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Thursday, February 29, 2024

The drum machine pedalboard Ep2: Monomyth and Acidbox III

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The second episode in the series which explores different pedal and routing combinations with the LXR-02 drum machine. This time it's Joyo's Darkglass Microtubes X-Ultra clone 'Monomyth' and the Erica Synths Acidbox III. Taking just a stereo pair out, the left side goes into the Monomyth, which is a bass pre-amp with EQ; and the right side goes into the Acidbox and then to the Nemesis stereo delay.

The kits on the LXR-02 have been slightly tweaked in the panning to push the more kick-like sounds to the Monomyth. They've also been programmed with the effects on, so can sound a bit odd when dry.

Four demo tracks here which mainly speak for themselves although I should mention the last demo 'Transient' is interesting in headphones where you can pick out the big effect the Acidbox has on the transients. In hindsight it may have been better not to twiddle the knobs on that one so much, but it's hard to resist that gigantic filter knob :D

The only thing added in the DAW was a brickwall limiter to catch some of the peaks, otherwise everything is as you see it.

0:00 Talk about routing and devices
1:55 Demo 1: Scratchy
2:58 Demo 2: Fat & Thin
4:40 Demo 3: Industrial
6:33 Demo 4: Transient

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Moog Mavis, Prophet 5, AJH Synth large Eurorack modular synth Performance

video upload by DreamsOfWires

"Performance using Eurorack and Sequential Prophet 5. The modular consists mostly of AJH Synth modules (list below), a Doepfer Mini Synthesizer Voice and a Moog Mavis.
This is a slightly simplified section of something I've been recording for Bandcamp. A reflection of the present with an ear to the past. It'll be released on Bandcamp soon if I'm satisfied with it once it's finished, no promises.
I wanted to build a piece around a simple, analogue, un-quantised sequencer. The manual scaling and slowing of the sequence was inspired by Tangerine Dream's 'Phaedra', which begins rather chaotically, before the sequence morphs and slows to become more melodic. A fascinating piece of music and synth tweaking from the early 70's.
The ambient drone sounds and polyphonic Prophet presets (which I also created) are more inspired by the movie and television soundtracks of the past, if anything, or at least in my imagination of them.
This was entirely recorded within the Eurorack modular system - the mix isn't the best, but I like creating something in this way, set in stone, frozen in time, warts and all, perfectly imperfect.
My music:

Modules used:
Sounds - 2 full AJH Synth MiniMod voices (equivalent of a Minimoog), with 1 using a Sonic XV instead of a Transistor Ladder Filter. Additionally, a Fixed Filter Bank 914, Wave Swarm, Tone Science Triple Cross, Precision Voltages, Ring SM and CV Mix (for scaling the sequence), Dual LFO, 2x Muting Mxer. Doepfer A-111-5 (same voice as a Dark Energy), Moog Mavis, and Music Thing Modular Radio Music (Japanese funeral ceremony sample).
Sequencer - Erica Synths Sequential Switch with CV Expander.
Effects - Happy Nerding FX Aid (master reverb), ALM Busy Circuits MFX (Mavis drone reverb), XAOC Devices Sarajewo analog 'bucket brigade' delay.
Mixing - Cosmotronic Cosmix.
Audio recorder - Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 (as WAV recorder)."

Monday, February 12, 2024

Short Flight Through Space

video upload by John L Rice

"I was initially going to add a couple extra keyboard parts to this and maybe even several percussion tracks but the more I listened to it the more I liked it as-is! ;-)

Modules Used:
2hp: Div
4ms: WAV Recorder, Row Power 40 x 2
Circuit Abbey: Unify, Unify Input Expander
Doepfer: A-182-1 (modified)
Erica Synths: VC Clock V2
Insrtruo: QPQ, kbd
Klavis: Quadigy
Modcan: Quad LFO
Mutable Instruments: Yarns
Strymon Engineering: Magneto
Synth Tech: E102, E330 x 4
Vermona: meloDICER, MEX3 T43
Xaoc Devices: Praga"

Short live impro with Solar-42, Pulsar-23 and Ornament-8

video upload by Napotronix

"The Elta Music Solar-42 came in last Friday so had to take it for a spin :) Here it's hooked up to the Soma Synths Pulsar-23, Soma Laboratory Ornament-8 and with some external delay from the Erica Synths Zen Delay. All amazing devices!"

