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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Welcome UDO Audio Super GEMINI!

video upload by Hand in Hand Distribution

"There's a new top G in town 😍."

"If you're at @superbooth_berlin come and see us in the usual spot, tucked away in the Bungalowdorf at B005."

Note the two rows of controls. Likely inspired by the Yamaha CS80.

Some info via Soviet Space Child spotted on Sonic State:

UDO Audio has launched a new synthesizer, the Super Gemini, which is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid instrument. The binaural aspect means it can run in 20 voice mono mode (non binaural oscillators) or 10 voice binaural mode - which if you've heard the Super 6, sounds pretty good.

The Super Gemini comes with a dual-layer design that offers control over both timbral layers. It has a powerful FPGA based hybrid sound engine and a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch. The Super Gemini features custom-engineered ribbon sensors for individual note articulation, and a gestural way to explore your sound.

The Super Gemini has 256 performance and patch slots, 64 interchangeable waveforms, and 16 sequences that can be safely stored and edited. The synthesizer is equipped with dual synth-control levels that gift the player with immediate and comprehensive control over multiple timbral layers. It also features a true-stereo signal path that empowers you to create extremely dynamic spatial sounds. The Super Gemini is built from aluminum and steel and comes with an array of superior quality mechanical controls - as we know designer George Hearn is a stickler for components look and feel"

Saturday, April 15, 2023

New Sibilla Stereo Digital Oscillator Eurorack Module from Clatters Machines

video upload by Clatters Machines

"Clatters Machines moves mountains with Sibilla stereo digital oscillator module acting as an ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO, ITALY: small town lovers of music and electronic instruments Clatters Machines is proud to announce (website-only) availability of its Sibilla stereo digital oscillator — translating the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain into a 10HP Eurorack module that sculpts sound with various saw and sine waves running through intricate delay networks altered by LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) and white noise to create constructive and destructive interferences, enabling ever-evolving soundscapes that can be both droning and/or melodic in nature — as of April 15…

Inspired by a mountain, designed by the sea. So few words, with so much meaning; those eight words that so subtly make an appearance on the Sibilla module’s rear represent its backstory, what inspired its creators, and where they are based. But, for clarity’s sake, the company collectively calls it: An ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones.

It is fair to say, though, that there is more to that Sibilla backstory than meets the eye. “Living by the sea can be peaceful and inspiring, but also quite stressful as the tourist season reaches its peak and, all of a sudden, a small town doubles its number of citizens,” continues Clatters Machines Co-founder, engineer, electronic designer Michelangelo Nasso. “Those are the moments in which we’re constantly looking for air and a new space that is able to inspire us while calming our nerves! Luckily, we live in a weird region in which a 40-minute drive means the difference between swimming in the sea and hiking at 2000m above sea level, surrounded by semi-barren lands which actually make you forget for a moment that you’re still on planet Earth. One of those magical places is called Monte Sibilla — Sibella Mountain, and our new module tries to pay tribute to it.”

As a stereo digital oscillator, Sibilla’s L/M (left/mono) and R (right) channels are the output stages of two audio feedback loops, each of which is made up of a main sub-sinusoidal wave oscillator and two saw and sine waves with frequencies affected by the generation of (right-channel) harmonics and (left-channel) sub-harmonics. Saying that, though, all of those waves have different phases with respective offsets constantly affected by minor variations created by two pairs of GRAINS randomly fluctuating within the waves’ amplitude spectrum and being sampled at a certain speed.

Thereafter, the waves meet each other at a so-called ‘common point’ — where everything happens and changes continuously — together with two white noise sources, creating constructive and destructive interferences that are affected constantly by two LFO movements. Moreover, such interferences are then run into a resonant low-pass filter and distributed to four different delay lines from where they are finally fed back into the audio loops at different time intervals, depending on the GRAINS movement.

Making it to Sibilla’s summit as an ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones translated from the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain is destined to be a long-lasting musical journey that is as adventurous as it is inspirational in and of itself."

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Introducing the Nord Stage 4

video uploads by nordkeyboards

Playlist (check back for the last three):
1. Introducing the Nord Stage 4 - teaser
2. Julian "J3PO" Pollack showcasing the Nord Stage 4
3. Nord Stage 4: Joshua Domfeh - Mayfair
4. Nord Stage 4: Natalie Tenenbaum - Powerball
5. Nord Stage 4: TimothĂŠe Bakoglu - Roots Like This
6. Nord Stage 4: Amanda Birkenfalk - Stella [live at 11]
7. Nord Stage 4: Dominique Xavier - Just Because [live at 1]
8. Nord Stage 4: Daniel Weatherspoon - Old Town Medley [live at 2:59]

Press Release follows:

A new generation of our iconic flagship series.

