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Monday, July 26, 2010

John Bowen and the Solaris at the PNW Synth Gathering 2010

YouTube via matrixsynth | July 26, 2010

"John Bowen goes over his Solaris synth at the Pacific Northwest Synthesizer Gathering 2010."

Note: I unfortunately arrived late and missed some of John's presentation. These and the upcoming videos for the event are meant to give those that could not make it, a sense of what the Pacific Northwest Synth Gathering was like. None of the presentations are scripted, at least I don't think they are. :) Just a group of like-minded individuals getting together to appreciate everything synth. More videos will follow. Many will be edited. Be sure to see the pnw2010 label below for more including pics of the event.

PNW Synth Gathering 2010 by Juliana Jaeger

more pics on Facebook here.

Gorillabox 6U and 12U Now Available in Gorillabox Store

LoFi Freq Demo

YouTube via LofiFreq | July 26, 2010

Note the items for sale below!
"A quick demo of the Glamour analog synth and Frostwave decimation device.
King capitol punishment glamour box
& The Frostwave Sonic Alienator"

via LofiFreq who has the following for sale in Los Angeles:
Frostwave Sonic Alienator - $500 Rare
Subdecay Echo Box ( all White v1 with modulation ) - $150
King capital Punishment Glamour Box - $300 - NIB
Drum Fire DF500 ANALOG drum trigger system
If interested you can contact him at lofi.freq at

Roland Re 150 Space Echo

via this auction

Yamaha CS 10

via this auction

Fairlight CMI, Roland JX10, Prophet 5, Roland D-50 & much more

YouTube via bitleyTM | July 26, 2010

"A little demo playing through the refills produced until now. Including a short demo (a longer is available on my profile) of the just released "The Prophet" refill including all of the Prophet 5 factory patches, sampled from a rev 3.2 Prophet 5. Also showcasing some of the free refills that are included with the commercial ones as nice little extras."

Dewanatron - Stirred, not shaken

YouTube via bigcitymusic | July 26, 2010

"Here is the incomparable Dewanatron Triple Slice eurorack module being modulated with the Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator. We start out with the SINE VOLUME all the way down, then push it up full.

We are controlling the amount of STIR in the Triple Slice with the mod wheel on the Analogue Systems rs600 Performance Wheels module, which controls the amount of LFO. We start the video with no STIR, then add a little at slow and medium speed. The Triple Slice sounds beautiful straight, but really comes alive with a bit of STIR added!"

1981 Linn LM-1 Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the write-up.

Note the NAMM reference to the right of the Linn name/logo: "See us at NAMM Chicago, Booth 709, June 27-30, 1981"

TRON & MOOG (1982 & 2010)

via @moogmusicinc via Newdust

Wendy Carlos' Moog modular
Daft Punk's dual Voyager RMEs

click the image for the full size shot.

072510 Somewhat Melodic Buchla 200e

YouTube via dkimcg | July 26, 2010

"tinkering around with the tetramaps sequencing the 200e through MIDI. pretty simple patch."

Future Retro 777

flickr set by thefrazh
(click for more)

via this auction

Atari Punk Organ

flickr by armenws

"squarewave piano.

working, but not finished."

Analog playground - after 30 years - by Alba Ecstasy

YouTube via adimsimion | July 26, 2010

"For the old time's sake. All sounds are created by Alba Ecstasy."
Various synth pics.

HSS2e Bonus4&5 instructions

YouTube via ggijs | July 26, 2010

"1. program bonus4
2. program bonus5
3. hss2 bonus4 and bonus5 with boss dd-5"

Sonic Explosion Giveaway Winner!

YouTube via MoogMusicInc | July 26, 2010

"Rosser, a Moog service technician, announces this weeks winner of the Sonic Explosion Giveaway. The winner got their Moog Guitar demo at Edlerly Instruments in Lansiong, MI.

We're giving away 4 more Moogerfoogers over the next 4 weeks!

Stop by your local authorized and participating US Moog Guitar Dealer for a demo of The Moog Guitar & receive a stylish Moog sweatband, while supplies last.

While you're there, write the best Moog Guitar Sonic Explosion experience for a chance to win an MF-102 Ring Modulator. There's a winner every week!

Buy A Moog Guitar during the Sonic Explosion Giveaway and be automatically entered for a chance to win the Sonic Explosion Pedal Board from Moog."

Sonic Explosion Giveaway MF-102 Winner!!

"David, a Moog Music Production Team member, announces this weeks winner of the Sonic Explosion Giveaway. The winner got their Moog Guitar demo at Apple Music in Portland, OR."

