MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

How to import samples into Patterning plus free Moog drums

Published on Aug 21, 2015 ipadloops

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

"The following video demonstrates a "how to" guide to get you importing your own samples into Olympia Noise Co Patterning drum machine app for iPad. You can also download a free set of Moog drum samples that I designed on my Moog Voyager. Use the link below in the AudioShare app as show in the video to download the zip file and unpack it on your iPad.


Open AudioShare and copy the above url into the open from web browser option then extract the zip.

Now move on over to Patterning and hit the sample waveform to open the sample page then hit import. Choose open with AudioShare.

Your iPad will automatically switch to AudioShare. Select the sound then hit the blue import to Patterning button."

Elektron Sidstation SN J50201361-81

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda Synthesizer SN A60650016

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave I REV A Vintage Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XTK

via this auction

There is a second one with a warped body listed here.

Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

Red Alert (modular synthesis session)

Published on Aug 21, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Really loving the combo of the Morphing Terrarium with the Oakley Diode Superladder. Lots of CV sources manipulating everything, including white noise through a Polyvoks filter for atmospheric swooshing."

Patterning In Depth : Standard Loop Mode

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Olympia Noise Co.

"Learn about using Patterning's standard loop mode to create sequences."

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

New L.C.F Industries Reptilian: VC Distortion

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Ethermask

"Quick example of the Reptilian module. A voltage controlled distortion/waveshaper. Learn more at"

"The Reptilian! A voltage controlled distortion/waveshaper. It uses crossover distortion to add harmonics and distort/shape the incoming signal in interesting ways.

Shift: This sets the initial crossover distortion amount by offsetting the positive and negative peaks to their opposites.

Bias-X: Adds harmonics to the signal with another stage of cross-over distortion. The harmonics are sweepable.

CV: The Bias-X can be voltage controlled.

Level: Boosts and cuts the output signal. Center is unity.

Lowpass: A passive lowpass to the incoming signal. Helpful with square waveforms, that are usually absent of of a defined crossover point to the signal."

More Arp

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Chris Montanaro

"Pictures of the lovely Arp Odyssey 2800 being resurrected and then sequenced in a short song inspired by the restoration."

EDP Wasp analogue synthesizer

via this auction

"EDP Wasp in great condition and fully functioning

These are very rare, particularly in this condition, this one is in good working order and ready to work.

It really is black and yellow too, just like the insect it is named after. Probably its most distinguishing feature is the 2-octave keyboard which uses non-moving touch-sensitive keys. The flat little keys are sensitive only to your electro-static touch. It's a nifty technology for 1978."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 3.3 w/Midi SN 5609

via this auction

"This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has been fully serviced and has had some restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! Also, as the title says, this one is a Rev 3.3 with 120 programs and has factory midi..."

Korg Sigma KP-30 SN 241805

via this auction

"This little beauty is in good working order and still sounds great. It does looks good for its age and is very collectable as only 1000 were made in 1979. It has a few scuffs on the wooden edges and the tops to the joysticks are missing, which does not effect their operation, (please see photo's)."

Roland aira with jx3p and waldorf q

Published on Aug 21, 2015 MrArtYoung

"Jam with my new jx3p"

Moog Music's Mike Adams: Remembering Bob Moog on the Anniversary of His Passing

via Moog Music:

"When Bob was alive, we had lunch every Friday afternoon. About 11 years ago, we sat down at the Fish House on Tunnel Road and I told him that it looked like Moog Music was finally a healthy company - we were profitable, orders were coming in faster than we could ship them out, and we had built up a healthy backlog. Bob teared up and said, "Mike, I've never been a part of a company that was able to provide stability for its employees and their families." It's been more than a decade since that conversation, but that day and those words still resonate.

I know that when Bob passed away he was confident that his company was in good hands. I wish more than anything that he was here to see how we have grown, and that our employees are not only being provided for today, but that they are now employee owners and will be provided for in retirement as well.