With an intuitive new panel design, a premium triple sensor keybed, complete effect sections for each layer and massive enhancements to our award-winning technologies, the Nord Stage 4 sets a new standard.

The Nord Stage 4 features a brand new panel design with dedicated LED faders for each Layer, providing exceptional overview and flexibility when creating sounds and performing live. The new Preset Library is packed with inspiring ready-to-use Piano, Synth and Organ sounds for quick and smooth patch creation.

The Layer Scene lets you seamlessly switch between two different sound setups at the touch of a button. Adding a powerful new Effect section coupled with versatile pedal options and a premium Triple Sensor keybed, the Nord Stage 4 offers a new level of musical expression.


The Nord Stage 4 comes with a new enhanced collection of Grands, Uprights and Electric Pianos from our exclusive Nord Piano Library combined with new features such as Dynamic compression and Unison.


The Synth section with its three independent Layers is based on the powerful Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine, including Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Digital Waves. An extensive new collection of samples from the Nord Sample Library offers a broad sonic palette of Strings, Bass, Choirs, Guitars and much more. The advanced Arpeggiator features new Polyphonic, Gate and Pattern modes and can be used for a huge variety of rhythmic applications with customizable patterns.


The Organ section features our award-winning simulations of B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, classic Vox and Farfisa as well as two Pipe Organ models. All Stage 4 models are equipped with our new Physical drawbars with LED indicators for optimal hands-on experience and overview.


The Nord Stage 4 has a powerful new Effect section offering a complete setup of Effects for each Layer. The extensive range of Effects includes a new Pump effect for tempo synced or pedal controlled side chain modulation, a new Spin effect and brand new variations of Reverb, Delay, Amps and Modulation effects.


The Nord Stage 4 comes in three models:

v Enhanced collection of Uprights, Grands, EPs and more
v Dynamic Compression v Unison feature
v Creative Timbre presets
v Nord Wave 2 Synth Engin
v 3 independent Synth Layer
v Doubled sample memory
v Enhanced samples with Tru-Vibrato, Unison and Round Robin
v Extensive real time control
v Advanced Arpeggiator with Polyphonic, Gate and Pattern mode
v Extern mode for advanced MIDI control
v Award-winning organ simulations of B3, Vox/Farfisa and Pipe Organ model
v Physical drawbars with LED indicator v New B3 Bass mod
v Drawbar Live mod
v Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker with normal or close mic positions
v Dedicated Effect section per Laye
v New Variations for Modulation, Amp, Delay and Reverb Effect
v New Spring, Booth and Cathedral Reverb
v New Pump effect
v New Spin effect
v New Flam and Space Delay

Nord Stage 4 88 with a fully weighted Triple Sensor keybed (A-C) with aftertouch and Physical Drawbars with LED indicators.
Nord Stage 4 73 with a fully weighted Triple Sensor keybed (E-E) with aftertouch and Physical Drawbars with LED indicators.

​Nord Stage 4 Compact with a 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall Triple Sensor keybed (E-E) with aftertouch and Physical Drawbars with LED indicators.



Our new range of premium pedals are equipped with continuous sensors for optimal dynamic control. The left and middle pedals of the Nord Triple Pedal 2 can be assigned to control the Pump effect, Layer Scenes, Program Changes, Rotor Speed and more. Both pedals give you access to the Pedal Noise and Half Damping features of the Piano section.

Nord Triple Pedal 2
v Continuous sensors for maximum control v Pedal Noise and Half Damping
v Can be assigned to control Layer Scene II, Pump, Tap Tempo, Synth Vibrato, Program Up/Dn and Rotor Speed

Nord Single Pedal 2
v Continuous sensor for maximum control
v Pedal Noise and Half Damping
v Can be assigned to control Rotor Speed or used as a Morph source

Friday, December 09, 2022

Obsolescence (Liveset Recorded 12/5/2022)

video upload by Space Town

"(EPILEPSY WARNING: contains flashing rhythmic lights)

it's been a while

finally managed to get around to recording this liveset - nothing was prearranged as per usual, and it was recorded in two takes because of my camera's recording limit (it can't go past 24-ish minutes without stopping)

bandcamp link here:

hardware seen: dirtywave m8 x 2, midi fighter twister
hardware unseen: polyend play (handling MIDI for the lights), TE TX-6 (for recording)"

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Interactive manual for the Pulsar-23

via SOMA Laboratory

"Mastering the interface of a complex semi-modular synth with hundreds of controls and functions onboard is not an easy task even for the most seasoned producer. It’s too much to memorize, and continuously checking the user manual gets annoying and interferes with the creative process. Even with using the search function you still end up scrolling up and down dozens of pages and going back and forth to understand how related features interact, a process that is more fiddly than convenient.

