MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday, October 08, 2016

C Minor

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Oren Levy

"Sawtooth going into the TripsQuad, which is getting modulated, into Ripples into Disting for delay for the throbbing part. Akemies into uVCF for the chordy splashy things. STO to Audio Damage Shapes to optomix to Befaco Spring Reverb for the slidey voice. Braids' Vowel into MMG for the weird things on top. O+Cs for Interesting LFOs and quantizing."

Batchas presents: Buchla in the dark

Published on Oct 8, 2016 batchas

"Very distorted..."

Univox SR-95 Vintage Drum Machine SN 750625

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Dave Burns

via this auction

Roland MC-202 Microcomposer SN 338900

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Mike Eder

via this auction

TR-707 listed here.

The Last Dr. Blankenstein Atari Punk Console

via @Dr_Blankenstein

"It's kinda sad to see her go...

THE LAST Dr Blankenstein "#Atari Punk Console" #synth EVER MADE selling tomorrow:"

A bit of synth history.

Moog Model 15 v1.1 Update

Animoog also got an update: Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

"What's New in Version 2.4.4
• Improvements to sample rate / buffer size behavior.
• Improvements to scale slider."

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

What's New in Version 1.1.0

• The SETTINGS -> SHARE panel now allows you to create and share a music video from audio in the Recorder module.
• Saved patches, arpeggios and CC maps are now automatically stored on your iCloud drive. They can be retrieved through SETTINGS -> SHARE -> iCLOUD DOCUMENTS from any device that uses the same iCloud account.
• Keys can now be released when HOLD is active by tapping any currently pressed key.
• Recordings now use much less memory.
• Recordings can now be up to 5 minutes in length.
• Recordings are now persisted across application restarts and the undo buffer.
• Added crossfading to the Recorder Module to prevent clicks at the beginning and end of a recording.
• Added a configuration option to prevent controllers from being changed when presets are loaded.
• Added a progress indicator for tutorial presets
• Tutorial presets now continue highlighting areas during wiring.
• Added support for highlighting individual ports, knobs and switches in the tutorial presets.
• Updated factory tutorial presets to reflect new highlighting capabilities.
• Factory tutorial presets can no longer be accidentally replaced.
• Values of CC mapped controls are now sent out on preset change.
• Added support for incoming MIDI RPN 0 to temporarily set the pitch bend range.
• Added support for "shake to undo”, which also works during tutorial presets.
• Added "rate on app store" and "contact us for help" buttons on the SETTINGS -> ABOUT panel.
• Support for iOS 10.
• Improvements to inter-app audio connectivity.
• Improved core audio engine.
• Improved Ableton Link support.
• Improved stability on iPad Air 1.
• Improved fluidity of GUI rendering on older devices.
• Improved precision of the Apple Pencil as a controller.
• Improvements to the built-in manual.
• Updated AudioCopy to v3.3.
• Fixed stability problems when using incoming messages on MIDI channel 16.

New Moog Prodigy ER-16 Eurorack Module by EnsureSound

You might remember the Moog Prodigy Clone by EnsureSound. It is now available in eurorack format, complete with patch points.

via this auction

"We would like to attract your attention the analogue modular synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16. Exactly it is the modified clone of the famous analogue synthesizer MOOG PRODIGY, known in the all music world. The synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16 does not sound worse as original. On the contrary, it sounds just excellent. We can say with certainty that the PRODIGY ER-16 is the same MOOG PRODIGY, but it has the new look only. With the analogue synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16 you can enjoy the full range of synthetic sounds – from gentle to acid. Listen samples and you will see it.

The format EURO RACK 42HP is one more excellent feature of the PRODIGY ER-16 . It is full compatible with standards of DOEPFER and easy will fit into your systems.