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Erica Synths SYNTRX w/ New Knobs

via this auction

"Erica Synths SYNTRX purchased new about a year ago - used sparingly in my home studio. I replaced the drab MXR style knobs with very high quality Sifam collet knobs (as seen on Buchla 200e) in an EMS Synthi style color scheme. Original knobs included as well as original box and power adapter."

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Erica Synths - Hexinverter Mutant Machine

video upload by Erica Synths

You might recall Erica Synths was set to resume production of Hexinverter modules.

"The Mutant Machine began as a quest to create a rich-sounding eurorack snare drum synthesis module to complement the existing Mutant Drums. The project quickly became too large and costly to justify the module being capable only of snare drum sounds. So, the decision was made to learn from the architecture of the TR-909’s snare and kick circuits, to develop a module capable of generating multiple forms of analog percussion, and various other effects. Even though it can create alien sounds, it still can deliver those classic 909 house snares and kicks if you want them. There are no microcontrollers in the Machine. The signals and waveforms are all generated by discrete components and ICs, for a distinctly analog sound, and user experience. Now redesigned by Erica Synths in collaboration with Hexinverter Electronique.

00:02 - Jam 1 / Sequenced and modulated with Black Sequencer
01:57 - Manually triggering and designing a sound
02:59 - Jam 2 / Sequenced and modulated with Black Sequencer
04:33 - Jam 3 / Triggered with Drum Sequencer (with accents)
05:58 - Self patched Mutant Machine
06:58 - Triggered with the Drum Sequencer and modulated with the Drum Modulator"

Thursday, February 01, 2024

BUCHLA and Friends 2024: Erica Synths Perkons Sounds Only

video upload by sonicstate

"The Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 is Erica Synths' Drum machine - MATTHS reviewed it for SonicLAB when it came out. [posted here]

At the Buchla & Friends event just up the road from NAMM, Jim Heywood from @EarmonkeyMusic spent some time with it to get us a sounds only video.

Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 is available again in March priced at €1700 and can be pre-ordered directly from Erica Synths"

Sunday, January 28, 2024

"I'll Have The Kebab, Please!" - Arabic Themed Adventure

video upload by

"This piece came about from the Hardware Jams Facebook Group's pretty epic challenge this week, which was:

'Good night out, just got back from that your favourite music gig. You're in the kebaby drooling over that spit of Donner meat (chicken or falafel options available), contemplating if you're pissed/stupid/both enough to steal that spit of meat/falafel and run it home and a song comes on the radio that stops you. Make that song!'

I used the Ableton Push 3, some samples sourced from Loopcloud, the Erica Synths Perkons drum machine and the Roland TR8s drum machine to create this.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Last Test Of Briefcase Eurorack System Before I Get Back To “More Important” Projects

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules used:

Synthesis Technology - E330 VCO x 4, E102 Quad Temporal Shifter
Happy Nerding - 3XMIA attenuverter/mixer, FX AID reverb/effects
Instruo - Quad Performance Quantizer, QPQ Keyboard
Strymon Engineering - Magneto Stereo Delay/Reverb
Vermona - meloDICER Stochastic Pattern Generator
Circuit Abbey - Unify, Unify Input Expander
4ms - WAV Recorder, Row Power 40 x 2
Xaoc Devices - Praga VC Stereo Mixer
Doepfer - A-182-1 Switched Multiple - T43 precision voltage adder
Klavis - Quadigy envelop generator
JLR - cutom output and mult panel
Erica Synths - Octasource LFO
2hp - DIV clock divider
Modcan - Quad LFO"

Thursday, January 18, 2024

"One Love" - Very Laid Back Dub Techno ❤️

video upload by

"One Love means universal love and respect expressed for all people regardless of race, creed or color. One love is an expression of unity and inclusion.