Why does it have to be like that? Instrument manuals - even for complex machines - are still just plain linear text with a structure that doesn't reflect the actual interface or workflow of the product it describes. Despite all the technological advances of our digital age, user manuals are still based on the same principles of how information was organized and accessed in manuscripts from over 2,000 years ago.

It's high time someone changed this! SOMA Labs designed a new and more user-friendly approach to synthesizer manuals that we believe should become the new industry standard, offering unparalleled efficiency and immediate access to relevant information through a visual (touch) interface.

What really is a synth's interface? You can compare it to a territory, like a town or a forest, where we have various objects placed in space. If each control has just one function we can compare it with 2D space, if we have multifunctional controls or menus we can speak about a 3D space. How do you best describe a space to someone else? Of course, with a map! What should a 21st century map be like? Interactive!

SOMA is therefore proud to present its new interactive manual for the PULSAR-23 drum machine, SOMA's most complex synth to date. It consists of a map of the synth’s interface where each element is clickable.

Just click on any button, connector or knob and get its description along with highlighting elements that are connected to or depend on it with the immediate possibility to check what they do.

As PULSAR-23 is a semi-modular instrument, all patching points have suggestions about which other patch points you could connect them to (about 1,000 patching tips!).

So it's also a kind of light patching tutorial.

The concept of interactive manuals can be developed much deeper and better, and we therefore invite our industry colleagues to further develop and refine this approach to user manuals for musical instruments. Let’s make synth manuals more user-friendly, easy to learn and more efficient, lowering the learning curve for new musicians and freeing up users' minds for pure creativity!

Welcome to the world of PULSAR-23!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Dirtywave M8 + Bastl Softpop 2 Jam (Recorded 6/6/22)

video upload by Space Town

"hey everyone! been a minute - we have been very busy with work and travel so I haven't had much time to make videos lately and we are a few days away from leaving for chicago for a few weeks so I wanted to get this lil' jam with the dirtywave m8 and the bastl softpop 2 out quick before we left

i'm still learning the softpop 2! it's my first semi-modular with such an involved patchbay so instead of patching my own stuff I basically stole a patch from soffter demonstrated in the video here:"

Softpop 2 : Secret Waveform Synthesis : Internal Overdrive and More - sofft Ideas

video upload by soffter

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Elektron Officially Introduces the New Syntakt 12 Track Drum Computer and Synthesizer

video upload by Elektron

This post is developing. Check back for new videos and updates below.

Street price appears to be $999. See dealers on the right for availability. In via Alex Timchak.

"We are delighted to announce the release of Syntakt – the 12 track drum computer and synthesizer that fuses digital and analog synthesis together in one music megabox.

Enter this sonic metropolis and experience epic sounds from the past, while pulling others into existence from the future. Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its four analog and eight digital tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too, giving you a musical melting pot with dozens of machines at your disposal.

Affect the sound of each machine with the intuitive and playful graphics. Add analog distortion and filtering to your mix or separate tracks, using the FX block. Run wild and free with the four expressive modifiers. Access a variety of different scales via the keyboard mode. And create dynamic soundscapes with its phenomenal sequencer.

The streets of Syntakt are never-ending, the neon lights are never-dimming, its underground is fathomless. Discover worlds within worlds."

video upload by Elektron

"Syntakt is a sonic metropolis of machines, fusing digital and analog synthesis together in one drum and melody megabox. A 12 track drum computer & synthesizer melting pot like Syntakt needs a majestic guide. Let the intrepid Elin Piel show you around the many features at your disposal."

Baseck Plays : Elektron Syntakt : 12 Track Analog & Digital Synthesizer / Drum Computer

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Elektron's newest device is finally here : The Syntakt ! A 12 Track Synthesizer and Drum Computer!
Let's see how far our friend Baseck can push this new machine.
Grab one NOW :

Read our Signal article dissecting the Syntakt :


Elektron Syntakt : Analog & Digital Synthesizer and Drum Computer : Walkthrough with Mario !

