MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Bluelantern Modded Oberheim OB-12 Keyboard Synthesizer with Custom White Knobs

via this auction

"Up for sale is a customized oberheim OB-12 viscount synthesizer. The following modifications were done by myself:

-main output upgraded to hi-fidelity LM4562 dual hi spec op-amps.
-aux out upgraded to hi-fidelity LM4562 dual hi spec op-amps.

-Graphic LCD replaced by modern black and white color. Contrast Knob installed for manual contrast adjusting on the fly. The adjuster has a soft rubber knob, locatied near the screen.
-led replaced with colorful type. UV, BLUE, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW on most of the menu related and FX related sections.
-Knobs upgraded to hi spec cream color knobs with brass inserts.

I have the keyboard, and the USA power plug. The manual can still be downloaded online.

Everything was tested before packing up, 100% in working order. I have sold many synthesizers, it will be package correctly and arrive perfect."


Published on Aug 4, 2016 RolandChannel

"The AIRA Effector SCOOPER Sampler and Scatter is a powerful effect module. In this video, different VT-3 layers are overdubbed to produce a vocal line that can be pitch-shifted, filtered, scattered and looped – all with easy to use controls. Use the SCOOPER to produce random sampler-like effects to any instrument you choose."

Best of Both Worlds - Yamaha Montage, Korg SQ1, Teenage Engineering PO12

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"I decided to use the most budget gear I have with the most non-budget gear I have for a little DAWless jam. Also, to mess with FM in real time on the Montage because that's just a joy no matter what. So a simple FM bass line sequenced from the SQ1, a simple beat from the PO12, and a split keyboard FM lead. Sometimes simple is the best. Enjoy."

Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet Set for August 21

"On August 21 from 1-6 PM in Seattle Patchwerks is hosting another synthesizer meetup! We'll be in the same place as last time, the lovely Melrose Market Studios. If you'd like to reserve space, email"

Aural Films Working on Raymond Scott Tribute - Call for Submissions

via Aural Films

"The Aural Films Biography Series re-presents artists by featuring retrospective collections that re-introduce the public to those who have been working for decades in music and art. Following our initial Biography release featuring artist Thomas Park. Aural Films continues with volume 2 in the Biography Series with a special tribute to the work of Raymond Scott.

Born in 1908, Raymond Scott is the most famous American composer, inventor, innovator and visionary people didn't know they knew. From his near ubiquitous cartoon music. To his electronic instruments before their time. It took 50 years for the world to catch up with his ideas that are so prevalent in popular music today. Unfortunately, Raymond Scott left us in 1994 before he had a chance to hear the future he envisioned.

Aural Films is calling out to audio and video artists around the world to create their very own tribute to Raymond Scott's legacy and the many great things that were brought to life by Manhattan Research Inc."

You'll find additional details on the project on the Aural Films website here.

Exploring Modular Synths 13

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Modular Landing

"A video showing a patch of a groovy synth bass line featuring the Strymon Big Sky reverb pedal."

All parts here.

ROLAND SYSTEM 500 / AIRA MODULAR - 10 min. Music Production Tutorial

Published on Aug 4, 2016 gattobus

"10 minutes tutorial on how to produce a music track (bass, arpeggio, FX, lead) using Roland Modular System: System 500, System-1M and AIRA FXs (Scooper, Bitrazer, Torcido, Demora)."

Waldorf Microwave 1 Rev A with Extra Rev 2 Chips

via this auction

Vintage ARP Axxe 2313 37-Key Analog Synthesizer SN 1084

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

via this auction

Another listing from synthartist69.

Unique Roland SH-3 with EXT INPUT LEVEL Knob in Place of PHONES LEVEL Knob

via this auction

"This unit is much more rare than the SH-3A. This is the SH3, Serial number in the mid #1700's Very few of the SH-3 were made. Notable players were Vangiles and Human League. The photos show some wear on the case itself. Otherwise excellent condition and everything functions correctly. All pots, sliders and buttons, keys work perfectly no scratch static noise when engaged. Best price for a fully functioning SH3 on the Web. I've been able to program 303 to 106 to 808/909 sounds and more."