Bob, we miss you and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. You always told me that the music business is special and that it is an honor to do the work we do. I feel that more today than ever before. You also told me that our customers are passionate and creative, and that it is our job to fuel that passion and creativity. Those words still inform every decision we make, and inspire the love and care with which we produce the instruments that bear your name.

I can't believe it's been ten years since we've had lunch together. If we were able to speak today, I know that you would be most interested in our vision for the next ten years. It is because of your guidance that we have such a bright path ahead of us. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your enduring legacy.

Thank you, Bob. We can never say that enough.

Your friend,

Mike Adams
President & CEO

The Bob Moog Foundation: Reflecting on Bob's 10 Year Absence

via The Bob Moog Foundation

"August 21, 2015 - Today marks the 10th anniversary of Bob's passing, and, in turn, the ninth anniversary of the Bob Moog Foundation. It's a poignant moment to reflect on a legacy that inspired generations, transcended musical genres, and served as the wellspring of creativity and humanity that spawned the Bob Moog Foundation.

Over the last almost decade, the Foundation has evolved from a grassroots, all-volunteer effort to an acclaimed organization pushing new boundaries in the field of science education and archival preservation. Over the past four years we have spearheaded an innovative 10-week science curriculum, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, teaching nearly 5,000 children and 100 teachers about the science of sound. First implemented in North Carolina, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool is preparing to expand to the west coast in the next year, with an eye toward nationwide expansion over the next three to five years.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported our work throughout the years. Our success is your success. Every inspired child and teacher, every rescued schematic and prototype. Together we carry on the legacy of Bob Moog."

Bob Moog Foundation Announces Raffle for Vintage Minimoog Synthesizer SN 2120

"Today the Bob Moog Foundation launches a raffle for a much sought after vintage Minimoog® synthesizer. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Foundation's educational and historic preservation projects. Tickets to enter the raffle are $20 each, or 6 for $100 and can be purchased through the Foundation's website. The raffle, which is open internationally, closes at midnight on September 30, 2015. Only 2,000 tickets will be sold.

The Minimoog Model D being offered, serial number 2120, was built at Moog Music's Williamsville, NY factory in the early 1970s. It is in excellent technical and physical condition and has been serviced by a technician with expertise in Minimoogs. The instrument has been modified, although the modifications have been disabled to preserve and maintain the integrity of the instrument.

The Minimoog Model D is widely regarded as the most iconic synthesizer of all time, and was so recognized in an international voters' poll by When released in 1970, it represented a musical and technological revolution due to its combination of portability, affordability, accessible user interface, and innovative sounds and functions. Its robust construction has allowed the instrument to withstand the test of time. Minimoog Model Ds are coveted by synthesizer enthusiasts and regularly sell on eBay for $4,000-$7,000.

The Bob Moog Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded upon Moog's passing in 2005 to carry his legacy forward to future generations. The Foundation's mission is to ignite creativity through the intersection of science, music, and innovation. Its projects include Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, a 10-week innovative curriculum that teaches children about the science of sound through music and technology, and the Archive Preservation Initiative, through which the organization protects, preserves, and shares the vast materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent non-profit and is not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc."

Ciate-Lonbarde Shnth Kits for Patterning

Shnth Kits for Patterning from _|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\_ on Vimeo.

"Plumbutter for your iPad?!?!
The new app Patterning by Olympia Noise Co includes two really slick Shbobo Shnth Kits- 'ShnthDrum' & 'ShnthString'. This is a quick preview. Many thanks to Steve and Peter!"

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

" Often described as the 'Rolls Royce of Analog Synths', there is nothing quite like it and it is quite a rare find, especially in this condition. There were only about 350 made. The original development team at Sequential in the United States said "they felt it was the best synth Sequential ever made, and that there were only around 350 Prophet T8s ever made", making them amongst the rarest, and therefore most collectable, of the large analogue synthesizers of the early '80s.