Technical specification Prodigy ER-16:

Two voltage control oscillators VCO1 (SAW, TRI, PULSE) and VCO2 (SAW, TRI, SQR)
Two octave dividers VCO1 (32', 16', 8') and VCO2 (16', 8', 4')
Mixer for OSCs and NOISE
PITCH/SYNC for control VCOs
Classic Moog ladder VCF -24dB/oct
OSC and FILTER modulation inputs
Two Envelope generators (A, D/R, S)
Anodized aluminum 2,5 mm black panel with classic design 42HP
Standard MINI-JACK 3mm input/output connectors
Dual and Single oscillators CV input (2 voice poly emulation)
Noise generator (pink, white) with level control
GATE, S-TRIG, SPIKE inputs with LED control
External audio input with level control
OSC2 signal outputs (SAW, TRI, SQR)
LFO synchronization with LED control, 3 band divider for LFO speed
Dual modulation SW for OSCs and VCF with potentiometer control
Standard DOEPFER power connector 16 pin with internal CV/GATE
Jumpers for ON/OFF internal CV/GATE
The new concept SINGLE UNIT ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER is not the module. This is the valuable synthesizer, which is self-sufficient and can be expand by additional modules from your system (modulation, effects, sequencers ….)."

New Audulus Analog Delay/Chorus & Spring Reverb Guitar Demo

Published on Oct 7, 2016 audulus

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"This analog-modelling stereo delay/chorus effect is one of the many new modules appearing in the biggest Audulus 3 update yet. Go from lush, washy tones to vibey rotating cabinet sounds using the newly-optimized analog-modelling z-1 filters.

Inspired by the Endangered Audio Research AD4096, this delay's feedback can be cranked up without causing runaway volume increase. The patch you're hearing used a random modulation signal to turn up the regen control at random intervals, lending a spacey atmosphere to the chorused lead.

Time - Time between repeats
Regen - The feedback of the delay line
Mix - Balance between wet/dry signals
Color - Filtering of the delay line - when turned down, the delay is darker and more analog-sounding
Speed - The speed of the chorusing LFO
Depth - The amount of the chorusing effect

This effect is just one of hundreds of modules that come with Audulus 3 - buy Audulus now at the Mac and iOS app stores and start creating your own custom guitar pedalboard today.

Also featured in this composition is an 808-style kick also synthesized in Audulus.

If you like Audulus, please give us a 5-star rating in the App Store - it really helps!

Questions can be directed to support at audulus dot com

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New Synthrotek Kontact Mic Demo Video - Sound Study Modular

Published on Oct 8, 2016 synthrotek

"The Kontact MIC is a lo-fi theme park. It’s a microphone preamp with a piezo contact mic built into the panel.
The creative applications are endless: finger percussion/rubbing/scratching, guitar input (works surprisingly well with just a little lofi crunch), acoustic sources to CV, etc.

The PCB fibreglass has quite a nice rough texture – rubbing it with a finger or a plectrum creates quite a wide range of sounds. The back of the panel is plated to expand the surface area of the contact mic. The mic will also pick up all the physical sounds in your modular – patching, cables rustling, switches, fingers on knobs – without picking up airborne sounds i.e. the sound your modular is making. At very high sound levels will pick up vibrations from the speaker output and start to feedback.

The module will work with both DIYed contact mics made from inexpensive piezo transducers, off the shelf contact mics (often called Piezo Pickups) made for guitars and violins which you can pick up for ten bucks from Amazon or eBay or more bespoke mics like the popular Jez Riley French models (including hydrophones!) which are firmly aimed at Sound Designers.

It is an easy way to bring environmental noise and feedback into a modular system, inspired by the early days of electroacoustic music in Paris and Cologne, and by the contact microphone and phonograph cartridge experiments of John Cage, Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley and Nicholas Collins.

Piezo mic soldered to the backside of the front panel
Mic preamp
Input jack (switches off the piezo mic when used)
Gain knob
Output jack
Black panel
This is an open hardware project by Sound Study Modular, and covered by a Creative Commons Attribution Share-a-like license."