White ARP Odyssey SN 28842

via this auction

"All Original Survivor ~ Very Early Production Model w/ Moog Filter"

Yamaha CS10 SN 9827

via this auction

KAWAI K3 synthesizer - Ambient chillout music 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Aug 4, 2016 synth4ever

"Playing ambient chillout music on Kawai K3 digital / analog hybrid synth. Kawai K3 synth effects from Eventide MODFactor + Strymon Big Sky reverb pedals."

Crumar Spirit tuned noise

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Ebotronix

Crumar Spirit ~ entire sounds
Spirit Y path by Moog Prodigy (Audio in) VCF~VCA ~ Bass Murf
cv ~ gate by Kenton Pro 2000 mk2, Moog CP 251, MP 201
FX: Lexicon PCM 80/90
mackie the mixer²
drums Ultrabeat
vid #1580

Novation // Circuit - Dibia$e

Published on Aug 4, 2016 NovationTV

"Beat Scene stalwart Dibia$e (Alpha Pup) performs with Circuit, using creative use of samples to deliver his trademark sounds. Transitioning from wonky beats to footwork, he shows off Circuit's high competence in numerous styles.

Circuit is a powerful groovebox from Novation with sample import and a suite of software that lets you customise the instrument to your needs.

Find out more about Circuit //"

Read about the v1.3 Circuit update here.

Analogue #03: Benge

Published on Aug 4, 2016 The Vinyl Factory

Oberheim Four Voice System & EMS POLYSYNTHI featured.

"The third episode in our short film series Analogue, a profile of the musicians whose love affair with analogue sound has come to define the way they work.

Click here for more info:

Find out more about Benge's Meme Tune studio here:"

More Benge on MATRIXSYNTH here and as Zack Dagoba here. You can find Benge's blog at

Train Ride

Published on Aug 4, 2016 TheKraist


The sound is from Rings + Optodist into Clouds (+ Field Recordings)"

AVP Synth MAD-5 Official demo

Published on Aug 4, 2016 AVP Synth

Follow-up to this post.

"This video unveils the potential of AVP Synth MAD-5 -

100% analog drum synthesizer which is inspired by the sounds of the early 20th century soviet drum machines while having the flexibility, MIDI control and compact package of the 21st century. It consists of 22 knobs, 1 switch and 1 button which allows you to manipulate/control the sound and midi. It also has individual outputs for each of the five drum instruments so you can easily rout and process them separately with your external effects especially in a live configuration.

The recording is done with no effects or EQ

Specifications of MAD-5:

- The method of synthesis: 100% analog synthesis;
- Drum instruments: five (bass drum, snare drum, open hat, close hat, clap);
- Noise Generators: four (for snare drum, open hat, close hat and clap);
- MIDI interface: MIDI In, 16 channels (Midi learn);
- Audio outputs: one mix output (mono 6.3mm jack) and five individual outputs (mono 6.3mm jack);
- Controls: 22 knobs, 1 switch and 1 button;
- External power supply: adapter 15 VAC (included)

For more info concerning manuals, order and etc. please inquire on our website:

PPG Phonem Coming to iPad

Published on Aug 4, 2016 WPalmWT

"Cornel Hecht featuring the Phonem vocal synthesizer.
All sounds from Phonem (except drums)."

"After the huge success of the PPG Phonem VST/AU plugin, we optimized the sound-engine to make it run pretty well on the iPad. It has also been adapted to make best use of multi-touch and comes with IAA and AU-extension.
PPG Phonem lets the user create expressive vocal synthesis beyond anything ever heard before. With its advanced routing system every aspect of the voice can be controlled and modulated in any conceivable way. Anything from a quiet whisper to a scream. Use the intuitive text to speech tool to make Phonem say whatever you want.

Although the PPG Phonem was originally designed to do just vocal synthesis, it turned out that the system was also capable of producing a wide range of universal synthsizer sounds. So we extended the parameter ranges and made everything accessible to the user, to take advantage of this fact.