Chillin' and Dubbin with the Polyend Tracker Mini and samples from my "Dub Spectrum" sound bank.

I've also loaded extra samples from the bank into a couple of Erica Synths Drum Sample modules so I could use my favorite Erica Synths filters on them live, and added the Erica Synths Perkons drum machine into the track as well. (Yes, I am an Erica Synths fanboy if you couldn't tell... Hahaha)

Check out the "Dub Spectrum" sound bank here if you need some fresh new Dub Techno sounds:

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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ERICA SYNTHS Introduces MEGARACK Eurorack Case

"The beauty of Eurorack is that you are not limited to a specific synthesizer form factor. This can vary anywhere from super-compact, specialized performance systems to huge studio installations. While we have many options available for the former, the latter was missing from our Eurorack case lineup and we have finally created the missing piece – a large Eurorack case that provides exceptional value for money.
The Erica Synths Megarack case is for those who take Eurorack seriously – a classically-shaped 8x126 HP all-aluminium case with side panels, featuring Erica Synths custom rails with threaded inserts providing 12A@+12V and 6A@-12V.

This monolith will provide ample housing for your modules, all while retaining a sleek elegance not commonly found in cases of this size.

In addition, it features 2 4-pole XLR connectors for gooseneck lamps (not included). You can find the lamps here.

RRP: 1750 EUR (VAT excl.)

8 rows of 126HP

12A@+12V, 6A@-12V

Dimensions: 1000mm x 670mm x 360mm

Net mass: 14.75kg

Depth: for most modules - 80mm, above power distribution boards - 60mm, max depth in inclined rows - 120mm

Mass with packaging: 18.7 kg

Shipping dimensions: 1060mm x 740mm x 460mm

Cases are mass-manufactured and are readily available.

NB! The case comes without modules installed. A complete system is shown for illustration purposes only."

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Self Playing Eurorack Pipe Organ Patch

video upload by John L Rice

"A relatively simple and mostly self playing eurorack patch that sounds somewhat like a church pipe organ performance? A single Synth Tech Circuit Bent VCO "played" by the Vermona meloDICER pattern generator sequencer with the Strymon Megneto delay in the Pitch Shift setting giving it size and magic as I manually adjust the Wet and Repeats knobs. Additional modules used: Erica Synths Octasource LFO, Happy Nerding MMM VCF, Klavis Quadigy EG, Xaoc Devices Praga VCA/mixer, Circuit Abbey Unify mixer, ADDAC ADDAC812A meter.

#modularsynth #eurorack #pipeorganmusic"

Monday, January 15, 2024

Another Eurorack Drone January 15 2024

video upload by John L Rice

"Modules being used:
Vermona - meloDICER
Synth Tech - E352 Cloud Terrarium, E950 + E951 Circuit Bent VCO + expander
Happy Nerding - MMM VCF
BubbleSound - VCA4p
InstruĊ - [1]f
Erica Synths - Black Octasource
Mutable Instruments- Beads
Circuit Abbey - Unify
ADDAC - ADDAC812A Audio Meter

#modularsynth #eurorack #electronicmusic"

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Ambient Melodic Eurorack Drone January 14th 2024

video upload by John L Rice

"As usual I was making some changes and this is the post change test. Modules being used:
Vermona - meloDICER
Synth Tech - E352 Cloud Terrarium
Happy Nerding - MMM VCF, ADSR x 2, 3xMIA
BubbleSound - VCA4p
Rebel Technology - Stoicheia
Ladik - J-110 Derivator
Erica Synths - Black Octasource
Mutable Instruments- Beads
Circuit Abbey - Unify
ADDAC - ADDAC812A Audio Meter

#modularsynth #eurorack #electronicmusic"

