MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hyve Gets a New Home

The Hyve Touch synthesizer has a new home at Click through to check it out!

New Q173 Gate Math Tutorial Videos

The following videos have been added to this post.

Q173 Gate Math Reset
Q173 Gate Math Sources
Q173 Gate Math Bonus Features
Q173 Gate Math Programming

Mutable Instruments Elements Patches by Perfect Circuit Audio

Mutable Instruments Elements Patches from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

"Patching with the Mutable Instruments Elements eurorack module."

Q173 Gate Math Internal Clock

Published on Aug 26, 2016 synthesizersdotcom

"Internal clock on the Q173 Gate Math module explained.

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

All parts here.

Modular on the Spot Practice

Published on Aug 26, 2016 darksideothetune

"Drums sequenced with Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4 and Noisering, Make Noise Pressure Points and Brains. Audio Damage Dub Jr MK2.

Drum Modules:

TipTop Audio BD909
Hex Inverter Mutant Snare and Clap.

All Drums are modulated in some way with the Synthesis Technology E350"

Sequential Prophet T8 - just kobbing (mono audio...mind you speakers and you ears!!!)

Published on Aug 26, 2016 Default Corporation

"Just playng on Prophet T8 (1983) knobs.
Polysynth (8 analog voices) with key hammer action, aftertouch (polyphonic), velocity sensitive keyboard.
This synth was restored in august 2016 by mr. Felice Manzo of L.E.M.I. (Turin Italy).
Due high frequencies of the audio, please, be carefull of your speakers and ears.
Thanks for whatcing."

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Synthesizer 6 Voice Analog

via this auction

AtomoSynth Mochika X3 Analog Synthesizer Sequencer

via this auction

"The new MochikaX3 features 3 independent sections: an analog synthesizer, a multimode step sequencer and a MIDI to control-voltage interface, now you can play it from a midi keyboard, a cv-gate controller or from the built in step sequencer. Also a patch bay with various inputs an outputs for each section for great flexibility, and for easy integration with other midi or CV-gate gear or Modular gear.

One analog pulse and saw waveform VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with independent level knob for each wave.

Pulse width modulation knob

Ten turn precision tune knob to adjust octave and fine tune.

Glide effect knob.

White noise generator

One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), it can modulate the VCO frequency or PWM and also the Filter at the same time.

Vactrol based Low Pass and High Pass Filter with cut off and peak controls.

Feedback switcher, it feeds the output to the audio input creating an extra puch specially on bass souds.

Filter envelope generator EG1 with decay and level control and normal/inverted envelope switcher

Loudness envelope generator EG2 with release control

Built in MIDI interface, now you can play the mochika from a midi keyboard or any midi controller, sequencer or computer.

Midi thru connector to add the Mochika X3 to your midi chain.

Built in 8 step sequencer with global tempo, gate time control, note on/off switch and pitch knob for each step.

The built in sequencer features many modes: forwad, alternate, random, repetition, random repetition, gate arpeggio patters.

The sequencer can be synchronized by an external analog pulse or by midi.

Step knob, determines the first step, great for performance.

Freeze effect button F1, also great for performance.

Oscillator mode, the Mochika becomes a drone oscillator, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking the step knob.

Sequence length from 2 to 8 steps for forward sequence modes and from 3 to 8 steps length for alternate sequence modes,

Random mode and random repetition, it generates a large pseudo random sequence.

Repetition mode in which you can define from 1 to 8 repetitions for each step.

Gate type mode in which you switch between normal gate (time defined by the gate knob) and hold, for each step.

Gate Arpeggiator with 8 patterns, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking the step knob and sync it by midi or external analog clock.

Patch bay with inputs and outputs from the synthesizer, sequencer and midi interface sections.

Rugged steel case with all the potentiometers and switchers fixed to the case.

Aluminum knobs.

Powered by an external power supply (12V AC, 2A)"

MFB Kraftzwerg & MFB Tanzbar & Doepfer Dark Energy II

Published on Aug 26, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine, Dark Energy and Kraftzwerg synthesisers synced together:
Tanzbar CV1 & Gate1 to Dark Energy CV and Gate inputs
Tanzbar CV2 & Gate2 to Kraftzwerg CV and Gate inputs

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

1979 Keyboard Magazine Interview with Dave Smith

On how it all began:

"It wasn't until 1972, when he saw and immediately bought a Minimoog, that Smith began to consolidate these two areas [music & engineering]. He began making tapes with his new synthesizer and a four-track tape deck, but before long he had grown dissatisfied with that setup. 'Granted, there are a million things you can do with the Minimoog that most people don't even get near touching, but still everything is pretty much pre-patched, and I wanted to start doing more,' he explains. Starting from scratch, Dave soon built his own analog sequencer, which also functioned as a waveform generator when interfaced with a keyboard.

