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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Facehugger r013 Chain2 demo

video upload by flightofharmony

Update: "Re-upload because the text wasn't visible."

"The chaining feature of the Facehugger function generator is working!
This is a two-unit demo, showing some of the features and use of the Tail output for emphasis

OBS output the file in 640x480 for some reason, my apologies. Not gonna redo a pre-beta demo video though.

Caption text:
00:15 In this video, the Head Out is connected to the Infernal Noise Machine VCO CV input. Next, the Tail Out is connected to the INM IMP Frequency CV input, adding emphasis to the notes played by the Tail stages.

00:33 The Facehuggers are chained (in series) via the rear chaining headers. The Head unit outputs all stages, while the Body and Tail units only output their respective stages.

00:43 The controls of each unit only affect the output of that unit - Length, Level, Speed, Curve, Root, Scale, Direction, Glide, etc. Trigger and Gate signals are rerouted to the Head unit and start/restart/maintain the full sequence.

1:36 Connecting the Tail Out to the INM VCA2 CV input

1:49 Now changing various control settings - Direction, Root, Scale, Curve.

3:08 That's it for now, thanks for watching!
Next will be a demo of a 3-unit chain, after I get the third unit working."

AI Synthesis Introduces the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator Eurorack Module

video upload by AI Synthesis

"A Demo Video for the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator

The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse.

It can be purchased as a module, or DIY Kit and PCB/Panel Set at"

AI012 Wave Animator BUILD VIDEO

"The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse.

The manual is here.

The DIY Eurorack Wave Animator build guide is here."

Update: press release follows:

Portland, OR, USA August 17, 2023 – AI Synthesis has released the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator in both a built and guaranteed version, as well as in kit and PCB/Panel format.
The AI012 Wave Animator is a Waveshaper/VCO Expander that produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse. This design was adapted (with permission and a few changes) from Ian Fritz’s Double Pulse Generator circuit. Some changes were made to the circuit in development.
While the circuit is all analog, the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s pulse wave outputs have a range of timbres from analog wave folding to digital sounding chimes.
The Width of each Pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Width knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input.
The Distance between the second pulse and the first pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Distance knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input. The resulting waveform can have two distinct pulses, or staircase style wave-shapes.
The Amplitude of the second pulse is controlled by the AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator’s Amplitude knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input. It can be negative or positive in voltage value.
In addition to creating new audio rate waveforms, when used as a sequencer, the module can create interesting rythmic variations when the pulses are used as triggers and cv is used to stagger the second trigger.
It comes in both Silver Aluminum versions and Black PCB FR4 versions.
Depth: 35mm
HP: 8
-V mA: 13mA
+V mA: 13mA

“In the year 2000, I was in college and obsessed with modular synths, but could barely afford to eat. I knew it was possible to build your own synth, but there wasn’t anyone, or anywhere to turn to for advice. In the past decade, much more information has been published online, and in 2013 I started down my path to DIY modular. Even with all of the information online, there still lacked a single, simple, comprehensive guide for those looking to build their own synthesizer. I want AI Synthesis to be that guide. Prior to building my own synth, I was a dreamer, after building my modular, I felt I had awoken. I want to help others do the same.”
-Abraham Ingle - Founder, AI Synthesis

Monday, August 14, 2023

Elektron Analog Heat MKII Stereo Processor w/ Original Box

via this auction

Update: auction link directly above fixed. Moving this up to make sure people see it.

Note, this is a supporting member listing.

One more pic of the unit previously posted here. Note the price has been lowered.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Moog Minimoog Model D Rev 2

Update: It's come to my attention this listing could have been a scam. Remember, ALWAYS go through Reverb and eBay for their buyer protection as listed on Reverb here, and eBay here. If you try to make a deal outside of Reverb and eBay to save a few bucks, you will not be covered.

Here is the listing for reference:

via this auction

"Purchased in 1995, I've cherished this piece. However, after months of contemplation, I've decided it's time to part with it. Everything functions perfectly. Includes owner's manual, tuning instructions, and an ATA road case.

Some believe that Rev-3 offers the steadiest tuning, but it feels commonplace to me. Rev-1 had an erratic power supply, resulting in its distinct sound. Personally, I favor Rev-2—slightly unstable, yet it preserves Rev-1's unique character."

