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Friday, April 12, 2024

Yamaha V50: Under the Radar Review

video upload by Off The Matrix

"The V50 was Yamaha's first synth workstation. It's the best choice of the FM 4 operator models."

Friday, March 22, 2024

Yamaha DX7 vs V50 vs SY35 vs SY99: Deep Synthesis Review

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This video compares the synthesis capabilities of vintage Yamaha FM synths.

Patches for all the vintage FM synths can be found at:"

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Sixty Four Pixels Noodlebox Desktop Hardware Sequencer

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via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

You can find demos of the Noodlebox in previous posts here.

"Tested in great working condition, super fun sequencer! Includes AC power supply.

Noodlebox is a four part sequencer for making electronic music. It has analog CV/Gate outputs for each part and supports MIDI.

There are independent sequencer layers, each with a CV/Gate output. Each layer runs separately to the others (although staying in sync) and has its own step count, clock division etc.

Each layer has four pages of up to 32 steps each. Pages can be used for A/B/C/D type pattern variations, for verse/chorus type song sections or chained to make a single pattern of up to 128 steps. You can cue up lists of pages for automatic cycling (up to 32 pages). Arranging pages is designed to be quick and easy to do creatively in a live setting.

Friday, March 01, 2024

Korg M1 Setup Tutorial: Find Out What the M1 Can Do

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This video covers setups to get sounds you may not expect from the M1, from FM method inspired patches to tips on using the phaser effect to simulate resonance."

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Paul McGowan of PS Audio Explains the Moog Synthesizer

video upload by Paul McGowan, PS Audio

"The classic Moog changed the world. Paul helps us understand what all the wires and modules actually do."

Fascinating bit at 1:50. Paul McGowan actually created his own synthesizer, The Infinitizer. Curious if there are any images of it out there. He almost sold one to Wendy Carlos. It gets a mention in his book 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller which you can find on Amazon here (note this is an affiliate link - see the site's privacy policy for more info).

Update: I asked Paul if he had any pics of The Infinitizer. Unfortantely he didn't, and he no longer has any of the parts, but he did send over the following additional info:

"I don’t have any photos of the Infinitizer, unfortunately. I remember a very sad day back in 1995 or so when I was cleaning out my lab and had to own up to hauling it off to the dump (it was a mere skeleton of PCBs, a keyboard, and lots of wires and didn’t work)."

"The idea was to make 10 synthesizers into one unit that was easy to use. This meant it would be the world’s first polyphonic synth, since musicians only have 10 fingers.

I designed a complete analog chain of 10 modules (the usual: VC filters, oscillators, envelope generators, amplifiers, etc.). Then, I hired an engineer out of Vandenburg Air Force Base who was a whiz at this new thing called “digital”. He designed for me a multiplexed keyboard that constantly scanned all the keys looking for ones that were pressed. The keys were all internally numbered and when pressed, the multiplexer would find an available VC oscillator and assign that number to the oscillator. Because we know the number of the key, the appropriate voltage was sent to that oscillator and it produced the appropriate frequency for that key. In order to have the entire keyboard voltage move up and down (like if you wanted to bend the notes or modulate the frequency with a LF oscillator) the master voltage (that got divided by the individual keys assigned to it) could be accessed as one might normally do through the patch bay.

I also wanted to have the keys pressure sensitive so for that, I invented the use of conductive foam under each key (and that too could manipulate the master voltage to the oscillator banks) and could be assigned to modulate any of the other modifiers too. My patch bay was a switch matrix and pots kind of like ARP used to do.

It was a very cool device which I wrote about extensively in my memoirs, 99% True."


As for the first non organ based poly synth, currently that honor likely goes to one of the following depending how you define it:

1975 - Buchla 502 - six voice polyphonic with minicomputer and ability to save patches to tape drive. Development on the 500 series began in 1969.

1975 - Oberheim FVS - four voice polyphonic with Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer. Not sure if the 502 or FVS was released first.

1977 - Yamaha - CS50/CS60/CS80 - first single enclosure polyphonic keyboard synthesizers, with the CS80 to be the first synth with poly aftertouch

1978 - Sequential Circuits - microprocessor control the SCI prophet 10 (briefly) and the P-5 --- again based on existing E-mu tech stuff

via The First Synth to...

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Korg M1 vs Roland D-70 vs Yamaha SY77 vs Kurzweil K1000: Synth Review

video upload by Off The Matrix

"The Korg M1 was the most popular synth of the late 80's, about 250,000 were made. But how does it stack up against other synths of the era? This video will compare patches of the Korg M1, Roland D-70, Yamaha SY77 and Kurzweil K1000 in a song.

