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Friday, February 12, 2016


Published on Feb 12, 2016 mCKENIC

"mCKENIC - 2016"

A new track from MATRIXSYNTH Member, mCKENIC.

Korg Minilogue & Eventide Space pedal

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"All sound is coming from the Minilogue and the Eventide Space pedal. The Space pedal is capable of huge reverbs, choruses, delays, and tremolos. It sounds absolutely beautiful. It has lots of parameters, and it can be a bit difficult to get around because the knob functions will often change depending on the FX algorithm you're using."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris Analog Synthesizer with ATA Flight Case

via this auction

Burnt Dot Quartet in Concert: February 17th

"Burnt Dot Quartet performs improvised music for trumpets and modular synthesizers in quadraphonic space. Featuring Sarah Reid on trumpet, Ryan Gaston on Eurorack and Serge synthesizsers, and special guests Kris Tiner on trumpet and telematic performance by Todd Barton on Buchla and other synthesizers.

The concert is taking place on February 17th at 8pm PST at:

The Wild Beast Pavilion
California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

This concert is FREE, open to the public, and streaming at:

Burnt Dot is an improvisational duo formed by Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet) and Ryan Gaston (modular synthesizer) in 2014. From violent gestures to undulating textures and sparse flickers, Burnt Dot uses open forms to explore and extend the unique vocabulary of each of their instruments, and aim to discover just how much of the area beyond their typical sonic territory is still unmapped. Burnt Dot specializes in free improvisation, prompt-based performance, and interpretation of graphic scores."

"Kris Tiner (b. 1977) is a California-based trumpet player, composer, and improviser. Featured on NPR Music as one of a handful of new trumpet voices impacting modern music, his playing has been described as 'extraordinarily inventive' in Signal to Noise Magazine, and the LA Weekly claims 'Trumpeter Kris Tiner can turn barbed wire to beauty.'"

"Todd Barton is a composer, sound designer, multimedia performer, analog synthesist specializing in Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. Todd is a praised improvisor, composer, and consulting artist for Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments."

Video and Audio Labels on MATRIXSYNTH

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about retiring the video and audio labels on the site. When the current format of MATRIXSYNTH launched back in 2005, videos and audio posts weren't as common so the labels made sense. Now, the majority of posts that go up are video posts which of course have audio. If you are asking yourself why I even created the labels in the first place, SoundCloud didn't launch until 2007, two years after this version of MATRIXSYNTH launched, and YouTube launched in February of 2005; people were just beginning to upload their synth videos, so if you can believe it, they weren't as common back then. The majority of posts were synth pics which of course never got a label. I've been using the video and audio labels since then without really thinking about it. Now they just seem kind of odd. It's akin to having a post or synth label on a site that consists of nothing but posts on synths. If anyone actually does rely on them, let me know, otherwise consider this the last post to have the labels.

Novation Circuit from scratch (plus FM radio sampling on OP-1)

Published on Nov 11, 2015 Terrible Beat

"Noodling on my new Novation Circuit. Sampling the FM radio on OP-1.
Apologies for the noise hiss. I'll sort that out for next time."
Novation Circuits on eBay | Novation Circuits on Amazon

And the resulting piece including a mini review from Terrible Beat:

Under the Tree with Novation Circuit

Published on Dec 8, 2015

"Here I am sitting under the Xmas tree with my Novation Circuit. I hope this video helps those of you interested in investing in one. You can see me create something quickly from scratch near the end of the video ( Track list is below:

Floatation Tank Thoughts
Bad Bloke
Shinjuku Nights

What I like about the unit:

- Firstly, the visuals on the system really help. It's not just a pretty face. The visual sequencer, integrated keyboard, pattern control, gate/velocity etc everything is so intuitively laid out in front of you. So, no deep menu diving.
- Exploration. This can also, understandably, be a negative aspect. But, if the user embraces the lack of labelling of what the encoders (knobs) do for each patch and just explore, more often than not, happy accidents occur!
- Automation. Recording the knob tweaks is awesome. Also, the visual feedback from the little LED is really helpful. As well as the live automation recording, there is the ability to step input knob tweaks, a la parameter lock-like (see Elektron units) functionality.