Regarding revs I almost thought this was a Don Martin Minimoog Model E aka Donimoog or the Welsh Minimoog as the Reverb listing had 1995 in the title. I realize that was the date purchased by the seller in the listing description.

I was curious how many different revs were documented and decided to see if Wikipedia's Minimoog article might mention them. They don't (and they don't mention the Doninmoog or Welsh Minimoog, but they do have this interesting bit on a Taco Bell connection:

"Moog Co released the first Minimoog in 1970.[3][4]: 232  Moog said it was conceived as a portable tool for session musicians, and the team expected to sell "maybe 100 of them".[5] Moog became acquainted with former evangelist and musician David Van Koevering, who was so impressed with the Minimoog that he began demonstrating it to musicians and music stores. Van Koevering's friend Glen Bell, founder of the restaurant chain Taco Bell, allowed him to use a building on a private island Bell owned in Florida. There, Van Koevering hosted an event he billed as Island of Electronicus, a 'pseudo-psychedelic experience that brought counterculture (minus the drugs) to straight families and connected it with the sound of the Minimoog'."

Think about that the next time you have Taco Bell.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Flip Sampler Update 1.4. Looping Envelope Demo

video upload by Oliver Greschke

"Flip Sampler has just been updated to version 1.4. This update adds new stock projects, over 100 new stock samples, and a much requested new feature, the Looping Envelope.
Located on the revamped Sample tab, engaging the Looping Envelope means any selected portion of a sample can be looped while it’s playing. This allows for samples of notes or chords to be sustained indefinitely, as well as opening up a new world of sound design possibilities within Flip—from ambient/pad sounds, to granular glitching, to audio-rate looping which can turn any sample into a playable polyphonic synth voice. A 'Fade' parameter crossfades the transitions between the loop points if a smoother sound is desired.
Adding even more power, the loop’s start point, length, and crossfade amount can be automated from Flip’s Automation page. Like all of Flip’s automation lanes, each can have its own independent length, leading to fun and creative polymetric variations."

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Prophet 12 Custom Patches - Duodecima Vol.1

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

Prophet 12 Custom Patches - Duodecima Vol.1 (Vid 2 of 2)


Prophet 12 with Specular Tempus! - Duodecima Vol 1

"Bank Available now at or

The Prophet 12 is an outstanding synth, and one which has sadly been overlooked by far too many people.

It was the first ever DSI synth I ever owned and will remain with me for a very long time. from Fat leads, to warm pads, along with Exponential and Linear FM it has great ability to create sounds like no other Prophet.

it was one of Dave Smith's Favourites if not his favourite creation, and I can totally understand why.

Duodecima Vol.1 is listed as 100 sounds, is actually far more than that. Just like the REV2, the Prophet 12 can be split or layered and this bank makes the most of those benefits! so you will be receiving in excess of 130 sounds in total, due to some patches containing two sounds in one patch.

As always, thanks for checking these out!

all the best,

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Custom Made Wersi Wersivoice triple analog chorus / string ensemble effect

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm



This Wersivoice unit is based on later revision model that uses 3x Panasonic MN3004 Bucket Brigade Device chipsets, the same chipsets used on Roland VP330 or Jupiter 4 chorus for instance, instead of the more classic Philips TDA1022 you find in earlier Wersivoice units.

No fuzz in this unit, it only does the string ensemble effect. Mono input / mono output. 3 positions switch with true bypass and mute position. Unit has a built in power supply that runs on 230v.
Case is DIY so don't expect manufacture quality.
Works perfectly of course.

recorded dry with no further treatment."

via this auction

Monday, July 24, 2023

Vintage PPG 1002 Synthesizer w/ Behringer Bode Frequency Shifter 1630

video upload by RinghausenMusic


Behringer Bode Frequency Shifter 1630

video upload by RinghausenMusic

"Video Update , wegen kleiner Probleme"

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Happy Trip-Hop Jam! (Homage to Bristol)

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

Recording Date: 07/23/2023
Tempo: 86bpm
Key: E Major


Make a piece of music inspired by a city of your choice! Roam around the world and pick a city! Samples are welcomed!