A monstrous 8 voice polysynth from SCI! The T8 has a very fat Prophet-5-like tone. This synth adds many illustrious new features (for its time) such as full MIDI implementation, 76 full size weighted keys with velocity and aftertouch, split/layer double/unison keyboard modes, and a simple but useful real-time sequencer. The new keyboard features many dynamics enhancements, ie: aftertouch can affect pitch, level, filter or the LFO. It was Sequential's finest analog synthesizer. Digital control of analog sound with an extremely flexible, intuitive and beautiful design - right down to the wood panels!"

Thre Moog Sub 37 Tracks by onito974

Published on Mar 4, 2015 onito974


1. Black Joke Air - Inside (Original Mix) - gear: Moog Sub 37, Nord Modular G2, Nord Drum 2, Oto Biscuit, Eventide Pitch Factor, Eventide Time Factor, Ableton Live 9 and Push Recording live the synth with midi sample audio..."

2. Black Joke Air - Time (Original Mix) - Gear: Moog Sub 37, Nord Modular G2, Moog Slim Phatty, Nord Drum 2, Eventide Pitch Factor, Eventide Time Factor, Jomox T Resonator 2, Oto Biscuit, Line6 Echo Pro, Electro Harmonix Step Program

3. Madhuventi Improvisation - Moog Sub 37 Sequencer -"Moog Sub 37 Sequencer on Raga Madhuventi, improvisation live overdub on Moog Sub 37 Sequencer drums sound sequence by Ableton Live 9 to Nord Drum 2, with a little reverb on Jomox T Resonnator II"

RELOAD Live Mixes

Published on Jul 16, 2015 onito974

"RELOAD - #01 - Electronic Project Live Acid Mix

Moog Sub37 - Elektron Analog Key
MFB Tanzbar - Elektron Octatrack
OTO Biscuit - Eventide Pitch Factor
Strymon Big Sky - Moog MF104M - MF103"

RELOAD - #02 Live Mix

Published on Jul 18, 2015

"Electronic Live Performance - RELOAD - #02

Moog Sub37 - Moog MF104M - MF103
Elektron Analog Key - Elektron Octatrack
MFB Tanzbar
Eventide Pitch Factor - Strymon Big Sky
Only hardware, no computer"

RELOAD - #05

Published on Jun 13, 2015

"RELOAD - #05 - Electronic PeaceFull Beat Music

Clavia Nord Stage 2 - Shruthi - Eventide Time Factor - MTRX8
Elektron Analog Keys - Elektron Octatrack - MFB Tanzbar
Dave Smith Tetra"

Black Joke Air - MiniBend

Published on Mar 30, 2015 onito974

Electronic Peacefull Beats Music
TR606 CircuitBend and Casio SK-1 Circuit Bend
made by Alienized Circuits

Effects on TR606 CircuitBend - Eventide Pitch Factor - Oto Biscuit
Effects on Casio SK-1 - Eventide Time Factor

Telmark Multimode Analog Filter In Band Pass Mode With TipTop Audio Z3000 Square Wave

Published on Aug 21, 2015 darksideothetune

"First running a a negative saw, then a positive. Also run a sine through the Z3K'S PWM."

SH-101 + MS-10 + Volca Beats + KaossPad = Telegraph Hill Lobster

Published on Aug 21, 2015 n3bsvid

"[ ]

A random little minimal jam featuring some weird vocal samples. For some reason the words "where is the lobster?" came to my head when I heard the drum beat. The SH-101 is "synced" to the volca beats.

Roland SH-101
Korg MS-10
Korg Volca Beats
Korg KaossPad

ValhallaDSP VintageVerb
Ableton Live stock plugins for 'mastering'"


via this auction

Rare Korg KWS-301 Wave Shaper Effect SN 000544

via this auction

Thought this was interesting. Note the single proprietary connector. This requires a Korg PME-40X board to work. You can see an image of the board below along with other effects in the system.

"This is an analog, vintage Korg PME-40X Wave Shaper (KWS-301) effect module--the rarest from the PME-40x effects system. This module sounds huge and functions perfectly, but please note what appear to be 2 melts/burns to the casing, as highlighted in the pictures.

