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Monday, January 22, 2024

Another Day, Another Mini Modular Test! ;-)

video upload by John L Rice

"Modcan Touch-Sequencer, 2hp LFO, and Mutable Instruments clones by Tall Dog Electronics: uPlaits SE, uBraids SE, and uploads SE."

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Experimenting With Modcan Touch Sequencer Controlling uBraids

video upload by John L Rice

"Using all four tracks of the Modcan Touch Sequencer to control different parameters of the Tall Dog Electronics uBraids (micro version of the Mutable Instruments Braids) . The Strymon El Capistan is providing delay and reverb.

#modularsynth #eurorack #electronicmusic"

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

A Different Day, A Different Modular Synth!

video upload by John L Rice

"Mostly Mos-Lab modules with one each from Synth-Werk, STG Soundlabs, Grove Audio, Club Of The Knobs, GRP Synthesizer, Tall Dog Audio, and Moon Modular."

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Desktop Conversion Kit for KORG wavestate / opsix / modwave

video upload by Daniel Gilbert

"Transform your Korg wavestate, opsix, or modwave into a sleek aluminum desktop synth.


Tall Dog Electronics presents a user-installed kit to turn your Korg keyboard synthesizer into a beautiful desktop synth. We include all the parts and tools necessary to perform this conversion yourself. The process is also fully reversible, so you can return the unit to its original keyboard enclosure if needed.

Our enclosure reduces the footprint of your synth to roughly half its original height and depth by deleting the short keyboard and replacing the plastic case with a machined aluminum body."

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tiny Eurorack Synth Reconfig Test 03/14/2023

video upload by John L Rice

"This system is only four modules now:

2hp Rnd for clock and modulation
Vermona meloDICER sequencer
Tall Dog uBraids voice module
Happy Nerding FX AID effects module
4ms Pod48x case
Tendrils Cables"

Friday, April 16, 2021

62HP Pingable Percussion Party Box - Super Synthesis

video by Perfect Circuit

"In this episode of the 62HP series, we’ve loaded up our Intellijel Palette case with a plethora of cool modules from Super Synthesis, alongside a few other key modules to build out a Pingable Percussion instrument. For our purposes, a 'ping' is a gate or trigger signal that will be used for things like triggering internal envelopes or resetting the phase of clock rates.

The centerpiece of this system is the PHRSR from Super Synthesis, a two-channel phrase recorder that captures knob movements in sequences up to 16 steps in length. One thing which makes this module unique is that the external clock input doesn’t override the internal clock, but rather it performs a hard sync reset that can be manipulated to create swing, syncopations, and other metric transformations. Also from Super Synthesis, we’re running dual 2OPFM modules for percussive FM sounds, the VCAR for CV controllable attack-release envelopes, and the ISO two-band DJ-style EQ.

We’ve also chosen a few multi-functional modules to give our compact Eurorack system a bit more versatility. The ever-flexible Ornament and Crime, malleable Pique from After Later Audio (based upon Peaks from Mutable Instruments), and the Milky Way multi-effects module by help this little box pack a punch well above its weight. For sequencing, we’re relying upon the trusty SQ1 from Korg, and a special edition PO-133 Street Fighter Pocket Operator from Teenage Engineering processed by the Ritual Electronics Guillotine adds some additional sonic accompaniment.

Gear List:


00:00​ - Jam #1
02:56​ - Intro
03:26​ - System Overview
04:52​ - Creating Syncopated Rhythms w/ Pings
06:40​ - Performance Macros
07:24​ - Jam #2
09:00​ - Closing Thoughts"

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Voice Ping Strum by Michael William Gilbert, Electronic Music Composer

"On the 40th​ anniversary of the release of 'Moving Pictures' and in commemoration, MWGilbert has a new release, exclusively on vinyl. The title, '​Voice Ping Strum​' is an anagram of 'Moving Pictures'. This new album was composed using a Eurorack modular synthesizer; especially noteworthy in his rig is the full range of Tall Dog Electronics Eurorack modules, which feature prominently on the recording. The only other sound sources used were sampled piano & sampled voices. There are 2 suites, 1 on each side. These have been described as more intricate than ambient, and more ambient than not!

Available from Burning Shed Records and Perfect Circuit

MW Gilbert has been composing and recording actively from the 1970's through the present. In 1979 he released his 1​st LP, 'Moving Pictures', with the goal of humanizing electronic music, using wooden flutes, percussion, and voice to complement synthesized sounds and textures. After 7 more albums, in 2018 he released 'Radio Omnibus', with cutting edge electronic music, two acoustic chamber pieces, and featuring Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson) and Mark Walker (Oregon, Lyle Mays).

MW Gilbert grew up in the US and Belgium. While living in Europe he encountered the music of Varese, Stockhausen, and Pierre Henry, as well as the music of India, Africa, and Japan. After studying electrical engineering at MIT, he continued studies at the Boston School of Electronic Music, and became a teacher there. He graduated with a degree in music from Hampshire College, and then served as the technical director of electronic music studios at Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College, and UMass Amherst. He has taught electronic music at Hampshire College, UMass Amherst, & Holyoke Community College."

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tall Dog uRings & uClouds SE With Make Noise Pressure Points

Published on Mar 19, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"We were pretty sure no one has ever posted this patch on YouTube before so we thought we would share it with you... Rings into Clouds... It sounds pretty awesome! We used the micro versions from Tall Dog Electronics in this video and triggered it with the Make Noise Pressure Points attached to a brains.

uRings is a physical modeling resonator that can have audio sent in or be pinged with a trigger. uClouds is a granular sampler, delay and reverb that can turn any input into a texture. Tall dog also make micro versions of Braids and Ornament and Crime modules.

Tall Dog modules available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Modules From Tall Dog Electronics

New eurorack modules from Tall Dog Electronics. They are based on Mutable Instrument designs with their approval.

new version uBraids SE improved design & additional COLOR input attenuator (with either black or silver faceplate)

new uRings SE 8hp resonator modeling processor (with either black or silver faceplate)

new uClouds SE 8hp granular audio processor (with either black or silver faceplate)

new uo_C SE 8hp polymorphic control voltage generator (with either black or silver faceplate)

All of these modules are available now!"

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New μBraids SE Eurorack voltage-controlled digital oscillator/sound source in 8HP by Tall Dog Electronics

We have a new maker and a new module to the site. Tall Dog Electronics and the µBraids SE.

"µBraids SE is a voltage-controlled digital oscillator/sound source in 8HP with a wide range of creative and useful sound generation algorithms (aka models).

This redesigned µBraids SE (Special Edition) is a new revision of µBraids that updates and simplifies the component layout and has a new panel design. It utilizes a custom miniature segmented LED module, eliminating the need for a 2nd microprocessor and its supporting circuitry. µBraids SE remains fully compatible with future upstream Braids firmware upgrades and any other alternate firmwares that are compliant with the standard Braids design.

This module is available from: Control / Analoguehaven / Perfect Circuit / Synthcube with more to come.

Included Parts
µBraids SE includes a standard 16-pin to 10-pin Eurorack power cable and two sets of mounting screws for racks/enclosures with either M2.5 or M3 threads.

The original Braids was designed by Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Braids is a macro-oscillator with multiple intricate digital synthesis algorithms. Each algorithm is controlled by two continuously variable parameters, both of which are voltage controllable. It is available as a 16HP Eurorack module. (Source)


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