MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monotribe Volca Spring Verb delay

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Montribe tweaking"

Okita DIY Vocoder test by Hesed

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Analog Tecnè Model

Program (MIC) input, Carrier (INST.) input both with signal,peak detector and attenuator.
Remote (effect/normal)
Switches: effect/normal, mic/instrument
Balance pot (mic/vocoder), HPF pot (deesser), Master volume pot
10 band (voice character control)
Output with attenuator (L/M/H/)"

White Case TTSH ARP 2600 Clone

via this auction

"Although It's slightly smaller in size, the TTSH is a resurrection of the classic hybrid-modular synth, ARP 2600 AKA the original Star Wars R2D2 voice. It comes in a unique, white Stormtrooper inspired road case with a compartment for your power supply and cables, just unlatch the cover, plug the power and it's on! It offers 3 oscillators, endless modulation possibilities and a built in 4AB3C1C reverb tank for natural and warm decays.It is very easy to setup in any midi situation, just connect any midi controller, sequencer with a CV/Gate out to the CV/Gate input on the TTSH and you're ready to explore a universe of endless soundscape possibilities! I recommend anyone passionate about analog synths to go the extra mile and get this one, it's a musical beast, a must have!!"

Moog Mother 32 "Almost Berlin-School" - Third Test (in two parts)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Genshi Media Group

"Ok, this is a two part test by request... PART ONE: Raw sound, no effects, testing to see how well the second (top) Mother-32 tracks via CV when the first (bottom) Mother-32 is being played via MIDI keyboard (in this case, the KMI QuNexus with MIDI Expander.) PART TWO: "Almost Berlin-School" test with delay and reverb effects, first (bottom) Mother-32 sync'd via MIDI from Ableton Live and second (top) Mother-32 being played via MIDI from a Moog Sub 37, then sequencer sync'd via CV from the first Mother-32... these are definitely two little boxes with a big sound! I can't wait for my 3-Tier rack to be delivered so I can add the third Mother-32 to this setup!

Additional Note: on part two of this video, I was trying to sync the second Mother-32 in a different way; previously I was syncing from GATE out of one M32 to RUN/STOP in (or to TEMPO in) to the second unit, but the problem with that is, if there is Ratcheting or Gate length changes on the first unit, then the second unit will pick those up. So in this video I used the ASSIGN CV as a sequence tempo out to the TEMPO in of the second unit... unfortunately it didn't work quite like I had hoped, so I'll need to experiment with this more."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 (ARPEG ASSIGN)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 weltron2010

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 の演奏動画です。
ARPEG ASSIGN モードで演奏しています。

Spacecraft part 3 - the vast unknown

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Bruno Ender Lee

"Studio-recording with five analogue synthesizers, October 10. 2015; Studio-88 (slow sequence), Korg Delta (leads), MiniMoog Voyager OS (bass & leads), Analogue Solutions Vostok (effects), Roland Juno-106 (bass)

composed, arranged & produced by Bruno Ender Lee
2015 Velvet Voyage Productions / all rights reserved"

Oberheim Ob-xa 8 voice analog synthesizer

via this auction

"For sale is an Oberheim Ob-xa, incredible condition. Everything works great, it's rock solid. Must've had the bushings replaced at some point because the keyboard feels wonderful. 8 voices, 120 programs. Sounds massive, classic, and huge, the way a vintage Oberheim should. And it stays in tune! I'd heard all these stories about how finicky Ob-xa's were, but this one seems damn reliable. Very minor issues are that one or two voices could be slightly better calibrated to sound absolutely perfect (though it sounds really great as is), and one or two minor cosmetic issues (some paint chipped off the front above the filter knob, and the back left near the Ob-xa label the paint is a little scruffy, see pics)..."

R.A. Moog 701 Drum Synthesizer - Part 3 (now working...!)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 noddyspuncture

"Now I've had chance to look at these '701 Drum Synthesizers' - and finding not only faulty components but also a 'design fault' ...sorry Bob...:( - I've finally got them working. The problem was a VCA which wouldn't close. It was always 'open' so the unit was just singing away uncontrollably. Neither the filter or either of the two EG's were doing anything. I started by following the hand wired circuit and drawing out a component layout. Then following that, I drew out a schematic and using the schematic I could then fault find. This video is only using the three internal oscillators - one which can be assigned to 'modulate'. There is provision on the rear connector to patch in white, pink and red noise and use those as 'modulators'. That will be the next step... but for now, please enjoy the worlds first ever *working* Moog 701 drum synth video... ;)"

All parts here.

BOA system 2 tubes³

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Ebotronix

B uchla System #1, O berheim Sem, A rp Odyssey 2811, 2821
2x Soldano SP77 Preamp , Mesa V Twin
Laney Babelswitch, Nobel Alex 1
Moog CP 251, MP 201
Lexicon MPX 100, PCM 80 / 90, TC M one XL
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Aphex Model 104
Rane SM 26
Rocktron Rack Interface, 311 Expander
Yamaha MCS 2
Kenton Pro 2000
Mackie the mixer²
drums Ultrabeat
vid # 1393

Vile Electrodes: After The Flood (live in our studio)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Vile Electrodes

"After the Flood, a track from our debut album 'The Future Through A Lens', recorded live in our studio in October 2015.