The sound generated from the circuitry is beyond unique and certainly has its own character. I use one on my own personal pedalboard, and am only parting with this as I already have a backup module, and another musician should have the opportunity to unlock the goodness within these.

Korg PME-40X effects board to operate this module."

Roland TB-303 with Filter, Gate and CV Mod

via this auction

"Everything works, sounds amazing. It has been modified by Music Control to allow external control via Kenton midi interface (this is not a complete Kenton upgrade, only control of pitch, gate and filter) On board sequencer much better if DIN synced with a TR-909 to get a groove... Genuine Roland power supply, battery compartment clean and lid is present. Unit was serviced by previous owner, this was completed by Music Control, see sticker on base of instrument."

Elka Synthex SN 987

via this auction

"This is a beautiful, rare vintage synthesizer made by ELKA in the 1980's. This is production no. 987 of only about 1,100 made in total. It's got a fat, original sound that you only get from analogue synths, and the Elka Synthex is the prince of analogue synths!!

Many famous artists such as "Tangerine Dream", Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and Stevie Wonder have used one and Jean Michel Jarre swears by it.

Bought originally from the manufacturers in Porto Recanati (AN) Italy in 1984/5. It is in great working order, with only a couple of plastic parts missing, some sign of scratches and wear and tear as in any item used regularly for gigging."

Machinedrum UW: Abstufung (Live Jam)

Machinedrum UW: Abstufung (Live Jam) from Stuart Mitchell on Vimeo.

A live jam with the Elektron Machinedrum UW.
No further equipment involved.

More MDUW Jams at

Extended synth Improvisation

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Mitch Wiseman

"I never really do completely improvised live jams anymore, I usually always start with an idea, so I decided to just completely improvise this time. I designed a patch on the prophet and moog, the prophet had an lfo controlling an lfo which was set to cutoff, so it had a really odd texture to the sound which would speed up and slow down randomly. I used a beat I made for another video on the tempest, set it going and then just jammed. I recorded audio straight from my mixer into logic, no post production other than a little compression. Everything was recorded in on one mono channel. The Tempest was going through a HOF reverb, the Prophet was going through a Boss RV5 reverb, the moog was going through an MXR carbon copy delay, and the nord was going through a Line 6 POD.

Album coming soon..."

Fiddling with Make Noise Soundhack tELHARMONIC

Published on Aug 21, 2015 AudioCentralMagazine

"Some fiddling with Make Noise Soundhack tELHARMONIC module. Modulation from two LS1 Sound Machines, two Verbos Multiple Envelope Generators, one QuBit Random Generator. Audio goes into Make Noise ErbeVerb."

Frames Parasite - 2. Euclidean Sequencer

Published on Aug 21, 2015 mqtthiqs

"Second demo/tutorial of the Frames Parasite free alternative firmware for Mutable Instruments Frames. More information and download at"

Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron in 90 seconds

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Soulsby Synthesizers

"The miniAtmegatron is an 8-bit synthesizer shield kit for the Arduino Uno. This video provides an introduction to what it can do.

The miniAtmegatron goes on sale on the 24th August: and at dealers all around the world.
Recommended retail price: $39 / €39 / £29

Music by _ensnare_ and created entirely on the Atmegatron. Hear the full track hear:"

Press release posted here.

Elastic Drums Update 1.6 - New features

Published on Aug 20, 2015 Oliver Greschke

iTunes: Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

"Here are the new features of the 1.6 update:
- new live jam screen
- 2 new synth engine
- improved sequencer/swing
- improved midi

The app will be on sale ($7.99 instead of $.9.99) from now till the end of August."

Insta - A4 Kit Demo

Published on Aug 20, 2015 11brassmonkey11

"I came across this little clip demoing a kit i'd made a few months ago and mucked around with, my intention was to make something much more fleshed out, have since over written the kit by accident... but thought it was still pretty cool to share.

I've just been going through and cleaning up a lot of things on my computer, sorting out my equipment, preparing a music space and getting ready to be productive making some music!"

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