I chose Bristol: The birthplace of Trip Hop, although my jam came out much more happy sounding than the sound of traditional trip hop.... ;)


Update: posted updated with the correct video. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

7/18/23 Roland 104 (for sale) sequences UH-lectronics telephone synth + Fairfield Circuitry + D-TWO

video upload by Cfpp0

"Fairfield Circuitry’s Unpleasant Surprise pedal eats a telephone-cum-synthesizer created by UH-lectronics, which is being sequenced by a Roland 104 sequencer from the legendary System 100. Some T.C. Electronics D-TWO too. The 104 sequencer was refurbished in 2020 by the very meticulous Tone Tweakers in NYC, which is reflected in the price at Christopher’s Boutique 489 on Reverb where it is for sale."

Update: two more videos:

7/18/23 Roland 104 sequences Metasonix RK-7 (x2), R-54 (x2), R-53, RK-2 + CXM 1978

7/18/23 Swamp Blues: Roland 104 sequences Metasonix (R-52 is a creature) + CXM 1978

via this auction

"Ergonomics are not just for the elderly! If all that Eurorack wiggling and tweaking is giving you arthritis, get yourself a vintage sequencer with big knobs made for a human hand, but fitted with with the ubiquitous 3.5mm output and input jacks.

This 104 sequencer was created as part of Roland’s classic System 100, but it is very useful with other synthesizers. I have used it on Roland’s SH 101, but mostly on Roland’s System 100m. The 104 and the 100m get along very well.

The 104 produces CV and gate, has an internal clock, and can be externally stepped. Two CV channels. Series outputs and parallel outputs. 2.5v, 5v, 10v selectable per channel. CV in on the clock! End pulse output. Plus the Step button—handy for getting your sequence to the right step before starting up the master clock, or for punching in 1/8th notes when you overdub on a song you recorded to tape, but the tape stretched and you can’t clock the sequence you wanna drop so you go manual and tap that step button.

This 104 has been fully serviced by Tone Tweakers. They call it “future-proofing” but their servicing really means it works and is dependable because they fix anything wrong with it and preemptively replace parts known to fail."

Sunday, July 16, 2023

7/16/23 The sound of a Viscount PCM 64S dying :(please send schematics :)

video upload by Cfpp0

This appears to be the first post to feature the Viscount PCM 64S.

"This rare and feature-packed (trigger in, out, individual snare out, footswitch jacks for break, clap, and start, volume knobs for six categories, 2 clap variation buttons, three percussion cancel buttons) preset pattern drum machine worked fine every time. Yet it wasn’t getting used enough and was put in a storage box and listed on Reverb. It sold, so it got pulled out for a final test (as one does) before shipping. What evil invisible specter lived in that box? Not sure, but it flew this Viscount over the cookoo’s nest and now this once glorious machine just ratchets and glitches. I opened it up and saw no bulging or leaking capacitors or obvious issues. We have a tech who is willing to fix it, and the previous buyer is still willing to buy it once it’s fixed, but we have no schematic. Viscount was an Italian company and restoration of antiquity is one of the many things at which Italians excel. So, if you have a schematic, posso avere? Ti prego!"


Saturday, July 15, 2023

1970s Moog MKG Ten Band Graphic Equalizer

videos uploaded by Cfpp0

Update: quick demos of the unit added.

"I got carried away and forgot to gain stage throughout, but you get the idea. On sale at Christopher’s Boutique 489 ("

via this auction

You can find one featured in this video.

"This is a 1970s Moog MKG 10 band graphic equalizer. Sometimes people disparage graphic equalizers in favor of parametric equalizers. Some people say graphic equalizers are for killing microphone feedback in live rooms, or cutting an unruly resonance in that live room. True, graphic equalizers focus on specific bands, but the shape makes a difference, and Moog knew what they were doing back in 1970s.

We’ve had this for a while and have used it mostly on things like our Roland TR 606 or our Korg MS-20. For the 606, raising the 2k band way up and the 4k up a bit, while dipping the 8k band can make those famous hi hats pop with more presence and less shrill. 63 makes the kick thump. For other things, like synths, I’d just boost the 31 or 63 Hz band to pump it up, warm it up, round it off.