Things that could be improved:

- Quick audition of patches. As there are no little screens, choosing from the 64 patches can be difficult to remember and therefore lotto-like. A quick middle C preview would be great. Albeit, whilst Play button is disabled.

- No biggy for me, but a nice to have. Panning. The stereo width can be adjusted for parts using some of the delay presets, but that's not ideal.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope you enjoy the video. Look out for more. Please leave a comment and like ;)"

Final Fantasy Gadgeteer Comes to Town (Theme remake using Korg Gadget)

Published on Jan 17, 2016 Terrible Beat

"A remake of the classic Final Fantasy theme made using Korg Gadget on iPad Mini 2."

iTunes: KORG Gadget for iPad - KORG INC.

Magical Pocket Shower Operator - PO-12 / PO-20 / PO-28 x Outrun

Published on Feb 11, 2016 Terrible Beat

"My Pocket Operators attempt to perform an arcade classic.

PO-12/PO-20/PO-28 x Outrun"

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

And a couple more:

From Scratch: PO-20 Arcade & PO-28 Robot

From scratch: PO-20 Arcade, PO-28 Robot, OP-1 from Teenage Engineering

Disassembly Language: Ambient Music for Deprogramming Vol. 1



Our new chipmusic concept album is a collection of ambient music crafted to help facilitate relaxation. Over 1 hour of mind defragmenting tones for you to enjoy! Each sound is hand crafted from the Commodore 64 personal computer's SID sound chip. Portions of the album were co-written by a computer as many of the notes were set to be selected by the CPU at random! All tones have been digitally processed for maximum smoothness and optimum ambiance. Relax and Enjoy!
released February 12, 2016

All Music & Production 8 Bit Weapon"

Sequential Prophet VS "Time Capsule"

"(c)2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound
all sounds: SCI Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer (1986)
recording: multi-track without MIDI
fx: a bit delay and reverb"

Moog Minimoog D Synthesizer with Roland MPU-101

via this auction

"This amazing classic axe comes with a mint condition Roland MPU-101, which is the best (fastest) MIDI to Gate/CV converters on the market and is very rare. The Moog's Trigger Input has been professionally modified to invert the polarity of the industry-standard Roland trigger/gate and is easily un-doable with simple tools, but why? (Moog products of this time had an inverted trigger polarity from all other synth manufacturers, and are intended to be driven by a Moog Sequencer output only). This rare interface allows MIDI functionality and; thus, defacto computer control for one of the fattest sounding classics available...tweeze the filters in real-time and rerecord in playback mode while the track plays back. Play faster, hipper, more correct bass lines after editing, etc.; the list goes on. This little trick made me sound like a player with great chops and groove."

The Akai Miniak Song

Published on Feb 12, 2016 ProckGnosis

"To skip the babble and beer preamble and hear the song, go to 2:00. To hear the isolated patches used in the song, skip to 6:00.

Nice little melody mostly in 5/8, with a middle section in 6/8. All sounds from the Akai Miniak, including the drums. My attempt at doing some proggy electronica, I guess. Majority of sounds are presets from the synth, with 2 or 3 being slightly tweaked or modded from presets.

The Akai Miniak is an 8-voice, 8-part multitimbral, virtual analog synth, with the same voice engine as the Alesis Ion, Alesis Micron, and the VA part of the Alesis Fusion. It's a pain in the butt to program without some software, but with 6 options for modulating the sound on the fly (pitch wheel, 2 mod wheels, and 3 assignable knobs), it's still capable of plenty of interactive, real-time modulation. Lastly it has some seriously deep programming options and a great bunch of filter models to choose from. And just to emphasize again, those seriously deep programming options are a pain to get to without software.