"Marquita, Moog Music's Production Manager, announces this weeks winner of the Sonic Explosion Giveaway. The winner got their Moog Guitar demo at Fat Tone Guitars in Northbrook, IL!"

"Robert, a Moog Taurus 3 Craftsman announces this weeks winner of the Sonic Explosion Giveaway. The winner got their Moog Guitar demo at Corner Music in Nashville, TN!"

I wasn't planning on posting every single one of these, but I think I will. It's kind of interesting from a historical perspective. These are some of the people working at Moog Music creating the gear we love. Click here for all posts mentioning the Sonic Explosion Giveaway and here for one more. That last one didn't initially mention "Sonic Explosion Giveaway" so it didn't come up in the search.

Update via Hawker in the comments: week 1 here:

Sonic Explosion :: Moogerfooger Winner Week 1

TsacBam tweaking

YouTube via stereoping | July 26, 2010

TsacBam demosong


YouTube via kowloonmusicbuero | July 26, 2010

Roland MKS-80 demo

YouTube via mmmimiii | January 30, 2010

A demo of the Roland MKS-80 synthesizer module."

Roland MKS-80

via this auction

Access Virus TI Snow

via this auction

see the seller's other items as well.

(click for full details on the event)


flickr by curvetheory

Crazy for Roland

via Boeuf stroganoff

"How stupid can you be with Roland stuff while tipsy? I almost smashed my 808 and my SH-02 that night..."

MIDI Bass - "Out of a Clear Blue Sky" - Bobby Sirkin

YouTube via bobbysirkin | April 19, 2010

"Bobby Sirkin plays Industrial Radio MIDI bass"

MIDI Bass - "Walk in the Waves" - Bobby Sirkin

bobbysirkin | May 09, 2010

"Played live, no sequencing! Bobby Sirkin plays Industrial Radio MIDI bass. 4 layers individually & together..."

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

via this auction

Pro One Functionality Demo

YouTube via selectimputor | June 15, 2010

"Sequential Circuits Pro One - J wire version. Serial # 91"


via this auction


via this auction

Peavey DPM Spectrum Bass Synth Module

via this auction


via this auction

KORG Rythm 55B

via this auction


flickr by Easy Skywalker
"Sound comes from the Commodore APC, through the Superlectron pong-console robo-voice-distortion and then through the Audio Sonic pong-console filter. The last one is based on the Hilltree-filter [video below], with some small modifications."

YouTube via hilltree | July 04, 2010

"This is a test video of my hilltreefilter for the dutch synthforum. For the rest of the world... this is a cheap and easy to make diy filter.It works on line level so you can make it as a module or a stompbox. See for more projects ,or the schematics of this project, my site."

Yamaha EX1

YouTube via buddhashake | July 25, 2010

"The Yamaha Electone EX1 Analog Organ/Synth
This is one of only 10 ever made. Chuck rescued this from a church, they had already thrown out the other Speaker! Just stitting down to it for the first time and checking out all the settings on this beast, chuck shows me just a little of what it can do, will have a video tour of this beast when I have the time."

Parallax-David Lovelace-Hexagon-The Red Door-July 2010

YouTube via localbandreview | July 26, 2010

"Another video from David Lovelace from Thursday's Open Mic night at The Red Door.

Facebook Fan Page:

Driven's website:"
Custom Tron Red Roland keytar.

Sequenzerlines of the GRP A 8 ( Italian Monosynth)

YouTube via Synthiefrau | July 26, 2010

"Hi lovely Synthfolks, excuse my Soundquality but I don`t check it up how I make it better;-))) I only record it with my camera.

So, this is a little Sequenz with the GRP A 8, the Monosynth from Italy (Roma). I love this Synth because it`s a very imposing boy;-))))"

Hot sands (Tassman 4)

YouTube via GruithuisenCityMan | July 26, 2010

"Hello ! My name is Frederic Gerchambeau. I have made this movie and this music. The music has been made entirely with the Tassman 4 in one take. Enjoy !"

Summer 2010 setup

YouTube via henrikbjorkk | July 26, 2010

"Just a quick shot of my homestudio between 'real' recording sessions..."
* Nordvargr
* studio
* Harvestman
* Make
* Noise

TR-606 Multiple trigger out

YouTube via denha | July 26, 2010

"Added the individual trigger output in TR-606."
That's an Ultimate Sound ULT-Sound DS-4 on the left. See this post for reference.