'When I finished it,' he relates, 'I realized that maybe someone else would want one, and that I might try to sell one. I guess that's how Sequential Circuits officially got started.' In 1974 the company name was trademarked, and Dave, working literally out of a closet in his one-bedroom apartment, began marketing and improving his Model 600 sequencer in his spare time. By late 1975, with his lab spilling over into the extra bedroom of another apartment, he was building the digital Model 800 sequencers. After a while he was renting workspace in Sunnyvale, in the area known as Silicon Valley, the heart of California's computer country, plugging in a telephone answering machine to take orders, and hiring assemblers. But it wasn't until April 1977, just after designing his synthesizer programmer, that Smith quit his regular job and began devoting his full energies to Sequential Circuits."

You'll find the full interview and a great write-up on the history of Sequential Circuits on Keyboard Magazine's online site here.

Additive Voices w/ Icaro Ferre of Spektro Audio/CV Toolkit

Started streaming 13 minutes ago Voltage Control Lab

"This Friday, August 26th, we welcome Icaro Ferre as our guest on Additive Voices! Icaro is the maker of the awesome CV Toolkit app from his company Spektro Audio, who is visiting LA from Brazil!

Check out their website!"

Synthrotek ADSR 4HP Eurorack Envelope Generator

See the video here.

via Synthrotek:

"The Synthrotek ADSR is a small and simple envelope generator with some very useful features. CV is additive for overall length of ADR stages in ADSR mode and add even more length to just the Release stage by adding CV into the Release jack. AR mode allows for snappy to long dynamic rhythm lengths. Very short minimum lengths, self cycling and a maximum output of 5 volts makes this tiny (4HP) envelope a very feature packed and versatile module.

Stage Lengths:
Attack: 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with CV)
Decay: 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with CV)
Sustain (based on gate length)Release 4ms-2 seconds (up to ~ 4 seconds with CV)
ADSR Timing Sheet
LED indication for each section
CV over ADR
CV over Release
ADSR or AR mode
Exponential or Linear Curves
4HP wide
Depth: 40mm
Current Draw: +12: 30mA, -12: n/a, +5: n/a"

New Folktek Conduit Eurorack Module & Matter Cards

via Folktek

"The long awaited Matter plug-ins and cards are finally here. They expand, direct or change the function of Matter and allow for a greater level of experimentalism and possibility. You'll discover that, though unlabeled, some of the trigger points can be used as audio inputs to allow for internal manipulation.

This is a two part system: First the plug-in inserts into the headers on Matter, then any one of the cards is inserted into the card slot. Understand that much of what the cards do can be accomplished by direct jumping and with the use of Resist.

Set 1 includes the main plug-in and 7 cards. Set 2, a new series of cards will come later in 2016

Matter Cards Set 1

Cards for Matter are finished. Finalizing and will be officially for sale in the next week. See the folktek site for more. Included with the set is the main (necessary) plug-in which inserts into the headers on the front panel, and 7 individual cards which easily and effortlessly insert into the plug in like giant SD cards. Each card has a specific purpose, direct, changes or adds function. Soot, Granules, Pebbles, Conduit, Sand, Dust, Moss"

And via Folktek here

"Conduit is a delay, filter, and 9 point harmonic oscillation module which creates three independent signal paths that can be inter-mixed how you like. It's also capable of jumping directly into the circuitry of Matter for processing. The root circuitry is based on the conduit desktop piece which is no longer in production."

Modal 008 8-voice Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

ARP 2600 w/ 3620 Keyboard Analog Semi-Modular Synth SN 261304

via this auction

"This 2600P 3.0 & Model 3620 keyboard has been expertly serviced and though the case is in rough condition, the synth is in excellent functional condition. This unit has all new sliders, a new 4012 Cirocco VCF module, new capacitors, has been fully tuned & calibrated, and the keyboard has been rebushed.