Though the raw oscillators are missing a bit of that analog presence, it is VERY much an acceptable substitute in a live environment, and even fine for most studio applications.

It's a shame Alesis/Akai has gotten out of the synth business, because they produced some decent sounding stuff. Yeah, they still do MIDI controllers, but it would be nice if they could have used some of the expertise that built the Andromeda and even the Fusion to carry on and improve on some of the earlier ideas. But they didn't. Oh well. So it goes..."

Miniak's on eBay

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08: Improvisation LXI

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Sacred Synthesis

"Another improvisation from the previous day's session, using the same brass patch. This piece is meant entirely to demonstrate the power of the Prophet '08 Keyboard and Module pair. This is how it sounds to "pull out all the stops".

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard
DSI Prophet '08 Module
DSI Evolver Desktop
Hammond XPK 200L

Lexicon MX300 reverb
Alesis Nanoverb 2 delay

Performed live and recorded directly to CD

All music property of Sacred SynthesisDescription"

Drawing a new card

Published on Feb 12, 2016 schokokontrol

"Testing an Easel breakout card"

AHMW 2016 Synth Meet Set for April 23rd

Additional details here.

"This year's theme: SIXTEEN

Bring something with SIXTEEN of SOMETHING...

Sixteen voices, Sixteen steps, Sixteen knobs, etc.

The annual Get-Together will be Saturday, April 23rd at the PHHS Media Center.

I'll have the doors open at 10:00am. All synthgeekgearheads are encouraged to join us and spend some time with awesome gear and great people.

Past gear includes:
All sorts of Modulars (MOTM, DotCom, Euro, Blacet, Metalbox, Wiard, Cynthia, Modcan, Serge, Buchla)
Moog: Minimoog, Voyager, Prodigy, Polymoog, MemoryMoog, Taurus (I & III)
ARP: 2600, Quadra, Odyssey
Oberheim: Xpander, OB8, OB-X (and crOwBX!), OB-1, Two Voice, Four Voice
Sequential: Pro 1, Prophet 5 (rev 2 & 3), Prophet T-8, Prophet 2000
Roland: Juno 6, Jupiter 4, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, RS-101, SH-09, SH-101, SH-3a,
TB-303, TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, System 100, System 700
Korg: MS-20, PS-3100, Trident, Lambda
Yamaha: CS-15, SY-2, CS-80, SK-30
Also: VCS3, Putney, PPG, SunSyn, Polygamist, Buchla 400, Rhodes, Hammond
And DIY gear, and much more!

Location is between Lagrange and Angola in northeast Indiana.

Let's Play with Audulus 3 (Patch Design & Commentary)

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Tim Webb

"Audulus 3 is a monstrous modular synth, but it can also be a lot of fun! In this video I attempt to show you how to make a complex patch using simple building blocks. It's February Album Writing Month, so I'm making a patch that will write a whole album for me. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

iTunes: Audulus 3 - Audulus LLC

Let's Play with Audulus 3 - Part 2

Published on Feb 19, 2016 Tim Webb

"This is a continuation of the patch made in my last video [above].  I continue to develop this ambient patch with the addition of some strings using a Karplus-Strong style of synthesis. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:"

Let's Play with Audulus 3 - Part 3

Published on Feb 26, 2016 Tim Webb

Audulus for iOS | Audulus for Mac

"In this final episode of Audulus 3 we build a bell sound using FM and Additive synthesis, with a probability-based trigger and tame math to give us note pitches.

If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!";postID=8096425573810774368

Published on Mar 1, 2016 Tim Webb

"This is the culmination of the massive Audulus 3 patch I've been working on in February!

Inspiration for the album:
Music has always had a tradition of blending storytelling with applied philosophy. Or at least, at its greatest, it aspires to do so. We can never hear the first songs of mankind, but we can guess what they were about. The earliest stories undoubtedly revolved around the struggle of man against nature. Then Gods against man. As we cast about today we find a narrative in which Gods and Man are mutually forsaken, and Nature is I'm totally fucking with you. This is ambient. I just tried to make some pretty bleeps and bloops.

