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Friday, December 22, 2023

Flip your arps! Generating complex arpeggios with soft sync

video upload by Electrum Modular

"To begin phasing out my Behringer Neutron (the first piece of electronic gear I ever bought, back in 2018), I’ve just acquired two new oscillators: Intellijel’s Dixie II+ and Shakmat’s Banshee Reach. Both feature a 'soft sync' option, whereas Neutron has only hard sync. Oscillator sync is generally touted for its distinctive timbral effects. I’ve never seen any discussion of its use at lower (sub-audio) frequencies. But looking at its effect on the waveform, I reckoned soft sync might generate some interesting arpeggios. Here are the results of my experiments!

NOTE: the folded shape of these arpeggios led me to also experiment with using a wavefolder (Intellijel’s Bifold). This worked – and has the advantage of preserving the period/frequency of the arpeggio, and thus the time signature. But as you increase the fold, the arpeggio begins to sound too chaotic. I guess there is a sweet spot (or range) between a bog-standard arpeggio and a formless sequence of notes.

Other modules used:
Make Noise's Maths
Intellijel's Scales
Mutable Instruments' Plaits
Expert Sleepers' Disting EX
ALM's Pamela's New Workout
Low Gain's Short Bus
Alright Instruments' Chronoblob"

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Hex Inverter Mindphaser Bass

video by darksideothetune

"Modules Used:

Make Noise Maths Ch 1, Pressure Points/Brains, Optomix

Alright Devices Chronoblob"

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Sculpting a Drone with the Serge Resonant EQ

video by poorness studios

"I was messing around with the Random*Source Serge Resonant EQ and realized how amazing it is at sculpting drones. The patch is pretty simple. There's a digital VCO lightly FM'ing an analog VCO and both signals are mixed before going into the Resonant EQ. After the EQ, the signal path goes to the Chronoblob delay, then the Phonogene, and finally into Typhoon (in Oliverb mode)."

Monday, December 21, 2020

A quick stream in a slow forest

"Pensive piano-driven ambience with heavy processing, influenced by the late great Harold Budd and his collaborations with Eno and Lanois.

Piano chords: Soft Piano sample in Disting EX, sequenced by Mimetic Digitalis. Modifying envelope time leads to some notes being omitted, giving subtle variations in the notes played.

Treatment chain 1: L1 Stereo Microcompressor into Verbos Multi Delay, with Intellijel μVCF resonant bandpass in feedback loop.

Treatment chain 2: Pittsburgh Filter resonant highpass into Rings in Sympathetic Strings mode. Structure modulated by a sequence in a polymetric relationship to the chord sequence, giving variations to the emergent background pitches.

Overall effects: Chronoblob 2 and 2hp Verb."

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Boredbrain Transmutron Dual FX Loop Crossover Filter Pedal

Published on Jan 10, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Boredbrain Music's Transmutron Pedal works as a filter and crossfader with two effects sends which can both be used with eurorack modules or line level effects like pedals. There are three modes on the Transmutron for different mixing types, fission mode splits the signal to two bands like a crossover filter, fusion where it works like a crossfader and fallout where there is a resonant notch filtering effect. The filters have adjustable slope with 12, 24 and 48db/octave options.

The sound source in this video is an Elektron Digitone FM synthesizer and sequencer. In the first part of the video the Transmutron is in Fission mode and the low frequencies are going to the SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver and the high frequencies to the Earthquaker Acapulco Gold V2 Distortion. In the second part of the video the Transmutron is in Fallout mode and the sound is split between the Alright Devices Chronoblob V2 delay and and T-Wrex bitcrusher and decimator."

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Avril 14th on Harp (and eurorack)

Published on Apr 14, 2017 tacetmusic

"Avril 14th by Richard D. James
Performed on harp by Sarah Davies
Running through Intellijel Springray and Alright Devices Chronoblob"

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

"Red Fader" — Eurorack Modular Jam

Published on Mar 6, 2018

"Here's another quick jam with the same patch as the last video. Re-patched a bit to lett Malekko Voltage block also be a macro fader for both BIA and MI for easy build-ups.

- Tiptop Circadian Rhythms

- Malekko Voltage Block
- SSF Ultra-Random Analog

- SSF Entity Bass Drum
- Mutable Instruments Rings
- Tiptop ONE
- Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
- Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas
- SSF Quantum Rainbow, Intellijel uVCA, Sonic Potions Descent

Mixing & FX:
- Ladik M-175
- Alright Devices Chronoblob + Intellijel Polaris"

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The best Eurorack Delay Module?

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"In this video i do an overview of one of my favorite eurorack delay modules. the Chronoblob by Alright devices!"

Friday, November 10, 2017

Synth City - Patches Ep. 01 - Abundant Chronowaves

Published on Nov 10, 2017 Synth City

"Join Patchy Ƶ. at Synth City for the first episode of Patches. This week we have some coffee with the Alright Devices Chronoblob, a super versatile 10HP digital delay module(with awesome light up jacks).

The Chronoblob works great for clean digital delays, tape echo emulation, glitchy clock synced delays, looping and modulation effects. It particularly shines when multiple units are used together, either as a stereo pair or cross patched(as seen in the corpus callosum patch and the final super heptapatch).

Stop in to Synth City Chicago to test out the blob for yourself!"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guardian Suite - ft. Alright Devices T-Wrex & Chronoblob | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Jun 15, 2017 Lightbath

"Guardians of Space and Time. An exploration of Alright Devices T-Wrex (Decimator & Bit Crusher) and Chronoblob (Digital Delay)

All hardware performance/improvisation recorded straight to 2-track.