The ARP 2600 contains a legendary sound and is a semi modular sandbox of sound potential. 3 Oscillators, 1 LFO, the highly desirable 4012 filter (-24dB lowpass), S+H capability, built in spring reverb, built in speaker, ADSR/AR style envelope generator, and is fully compatible with any of your other modular or CV/Gate controllable equipment."

Qu-Bit Electronix Announces the Chord - Four Voice Polyphonic Eurorack Module

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2016 matrixsynth

Note: Tiptop Audio announced an eight voice poly eurorack module back in 2012, however it was never released. If you know of any other poly euro modules, let us know! Update: see the comments section at the bottom of this post for others.

via Qu-Bit Electronix

"The Chord is a plug and play solution for bringing musical polyphony to your system. It is a four voice oscillator with individual and summed outputs. All voices are tuned together, allowing for quick and easy sequencing of chord progressions. Outputs morph through sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms, offering a timbre control that ranges from subtle waveshaping, to powerful spectral filtering. In addition to its robust synthesis engine, the harmonize function can choose appropriate chord types based on an incoming bassline at the v/oct input. From harmonic drone to Switched On Bach, the Chord is an unparalleled addition to any Eurorack modular.

- Tuned chords
- Morphing between waveforms
- Harmonize feature can choose chord quality based on incoming bassline CV
- No music theory knowledge necessary"

Al.Azif - BüSüM @Home

Published on Aug 15, 2016 Contre Culture

"Electron Octatrack plays samples and gives the clock to the Roland TR8 and « Network 47 » (the modular system)
Roland TR8 sequenced and played live by Dj KESMO

Elektron Octatrack and « Network 47 » are sequenced and played live by Vincent DRAPO

« Network 47 » is made of :
Mutable Instruments Yarns
Make Noise Maths
Make Noise Echophon
Dave Smith Modular DSM02
Intellijel Atlantis
Intellijel Metropolis
Rebel Technology Στοιχεῖα"

ghostradio experience #04 [novation circuit]

Published on Aug 26, 2016 ghostradioshow

"Real-time tweak jam with novation circuit (using original patch)
enjoy ;)"

Minimoog Model D Reissue + Roland Jupiter 4 + Linn Drum "That 80's sound" !!!

Published on Aug 25, 2016 synthartist69

Rare Waldorf Microwave XT Wavetable Synthesizer Shadow Edition SN 831434023

via this auction

"Extremely Rare Shadow Edition, only 666 Units made. This one is 10 Voices but has Revision Board #3 so it will accept the expander board to make it 30 voices. Unit is in Excellent condition and perfect working order. Comes with original Power Supply. See pics."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

via this auction

"Up for auction a very rare and unique sampler by SCI, designed by Dave Smith.

Auction Includes:
Prophet 2000 Sampler
Original User Manual
Link to digital disk images

It is an 8-voice, 12-bit sampler with real Analog Filters and VCA. Deep editing and sampling capabilities.

It has a built-in operating system, and some preset sounds (so one is not forced to use the floppy drive to use the sampler). The sampler also includes a very unique arpeggiator with very musically useful parameters.

It has an amazing UNISON mode, not often found on samplers- that is quite refreshing. I believe this sampler can produce and keep up with the same quality of sounds as the famous Emu Emulator II sampler. For most sounds and blind A/B tests I prefer the P2000 to the EII.

Cosmetically the sampler is in good condition for it's age. The original floppy drive has been replaced but the cover faceplate for that drive has been removed. It still operates and will load/save disks."

Original ARP Arpeggio Vol.5 Nr.2 & Vol. 6 Nr.1

Vol.5 Nr.2 from 1976 via this auction.

Vol. 6 Nr.1 from 1977 via this auction

"This is your chance to own this rare vintage ARP Arpeggio newspaper with a lot of the nice vintage ARP synthesizers ever made. ARP Arpeggio's were the only official newspapers that ARP made themselves and distributed to their clients.

This newspaper has no holes, no stamps and no highlighting or writing in it. This newspaper is in very good condition ,see the picture's for more detail."

Analogue Solutions Leipzig Synthesiser SN 3290

via this auction

Limited Moog Voyager Solar Edition

via this auction

"This extremely excellent condition Minimoog Voyager is an unusual specimen in that it is the Electric Blue version, but the panel lighting is in orange. Nova Musik worked with Moog to make an exclusive limited run of these before Moog made other color options more widely available.