If you missed it, you can watch the whole Let's Play with Audulus 3 series here:
Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Audulus for iOS | Audulus for Mac

Nord Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer Demo with Chris Martirano

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Kraft Music

"Find Nord Drum 2 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Chris Martirano demonstrates the Nord Drum 2 percussion synthesizer at Kraft Music. This demo also features playing by Milwaukee-area percussionist Kavi Laud.

Built on the success of the first generation Nord Drum virtual analog percussion synthesizer, the Nord Drum 2 launches as a 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer that combines the playability of real percussion with unique and powerful sound creation possibilities. Updated features from Nord include Resonance modeling, FM-synthesis, distortion effects, stereo outputs with panning and CC-control. To accompany the Nord Drum 2 is the all-new Nord Pad, a responsive, compact multi-pad designed to be the perfect companion to the Nord Drum 2 with an elegant single cable Ethernet connector.

The Nord Pad is available as an optional accessory to the Nord Drum 2, or together combined in money-saving BUNDLE exclusively from Kraft Music. Our synth percussion bundles include everything you need to complete your Nord Drum setup whether for playing at home, in the studio, or on stage, all for one low price!"

"Prophet 6 Organ" 13TH PORTAL by B.Gomez, MBee3

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Bob I. Gomez

Hordijk TwinPeak Improvisation

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Todd Barton

"Continuing exploring 'no oscillator patches' -- this patch uses the Hordijk TwinPeak Filter to self-oscillate. Much better audio here:"

Return to LoFi - Studiologic Sledge v2 & Juno 60

Published on Feb 12, 2016 DouglasHurdGymnast

"Gotta love 80s graphics :) Its funny how what was once cutting edge and almost icy cold to view now appears warm and quite beautiful. The march of time has a curious way of blurring our vision of the past as it treads ever on into the future.

Studiologic Sledge 2
Juno 60
Spark LE"

GLASYS - No Chronic Pain, No Gain (Live)

Published on Feb 11, 2016 GLASYS

"Here's another one-take live performance. This song has a lot of keyboard action and proved to be quite the challenge!

All sounds played in realtime on the Nord Stage 2EX which also controls a Boomstar 4075 (for the bass sound). Only the drums are sequenced using a Social Entropy Engine and Nord Drum 2. Recorded in one take."

Odd World 3 -Multi format modular patch.

Published on Feb 12, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"A breathing environmental soundscape created with interconnected modular and semi modular synths."

Studio Electronics Boomstar Quadnic Shop Demo 5

Published on Feb 12, 2016 StudioElectronics

"Filmed entirely on location in beautiful El Segundo."

Minibrute through a Roland RE 301 + sound on sound

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Miguel d'Oliveira

"First doodle with a Roland Chorus Echo RE 301 (from 1977)
Playing with all echo modes (6 combinations of 3 heads) + chorus and spring reverb.
Really nice self oscillation.
Sound on sound from 4:20
I give it the odd shake and tap for some extra welcome artifacts.

Lovely bit of kit. Hope it lasts."

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 1 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland GR-500 guitar synthesizer

via this auction

"Not too many complete units exist. Makes sounds like no other device on earth. Includes guitar, hard case, multi-pin cable and control unit. Unit powers on & all controls appear to effect sound. *6th (low E) string does not seem to trigger sound in any synth mode, Polyensemble/Bass/Solo Melody. I can't say whether it is pickup, cable, control module, bad connection or component. Some small nicks in guitar finish & minor corrosion marks on control module. *All sold in "as is" condition..."

REALISTIC MOOG Concertmate MG-1 ANALOG SYNTH Model 42-4000 SN 7821

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave 1 SN 300720

via this auction

"Waldorf Microwave 1 revision A"

Roland synthesiser system 100

via this auction

"Main unit plus sequencer and leads, with original manuals in original boxes."