0:00 Overview
2:05 M1 introduction
2:46 Kurzweil 1000 Series Introduction
3:07 Roland D-70 Introduction
3:53 Yamaha SY77 Introduction
4:39 Reason to use M1 Drum Kit
5:40 Korg M1 Factory Patch Mix
6:50 Roland D-70 Factory Patch Mix
8:00 Yamaha SY77 Factory Patch Mix
9:10 Kurzweil K1000 Factory Patch Mix
10:20 Closing

Patches for the SY77 can be found at:

Thanks to Chip for letting me borrow his EX M1R, his channel is:"

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

OP-X PRO-3 | Famous 80s Sounds | Presets | Reloads

video upload by SonicProjects

"SonicProjects OP-X PRO-3 virtual Oberheim OB-X Jupiter-8 Prophet-5 clone demonstrating some of the 3'000 built-in presets.

E-MU Xboard 61 MIDI keyboard
MacBook Pro M1 2020 with macOS Ventura 13.4
Apple Logic Pro
OP-X PRO-3 version 1.0.3 with blue skin installed

The stereo output of OP-X PRO-3 is directly recorded to disk.
No external treatment of any kind involved.

Rough video division:

00:00 Famous 80s
05:05 Strings
06:38 Brasses
09:14 Pads
11:27 Basses
12:52 Effects
15:50 Leads
18:18 Arpeggios
19:17 Reloads
31:02 Jupiter-8
31:20 Matrix-12
33:22 Sweeps

The new sounds demoed in the "Reloads" section ("3_RELOADS" folder) can be downloaded here ("New Sounds" button):

Famous 80s sounds:
Just demoed a few to show off their general quality. There's a total of 475 famous 80s patches included!"

Friday, December 15, 2023

The Secret of Great DX7 Bells: For the DX11 also

video upload by Off The Matrix

"Tips on getting realist bell patches with FM. The intro also featured Off The Matrix patches on the V50."

Monday, December 11, 2023

New Minifreak Firmware 2.0 - Wavetables, Super Unison and More!

video upload by Arturia

"Firmware 2.0 take your MiniFreak further with new ways to sculpt, accentuate and shape your sound. This update delivers a significant dose of new features and sonic possibilities for existing Mini Freak hardware and software users. With a new wavetable engine, Super Unison effect, Favourites Panel, LFO modulation and more."

video upload by Oscillator Sink

"Merry Minifreak 2.0 Firmware Day! In this video we'll be taking a look at the new features in this firmware including the new Wavetable oscillator type and Super Unison FX and building a patch using these new featrues.

Transparency Notice: Arturia kinda provided this unit to me for free for the purposes of making videos. They have not asked for, neither have they been given, any editorial oversight into the contents of this video.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Sound Store
01:46 New Effect - Super Unison
02:48 Super Unison - Controls
07:19 Super Unison - Sub Types
12:19 Super Unison - Compared to other FX
14:14 Mod Matrix Macros
17:25 LFO Waveshaper Improvements
20:24 Wavetable Oscillaor
20:35 Wavetable Oscillator - Caveats
21:42 Wavetable Oscillator - Controls
24:09 Selecting Wavetables
24:48 Auditioning the Wavetables
30:39 Building a patch with the new features
44:32 Outro"

MiniFreak V2 // Wavetables, Superunison. and other delights!

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 intro
0:58 Superunison
4:30 Wavetable Oscillator
10:40 LFO Shaper
12:45 Favourites Panel
14:01 Assigning Mod Matrix to Macros

Arturia Minifreak OS V2.0 Update! FREE UPDATE! | No Talking | #minifreak #minifreak2

video upload by DKS SYNTH LAB

_Introducing MiniFreak firmware 2.0 and MiniFreak V 2.0

MiniFreak update delivers a significant dose of new features and sonic possibilities for existing hardware and software users, with an expanded sonic palette, new FX and more.

Here’s what’s included:

New engine: Wavetable
Including 32 wavetables and 64 new patches to extend the raw potential of your sound, this update brings one of the most powerful engines to MiniFreak (available for Oscillator 1 only).

New FX: Super Unison
Transform a simple patch into a Supersaw monster with Super Unison FX. This chorus-type effect can stack up to 6 copies of a sound on top of a dry signal, for unmistakable width.

Enhanced Custom LFO Users can now decide if the LFO rate corresponds to a single step, or the entire Shaper curve, empowering you to create more nuanced, evolving, and expressive modulations.

A favorites panel for hardware user
Save up to 64 of your favorite presets and access them with ease. Enter the favorites panel by pressing shift + save, store a patch by pressing save + selecting a sequencer slot and recall a saved patch with a step button press.

New sound store for MiniFreak V
Software users can make the most of a brand new Sound Store with two paid banks with 64 patches and three free banks with 32 patches at launch.