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Our pal Mario from Elektron came down to the Perfect Circuit HQ and walked us through the ins and outs of their newest Synthesizer and Drum Computer : Syntakt

0:00 - Intro & overview
1:30 - Machines & Visual Language
3:27 - Beats To Melt Brains To
3:59 - Modifiers
7:40 - FX Track
11:50 - Outro Jams

Elektron Syntakt Analog & Digital Drum Machine

video upload by Reverb

"Elektron's new instrument, the Syntakt, is a powerful combination of analog drum sounds, digital synthesis, and new performance features not seen on any other Elektron product. In partnership with Elektron, watch as our host Fess breaks down these features."

Getting Started With The Syntakt

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I show you how to use the Elektron Syntakt. This tutorial requires no prior experience with an Elektron product.

Get yourself a Syntakt here and help support the channel at no extra cost to you:

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:"

Syntakt and Octatrack Performance - The Ultimate Duo

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I perform one of my new tracks using the Elektron Syntakt and the Octatrack MK2. All the sounds in this video are from the Syntakt, I am using the Octatrack with my performance template.

Get my Octatrack performance template (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:"

Syntakt Demo and Overview

video upload by Patchwerks

Learn more about the Elektron Syntakt here:

Elektron Syntakt. Techno and Electro Patterns

video upload by Adam Jay

"Some patterns I’ve made with Syntakt. No processing.

Things I love: The machines! The flexibility!

It can be so many things.
8 tracks of Model cycles chord machines with deeper control, 2x LFO per track, full envelopes, dual filters, p-lockable FX track. Or half a Rytm , plus new digital drum synth and bass/lead synth machines.

Or a mix between.

All with a tasty chunk of analog Heat drive, filter, and EG, but p-lockable!

There is an inverted envelope shape in the analog fx that I use as a master compressor. The drive is lovely. I also love using some of the analog kicks with a bandpass filter for textures. Can even get kinda of vinyl pops and clicks out of these.

Can have up to 3 simultaneous analog DVCO machines."

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:35 Overview
4:35 Connectivity
5:30 Project scope
7:05 Panel layout
10:10 Digital machines
17:45 Analog machines
23:10 Analog FX Block
25:15 FX sequencing
26:45 Trig mods
28:50 Sequencing
29:30 Patterns & scales
30:50 Grid rec
31:30 Live rec
31:50 Step rec
32:45 Param locks
34:20 Conditional trigs
35:40 Filters
37:05 LFOs
38:45 Digital FX
39:55 Mixer
40:10 MIDI sequencing
42:00 Sound banks
42:35 Expression
43:20 Misc combos
44:05 Pattern chains
44:45 Pros & cons
48:05 Factory patterns

Elektron Syntakt : Live remake of "The Last V8" - C64 SID chiptune

video upload by tubesockor

"The brand new Elektron Syntakt is here!
I'm doing a brief overview, followed by a SID emulation rendition of Rob Hubbard's theme music for the C64 game 'The Last V8' from 1985. Then it grows into a live jam, using all the 12 digital and analog tracks of the Syntakt, including the features such as analog distortion.

0:00 Intro
1:50 Song starts
3:57 Live jam!"

Full details:

12 Track Drum Computer & Synthesizer

Enter a sonic metropolis with Syntakt. Analog and Digital synthesis. Drum and melody. In full fusion.

All your sound crafting, sequencing, and performance needs are fulfilled, in an all-round music mega box that fits in your lap. Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its four analog and eight digital tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too. Experience epic sounds from the past, pulling others into existence from the future.

The streets of Syntakt are never-ending, the neon lights are never-dimming, its underground is fathomless. Discover worlds within worlds. Adore now. Explore forever.

Meet the machines
There are 35 sound-generating machines to call on, covering a wide range of drum and melodic sounds. Some machines have been reimagined from Analog Rytm and Model:Cycles, with deeper sound control for the latter, while others are entirely new to the world.

For you to create and personalize your sound, we’ve made sure you’ve got a set of parameter controls tailor-made for each machine. They let you quickly tweak the nature of each type of sound, showing you just the relevant options. Comprehensive without being overwhelming. Let loose with analog or digital overdrive, depending on the tracks you’re playing with.

The graphics more than play their part too, with plenty of animated icons offering visual guidance and extra clarity on how each parameter affects the sound. The joys of tweaking shouldn’t only be for the ears after all.

Special effects
Syntakt lets you route any of your synth tracks or external audio sources through the FX block. This gives you analog distortion and filtering, and a couple of LFOs to go to town with. Additionally, you can also call on Delay and Reverb as powerhouse send effects.

And all of the above effects can be sequenced with the FX track. Have them kick in at just the right moment. Add accents and dramatic changes to the selected tracks or external audio. Or use it as a master track for ducking and gating effects.