This live version will be available as a bonus track on the limited edition acrylic sleeve Stark White double CD, which is available to pre-order now:

The Future Through A Lens is available here:"

The ClaudeatronMk4 MIDI Controller.

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Claude Woodward

"This is my new Claudeatron Mk 1V which will form part of a suite of MIDI controllers I'll be using for my 'Sonic Manipulator Mk11 show.

My ethos is to find ways to ergonomically manipulate synthesisers in complex ways for greater musical expression.

Please let me know what you think.

Cheers, Claude Woodward - The Sonic Manipulator."

Synth Spotting in Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy's 48 Hours

Published on Oct 20, 2014 Allen Walker

This one in via swissdoc:

"There are a few scenes in a night club named VROMAN'S in LA. The band is playing 'Boys are Back in Town' credited Brian O'Neal in the closing credits, the keyboards used are a Hohner Clavinet D6 on top of a Rhodes and a Prophet 5 is on stage for the whole song, it can be seen only on two small spots 0:24 in the snippet or 1:08:38 in the full movie and 1:48 or 1:09:55. They have 2 keyboard players. In the scene Murphy calls Nolte who drives then like crazy from the police station to the club in his sky blue 1964 Cadillac DeVille convertible Cadillac"

Update video added above and via Trey in the comments: "The band is The Bus Boys. They were Eddie Murphy's opening act on his comedy tours. Check out the movie Delirious."

midiSTEPs - midi step sequencer toy for iPad

iTunes: midiSTEPs - midi step sequencer toy - Arthur Kerns

"midiSTEPs is a powerful but fun MIDI step sequencer app that sends MIDI note and CC messages to other music apps and external synthesizers. It was designed to be super easy to use in a way that's similar to the SH-101 sequencer, where you can just quickly enter a few keyboard notes and you're ready to hit play. At the same time, it also incorporates many ideas from other classic and modern sequencers, allowing you to set control values per step, mute and skip existing steps, switch between multiple patterns and parts, sync and link patterns in various ways, and modify your sequences.

midiSTEPs was designed from the ground up as a touch-based iPad sequencer app, so it's super easy and intuitive to enter, edit and play sequences.

midiSTEPs features:
64 step sequencer based on the classic SH-101 sequencer
Set note, chord or rest per step
Set accent and tie per step
Set CC, velocity, length parameters per step
Mute and skip individual steps
Set start and end points within sequence
Edit individual steps
Transpose, loop or one shot, start and pattern sync options
Four independent sequencer parts with 16 patterns each per set
Parts can have different speeds, lengths, sync and trigger options
Pattern Mix page with clip-launcher style pattern triggering
External MIDI clock sync with clock shift adjustments and swing
Easy to set up CoreMIDI configuration and MIDI mapping
Easy to use touch interface designed specifically for iPad"

Dotcom System 110 Space Jam

Published on Oct 10, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"More self indulgent System-110 Jamming."

Bálint's modular music

Published on Jun 26, 2015 Bálint Baráth

Playlist at the time of this post:

Modular Jam - Fighting Oscillators
Modular Jam - II Movement
Modular Jam - Minimal
Modular Jam - Low morphing
Modular Jam - Xfade and CV
Modular Jam - Chatting moduls
Modular Jam - Pulsating white dwarf
Modular Jam - Fighting Oscillators
Installation - The unplanned shadow
Answers and a Jupiter storm on Titan
Makenoise DPO modulated by Shapeshifter LFO, a combination of Eowave Titan and Jupiter storm and some ring modulated sounds."
Microtonal Shapeshifting
"Sounds of Shapeshifter with uMod II and uLFO, some Jupiter Storm via Korgasmatron II modulated by DPO and Maths"

Yamaha Reface DX Review / Demo

Published on Sep 6, 2015 Amplitude Problem

"Showing some sweet FM sounds and the playability of the Yamaha Reface DX synthesizer's mini keyboard."

Playing Moog Sub 37 Chords and Melodies Simultaneously Using 8-Bit Home Computer Techniques

Published on Sep 26, 2015 Amplitude Problem

"Playing Moog Sub 37 Chords and Melodies Simultaneously Using 8-Bit Home Computer Techniques: The SIDlive Patch by Amplitude Problem
Full text from video:

Back in the 8- and 16-bit eras when we made music on limited – but awesome sounding – three-channel hardware like the SID 6581 in the Commodore 64 and the YM2149 in the Atari ST, we used a certain trick to play chords using just a single channel..."

Moog Sub 37 + 2 Slim Phatties - polychain sequence

Published on Oct 3, 2015 rbwduece

"Another 'on the fly' sequence with the Sub 37 and two Slim Phatties in polychain mode."