The ears are ingenious. This whole line—the phase shifter, the parametric, this graphic—have reversible ears. Orient them one way and you can rackmount it in any 19” rack. Orient them the other way and you have handles that are cleaner to look at when used desktop-style.

The sliders have an indentation at 0, so you can always feel and find your way back to null.

It sounds great and there is no scratchiness. The only issue is the 1k band, which sometimes glitches at the very top or very bottom of the slider. When we got this it was filthy. I cleaned the grooves within the ears, as there was crud in them. I cleaned grime out of the slider tracts. And dusted the inside. I sprayed the 1k band with deo it, which improved the 1k band’s performance a bit, but if you are buying this to do fancy live wiggling of sliders, maybe get another one—or buy a fixed filter bank. I’d recommend this more for someone who needs it for seeking a sound, accentuating certain frequencies, or doing weird bandpass-ish comb-ish stuff. That said, they’re all perfect except the 1k. The 250 is the stiffest, the rest are smooth."

Pic of the inside.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Deeper dive into the TP-7: navigation, i/o, jacks, play modes, memo function

video upload by astrophage

"Sounds like updating firmware on the TX-6 fixed the popping issue as well."


Multitrack recording with TP-7 and TX-6 demo

Saturday, July 08, 2023

Krypt Modular "AR-T00" VCF - ARP 2600 Style VCF For Eurorack Synth Demo!

video upload by M0THM4N

Update: video re-uploaded.

"Today we'll be working in collaboration with Krypt Modular, checking out this ARP 2600 style filter for eurorack! Be sure to check out the Krypt Modular website to check out their module lineup, and follow their Instagram below to stay up to date.

Krypt Modular
Website -"

Monday, July 03, 2023

Microtonal Regen

video upload by Synclavier Digital

Update: video re-uploaded.

"For this tutorial video, our collaborator maestro, Leith Fleming-Smith brings his Lumatone and things get seriously microtonal.

Regen supported MPE out of the gate and had controls, such as Octave Ratio, to vary tuning. Then firmware update 1.04 added Custom Tunings and the ability to load scala files, which massively opened up the possibilities for microtonalists.

Topics Covered:
0:00 Intro
1:22 Detune control
2:40 Octave Ratio
5:52 Custom Tunings
10:45 Scala Files
13:57 MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
17:53 With Lumatone
21:26 Launchpad X / Pro
26:04 Outro"

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Elka Soloist 505 SN 2761

via this auction

"Rare little Italian beauty, The Solist 505. The Elka Solist 505 was a monophonic lead synthesizer, preset based with variations for added performance. It provided a nice alternative to the Moog Satellite ARP Pro Soloist. It had 11 presets, all which could be changed with freq/res, attack/release, vibrato and portamento. Notably, it contained the famous Moog ladder filter.

A feature of the Soloist 505 is that it has the famous Moog Ladder Filter onboard. Manufacturers installed the components to make the Ladder Filter before Moog Music imposed a patent on it's use in non Moog instruments."

Update: see Hainbach's recent video with one here.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Wersivoice FM76 & Wersi WV30 Wersivoice Rotor/String Effect Cards

Wersivoice FM76 video upload by hi there its me

"Vintage Chorus/Vibrato from the late 70s
- demonstrated with Ableton's Operator (Sine/Squarewave)
- no effects added
- beautiful to warm up your digital synths
- also works great with guitars, vocals..."

Note the video above is not for the listing below and it actually uses a different card. See the update from Ohm Studio below. There were different versions of the PCBs used by Wersi. Read on for details.

via this auction

"These WV30 rotor/string cards are used and tested from a Wersi Arcus and are suitable for all CD range organs. Not suitable for any DX range organs."

Update: I asked Ohm Studio if this was the same model card used in his custom design. He replied: "It’s not the same pcb I use or used in the Wersivoice FM76 above (the only standalone manufactured model they made). It’s from a more recent design and uses different bucket brigade devices, Panasonic MN3004 instead of the Philips TDA1022 used in the Wersivoice, Bohm and most of the Italian string synths and organs from the late 70s on (the Farfisa effect I built was also designed around those).