Modify the moment
Wield a little extra trig craft using the four modifiers, offering four varied levels of expression. Configure the first two modifiers to give you the retrig or velocity behavior you desire, and use the other two to access custom intensities of other parameters. They’re ready for action regardless of which synth track you’re using.

And the best bit is that they don’t just give you that extra playability fun in the here and now, you can also capture the moment by recording to the sequencer.

The keys to the city
Syntakt’s keyboard mode gives you a whole bunch of different scales to play with.

There are some familiar faces and some maybe a little less familiar for you to try out, helping you discover new places and taking things to another level.

Play across a single octave like on a piano keyboard. Or use fold, and have several octaves laid out in front of you.

Deep sound-shaping
Syntakt comes full of filter and envelope goodness. All tracks have a Multimode filter to put to use allowing you to emphasize different parts of your sound, with the digital tracks also able to call on Parametric EQ and a Base-width filter – an additional filter giving you even more sonic control.

Choose from two amplitude envelope types to define the ideal contour of your sound. Try out the ADSR envelope – for your wicked synth lines – or the simpler AHD envelope – perfect for transient percussive sounds.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

TONY's TESTBENCH - Episode 1. Waldorf Microwave XT-K

video upload by Tony Drake

"Episode one of a series of reviews of synthesizers that I come across.

The first synthesizer to get the once-over is a Waldorf XT-K wavetable synthesizer which was loaned to me by Andy D'Alton, an old friend of mine who had just serviced it and replaced the power supply. He was keen for me to put it through its paces, and i was happy to oblige.

The XT-K is gritty, intuitive, and edgy. From simple classic 'analogue' sounding pads, to grungy, to bright, and lots in-between.

A great creative tool, and easy to 'tweak' to create your own original sounds.

This video is not intended to go in-depth into the workings of the synth, but more to give the viewer an overview and a first impression by creating a short musical piece using a random selection of sounds, exclusively found on the XT-K. Detailed specs can always be found online.

Thanks to Andy from FINE TUNED SOLUTIONS. (Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa)

For all your synth and musical instrument repair needs, contact:
Fine Tuned Solutions ( FTS)
Antony Berry
Andy D’Alton
Mark Johnstone
26 white road Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa.
0833095421 - Andy
0825700952 - Mark
0828266055 - Ant

Waldorf Microwave XT-K song composed by Tony Drake.
All sounds recorded as direct audio from the XT-K.++-++"

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Friday, February 11, 2022

New Bragi Modular Wyrd Matrix Mixer with A Questionable Logo

New maker and new module. Note the logo resembles an older Valhalla DSP logo. Below is a message from Sean Costello of Valhalla on the matter.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

via Bragi Modular

WYRD is a compact 4×4 matrix mixer built for performers.

The feature that sets it apart from most other matrix mixers is the performance focused offset fader at the bottom. The fader let’s you offset all four outputs (Marked A-B-C-D) with 5 volts in either positive or negative direction. This way you can set up quite complex modulation chains and then use the fader to affect all outputs. Perfect for live interaction.

WYRD is DC coupled and while it is aimed at mixing CV signals as mentioned above, it works great for audio as well. In case you want to mix audio signals, make sure to place the fader in the center. The fader has a center detent and will null in the middle position, letting you easily disengage it from the outputs.

All high quality components from mechanical parts like the pots and fader, to the electronic componets.

The panel is made of annodized, black aluminium with laser engraved graphics. This combination is very strong, the graphics will never fade or tear.

The small size for a matrix mixer and the very low power consumption makes it the perfect complex mixing source for your live or compact rig.:

Priced at €160,00


And a note from Sean Costello on Gearspace:

Hi! Sean from Valhalla here.

We need to point out that our older logo is:

- still in use
- is still in use in commerce, in the Eurorack space (as pointed out by the photo of the Z-DSP cartridge from Valhalla earlier in the thread)
- and is a registered trademark of Valhalla DSP, LLC.

The US trademark registration number of the old logo is 4681428. The newer helmet logo's registration number is 6567032.

Here's our blog post about the history of our logos. It is worth noting that the helmet logo dates back to 2002, and was first associated with the name "Valhalla" in a Reaktor ensemble from 2003.

Here's one of the listings for the Halls of Valhalla cartridge for the Z-DSP, as being actively sold on a major US modular vendor's website. Notice that the older logo is in use on this product.

One of the things about US trademarks is that they have to be defended in order to retain their legal status. Please consider this a polite public request to change your logo to something that does not closely resemble either of Valhalla DSP's trademarked helmet logos.

It is obvious from the public responses in this thread that people think that your current logo closely resembles our logo, and it would be best to not have the likelihood of confusion around our logo in a market that we both participate in.