Roland Boutique Sequencing Tutorials by Todd Smith

Published on Feb 11, 2016 Todd Smith

Roland Boutique on eBay | Roland Boutique on Amazon

AQA ElektriX new Modular Euro Rack Synthesizer Modules Dual DELAY at Dancefair 2016

Published on Feb 12, 2016 AQA ElektriX

"AQA ElektriX new Modular Euro Rack Synthesizer Modules Dual DELAY at Dancefair 2016"


AQA ElektriX new Modular Euro Rack Synthesizer Modules Dual DELAY AQA at Dancefair 2016

Published on Feb 12, 2016

"AQA ElektriX new Modular Euro Rack Synthesizer Modules Dual DELAY AQA at Dancefair 2016"

Serge modular & RE301 Sound on Sound

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Chris David

ST4 Acid Jam

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Pieter van der Meer

"Shows how to program the ST4's tracker to do some mean acid including percussion and everything. Go to 1:54 for the music. Sequencing and improvisation by Erwin Tuijl from Pocket Knife Army (

Please support us and help make this unique product become a reality!"


ST4 Acid Jam - Short

Published on Feb 12, 2016

"Sequencing and improvisation by Erwin Tuijl from Pocket Knife Army ("

Gotharman's anAmoNo X Proto

Published on Feb 12, 2016 gotharman

"Tweaking the filter..."

Gotharman on eBay

New version of the AnAmoNo.

Serge modular groovy patch

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Chris David

"Modulating the VCFQ, TKB and NTO with DUSG's, DTG and VCTGC :)"

TEMPI first patch // Exploration

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Auxar

"First encounter with the Make Noise TEMPI.
More patches with this incredible clock module soon!"

Dapayk & the Roland Boutique JP 08, JU 06 + Aira TR 08

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Dapayk Solo

"Here's a little jam I recorded with 2 of the Roland Boutique machines & the Aira TR-08. Filmed in Montafon, Austria.
If you like to follow at Soundcloud, you'll find this set and many more here:"

Roland Boutique on eBay | Roland Boutique on Amazon

BugBrand modular - Simple FM Patch

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Purple Tonal Central 3000

"Playing with simple analog FM algorithm.

Sum of VCO1 and LFO modulates the VCO2 frequency which is taking back in different amounts to modulate VCO1 to achieve feedback. Such a simple routing sounds fresh and inspiring each time you start to tweak it.

Suggested to listen before going to bed ;)"

Korg Volca Jam #03 | Volca - Beats, Bass, Keys | Yamaha MT100

Published on Sep 12, 2015 taschenrechnermusikant

"This track on Soundcloud:
A live jam with the Korg Volca Series additionally used a Yamaha MT100 tape multitracker as some kind of pad synthesizer, there are endless loops of pad sounds on the 4 tracks of the cassette tape and I can control the amount of the sounds with the faders of the MT100.
The Behringer BCR2000 is connected to the Korg Volca Beats via MIDI to control the volume of the drum parts.
Everything is connected to a Behringer RX1204FX rack mixer, for Send FX using a TC Electronic M300 effect unit with an additional overdrive stomper to get some distorsion in the delays. And there is Behringer patchbay for a better connection :)."

KORG Volcas on eBay | KORG Volcas on Amazon

Drone and Drum Synth#Mc 505#2016

Published on Feb 12, 2016 kraftzug66

"Kraftzug play with Mc 505"

Nord A1 Song

Published on Feb 12, 2016 muzykujkropkacom

Short takes (Dual Monotribe, Dual Volca Keys/Electribe Sample)

Published on Feb 11, 2016 Metatron's Cube

"War of minds short take@ 3:04 The beginning is also a short version of the last Monotribe video posted. In other news, large amounts of crazy samples have been collected, so possible weirdness coming down the music pipe. Have a great Friday(or whenever you see this). Thank you for watching and listening!"

Patch n Tweak

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