Moog Sub 37 + Slim Phatty Polychain #1

Published on Sep 27, 2015

"I put together a little demo of my Moog Sub 37 polychained with two Slim Phatties. The video begins with some random attempts at playing chords (I have no playing skills) and moves into knob tweaking while using the Sub 37's step sequencer. All sounds are coming straight out of these three units only, with the exception of some reverb that was added within NI Maschine. Anyway, hope you enjoy, as I plan on making more of these videos. By the way, I had the gain up a little too high on the mixer, so there's some clipping here and there. Oh well.

Check out my latest music project Merlot Waves:"

Moog Sub 37 + Korg MS20 mini

Published on Oct 5, 2015 Alasdair Skivington

"A live performance using the Sub 37, MS20 and Ableton :)"

Live on Moog SUB 37

Published on Sep 11, 2015 Bálint Baráth

"Some sonic experiments with the fantastic MOOG Sub 37"


Published on Oct 5, 2015 EXPLORING AUDIO

"Here’s another song from my upcoming album 'SPACE CORGI' entitled 'World’s Greatest'.

Composed initially on the Nintendo Gameboy, this song was released as a part of the Weeklytreats series ( available here - ) along side an incredible an0va song. I strongly recommend checking out his song!

I received help making this video too! Cheryl Ernst helped considerably with the camera work and Matt Battle mixed the song!

“SPACE CORGI” will be released on October 15th, 2015, in honor of the first day of the third annual 8static Festival, which I am extremely proud to be performing at!"

JD-XI Chilled Jam - Autumn Morning

Published on Oct 10, 2015 KlaatuNinja

"JD-XI Chilled Jam - Autumn Morning On the Roland JD-XI"

Elements Modal Synthesizer

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Morgan Karlsson

"Mutable Instruments Elements & Korg SQ1 with slide activated."

Elektronik synth jam session. (Elektron Roland Aira Novation Korg)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Calle Nilsson

"Gear used. Elektron Analog Rytm and Analog Four. Roland Aira TR8. Korg MS20 mini. Bass Station 2."

Roland TB 303 Bassline Synthesizer with Gig Bag & Original Manual

via this auction

"Roland TB 303 Bassline Synthesizer for sale. In excellent working and cosmetic condition for a machine produced in '82 -'84 - Really well taken care of. No noise or "scratchy"/"hissing" pots, all trigger buttons, knobs and ports are working, and there is no battery leakage (immaculate battery compartment, including Roland production sticker with serial number inside!)..."

Waldorf Microwave XT 30-Voice OS 2.33 SN 940727748

via this auction

KORG volca - 機甲創世記モスピーダ

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Masami Hashimoto

"volca arranged by BakaOscillator.
Use, KORG volca bass X4, BOSS DR-110, Sony SB-A40.
懐かしのテレビアニメ機甲創世記モスピーダのOP曲をvolca bassで試みる。

Space Dub - Impro live

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Old Beats

Moog Little Phatty - Bass
Moog Voyager - Fx
Roland P 330 - Chords
Roland Alpha Juno 2 - Flute
DSI Evolver - Synth
DSI Prophet 08 - Gated Pad
Yamaha TX81z - Space Fx
Novation Bass Station 2 - Seq.
Novation Drum Station V2 - 808 Kit
Jomox AirBase 99 - Filtered Hat
Allen & Heath Zed 428 mixer

Nord Lead A1, KORG SQ-1, Zoom MS-70CDR (BURG - Red planet)

Published on Oct 10, 2015 ollilaboratories

"Well.. here is the thing, this purchase was not really planned. I stumbled upon a Nord Lead A1 in a music store yesterday, played about 40 mins with it (my wife was SO bored).. i just loved the feel and sound of synth.. went home and slept on it and got it today. I have been really hunting for a poly for sometime, and the A1 not being on my shortlist really amazed me as it sounds so damn good. Strange, everyone should have one.. its awsome.

Whatever, this is red beauty is now part of my setup. on this track heavily drowned in the MS-70CDR FX, i started it up, connected the SQ1 .. driving two sounds, one pad and one arp/set sound. Im just playing the first simple sawtooth-pad part, 24db filter, and sequencing another with the SQ-1 w TB style filter and giving it a go.

No planning, a couple of beers... and just going with the flow. I have no idea, but the melody seems familiar, who gives damn right, its about the music :)

And yeah, sorry about the blinking blue lights.. i totally forgot to shut that one off. I blame the beer...

gear used: Nord Lead A1, Zoom MS-70CDR, KORG SQ-1 - straight into 2-track on my Zoom Q4, no multi-tracking and/or computers involved.

BoOoM! :D"

Kick.S Live / Korg ELECTRIBE MX&xOxbOx&AcidlabMiami X943

Published on Oct 10, 2015 Kick.S

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral


Published on Oct 10, 2015 j j

"mp3 DL link..
aCID sESSIONS mk2-Mellow Existence.mp3"

Future Retro revolution & KORG electribe.

Elektron A4 Machinedrum Boomstar 4075 Roland TB-3 Animoog Genome MIDI

Published on Oct 10, 2015 exnihilo415

"A drone-y D Minor meandering ditty with some dub and NIN and a juxtaposed cheery section in the middle at 1:06. The sonic equiv of a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray."

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