Sean Costello


And and Official statement from Bragi Modular in response:

First things first: We definitely have zero bad intentions regarding this matter. We are not looking to step on anyone's toes.

A quick history of our logo and brand: We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, which has a very rich cultural heritage littered with rune stones and history related to the viking period, when the town was also founded. This is something very close to our hearts. Our logo itself is an original illustration by us, inspired by the modern depiction of a viking helmet.

We are currently considering our options and will open up a friendly dialogue with Valhalla DSP to solve this matter.

Thank you for your comments so far in this thread.

Simon & Morten from Bragi Modular"

Friday, July 19, 2019

Old Town Road [Starcourt Mall Remix] SYNTHWAVE COVER

Published on Jul 19, 2019 Ace Waters

"Ain't nobody tell me nothin.

Bisexual Space Magic, my new Synthwave EP is available on all platforms right now! GET IT:"

Monday, April 23, 2018

Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the OB-6 and DAN MOORE – MODULUS III

You can find the full interview on DSI's website here.

"Modulus III is an instrumental live electronica trio based in Bristol, UK and comprised of multi-instrumentalists Dan Moore and Drew Morgan, with drummer Matt Brown. The trio recorded their self-titled debut LP at a live performance in their home town of Bristol. The resulting record was released in 2018 on vinyl, CD and digital.

Despite having the chops of top-level session instrumentalists, Modulus III’s musical manifesto is a reaction against the tendency for virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake in a lot of modern/nu jazz, and is more philosophically akin with the post-Sun Ra-esque aspirations of fellow post-jazz, electronica space cadets such as The Comet Is Coming, the hypnotic, polyrhythmic explorations of Steve Reich, and the expansive, improvisatory ethos of early 70’s Miles Davis. We chatted with Dan about how he’s using the OB-6."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

New Eurorack Modular Maker Møffenzeef Mødular Introduces New Open Source Module

Published on Mar 29, 2016 Møffenzeef Mødular

We have a new eurorack manufacturer in town. The above are the promo videos for their Genetically Mødified Øscillatør (GMØ). Further below you'll find details and audio demos captured for alternate firmwares for the module - Møngrel & Bøbcat.

1. GMØ prøductiøn begins!
2. GMØ NØØDLE SESH - Two GMØ's: 1 tabla bank, 1 snare bank. Support modules: 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier, Synthrotek DS-M, Hex Inverter Mutant Clap, Make Noise DPO & Phonogene, Music Thing Modular Radio Music.

Details via Møffenzeef Mødular:

"The Genetically Mødified Øscillatør (GMØ) is an øpen søurce, lø-fi, digital, esøteric drum mødule. Rather than taking a “set it and førget it” apprøach to drum synthesis, the GMØ is øutfit with cømplete bipølar CV cøntrøl øver every parameter. The user can dial in everything frøm micrøsøund blips, tø drawn øut gøngs, tø screeching mutated beasts. When in løøping møde the GMØ can be viewed as a mutated VCØ, cømbining the best elements øf granular and wavetable synthesis. Its løw resølutiøn øutput means løts øf side-band mødulatiøn, nøise, and møst impørtantly: character. This beast is best understøød in practice rather than in theøry."
















"The Møngrel is an alternate firmware of the G.M.Ø that can be døwnløaded via øur github and upløaded øntø the mødule. The Møngrel is the dirtiest and mangiest øf døgs... the type øf døg yøu just want tø smack! We dare yøu tø kick øur møngrel and make its tail gø in between its legs (this will change the decay time). By varying the amøunt it yips and yaps, the user can tweak the pitch øf its twø ønbøard øscillatørs. Each øf these øscillatørs are summed intø a ring mødulatør, which lets the user dial in juuuuust the right amøunt øf grrrøwl før that freaky, funky, space yøwl. Flip the “snarl” switch and make that møngrel yelp its timbre frøm sine tø square. (Møffenzeef Mødular døes nøt cøndøne animal abuse. But we dø encøurage wicked experimentatiøn with øur mødules.)"














"The Bøbcat is an alternate firmware of the G.M.Ø that can be døwnløaded via øur github and upløaded øntø the mødule. The Bøbcat is an ex-løver øf the GMØ’s and a cløse cøusin tø the Møngrel. Øutfitted with twø channels øf decaying digital nøise, this mødule is a nice, simple additiøn tø any drum synth setup. Simply feed it twø trigger søurces and bask in the gnarly hissing gløry. If yøu feel sø inclined–and need the extra gnar–flip the “snarl” switch tø gø frøm alley cat screeches tø guttural møans."