Update: other synths: YAMAHA STAGEA ELS-01 and SYNDRUM CLONE

Roland D-50: replacing volume switch board. PT.1

YouTube via TheSynthFreq | July 24, 2010

"Hi. This is a short video of the process of replacing a volume switch board in the Roland D-50. On my D-50, the volume/bender board was faulty and would either cut out the sound altogether if I tried to change the volume, or it would crackle with any kind of volume change. So, my friend had found a "donor" D-50 volume switch board and since being replaced, it works perfectly, like a new synth. D-50 is a happy synth. :)
I am going to have to get used to being able to change the volume normally, not with the [patch edit] + [output volume], then [inc/dec] all the time. lol

(Please excuse my horrible explanations! ) lol

Please enjoy.
:) TSF"

Roland D-50: volume switch board replacement PT.2

"Hi. Here is part two of the D-50 volume/pitch bend board replacement.
This video is basic and just shows the keybed and main board already in place. I am finishing up the main board replacing and D-50 is almost completely back to its happy synthesizer self. lol :)"

D-50 Volume board replacement, result. PT.3


YouTube via panote09 | July 26, 2010

panote09 on Ebay


Harmless Part One - Introduction and Interface Overview

YouTube via imageline | July 25, 2010

"Introduction and Interface Overview for Image Line's Harmless Software Synth

For more information and links see the bottom of our News blog here..."

Harmless Part Two - Sound Generation One

"Introduction into Sound Generation and the Timbre section in Image Line's Harmless Software Synth."

Harmless Part Three - Sound Generation Two

push pull 5: effects quick test

YouTube via coloringpad

see this post for details.

push pull 4: gating

Circuit Bent Speak and Math Vintage Glitch Synth w/LFO PART I

YouTube via radial77 | July 25, 2010

via this auction
"This is a carefully designed Circuit Bent instrument. The unit functions as normal, but includes the following added modifications for glitch synthy/drone bliss:

* Activation Toggle with LED Indicator
* Rate Knob
* Shape Knob
* Depth Knob
* Dual Mode Speed Toggle
* Ramp/Shape Mode Activation Toggle
* Square Wave Generator

* Activation Toggle
* High/Low Adjustment Knob

* Short Loop Repeater Toggle
* Short Loop Repeater/Random Glitch Adjustment Knob
* Momentary Voice Hold Button
* Momentary Voice Hold Lock Toggle

Other Glitch/Effects:
* Distortion Activation Toggle
* Short Incantor Glitch Toggle

* Sound Activated Blue LED indicator
* Factory Speaker ON/OFF Toggle
* 1/4" Mono Output Jack for Routing to External Amp/Mixer/DAW/Etc.
* Volume Knob (Global)
* Master Power/Reset Toggle
* 2 Guitar Strap Buttons/Hooks

The unit is powered by 4 "C" batteries, which are not included to save on shipping weight. Untested with power supply, so use at your own risk."

Circuit bent Casio MT-240 w/ rebote delay and Guvnor built in

YouTube via wotatwaat | July 25, 2010

"Running a clean guitar into the keyboard at the start. No external effects to keyboard or guitar
Put a rebote delay with a few mods into a casio mt 240. Also put a guvnor clone in to add overdrive and tonal control. They are patchable so you can run external audio through it and can change the signal flow. Extra pitch control added, with lfo to modulate it. 15 bends added to glitch it out. Thanks to tonepad, whose rebote and guvnor was based on."

Aurora Sound Studio HD

YouTube via 4pockets | July 26, 2010

"A quick overview of what you can do with Aurora Sound Studio HD, the music and light sequencing app for the iPad."
iPads on Ebay

Erebus - Free VST synth -

YouTube via vstplanet | July 26, 2010

"Erebus -

RAM (Random Audio Madness) for Reason 4

YouTube via Phisequence | July 25, 2010

"The RAM (Random Audio Madness) system is a modular synthesis system used within Reason 4 or Reason+Record 1.0 and above where you can load your own sounds, and then process them through a series of effects that resemble insanity in a can. Enable or disable any effect, and then shape the sound using the other rotaries and buttons."

Arturia ARP2600 V Sounds

YouTube via KidNepro | July 25, 2010

"New sounds for the Arturia ARP2600 V now available at: Music & Video: Steve Proto ©1984-2010 - Kid Nepro Productions"

Chiddy Bang on RjDj Moovz

YouTube via RjDjme | July 26, 2010

"Chiddy Bang demo 'Nothing on We' on RjDj Moovz - the crazy new freestyling sensation from RjDj. Get this amazing app FREE here :"

Wersi Mk1

via this auction


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