And more
Minifreak update also comes with additional enhancements to Macro Edit mode for greater real-time control over modulation amounts. As well as Osc Freerun OFF, which now apply to Bass, Harm and SawX. Clock Send and Transport Send for hardware users, which can now be toggled on and off. Finally, you can now control the instrument volume with MIDI CC7"

Discover more

Saturday, December 09, 2023

OP-X PRO-3 released ! Semi-modular dream synth | Trailer | Tutorial

video upload by SonicProjects

00:00:00 Intro Trailer
00:02:12 Change Interface Size
00:02:20 Playing Factory Presets
00:29:20 Famous 80s Presets
00:34:10 Create Presets
00:39:00 Mark Favourites
00:40:38 Search Function
00:41:40 Modulation Matrix
00:46:34 Unison Note Priority
00:46:58 Modulation Effects
00:48:52 Voice Boards
00:50:17 Multimode Filter
00:57:55 Wheel Modes
01:01:21 Arpeggiator / MIDI Processor
01:06:06 Outro

SonicProjects OP-X PRO-3 released! 12-voice semi-modular monster synth which fullfills virtually all requests and wishes from users collected over the recent years. The synth offers:

Friday, December 08, 2023

Sequential Take 5 Elements Soundset - 128 New Patches

video upload by Creative Spiral

"The ELEMENTS soundset features 128 new patches for your Sequential Take 5 synth. This soundset includes vintage Prophet style sounds, famous song patches, and modern sound designs taking advantage of the mod matrix and more advanced features. Available now:

Friday, December 01, 2023

String Samples Tutorial: How a Vintage Sampler can Blow Away Vienna Instruments

video upload by Off The Matrix

"Vintage samplers are capable of great dynamics that were never realized with the old patches. Much material is covered in this video. A brief review of the Vienna Instruments Chamber Violins, how to send samples to the Sy99 and more. Near the end I provide an Oberheim Matrix 12 strings sample to layer with acoustic strings.

0:00 Introduction
1:20 Vienna Instruments Chamber Strings review
3:05 EMU Emulator III Chamber Violins
3:29 How to dump samples to the Yamaha SY99
5:29 Vienna Instruments EG compared to the SY99 EG
6:03 Setting up string samples
7:25 Setting the envelopes.
9:40 New card for SY77
10:12 Oberheim Matrix 12 strings sample
12:53 Closing"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Free K250 Power Drum Samples: Plus Emulator Demo

video upload by Off The Matrix

"The the legendary K250 had a powerful set of classic 80's drum samples. The dry samples can be layered with the ambient samples, a shorter decay of the ambient samples will have the effect of less reverberation. The kit is really versatile, it works well for many styles.
The video ends with a demo of the Emulator Symphonic Library that will be available sometime next year. Just go to the page and download the samples. No baloney!"

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sequential Pro 3 Explorations

video uploads by David Falcon


1. Generator v1 // Generative Ambient // Sequential Pro 3
"Some say that it is a modular system within itself and well, it is amazing all the modulation options with the Mod matrix. I started with a generative patch and progressively added modulators to the modulators, on an Eurorack kind of way to (hopefully) make a more interesting pattern. The sequencer is on paraphonic mode with 3 independent lines on random mode, over G minor and D minor chords."
2. Opening // Sequential Pro 3, Elektron Digitakt, Guitar
This track to me sounds like the opening of a horror show or a thriller. Nearly a year since the last of these videos. Many proyects and a kid after I can sit and play again, make little pieces with no objective in particular.
3. Android Dreams // Digitakt, Pro3, Push, Minilogue xd
Pro 3 is mostly holding a chord with its sequencer moving the filter cutoff around as well as other parameters. On the Digitakt I have loaded a bass line and sparse notes from Pro 3, as well as the usual stuff. Small improvisation on a Minilogue xd off camera, and towards the end I activate the Arp Latch to continue playing. The push is controlling the Arturia Pigments on a preset that reminds me pretty much to the Binding of Isaac's soundtrack.
4. Dark Drones for darker times // Sequential Pro 3
We will never learn from the mistakes of the past, there is always a minority who will jeopardize everything we fight for every day...
5. Ambient Glitches // Digitakt + Sequential PRO 3
Love making these glitch beats to build pieces on top. The Sequential Pro 3 is so good for these genre! Also, shining lights.
6. NEW SYNTH DAY // Sequential Pro 3 + Digitakt + Pigments
"I finally took the plunge and got one of my dream synths, the Sequential Pro 3. A mono/paraphonic beast that makes every other synth I've owned look like a toy. The only complaint is that I didn't go for it much sooner.
Of course one of the first things that I had to do was to put it to work in conjunction with the Elektron Digitakt. Of course they get along great.
There are several sounds like the pluck and the sub bass that come from Arturia Pigments, the first improvised with the Digitakt chromatic keyboard, and the second sequenced. There is also a choir sound from Ableton Live sequenced from Digitakt.
The beat in Digitakt has a "hidden layer" with conditional triggers assigned to the fill button, which triggers a sub kick, as well as several extra percussive sounds.
The first of many videos with this keyboard.