“HISS”: CØNTRØLS PITCH (0.01% - 300%)








You'll find additional information at

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Space Frontier (JU-06,JX-03,XR-20,Reface DX,Volcas)

Published on Oct 29, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"You beat the Dalton Gang......But you know there will always be another. For the time being, you get to fly off tword the sun and another day. Another game of poker. A different town.
This is a little more down beat compared to the last video, but with the same set-up. More of the DX sound as an into.Thanks for watching and listening!

Gear list:
Roland Boutique JU-06 (Strymon BigSky)
Roland Boutique JX-03 (DigiTech Polara Reverb‎)
Yamaha Reface DX
Korg Volca Keys (TCE HoF reverb/Korg Kp3 pad)
Korg Volca Bass (Kp2 mini)
Akai XR-20
Arturia Beatstep Pro x2
Behringer Eurorack Pro/Ultragain Pro rack units
BBE MaxCom rack unit
Audacity (recording)
Slate Digital VTM/VMR
Presonus One ver2 (mastering)"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Space Western (Roland Boutique JU-06/JX-03,Reface DX,Korg Volca)

Published on Oct 25, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"Time,12:00 noon universal space time. The place, frontier town on Ganymede( Jupiter, and the solar systems largest moon). You called out the "Dalton Gang" for cheating in a hand of poker, and now it's time to collect. Lets see how they fancy our new mechanized armored suit. These mag-lev train robbers have finally met their match.
Somehow, the Yamaha reface DX was able to make a harmonica sounding patch...and it had to be used. Joined by a few Korg Volcas and Roland Boutiques. Thanks for watching and listening!
Gear list:
Roland Boutique JU-06 (Strymon BigSky)
Roland Boutique JX-03 (DigiTech Polara Reverb‎)
Yamaha Reface DX
Korg Volca Keys (TCE HoF reverb/Korg Kp3 pad)
Korg Volca Bass (Kp2 mini)
Akai XR-20
Arturia Beatstep Pro x2
Behringer Eurorack Pro/Ultragain Pro rack units
BBE MaxCom rack unit
Audacity (recording)
Slate Digital VTM/VMR
Presonus One ver2 (mastering)"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Commodore Amiga!

The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 1 - mixed by DJ Arvy (The Old-School Classics Edition)

Published on Jun 11, 2013 DJ Arvy

The Commodore Amiga turns 30 today! via Boing Boing


1. The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 1 - mixed by DJ Arvy (The Old-School Classics Edition)
"A non-stop DJ Continous Mix featuring some of the greatest and most popular Soundtracks from the early 90s Old School Amiga Demos.

0:05 "Deep Space" by Greg (from "Odyssey" by Alcatraz, 1992)
0:45 "Stardust Memories" by Jester (from "World of Commodore" by Sanity, 1992)
4:15 "Part6" by Greg (from "Odyssey" by Alcatraz, 1992)
6:35 "Hyperbased" by Firefox & Tip (from "Enigma" by Phenomena, 1991)
11:19 "Checknobankh" by Laxity (from "Desert Dream" by Kefrens, 1993)
14:25 "Elysium" by Jester (from "Elysium" by Sanity, 1991)
17:50 "Vite and Plack" by Virgill (from "Interference" by Sanity, 1993)
21:41 "Part3" by Greg (from "Odyssey" by Alcatraz, 1992)
23:21 "Overload" by Firefox & Tip (from "Voyage" by Razor 1911, 1991)
29:30 "Nagual Dance" by Jugi (from "Paradigma" by Complex, 1993)
33:35 "Demomodul#3" by Laxity (from "Desert Dream" by Kefrens, 1993)
37:55 "Cyberride" by Jester (from "Extension" by Pygmy Projects, 1993)
42:16 "A nice Day for a Walk" by Julius / Mad Freak (from "3D Demo II" by Anarchy, 1992)

Free MP3-Download at soundcloud:"

2. The Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 2 - mixed by DJ Arvy (Old Skool) ft. Mods by Moby, Laxity and more

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Analog Hardware Keyboard Synthesizers from Artisan Electronic Instruments

Published on Mar 16, 2015 Michael Bachman

"Introduction to the Artisan Electronic Instruments Baroque Synthesizer"

It looks like we have a new hardware manufacturer in town.  Above are three demos of the new Artisan Electronic Instruments Baroque synthesizer. You'll find three SoundCloud demos below. Further down you'll find a concept image of the "Victorian" mono synthesizer keyboard and teaser pics for what appears to be a desktop synthesizer and a eurorack module.