Montage 6 Synthesizer Videos by Geert Deman

Published on Oct 8, 2016 geert deman

Ostend Opex
Beach and Dunes
Music Yamaha Montage 6
Filmed with yuneec Q500
Song: Sentimental Boy

Montage 6 - Paris at night

Published on Oct 4, 2016

Paris at night
cruise on the Seine at Paris
music: all sounds from Yamaha montage 6

Montage 6 Synthesizer

Published on Sep 21, 2016

Music from my Yamaha Montage 6
And filmd with yuneec Q500 4k

New STEREOPING 'Thet4' Hardware Controller for the DSI Theta

'Thet4' - Hardwarecontroller demo for DSI Theta

Published on Oct 7, 2016 stereoping

"The 'Thet4' edition of the Stereoping Synth Controller for the DSI TetrA. It allows direct access to most of the parameters through 3 lighted pushbuttons and 16 HQ-pots. Small and powerful, very well designed and optimized especially for the Tetra's unique features. Besides the obvious parameters for OSC tunings/waveforms/glidetimes you can e.g. tweak Unison, Feedback, Audio Mod or Pan Spread without any menu diving. Directly set your VCF and VCA envelope and have fun with the blue modulation-layer which offers LFO 1/2/3 Amounts and Times and Mod 1/2/3 Amounts and the complete ENV 3 parameters. Bonus feature: control all 16 steps of Sequencer 1 & 2 directly with the 16 pots!

The video shows 3 examples, musicaly surely not the coolest tune but you'll - hopefully - get the idea how this midicontroller works.

Example 1 contains tweaking of OSC and VCF paras. Volca Sample is midisequenced by FL Studio.

Example 2 demoes the benefit of the blue modulation layer. A patch of the TetrA was optimized by setting the right modulation destinations for LFOs 1-3 and Mod 1-3. The video subtitles are telling you what's going on.

The third example is dedicated to the extra feature of this edition: controling Sequencer 1 and 2 directly through the 16 pots. Seq 1's destination is set to OSC FREQ, Seq 2 to Cutoff. The midinotes sent to the TetrA are not held long enough to reach the steps beyond 6. Otherwize the video would have been much longer and even more enoying. But you can trust me: all 16 steps can be controlled.

Thanks for watching"

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6

via this auction

"Amazing 2 oscillator polysynth from DSI. Their updated take on the classic prophet 5."

Moog MicroMoog model 2090 vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction

"Moog Micromoog model 2090 in excellent condition. All functions and keys work properly, all knobs and sliders are in good condition and operate smoothly, ribbon is in good shape, exterior is in excellent condition, the only defect is one small dent in the plastic above the high C sharp key.

The Micromoog is a one-oscillator (plus sub-oscillator) classic Moog monosynth from the '70s. It is capable of the classic "beefy" Moog basses and typical Moog synth "whistles", but also of a lot more.

It features a very cool routable S&H circuit that one can even use to simulate an arpeggiator or a sequencer, and many other modulation & routing options that make this little synth very versatile.

It features a ribbon controller instead of the more customary pitch wheel, while it does retain the usual Moog modulation wheel, which you can use to control several parameters.

The filter is unmistakably MOOG, and you can also process external sounds through the Micromoog - very useful feature.

This is the version with the keyboard output level knob on the rear, and of course it has the audio input like all Micromoogs enabling you to run other sound sources through the filter.

In top notch operating condition. In the time that I've owned it I've replaced one of the voltage regulators, and also replaced some of the ICs in the envelope circuit (I also installed sockets when replacing them.)"

Lower Dens at the Moog Factory

via @moogmusicinc

"Work work work work work. @lowerdens #moogfactory"

AudioCubes, SYNTHOR and REMOTE Patch Demos

Wind Blowing patch using AudioCubes, SYNTHOR and REMOTE

Published on Oct 8, 2016 PERCUSSA

"In this video we loaded the 'wind blowing' patch which is available on our website. It's a simple patch where we use the distance between LFO and envelope (ADSR) to change the modulation depth. We use REMOTE to change parameters of the ADSR envelope."