'The human voice is a very complex system, which can produce a wide range of sounds. It is however restricted by natural physical dimensions. Phonem does not impose limits, letting you create all the filter configurations and sweeps you could only ever have dreamed of.'
Wolfgang Palm

The heart of the system is a multi resonator filter with 12 individual resonators which can produce vocal sounds as well as all kinds of filter sweeps and effects. This is combined with a very flexible excitation source which can work as a simulation for the human vocal source (the glottis) but also use wavetables and time-corrected-samples (TCS) to drive the filter.

The user can dig into every detail of a synthesized utterance, right down to the individual phonemes. Each phoneme can be adjusted to meet the voice of an individual character or a dialect. Additional there is a pitch-track and a control-track which makes the voice sing with phrasing and expression. A little inspiration and imagination allows the user to create whatever they wish.

PPG Phonem comes with a modulation matrix - allowing 19 sources to control 40 parameters. In this way the vocals or sound effects can be modified rhythmically using LFOs, envelopes or two X/Y control pads. All these modifications can of cause be recorded into the controlling DAW.

For speech or vocal synthesis a versatile excitation generator is provided. But we did not leave it at that and added a wavetable and TCS system, which adds a new dimension to the sound palette. Wavetables can be imported from WaveGenerator or created and edited, TCS can be imported and modified from WaveMapper 2.

Phonem comes with more than 500 presets made by our sounddesigner team. The browser page allows you to list and sort your sounds. Besides that you can copy presets to another list.

Key Features
Create your own singing style and expressions
Large Phoneme inventory - 46 english/american plus 5 german plus 4 french phonemes
Versatile excitation generator/oscillator
Working with typical voice source or wavetable and time-corrected-samples (TCS)
Extreme time stretching, freezing and reversing
Pitch track - let your robots sing
Control track - let it cry and shout
Song mode - making it easy to compose your synthesized text
Wave page - create your own wavetables and modify time-corrected-samples
Import WTS and TCS files from the iPad WaveGenerator and WaveMapper
All internal parameters available to the user - give your voices a special dialect or individual character
Versatile matrix system - allowing 19 sources to control 40 parameters
Two X/Y control pads freely routable to 40 parameters
6 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
4 LFOs plus Vibrato, Flutter and Growl generators
Fully programmable resonator filter - allowing production of new sound effects
Delay/Reverb effect
Overdrive/Distortion effect
A/B compare your edited sounds
AU extension - run multiple Phonem instances in AU hosts
IAA - inter-app audio support
Audiobus 2 with statesaving
10 min audio recording and Audio copy
Redesigned browser with new listing filters
Directly accessible context help for each module
Freely configurable schematic keypad, with extremely expressive modulation options
4 Keypads play modes: Poly, Mono, Legato and Multitrigger.
4 MIDI modes: Poly, Mono, Legato and Voice-Per-Channel.

Phonem will be available in your app-store very soon..."

Session AEM1

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Just an impro session to forget about the heat...

Blofeld (controlled by System-1)
iPad: B-Step Pro and Mersenne
Novation Circuit
Virus Ti2

Vintage Roland SH-09 Analog Synthesizer With Filter CV Input Mod

via this auction

"About the Mod

You may notice that this SH-09 has a toggle switch on the left panel and a 1/4" jack behind it on the back panel. The toggle switch lets you choose between the bender and the additional 1/4" CV input to control the VCO & VCF. The amount of modulation is adjusted using the two sliders above the bender. I mainly used this to control the filter cutoff with velocity using the Kenton Pro Solo II (Not Included) This mod really brings a lot of life to the SH-09."


via @fabmass, via @Signalnoise

"‘Stranger Synthwave Things’ now available in the Signalnoise @Threadless store. ⚡️ https://signalnoise..."

Reference to Stranger Things.

Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer SN 0051

via this auction

Some nice close-ups of the jacks on back below.

"This listing is for one late-70s vintage Sequential Circuits Model 700 Programmer in worn but good cosmetic condition and excellent functional condition. It recently underwent full electronic restoration by genius tech Dave Brown and is working perfectly. He posted full details of the restoration on his modularsynthesis website. Unit has attached power cable and is a 120V model.
This is a Mk 1 unit and is likely a bit of history, I think Dave Smith was making these by hand. There is no microprocessor, all switching, sequencing and memory is analog.