Yamaha TX802: Under the Radar Review

video upload by Off The Matrix

"The TX802 is essentially a DX7 II in a rack but has the advantage of being eight part multitimbral. I'll show how easy it is to use.

The patches can be found at:"

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Secret Effect of the DX7

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This video covers how to get a phaser like effect that is great for guitar and piano patches. It's also useful for fat analog synth emulations.
The patches can be found at:"

Monday, September 11, 2023

The Secret of Great DX7 Brass: For the DX11 also

video upload by Off The Matrix

"Yamaha's vintage FM synths are capable of amazing emulations of acoustic brass. To get the most out of a brass patch, you'll need to know how it was designed. The dynamic horn was setup for melodic lines but by changing settings it can be used for different phrasings. The video covers using the additional waveforms of the DX11 for creating trombone and trumpet patches. The importance of equalization is also covered.

The patches can be found at:"

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Analogue Solutions AMPLE // The BIG REVIEW review and demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A full walkthrough off the functions of Analog Solutions AMPLE. Its a 3 oscillator mono synth with its own version of a sequencer ... the PATTERNATOR. Not a knitting obsessed android from the future, but an unique take on an analog sequencer. All tied together with a pin matrix and with some extra control form the interval generator.

If you've ever wondered how you'd use something like this you've come to the right place. I demo the sound engine, how to use the matrix (it's not like a VST!) and put together some idea for the patternator, Snare Drum Noise and the beat pulses.


patches, samples and free stuff:

1:20 The Synth Engine
1:44 BIG 3VCO tone
2:46 Give me a P... Give me a W.. Give me an M
5:25 F to the M
7:05 VCO 3 as an LFO
7:44 Ring Modulator
8:53 Filter
15:01 Oscillator Sync
17:21 4 modes of the Patternator
26:17 More thoughts on using the pin matrix"

Analogue Solutions AMPLE

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Analogue Solutions New Synthesizer Teaser: AMPLE

video upload by Analogue Solutions

Update: demo by Starsky Carr posted here.

Ample can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be: We have given this synth a large and diverse number of controls, that alongside the patch sockets, will give even the best and most experienced synthesist endless possibilities.

We have presented the controls in a user-friendly and familiar synth layout that, together with this manual and other resources, enables even the new guy to get great sounds.


"Ample is a compact analogue synthesizer. Analogue - as in really analogue. Aside from the MIDI chip (which has to be digital), everything else is totally analogue using real transistors and op-amps. There are no CPU-stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs, no digital LFOs and no digital EGs, as found on other so-called analogue synths. The circuitry is based on designs dating back to the mid-1970s. So Ample has a genuine old sound. The Best of all Ample combines the best elements of several of our recent products. -The sound elements of Fusebox -Jack patch points of Concussor Eurorack -Patch pin matrix of Vostok -Echo from Dr Strangelove -Sequencer and CV touch pads of Generator It shares all this yet still has its own sound!

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Modular Percussion: Rings, Elements and Stolperbeats

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"Super excited to be part of Dutch Modular Fest @dutchmodularfest4609 today - a super nice one day modular meet in Utrecht NL with workshops, lots of great synth makers and concerts. We will be showing our #Stolperbeats drum trigger sequencer and a handful of rare unreleased prototypes.

If you've been eyeing one of our Eurorack DIY kits and you want to build it together with us, today is the perfect opportunity! Hang out with us and build a Farbfolder, Farbshaper, Farbhighpass or TausenddB and Multiplikand with us.

Our friends Stijn and Priscilla from TiNRS @thisisnotrocketscience3942 will be showing their awesome new collaborations with Paul Error Instruments@paultasbeeb: Brinta, a lovely granular module for live recording and processing audio, and White Rabbit, a fantastic reverb and delay ranging from etheral to glitchy.

Lauri @vaski will show off his beautiful new 2HP Lights Stereo Visualizer audio visualisation module and a handful of other incredibly clever utilities like the ECS-4 Triggered Switch and his AM-3/3 Triple Attenuverter Matrix.

We've been playing with prototypes of these modules for a while and it's super exciting to see them being released now!

Today's video is a little jam that happened when packing for Dutch Modular Fest. Stolperbeats is seen here sequencing Mutable Instruments awesome physical modelling synths #Elements as well as #Rings through their Streams dual dynamics gate with percussion from our own secret modular drum prototype.

The reverb in this sketch is @Befacosynth Lich, a great programmable multi-function module based on the @RebelTechnologies OWL platform. If you are into PureData, Max or Faust, you should give this one a whirl!

Dutch Modular Fest
Pieter Baan Centrum
Gansstraat 164
Utrecht (NL)

Market and Workshops from 11:00
Music program from 15:00 - 23:00"

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