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Friday, March 29, 2024

AtoVProject - Dual Harmonic Oscillator (DHO) Sound demo

video upload by NOISEBUG

"We are pleased to present the Dual Harmonic Oscillator (DHO)!

Complex oscillators are renowned for their amazing sonic potential, yet they can be challenging to fully exploit due to the many modulators they require.

The DHO is a true analog sonic powerhouse. We used the power of digital controls to improve accessibility and inspiration. Each analog oscillator generates four octaves of triangle waves and modulates each other using through-zero FM. All of this is channeled through a scorching four-stage diode wavefolder.

But that's not the end! The DHO is under digital command, opening up a universe of possibilities. We've harnessed the power of simplex noise, an algorithm straight out of the video game industry. One twist of a knob allows you to dynamically modulate 10 parameters. You can explore infinite soundscapes and give life to the whole module with just one CV input. This fantastical noise source can also direct the frequencies of up to 10 internal LFOs, injecting motion and complexity into your sound without cluttering your rack with external modulation sources.

Did we mention that it has haptic feedback!? Yes, the DHO vibrates to talk to you and give you information about what’s going on!

We’ve spent the last two years refining our design language, and this is the first product emerging from this journey. Discover the AtoVproject ways and explore new sonic horizons with the DHO!"

Small Case Jam Sessions - excerpt #4

video upload by FL3SHB4CK

"small case 4U 50hp jam sessions, excerpt #4
recorded live into Syntakt reverb and delay"

Heretic Machines represents: Stereo Wavefolder

video upload by e j

Wavefolder + oscilloscope : short demo

"This is a stereo wavefolder.

- 10 hp

-the CV inputs are normalised from left to right allowing you to obtain complex stereo patches with just few modulation sources

-output 1 normalised to input 2, this allows you to use it as a single ten-fold wavefolder!

teeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn fooooooooollllllldddd
more info here:"

Techno jam, AtomoSynth eurorack system

video upload by Atomosynth

"Hello world, this is a techno jam using a Koe vactrol, Koe Ladder, and two Tottem modules. beat step pro, and two mini kaos pad. Recorded live in cubase"

Thursday, March 28, 2024

ARP 2500 - The Lost Modules

video upload by AMSynths

"The full extent of the ARP 2500 Modular synthesizer is revealed, with 15 modules uncovered for the first time!"

Nostalgia Unwound / Reel to Reel + Beads / Ensemble Oscillator Rings Echoz Mob of Emus

video upload by Wac- Lounge

"Thank you for watching!
Here are the simple patch notes, a list of the gear, and more information.


/ wac_lounge

Reverse piano voice = Reel to reel(SONY TC-4860)
Echoed Piano voice = Reel to reel processed by Beads
Synth lead voice = Ensemble Oscillator modulation & sequenced by Flame C-3mk2
Sine wave lead voice = Mob of Emus CH1 sequenced by Mob of Emus CH3 triggered by Steppy slew limiter = MATHS
Sine wave voice loop = Mob of Emus CH2 processed by Disting(delay clocked by Steppy) sequenced by Mob of Emus CH4 triggered by Steppy
Echoed pitch bending voice = Rings processed by A-120VCF1 & Echoz sequenced by 2hp Arp triggered by Steppy modulation & enveloped by MATHS & Mob of Emus CH5
Master clock = Mob of Emus CH6 (divided by Steppy)

Sinc Legio | by Noise Engineering

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Sinc Iter was a small 4 HP utility oscillator and the second VCO created by Noise Engineering. It's been discontinued for a while, but now it's back in glorious stereo. One would expect an 'Iter' to return on the Alia platform, but Alia is mono, and can't handle a stereo audiorate CV source.

The Sinc is a modest, civilized VCO in its core. You are supposed to use the Phase Modulation inputs, morphing basic waveforms, the wavefolder and chorus to sculpt our own sonic treasures. Sinc Legio is available as a free firmware for all Legio owners. Personally, I feel this is one of the most versatile and enjoyable firmwares in the NE VCO collection.

Happy flashing!"

Befaco - Pony VCF

video upload by Befacosynth

"Space-conscious lowpass filter and volume processor.
A combination of VCF + VCA + Mixer that lets you mix three different sound sources, and shape their tone, and levels in a breeze.
The Pony Filter is built around the SSI2144 FATKEYS™ Chip. Has the elegant sound of the classic transistor filter without the associated distortions, due to Dave Rossum’s 'improved ladder' topology."


Also see DivKid's video here, and mylarmelody's Molten Music Technology video here.