You might ask "what do I need a programmer for now that I have midi/Expert Sleepers/eurorack/etc?" While that was its original intended use think of it this way:
--You have 2 DADSR envelopes with attenuation and 3 manual voltages
--You can save these settings in 8 banks of 8 settings
--You can then step through each back in 1-8 steps with an analog trigger or gate, essentially making an 8x3 sequencer with different envelope settings per step!
--Also, there is a transpose input so you can run a keyboard 1v/oct cv in and transpose your voltages (individually selectable for each of the 3 voltages)"

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Rev 3 SN 6180

via this auction

This one needs repair. Hopefully someone will pick it up and give it new life.

"Prophet 5 rev 3.x NOT WORKING. When powered up nearly all leds light up. no sound. no response to any controls. Several knobs broken off and missing."

Wersi Ap-6 Bass synthesizer / 1977 /

via this auction

"Features multiple waveform generators and waveform sound contours with ADSR functions. Includes Wah and Transpose slide bars, adjustable pitch control and simulated rotor control.

This synth sounds absolutely fantastic with the richest, deepest bass tones, and if you've ever considered adding a bass synth to your setup, this is the one! All keys, buttons, switches, and sliders work fine.

It is a monophonic analog synth with funky controls, decent sounds and a unique character."

Black & Gold ARP Odyssey MKI

via this auction

"This is the black version of the MKI model, with the original and fantastic sounding 12db filter. I personally think this filter version is THE ARP sound!

Keyboard is working and sounding great. Everything functions 100%, tuning is stable, it warms up quickly, and works exactly as expected. The keys were rebushed recently and respond well. Also has CV/Gate installed for use with other synths and sequencers. It has been well cared for in a studio setting. The only thing worth mentioning is that the VCO #1 pitch slider can cause a tiny bit of pitch warble when being moved, but this has absolutely no effect when being played."

Oberheim TVS-1A Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Exploring Modular Synths 12 - Strymon Big Sky

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Modular Landing

"This video explores a basic patch with the Shapeshifter sequenced by the Rene to show off the Strymon Big Sky and what it can add to a modular synth"

All parts here.

Elastic Drums - Short LoopSampler demo

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Oliver Greschke

"Here is a short demo of the possibilities the sampler will have, that will be available with an update hopefully in the next month. The sampler will have the standard pitch, reverse options but also a wicket looper function capable of doing sounds similar to a grain sampler.

As you can see there are only 2 channels used. You can switch samples between different patterns and you have lots of parameters again to manipulate the sample / loop"

iTunes: Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

5U // Corsynth - C101 MK1 OTA Lowpass Filter

Published on Aug 4, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 052-
5U 013-

Video demonstration of the Corsynth C101 mk1 OTA Lowpass Filter.
There is already a new version of this module (mk2) which you can see here:

Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter MK1:


Arturia KeyStep Live Unboxing and Exploration by AfroDJMac

Streamed live 4 hours ago AfroDJMac USA

"I just got the Arturia KeyStep controller and sequencer. I've been looking for a fun sequencer for some hardware gear, and I think this is going to do the trick. In this video I plan on unboxing, setting up and testing out the KeyStep. The gear I'm using it with is the Korg MS-20 Mini, the Korg Volca FM, an iPad, Ableton Link, Ableton Live and Push 2, and probably Korg's SyncKontrol app. Let's see how it goes!"


Published on Aug 4, 2016 ALAICC

"None the less."

KORG Electribe 2

Storm 3003 - Lose Control [Elektron Analog Four + Analog Rytm + Access Virus TI + Novation MiniNova]

Published on Aug 4, 2016 Shock-HRz

Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003"
Select HD for a better experience!

Equipment for this video:

- Elektron Analog RYTM
- Elektron Analog FOUR
- Access Virus TI
- Novation MiniNova"

KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist: Stereophonic Demonstration

Published on Aug 4, 2016 KOMA Elektronik

"The KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist Quadraphonic Mixer / Panner / VCA can also function in stereophonic mode with a flip of a switch. With an array of eurorack modules and the Komplex Sequencer for example, the Poltergeist is able to throw sound from left to right and in between while functioning as a quad vca and mixer module."