Earlier ensemble fx used TCA350 BBDs like the Eminent Solina, Logan string melody, Crumar Stringman etc.

American and Japanese designs tended to use Panasonic (Roland used the MN300x a lot. Like in Juno choruses too).

I never really notice a real difference in sound between those BBDs IF the circuit is more or less similar and based on the Solinas, ie using 3x BBDs modulated by 2 lfos, one at 6hz and one at 0,6hz.

Roland ensemble fx do sound very different than the rest, but IMO it’s not because of the uses of Panasonic BBDs but because of the circuit design that is not based on the classic eminent design.

I do think however that the Bohm Phasing rotor and the Wersivoice are the lushest you can get (except, most probably for Jurgen Haible Triple Chorus, which unfortunately I never had a chance to hear. From what I've read the Bohm was a huge influence in his design).

So to make a long story short: no it’s not the same but I’m quite sure it would sound nice because it looks like it’s the classic design."

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Yamaha Electone EX-1 Mega Rare Vintage Synth/Organ

via this auction

See this post for a demo and overview of one by Mark Jenkins, and this post for some additional info on the EX1 vs. EX42 which was the stage model of of GX1, precurssor to the CS80.

Update: It's not clear how much the EX1 is related to the GX1 and CS80. According to Colin f in the comments of this post, the oscillators are digital. The EX1 was released in 1977, the same year the Synclavier was released, as well the same year Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer was developed. You can find some history on digital synthesis on Wikipedia here. The EX1 is not mentioned. According to Mark Jenkins in the comments of this post, the EX1 is is a preset version of the GX1.

"Comes complete with:
One TX-III matching tone cabinet.
Pedal board.
Music stand.
Original Yamaha voltage converter.

The good bits:
In good overall condition with minor marks.
All keys/pedals work.
Tone cabinet works and sounds great.
All the controls apart from the ones listed work perfectly.

The bad bits:
One note on the lower orchestra (synthesizer) section occasionally sticks, not sure what the fault is.
Tremolo function doesn't work - it's probably the belt or motor inside the tone cabinet, I use it connected to an amplifier through its separate out so don't use this function.
Sine wave LFO waveshape on the solo synth not working (other waveshapes work fine).

This is an amazing sounding instrument which can layer different types of analog/digital synthesier and organ tones all at once.
Very hard to find and in very nice cosmetic shape.
Cost £27,000 back in 1977!"

Monday, June 05, 2023

OB-6 vs OB-X8: is the new Oberheim really worth $5000?

video upload by Miles Away

"Synthesizer comparison and shoot out of the new Oberheim OB-X8 against the Sequential OB-6. Which one should you buy? How do they compare for vintage and modern synth sounds?

Get my custom synth patches:

0:00 - intro talking
0:52 - sound comparison
1:25 - oscillators
7:45 - filters
15:02 - modulation
24:39 - stereo spread
26:11 - arp, glide and unison
27:52 - unique features on OB-6
30:34 - unique features on OB-X8
33:44 - final verdict, which one should you get?"

Update: you can find additional comparisons in previous posts here.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Behringer EDGE - Making Beats From Another Galaxy

video upload by Behringer

"Suggested retail price is 199 USD"

The EDGE was announced back in October of 2021.


Behringer EDGE Review, Demo and 'How To' Tutorial

video upload by Starsky Carr

"The Behringer EDGE is here and it's much easier than it might appear. DEAD EASY!! ;) Just follow this and you'll be up and running in no time. It's essentially a 2 osc synth with a 2 channel sequencer all tuned to make percussive sounds. As every sequence is based on the same patch... with control over the few parameters at the same time it always seems to gel into an awesome beat.

some samples will be available soon at

0:00 Contraband Synth Dealer
2:04 EDGE vs Moog DFAM teaser
3:07 Sequencer
5:55 Creating Tones - the synth engine
11:27 As a Bass Synth
12:30 Sync
14:01 FM
16:22 Noise
16:41 Building a Beat
17:49 Patching
20:42 Noise VCF Mod
22:23 Something Melodic
25:59 Paired with the RD9
30:09 Tremendous Toms
32:10 Paired with the CRAVE
34:19 Final Thoughts

Patch n Tweak
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