Sequencer Jam No. 1 2024

video upload by ranzee

"#jamuary2024 Sequencer Jam

Sequencer Jam: Gear list ... Behringer System 100m modules: 110 (x2), 182 Sequencer, Behringer 2500 modules: 1004 Oscillator (x2), 1006 FiltAmp, 1033 Dual EG, Feedback Modules: Mix BX, Mix CR, 106 Chorus, Intellijel: Metropolis, Planar2, Sealegs, ALM Pamela’s New Workout, Melekko Varigate 8+, Voltage Block, Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, Strymon Magneto, Happy Nerding FX Aid, Erica Synths Black BBD, Roland System 500 modules: 521 Dual VCF, 530 Dual VCA, 540 Dual EG, Expert Sleepers ES-8, FH-2, 2HP Tune, Klavis Quadigy, Mordax Data, Roland SE-02, MX-1, TR-8, Ableton Live Suite 11 - including the following VSTs: Arturia Vocoder V, Cable Guys Shaper Box 2. Recorded audio through RME Digiface, Roland MX-1 and Presonus Studio 192. Oh, and there's also the Waldorf Streichfett going through the Orion from WMD, and the Novation Peak ... phew!"

#jamuary2024 13 Make Noise 0-Coast & Erica Synths Pico System 3 - more Buchla-style fun

video upload by SynthAddict

"More Buchla-type wild and strange timbres and patterns.

The Pico bucket brigade delay always provides some cool and unpredictable patterns and frequencies, under full manual control.

Pico System 3 even includes factory and "programmable" voice cards like the real Buchla Music Easel had, so you can avoid all the usual manual cable patching... Buchla was way ahead of its time in this and other ways."

Friday, January 12, 2024

Verby Kicks and Plinky Clicks With Susie | LIL TECHNOBOX | WMD Crater, Addac T-Networks

video upload by Bilijie

"How you like your kicks? How you like your blips?
Big and boomy? Tight and snappy?
Clicky and poppy? Stiff and twangy?

This is the third in a short series of videos is all about making techno-ish dance music with a specifically-tailored eurorack case. This time we're comparing a short, brighter percussive kick to a darker, boomier kick using the same module WMD Crater. We're also adding some short plate reverb to the kick and toms so they start to ring out a bit. I find that makes the T-networks clicks and pops sound like Chinese New Year firecrackers.

Shout out to Susie

I'll be releasing completed mixes of these one-shot improvisations later this month.
To hear more of my work with modular techno, check out
Or buy stuff at
Also Spotify if you must

Acid Rain Constellation, Clank Chaos

WMD Crater, Addac 104 VC T-Networks, SSL Thundrum, Erica Synths Pico Drums, Prok Drums flashed as Music Thing Radio Music, Befaco Pony

WMD C4rbn

Bastl Aikido

Function generator:
Cosmotronic Delta V

Happy Nerding FX Aid

Mixing and EQ:
Worng Soundstage II, Nano CEQ, Make Noise XOH"

Saturday, January 06, 2024


video upload by Lido Pigeon

Drums: Erica Synths DIY Kick and Hi Hats.2HP Snare
Bass/Lead: Roland 510
Samples: Digitakt
FX: Intellijel Multi-FX
Modulation: Instuo CEIS
Midi - CV: Noise Engineering Univer Inter
Mixing: Intellijel Mixup

Wednesday, January 03, 2024


video upload by Lido Pigeon

Drums: Erica Synths DIY Kick, 2HP Snare
Bass: Roland 510
FX: Intellijel multi-fx, Music Thing Modular Twin Drive
Modulation: DivKid OCHD, Instro Ceis
Mixing, attenuation: Intellijel Quadratt, Mixup
Midi to CV: Noise Engineering Univer Inter
Filter: 2HP MMF
Pads, FX: Elektron Digitone

Friday, December 29, 2023

Erica Synths New Drum Stereo FX & DJ VCF Stereo Details

See this post for a couple of renders and additional details.


Patch n Tweak
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