Befaco - Octaves VCO

video upload by Befacosynth

"A harsh and funky take of an additive Oscillator.
Pile up multiplications of your frequency to get a lo-fi-retro wall of squared sound!
You get six doubled frequency pulses, or octaves, with common PWM and volume control for each of them.
The output of each is cascaded to the next one, so you can either have one output with all frequencies or break the chain and get several sums and modulate each independently!"

Update: and video from Divkid directly below. Also see mylarmelodies' Molten Music Technology video here.

A harsh & funky take on an additive oscillator // Octaves VCO from Befaco

video upload by DivKid

"Here we have what Befaco say is "a harsh and funky take on an additive oscillator" as it has individual harmonics or partials and VCAs to modulate them. However the idea of harmonics here is replaced with 6 octaves of square waves. It's an analog design with a triangle core oscillator that through frequency doublers give 6 octaves to work with, each turned into squares that respond to PWM. An onboard mixer allows for blending these squares, you can break out into new tones with self patching, or make multi-layered wide frequency spanning voices from the individual outs."

00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:10 Feature run down
02:44 Raw sound demo
03:43 Polymetric percussive octave riffs! (my favourite thing)
06:05 Self patched additive synth style sounds
08:13 Huge stereo drones
10:11 PWM at audiorate - tearing additive octaves
11:51 Exploring sync tones + upper octave overtones
13:42 Sub octaves, not just higher octaves
16:01 Noisy FM percussion
18:09 Randomised additives - modulating octave blends per note
19:24 Alarms, pacman & phone chirps - Octaves VCO as a modulator

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The CV Speedometer and the Constitution of Time

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Is time a substrate that contains and generates all events within it, or is time continually constructed by the interaction of entities within and through it?

Let’s make a patch where time and causality are entangled together for expressive use."

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

AMSynths 100m Modules deeper Review (8111, 8120, 8131, 8132, 8133, 8141, 8171 & 8176)

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"höre is my deeper review about the 100m Modules from AMSynths. Complete Synthvoices with VCO, VCF, VCA, Sequential Switch, etc..."

A compact yet fully featured Eurorack filter // Pony VCF by Befaco

video upload by DivKid

"Here's the new PONY VCF from Befaco. It's a compact yet fully featured Eurorack filter that's 6HP with good hands on control and modulation. It's a Dave Rossum based filter design (the SSI FATKEYS chip), 3 channel mixer (with feedback) and VCA. An impressive trio of functions for many uses in Eurorack ... as usual I will explore lots of this in the video."

00:00 Hello & patch previews
01:07 Pony VCF feature run down
02:27 Raw sound demo - filter sweeps and feedback
03:39 Dancing filters with mixed modulation - Moog inspired!
05:11 Audiorate overtones for a DNB ditty
07:16 A simple Pony voice
08:47 A mixer/processor for beats
- high end excitement, VCA compressor & feedback saturation
11:07 Beautiful feedback loops
13:18 LPPGs - low pass pony gates
15:23 Pony kick drums
16:31 Two voice paraphonic articulation - fun times!

Loom w/ Eurorack modular system

video upload by Aodyo Instrument

"This is a demo of Loom controlling a Eurorack modular synth setup.

Loom is a multidimensional MPE MIDI Controller designed for immediate playability and expressiveness. At Aodyo Instruments, we have drawn on our previous experience with the Sylphyo and the Anyma synthesizers to offer musicians a versatile and powerful device.
Whether you play live, record in the studio or compose music in your bedroom, Loom will become a flexible and original addition to your setup."

Candy Cloud experimental, Synthesizer for kids ? Or …

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"This product will be available at"

Monday, March 25, 2024

Something new for kids and adults - candy cloud by ERROR Instruments

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"candy cloud synthesizer, an experimental patchable synthesizer with an effect processor designed for kids aged eight and above up to 108 years old. This synthesizer allows users to create happy accidents, psychedelic soundscapes, and strange rhythms, providing a lot to explore. It will be available in a do-it-yourself kit during workshops for both children and adults, with pre-assembled versions also available. The candy cloud synthesizer is part of Errorinstruments and the Error Academy."

Stay drum: Macro oscillator for Versio platform Sound demo

video upload by Meska

"Here a quick sound demo of Stay drum an unofficila firmware for NI Versio

This is a beta firmware !!

info and DL link :

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly "dark and expérimental" music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

"Stray Drum" is a macro oscillator firmware based on FM and ring modulation for the Versio platform. This is a beta release, and it contains rough edges; even some parts of the front panel aren't in use yet, such as the audio inputs, the Trig button, and one of the switches.
The pitch input can track V/Oct after calibration. However, a calibration mechanism has not been implemented yet.
Pitch: Spans 5 octaves and can track V/Oct but requires calibration.