Studio Electronics Quadnic Waveform Sequencing Mode

Published on Aug 3, 2016 Robert Shipe

"Studio Electronics Boomstar Quadnic module operating in Waveform Sequencing Mode. The Quadnic cycles through its 64 waveforms and the sequence process can be CV controlled, in this case by the Make Noise/Richter Wogglebug/Source of Uncertainty. As you increase or decrease the process amount the wave sequence will change speed, range and depth. The module runs off of 4 digital oscillators. They are internally modulation-heavy with 8 process modes. There are 4 banks of 16 waveforms ranging from traditional variations of triangles, sawtooths and squares to more digital, harmonically-rich waveforms. Here the Quadnic is running through various chords, pitches and sequence variations. I used the Make Noise Function as a linear AD envelope and the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk. 3 ping-pong delay also clocked to the Wogglebug and Function. Running a simple, single-channel Intellijel VCA for the Quadnic and the Doepfer Wasp lowpass filter."

Novation Circuit Components Updated to V1.3

Published on Aug 4, 2016 NovationTV

Novation // Circuit 1.3 - Components

Update: videos above added.

The Novation Circuit continues to get better and better. The latest via Novation:

"Circuit v1.3 Brings exciting new Sample Flip functionality and greater software flexibility.

The free v1.3 firmware update for Novation’s Circuit groovebox makes it more streamlined and powerful than ever. The update, which is recommended for all users, delivers several feature requests from Circuit’s dedicated owners’ group, plus a number of usability tweaks that make Circuit one of the most capable music-making platforms on the market.

Sample Flip
The brand new Sample Flip function lets you create multi-sample drum lines on each of Circuit’s drum tracks. In previous versions of Circuit firmware, only one sound could be used on each drum track. Now, you can select a different sample for each step in all four of the drum tracks. So for example, you can have a kick and a snare on ‘Drum 1’, freeing up other tracks for additional instrumentation or sample playback. This totally transforms Circuit’s drum- and sample-programming functionality and opens it up to new styles of music.

Sample Preview
This commonly requested feature lets you play and preview your samples without programming them into a pattern. In the studio, this speeds up the drum-programming process immensely due to the speed at which you can audition sounds. On stage, you can live-play any sample along to your existing drum patterns, using Circuit’s velocity-sensitive pads. Let the finger-drumming commence.

Session Colours & Single Session Backup
Using the Circuit Librarian — part of the Components suite of browser-based tools (see below) — you can now change the colour of the LED that represents your Session on the Circuit hardware. This means you can use colours to differentiate styles — pink for house, orange for Techno, for example — or to discern between different sections of your songs: green for intros, purple for main sections, say. Also new with Circuit v1.3 is the facility to manage sessions individually, rather than in a batch of 32.

Sound Management
Updates have been made to the Sample Import tool in Circuit Components (more information below). You can now change the placement of your samples so you can, for example, group similar sounds together to make it easier to remember which sample is on which pad. (For example, you could have kick drums on row 1; snares on row 2; vocal snippets on row 3.)

Bug Fixes
A bug relating to the timing of Session switching (leading to the very occasional missed playback of sounds on step one of the proceeding Session) has been fixed. Long samples, which were automatically faded out in prior versions of the Firmware, can now be played in their entirety, providing there is sufficient sample space on the Circuit.

About Circuit Components
Components is a suite of tools, launched in April 2016, that are accessed through a web portal at Here, you can import samples, organise your backups, and find links to download the latest firmware. Circuit Components uses browser-based Web-MIDI and is compatible with Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

Our commitment to future firmware
Circuit has a fast-growing and active user base, who are regularly making feature suggestions.

Releasing regular feature updates has always been part of the product roadmap for Circuit, so expect more features in the months to come. For now, we’re confident that the new functionality of Circuit v1.3 will keep you occupied for the foreseeable future."

See my review & iPad editor for the initial version of Circuit here.

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