This just came back from being serviced at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC. The power supply for the panel lighting was upgraded to the Quiet II Technology, the Aftertouch was upgraded, and the entire synth has been calibrated and tuned.

Included with the price is a brand new, never-been-used Voyager molded flight case from Moog and the Voyager branded dust cover."

ARP Solina String Ensemble SE-IV Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

via this auction

Loquelic Iteritas and Make Noise Wogglebug // Eurorack Jam

Loquelic Iteritas and Make Noise Wogglebug // Eurorack Jam from Jonathan Sare on Vimeo.

"Here is my take at a self generative patch with some Eurorack.

The morphing sounds come from the Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas and the Endorphines Furthrrrr Generator modulated by the Xaoc Devices Batumi and the Make Noise Wogglebug.

All the gates are controlled by the TipTop Trigger Riot and the random gate output of the Make Noise Wogglebug.

Drums are from the Audio Damage Neuron modulated also by the Batumi.

The bass line is a simple saw wave from the Intellijel Dixie 2+ going through the Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter modulated by the Furthrrrr generator."

Johan Becker & Kebu - Space Odyssey (live at Capitol 2016)

Published on Aug 26, 2016 Kebu

More synth spotting with Kebu.

"'Space Odyssey'
Lyrcis & melody: Johan Becker, music: Kebu

Recorded live at Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 24th of April, 2016.

Lights: Sebastian "Baba" Sjöblom
Cameras: Christopher Marins & Kebu
Editing: Kebu"

Futuresonus Parva analog poly-synth with LinnStrument demo

Published on Aug 26, 2016 Geert Bevin

"As a Kickstarter backer I've had the Parva for several months, but there were a few problems with the firmware that prevented me from fully using it. Today, Brad from Futuresonus released firmware update v0.51, fixing everything that was important to me.

So here is a demo video with LinnStrument. I've set it up so that the x-axis controls per-note pitch and the y-axis per-note filter cutoff, I'm not using the z-axis. The LinnStrument is connected directly to the Parva's USB MIDI host port, which also provides power. The audio is recorded through my Metric Halo ULN-8 audio interface without any sound processing besides normalisation.

The Parva has eight independent analog voices that can be configured in a multi with a dedicated MIDI channel for each voice. Each voice can play a different preset, but I'm using the same preset for all voices here to allow for per-note expression. In this multi, each MIDI channel is also sent to two voices, creating a unison sound, while still having full control over 4 independent notes.

I think it sounds pretty great!

Lossless 48kHz WAV file available through SoundCloud:"

BlueWolfSe7en Live at Leeds Modular Meets

Published on Aug 26, 2016 sonicstate

"Live set from the Modular Meets Leeds with BlueWolfSe7en.
From the Belgrave, Leeds centre, set curtailed due to a technical difficulty, but he soldiered on."

BLUEWolfSe7en Interview from Modular Meets Leeds

Published on Aug 26, 2016

"Leeds based live modular artist BLUEWolfSe7en performed a set at the Modular Meets Leeds, we talked to him right after."

Roland Analog Wav Collection 2016 Jupiter-8 Juno-106 JP6 JX-8P Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Aug 25, 2016 SynthgodXXX

Sample pack available for purchase here.

"All samples for this demonstration video were recorded into
Ableton Live 7 'Simpler' device using only basic Reverb & Delay
This demonstration video shows off some STRINGS, PADS & SWEEPS!!

.Wav Sample Names, Key Locations & places in video listed below:

Jupiter-8 Bomber X C3 @ 00:02
Jupiter-8 DarkWizard C4 @ 01:13
Jupiter-8 SweepStrings1 C4 @ 02:48
Jupiter-8 Olympus C3 @ 04:20
Jupiter-6 SawBass C3 @ 05:10
Jupiter-6 Bass1 C3 @ 05:26
Jupiter-6 Egyptian C3 @ 05:46
Juno-106 Da Funk C2 @ 07:01
Juno-106 '84 C3 @ 07:28
Juno-106 UberPad C4 @ 08:23
Juno-106 Vapor C4 @ 09:31
JX-8P Hi Strings C3 @ 10:56
JX-8P Soundtrack C4 @ 11:45
JX-8P HollowPad C3 @ 12:33"

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