Wireless Patching using SYNTHOR and AudioCubes

Published on Oct 8, 2016

"Basic video that explains how synth modules can be patched using AudioCubes."

Patch and change modulation depth simulaneously

Published on Oct 8, 2016

"In this video we show how you can patch synth modules and at the same time change the modulation depth by changing distance."

Also added to AudioCubes by PERCUSSA Knobcon Demos & SYNTHOR Tutorials

Roland System 8 "That 80's Sound"

Published on Oct 8, 2016 synthartist69

"Here is a Reso Synth patch that I created using the Roland System 8 synthesizer. I am having to use my Roland FA06 as a controller at times due to the System 8 only having 49 keys. I am using a Linn Drum LM-2 for drums."

Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedal Synthesizer with Original Box

via this auction

Teisco 110f 80's powerfull 2 osc monster mono/duo synth

via this auction

"Rare and powerfull mono/duo synth with 2 oscillators, ringmodulator, Moog ladder filter, 8 band filterbank, 2 envelopes, cv gate inputs! Something between Moog Prodigy and Arp Odyssey. Raw and nasty sound. Check YT demos to be sure what is this rare gem all about.

Important: Recently dissasembled cleaned and lubed to the last slider and key contacts, reccaped PSU, tuned to factory settings...

You won’t find one in this condition. It was supposed to stay in my studio but it has to go.

Only flaw is PPC that has to be presed very hard..."

Modal Electronics 008

via this auction

"Analog monster synth in mint condition. Comes with original box.

Amazing sounds from this synth, so many modulation options!"

Hohner String melody II - string machine

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog

via this auction

"For sale is one Moog Memorymoog synthesiser, with 6 notes polyphony and 18 oscillators. One owner since new. Has had the Kenton Electronics midi upgrade, and is in excellent condition and PWC. Not much to say really. Simply one of the most desirable synthesisers ever made."

Ambient Synth Jam: You Came... (Roland Juno-6 vs. Yamaha DX7)

Published on Oct 8, 2016 my4trackmachine

"A simple ambient Improvisation with my favorite tools."

Yamaha DS55 FM Synth - quick demo

Published on Oct 8, 2016 AreggerOrchestra

"Just quick demo of patches created with the DS55 4 op FM synth"

The DS55 is a preset FM synth.

Tweak Jam with volcas and strymons

Published on Oct 8, 2016 ghostradioshow

KORG volca fm / volca keys / volca sample
strymon bluesky / TIMELINE

Enjoy :)"

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 46

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"The beauty of Episode 46 (at least for me) consists in the fact that I used the kick program from Braids with a room reverb setup from Clouds and a complex sequence from Quadnic (min. 7:00) with a ice Demora delay (I love Demora!).

Otherwise, the same JP-8000 (lead), Virus Ti2 (pads), microKorg & System-1 (FX), Radias (sequence and bass), Circuit (percution) and Beatstep Pro as sequencer for Eurorack.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Korg Electribe as an 808

Published on Oct 8, 2016 alternatingbitmusic

"For those on a budget who want the 808 sound but not using a mouse, the classic Korg ES-1 MK2 is a great kit with an intuitive layout and fun effects. This was a quick demo I slapped together this morning in light of Arturia's DrumBrute announcement, so don't expect amazing sequences."

Korg electribes on eBay

4MS Atoner Noise Swash Test

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Ask.Audio

AIR Vacuum Pro - Industrial Charm

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"AIR Vacuum Pro is a polyphonic virtual analog Synthesizer with vacuum tube circuit modelling inside. Vacuum Pro has one great characteristic in his sound: it's this raw and industrial sound dimension. Check this video for some specific sound demos."

Squeezed Ambience - A dense ambient patch for eurorack modular synthesizer

Published on Oct 7, 2016 Luke Killen

"Today's Patch is an exploration of ambience, melodic ambiguity and textural density."

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