Brief patch notes:


1. STO (x2) + Tides → Optomix (x2) → Belgrad → Chronoblob (delay filtered by Sisters). Played by René through Shifty, shaped by Just Friends, which is modulated by Flame C3. Belgrad shaped by Planar.
2. Rings → T-Wrex → DiOD → Clouds → Morphagene. Played by O_C Quantermain through Boss Bow Tie, parameters manually adjusted with Voltage Block.

ALM Pamela's New Workout is the master clock source. OTO BIM & BAM applied liberally to both voices via mixer sends."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alright Devices Chronoblob and T-Wrex on a simple sine wave sequence

Published on Jun 14, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Alright Devices Chronoblob and T-Wrex work together on this patch to create effects for a simple sine wave sequence. The Chronoblob Delay is tempo synched with the sequence and the T-Wrex is in the feedback loop of the delay, bit crushing and reducing the sample rate of the repeats. The patch is clocked by the 4MS QCD with the Frap Tools Sapel changing the clock divisions for a type of ratcheting, the Make Noise Pressure Points and Rene sequence two Intellijel Dixie II+ VCOs and a Doepfer A-110-4 VCO. Envelopes are Generated by the Make Noise Maths and the Optomix is used for VCAs and a mixer into the Chronoblob.

The T-Wrex Bitcrusher and Decimator, from Alright Devices, is their next installment of high quality audio effects in the Eurorack modular realm. In addition to audio effects, when fed in low frequency content, the T-Wrex can also function as a type of sample and hold stepped modulator. With ample control, and attenuverters for every CV input, one can dial in the perfect amount of wet/dry mix and timbral character. The Bitcrusher part is also followed by a "Decimator," which also has its own individual input, allowing the Bitcrusher and Decimator to be used independently.

The Chronoblob is a unique delay for the eurorack format. One of the most alluring aspects of a delay are tempo-synchronized delay times, with clock divised delays for rhythmic overlap and layering. There are few delays in the Eurorack format that allow for this option, and the Chronoblob is here to solve that problem. With the Sync input, one can lock the delay time to the exact groove of ones music, or send it sporatic gates for a crazy asynchronous delay effect. A clock division/multiplication knob decides how the delay repeats use musically rhythmic relationships, from x5 to /5.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

[Demo] New Module from Alright Devices! - T-Wrex

Published on May 28, 2017 anthony burchell

"Howdy! So excited to show off the newest module from Alright Devices! A bit crushing, sound decimating, cv mangling Dino!

The T-Wrex! I've had the privledge of getting to know this little guy for some time now and can say with confidence it is a super inspiring module for many reasons. I particularly love using decimation on saws through a filter. Vowely sounds! Both effects are normaled to each other or can be used independently in their own chains. The bit crushing makes an excellent utility for CV mangling as well. Alright! :D"

Monday, May 22, 2017

Space Drums: The Sequel (TX Wiggles Part 19)

Published on May 22, 2017 poorness studios

"I expand upon the idea I came up with in the TX Wiggles 17 vid. Mutable Peaks in hidden mode supplies the bass/snare and the TipTop CB808 does the rhythm. Rings gives some melody and Chronoblob does the rest."

Monday, February 27, 2017

Chronoblob by Alright Devices

Published on Feb 24, 2017 Ilya Kolesnikov

Digital delay eurorack module

Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
Delay: 5ms to 500ms in SHORT mode, 50ms to 2.73s in LONG mode
Power: +12V / 90mA, -12V / 30mA
Width: 10HP
Depth: 30mm

Thursday, February 09, 2017


Published on Feb 9, 2017 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Drones from Loquelic Iteritas and Hertz Donut mk II. Audio processing by Rainmaker, Clouds x 2, DLD and Chronoblob."

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Silvia's Cookie

Published on Dec 27, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"I ate a cookie and then sat down with Alright Devices' Chronoblob for the first time."

Good job. Must have been a good cookie!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chronoblob Test

Published on Jan 30, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"A quick and rough test of the Chronoblob's glitchy side by CV-ing the Hold and Time functions."

You can find some details on Alright Devices' Chronoblob here.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Meet The Alright Chronoblob

Note this is the first Alright post on the site. They've only been all good up to this point. Bahah. ;)

via Alright Devices (via Papernoise):

"Chronoblob is a digital delay module!

Unlike other delays, Chronoblob can sync to an external clock. Patch one to the SYNC input and choose a multiplier/divider for rhythmic delays. Or don't do that and just sweep TIME for traditional, continuously variable delay times. Do you!

Chronoblob's OTA-based analog FDBK circuit is CV-controllable and can be pushed up to and beyond unity for near-infinite decay or harsh saturating feedback. The guts of the feedback loop are made available to you, the discerning modular enthusiast, via the SEND and RETURN jacks. Patch in a lowpass filter for smooth, shadowy echoes, or cop two blobs and get yr pingpong on! Use the equal-power crossfading dry/wet control to dial in your mix.

Chronoblob's mode switch selects its response to delay time changes. Throw the switch up to select resampling mode and get sweeping pitch effects reminiscent of a tape loop or BBD. With the switch down, Chronoblob smoothly crossfades between delay taps for quicker, more subtle changes. Patch in a clock and sequence the TIME CV input in this mode for rhythmic ratcheting delays!

Chronoblob also uniquely features a HOLD switch and gate input to freeze the audio buffer. Punch that shit and modulate TIME for mad stutter and glitch!

Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
Delay: 5ms to 500ms in SHORT mode, 50ms to 2.73s in LONG mode
Power: +12V / 90mA, -12V / 30mA
Width: 10HP
Depth: 30mm (including power connector)"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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