Spread: Introduces 2 harmonics to the root. Allows seamless adjustment between different chords and dissonant ratios, ideal for percussive sounds.

Feedback: Applies FM feedback to the operators, introducing harmonics up to noise into the base signal.

Attack: When turned to the left, it adds transitional noise that is pitch-filtered.

Decay: Provides a traditional decay effect.

Mode: Alters the modulation function applied to the base signal. It transitions seamlessly from no modulation to exponential decay to a sine wave. In the sine wave section, it can change the modulator frequency, up to a ratio of 5.

Amount: Governs the primary modulation. In exponential decay mode, moving it to the left produces ascending pitch, while moving it to the right creates a descending pitch. Extreme left and right settings select the longest pitch-shifting times.Now, switch to sine wave mode. When the amount is set to the right, it controls the degree of FM modulation. To the left, it adjusts the level of AM modulation, transitioning into ring modulation where the modulator transforms from a sine wave into a square wave.

How it sounds

With this set of controls you can shape its sound to powerful kick drums, classic snares and hihats. Percussive sounds like congas, claves, metallic objects, bells, electronic claps, etc.
It also works as a chord machine, giving a wide range of deep and obscure chords perfect for dub techno stabs. Especially when selecting a chord, apply FM to it and some reverb/delay effect."

The ultimate drone machine setup

video upload by Omri Cohen

"The patch from this video, and patches from many other videos, are available on my Patreon page -

00:00 - Introduction
00:12 - Drone voice
04:40 - New drone voice
07:02 - VCO voice
09:17 - The full setup
12:10 - Patch example"

Noodling on homemade eurorack polysynth

video upload by Stazma

"Here is a full video from a short improvisation I had on a first iteration of a four voice polyphonic patch built around the Vostok Instruments modules, with some help from the 810 Mk2 from System80 and a Fusion Modulator from Erica Synth.
Mostly playing with the arpeggiator speed and pitchbend here tho."

In NiftyKEYZ keyboard case.

Sonic Seed Trot & Hadouken

video uploads by Sonic Seed

Hadouken via Sonic Seed

S&H In S&H trig S&H out

S&H In 8, S&H Trig 9, and S&H Out 10 are a set of sampling and holding circuits. S&H In 8 inputs the signal that needs to be sampled,S&H Trig 9 inputs the Trig signal that samples the input of S&H In 8, and the sampling result is held until the next Trig signal triggers a new sampling, and the result is output at S&H Out 10. When S&H In 8 is not plugged in, the Trig signal of S&H Trig 9 samples the Noise Out of 2, resulting in a nearly random sampling result. The sampling-hold function can be triggered by pressing button 5 when the S&H Trig 9 has no insertion line.

Noise Trig & Noise Out

Noise Trig 1 and Noise Out 2 are part of the Noise generator, which continuously outputs a Noise without any input, which is the result of the sound amplified many times after the breakdown of the Zener tube. If a wire is inserted into the Noise Trig jack, the Zener tube will stop the breakdown state. At this time, give a signal, which can be Trig, square wave or any other signal, only if it is higher than 3.3v, it will again break through the Zener tube, constantly reciprocating, changing the output effect of the Noise Out.

Offset Out

Knob 3 changes the output voltage value of Ofset Out 4, when the button is pressed 5.Ofset Out 4 will output voltage according to the position of the knob, release the button, and the output is terminated.

Aux in & out

Aux In 6 and Aux Out 7 are a set of envelope non-tunable Vcas triggered by button 5. Aux In6 can be an audio input or other signal input, press button 5,Aux In6 input will be output from Aux Out 7 after adding an envelope control. Noise Out2's noise output is added to AuxIn 6 when AuxIn 6 is not plugged in. This means that you can directly control the noise output in Aux Out 7 by pressing button 5."

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Exploring Effects in the Eurorack World!

video upload by The Unperson

"In today's video I'm exploring the wonderful world of effects. Modular effects can be more creative than guitar pedals due to the ability control, clock, and modulate the parameters. In the video I explore some creative patch techniques using effects and making make some tunes with some of my favourite modules!

0:00 - Intro
1:27 - Chorus
3:09 - Reverb
6:05 - Modulate Reverb
8:45 - Clocked Delays
11:50 - Beads!
14:39 - Combining Effects
18:28 - Outro"

Patch n Tweak
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