The Baroque as you can see is near completion. It features an all analog signal path with dual oscillators and 4-pole lowpass filter, VCA with digital envelopes, noise (able to be pitch modulated), patch memory, and an extensive modulation system with the ability to bitcrush modifiers - 3 Envs, 4 LFOs with 7 waveforms, nine modulation paths with 18 modulators to chose from.  All knobs positions are patchable and recordable. At the end of the first video he mentions the Baroque should be completed in the next couple of months, he is considering making a version without a keyboard and potentially smaller versions (see concept pic further below), and finally the Baroque will be able to be converted into a polyphonic version using smaller internal boards (pics of the current boards below).

Some pics & additional details:

The Baroque

"All Analog Dual Oscillator, Dual Sub-Osc, 4 Pole LP Filter and VCA sound path with 18+ modulators and modifiers.

40 knobs, 48 switches and/or LEDs, 4 LCD displays
CV and Trigger outs
Midi- In and Out plus a poly-chain bus."

The guts consist of the "Ottava (left) and Maestro (middle) [which] fit perfectly inside the Baroque Synthesizer.. with space for Rondo... the keyboard scanner is in the far right."

The Ottava is the analog voice source with digital noise (diagram below), and the Maestro appears to be the digital modulation source.

All wired up.

Ottava Block Diagram ... Analog Signal Path

Panel overlay below.

The "Victorian"

"All analog dual oscillator monophonic synthesizer with on-board analog delay effects and unique hand-built circuits. Custom built curved control panel and back, oak side and case. 4 octave touch sensitive keyboard."

Upcoming desktop synthesizer?

Upcoming eurorack module.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Rhythm Lab - New Polyrhythmic Analog & MIDI Rhythm Sequencer From In Orbit Laboratories

We have a new hardware manufacturer in town, In Orbit Laboratories. Their first product is The Rhythm Lab, a standalone hardware rhythm sequencer with simultaneous MIDI & analog outputs. The following is the current feature list:

17 analog:
8 channel outputs
4 dedicated boolean logic outputs
4 trigger delay/clock divider outputs
1 clock out

16 midi:
8 channel outputs
4 dedicated boolean logic outputs
4 trigger delay/clock divider outputs

Memory space for 1158 patterns
Midi Velocity sequencer tracks per channel
3 x Multi-Flam sequencer tracks per channel

Link up to 12 patterns per channel for sequence lengths of between 1 and 192 steps per channel for detailed arangements and polyrhythms

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Todd Barton Butoh for Easels

via Todd Barton

"I'm proud to announce the premiere performance of my new piece, Butoh for Easels. On Friday, Nov. 7 at 11 a.m. at the Schneider Museum of Art on the campus of Southern Oregon University I will be joined by three amazing synthesists: Bruce Bayard, Eden Mononym and Adam Scramstad to perform this piece for 4 Buchla Music Easels (analog synthesizers) in quadraphonic sound space. This is part of our ongoing series: Quadraphonic: Space and Metaphor Not since the 1970’s group, The Electric Weasel Ensemble spearheaded by Don Buchla and Allen Strange, have this many Music Easels been seen and heard in a single performance space. This new composition was created for the reverberant acoustic of the Schneider Museum coupled with a quadraphonic surround-sound system. This will be a unique sonic experience! I know many of you on this list are from out of town and won't be able to be here, but I hope to have good video and audio of the performance available. If you are in town I encourage you to make it -- there is nothing like quadraphonic sound LIVE! Also, there will be exciting solo performances by Eden, Bruce and Adam!

all best wishes,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VGM #19 - Lavender Town (Pokemon Blue/Red) Ft. The Tuesday Night Machines

Published on Oct 28, 2014 MotiveMakesaMan Music


Check out The Tuesday Night Machines:

Getting spooky for this weeks VGM. I have never been a huge Pokemon player, but when I heard this song and all the folklore behind it, I had to give it a go. Ft. Some crazy contraptions by my friend Felix of The Tuesday Night Machines!


DSI Tempest
DSI Prophet 08
Korg DSN-12 (On 3DS)
Arturia Microbrute
Moog Little Phatty
Korg KP3
Kurzweil PC3X

FraAngelico Arduino Synth
AUFX: Space Reverb (Phone App)
Koma Kommander
Eurorack Noise Box
Other Eurorack devices
Arturia Microbrute"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Buchla modular system- Hellish Winter

Published on Jun 12, 2014 Cray·200 videos

Dark Buchla sounds are all around. Pollution. Are you coming to my town?

Buchla Lost Code Request

Buchla modular System with Buchla Music Easel and Eventide Space


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