing to give a way a VECTRA on Oct 1st.

You can find full details on how to enter on their site here:

"The Vectra is a unique hybrid synthesizer with a flexible architecture that allows many different forms of synthesis to be realized. It’s the best of both worlds… The Vectra utilizes digital oscillators, ring modulators, noise sources, vector mixer, LFO’s, complex envelopes, and modulation routings providing many capabilities that would be very difficult to produce with analog circuitry alone. This allows for accurate tuning, repeatability of complex patches, and patch storage. The Vectra also provides a multi-mode analog filter, VCA, and final output, as these provide the best sonic qualities.
The Vectra includes a powerful and fun sequencer and arpeggiator, with many new capabilities. Although the Vectra is a self contained instrument, MIDI can be used to interface with other devices."

You can find a few demos of the Future-Retro VECTRA in previous posts here.

New Sonic Sand Castles' Audio Enjoyer XR-1 Groovebox Sneak Peak

video upload by Sonic Sand Castles

"A test jam with the xr-1 groovebox"

xr-1 909 groove test

"Testing applying a 909-style groove/swing in varying amounts on the xr-1"

via Reddit 2 days ago:

"Hey all, this is a prototype of the xr-1, a digital drum machine, sampler, and synthesizer. It’s powered by the Teensy 4.1 microcontroller.

It’s a 909 style sequencer (a step can be off, on, or accented), with 16 banks, 16 patterns per bank, 16 tracks per pattern, and a max of 64 steps per track.

There are 4 performance modes (tap, mute, solo, ratchet) and a song arrangement mode.

It has stereo in/out (usb audio in the future). It has 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O, 4 pairs of CV/gate outputs (really 8x CV outs with 0V to +10V range).

A micro SD card is used to store/recall audio samples and project data. Samples can be mono RAW or stereo WAV files. Mono samples can be looped.

There are 16 sample voices available, and 4 voices which can be used as synthesizer voices.

I currently only have a simple 2-oscillator subtractive synthesizer right now. More will be added later.

It has a capacitive touch keyboard which is useful for assigning notes to steps, playing while jamming, performing with ratchets at various beat divisions.

Lots more details to come.

I will be demoing this at the Machina Bristronica festival in Bristol next week (flying all the way from the metro Detroit area, first time overseas). If you’re able to make it, come by booth (My business name is Audio Enjoyer) and say hi.

I will launch a signup page later this month and post here again so you can sign up for more info."

Exploring the 4MS Ensemble Oscillator!

video upload by The Unperson

"The 4MS Ensemble Oscillator is a very unique sound source and this video was a lot of of fun to make! I'm quite certain I'll revisiting this in future videos as there's some much more sonic avenues to explore with this one. Hope you enjoy!


#eurorack #synth #digital #modular #electronicmusic

0:00 - Intro
1:38 - Overview
6:46 - 80's Bass
10:52 - FM sounds
13:40 - Chord Switching
18:00 - Freeze
20:20 -Outro"


video upload by justin3am

"A performance on Serge, Eurorack and Buchla format modular synths, Elektron Octatrack and Analog Four. Recorded at Common Space Brewery in Hawthorne, CA for the 1 year anniversary of our monthly synth club meetup.

Thanks to @hansilamusic for organizing the event!"

Twin Peaks - Synth Cover

video upload by hugonidaguila

Moog Subsequent Preset Pack

Additional demos here.

Kong kong king king king kong king kong kong #stromae #alorsondanse #synthesizers #synth #cover

video upload by hugonidaguila

Also see Depeche Mode - New life - Synth Cover

Can your Grandmother be a Prodigy?

video upload by Starsky Carr

See this post for details on the layoffs at Moog.

"It's got loads more functionality but has it got the raw tone? And what about playability of that infamous sync? Is it close enough or will you keep the Prodigy and get those 40 year old niggles fixed?

for the Prodigy sample pack:

0:00 A word about Moog
2:05 NOT a comparison... (well sort of)
3:53 Do the oscillators sound the same
5:28 What about the filter?
8:05 Sync.. the BIG Prodigy tone
11:29 What about long-term ownership?"

The Chauffeur - Duran Duran cover (Weekend Jam 2)

video upload by System81

"Played with Nord Lead 4

Looped with Akai APC mini (I hate this! soon will be replaced)

Drums - Ableton drum rack

DAW - Ableton Live 11

#nordlead4 #synthesizer #ambient #livelooping #duranduran"

Analogue Solutions Colossus AS100 - MINT with EXTRAS

via this auction

"Analogue Solutions Colossus in mint condition, includes all original pins, cables, as well as a large quantity of tiptop audio stackable CV cables (highly recommended), a Doepfer Dark Link USB-MIDI-CV converter, an Eventide H90 stereo effects unit, legs and a two person bench for the synthesizer.

Works perfectly, sounds AMAZING, incredibly fun to play, this one is barely used!

It cost about 33k to get this into the states. If you don't want some of the extras can discount accordingly.

Local pickup only in Hollywood, CA."

Kawai XD-5

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

Kurzweil K2000RS

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

"Fully tested, perfect working condition. Note there is only one rack ear on this unit."

Oberheim Xpander w/ Xk Keyboard Controller

via this auction

"You know what these are. Both in excellent condition. Xpander Synth is USA model and Xk MIDI Controller is Japanese. Xpander comes with power cable. Xk comes with footswitch and power supply. This is not your modern MIDI controller, you need to program everything into it, unless you just use it as a keybed, which is how I used it. It just looks very cool together! I'll include a printed out manual for the Xk. It is complicated to program. They are both fully functional. These units were desinged to work together. This is a very rare set to be selling together!!!"

5 Sound examples of the hardware CS80 versus the Arturia CS80V. Can you hear the difference?

video upload by Jose's Vintage Keys

"Many followers asked me to do this side by side test. I didn't use poly aftertouch - to create a very objective comparison. You can even join our online quiz - give your answers via de following link: #vintagesynths #arturia #quiz"


CS80 Hardware versus Arturia plug - who could spot the difference?

video upload by Jose's Vintage Keys

"I made 5 sound examples on the real CS80 and the Arturia plugin version. Over 300 people took the test. Here are the results!"

UDO SUPER 6 - Ambient Chillout Jam (Step Sequencer)

video upload by synth4ever

"UDO Super 6 ambient chillout jam using the on-board step sequencer. The UDO Super 6 is an incredible digital / analog hybrid synthesizer and the step sequencer allows for some creative patterns. In this UDO Super 6 jam I use a combo of oscillators, filter FM, LFO, resonance and digital delay to shape the sound over a repeating motif."

Roland SH-101 ► Sound Demo [1 HOUR]

video upload by Mr. Card

Looks good in black.

"Check out my free Roland SH-101 sample pack: 🎵"

Contents: Contents:
00:00 Bass-lead sound
05:38 Pure sound of Roland SH-101
10:09 1/8 sequence
14:38 Strange sounds
18:43 1/16 sequence
22:12 Ambient jam sesion
26:30 Sequences
30:01 Roland SH-101 + Soundtoys Effects
33:34 Modulation LFO
37:29 Jam session
42:34 Spacey delay
46:44 Roland SH-101 + Valhalla Supermassive
51:04 Roland SH-101 + UAD-2 Plugins
55:09 Roland SH-101 + Valhalla DSP

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