MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, December 02, 2016

Keeping It Simple - BelTumi

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"Rarely patch up an East Coast flow, but was in the mood to keep things simple.

DPO Square wave from OSC 2 going into the Belgrad, then to the Quad VCF/VCA, with the mix out going through the Springray.

Batumi is having some swingers orgy party with the Belgrad. MN Tempi is being clocked by the TTLFO2, Tempi Spitting out clocks for the Batumi, Maths, and the Disting; Disting in Quantized Random Shift Register mode. One Square out of the Batumi is going into the Tempi's Mod, which is rotating the clocks.

2 of the Batumi waves are going through the 4ms Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, doing it's duties that it does so well. This time it's attenuating the cv that's going to the Ballance And Res on the Belgrad.

What the Belgrad did to the DPO's Square wave is pornography. I hope the neighbors were not watching...

Audio captured though Expert Sleepers ES-6 into Cubase, and then synced up with the video in Premiere. No post processing was done to the audio."

Predator 2 - Basic Overview

Published on Dec 2, 2016 AiynZahevSounds

"A basic look at Predator 2"

Android Dreams- live set. Toronto Sound Festival 2016

Published on Dec 1, 2016 android dreams

"100% live improvisational set from the Toronto Sound Festival 2016. Nov. 19, 2016.
Hardware only. See end credits of video for full equipment list.

Thanks to Randy, Paul and Eric for organising yet another incredible synth weekend.

Very special thanks to cameraman: Shawn Yerxa (Mini Car Club of Canada) (Contact him for your video production needs!)



Instagram: android_dreams_aphex"

Korg Wavestation SR SN 000835 & Ensoniq SQR

Update: Wavestation SR via this auction, Ensoniq SQR via this auction.

Originally the pics were mixed in the SQR listing. Looks like they are all sorted out now. For a moment I thought I had too much wine.

Nord Lead 2 & 4 Demos by Chris Bran

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Chris Bran

"Here's my old piece of music made in 2003 on a Nord Lead 2
It is called 'Cheerful Synth' Hope you enjoy listening to it :)
Cheers ! Chris from Katowice - south Poland"

Nord Lead 4 demo

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Chris Bran

"Now you can listen to my new demo of Nord Lead 4. This model is greatly improved in comparison with the Nord 1, Nord 2 / 2x.
The Nord 4 is equipped with a high quality FX processor and the filters and rezonans sound much better than on 2 / 2x.
I made this demo without MIDI, using arpeggiatior and my own fingers :) HAVE FUN !"


Published on Dec 2, 2016 LESINDES

Programming and playing the beast if it only were a BEHRINGER DEEPMIND 12 :-)"

The PEK of course is a four oscillator synth, two analog DCOs & two digital with Prophet VS waves, wave sequencing capability, FM, and ring modulation. The above features just the two DCOs.

Arturia DrumBrute Quick Demo

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Synth City

"A brief little beat from the mighty new DrumBrute. This video features the two kick drum power of this machine. Kick 1 was routed through the Boss Metal Zone for good measure. Kick 2 is untreated. Additionally the Strymon Blue Sky was used on the tambourine and snare, and the Moog MF Delay on the Hats."

Weinglas - Live at INM

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Wein Glas

"Weinglas in Concert!

Live at Phonophon, Institute for New Media, Frankfurt/Germany, October 26th, 2016"

Eurorack, a Gotharman Fuzion and a Metasonix S-2000, & guitar pedals.

The following are links to the individual tracks performed (note the links will take you to the individual videos on YouTube):

Part 1:
1.) Intro (or two minutes before you enter HELL!) (00:00)
2.) This is not Weinglas (02:07)
3.) Requiem (05:51)
4.) Drone of Tubes (10:25)
5.) Bellum Gallicum I (featuring Jamie) (14:06)

Part 2:
6.) Game Over! (0:00)
7.) Radioactivity Lectures (3:49)
8.) Industrial Drumming (9:25)
9.) Miku sings Weinglas (18:39)

Buchla Format 212r Overview Parts ii & iii

Parts ii & iii of Todd Barton's overview of the Buchla Format 212r have been added to this post.

Buchla Easel tune at 5 AM Friday morning.

Published on Dec 2, 2016 repeatle

220ohm Live Sessions

220ohm live session #01 Published on Dec 2, 2016 220 ohm

"Live Techno Jam #01
using :
- Novation Bass Station 2
- Mutable Instruments Shruthi SMR4mkII
- Mutable Instruments Shruthi 4-Pole Mission

Soundcloud :"

Buchla BEMI LEM Custom Mini System Modular with Hertz Donut

via this auction

"Buchla BEMI LEM Custom Mini System --- In excellent to new condition! 100% functional!

Auction includes:

LEM 3 space powered case with universal PSU
202h Utility module
281h Dual Function Generator
292h Dual Low Pass Gate
Blade 20 HP Euro Rack Adapter
The Harvestman Hertz Donut MKII (dual/complex oscillator based off of Buchla's oscillators)
3 x Tinijax patch cables
4 banana patch cables
3 x 3.5mm patch cables"

Roland TB03 & Boss RV6 Reverb

Published on Dec 2, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"TB03 - RV6 (Mono in, Stereo out)

No further processing used except for normalisation."

Tsyklon Lab - Chaos Divider *FIRST PATCH*

Published on Dec 2, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's the awesome Chaos Divider from Tsyklon Labs. Full video coming soon but wanted a first patch / jam video. The Sequencer 1 is driving the clock and some stepped random voltages shifting through the modes then the intensity modes. Chaos Divider is controlling the beats, Sequencer 1 controls the synth line and I'm using a MA CP3 mixer and the WMD Performance Mixer to mix it all together."

Patch Notes #27 - Eurorack Modular w/ Leap Motion

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"A fairly simple patch tied back to an Ableton Live set with 6 mono channels of DC offsets in a custom Max4live device routed to the first 6 outs on the ES-8, and a seventh channel doing randomization.

The 6 offsets (more details on the custom device later) are mapped to the middle finger on each hand and their locations in the X, Y and Z axes above the Leap Motion controller using the LeapModulation M4L device.

I’ve set up a pretty simple one voice patch to play, Make Noise DPO Final output to the MMG to the Optomix, and on to Mutable Instruments Clouds in Granular mode. Clouds is routed back into the Expert Sleepers ES-8 inputs for recording.

The left hand middle finger up and down motion (the Y axis) is mapped to control the Optomix level, while the right hand Y axis control is mapped through the Ornament & Crime Quantermain mode for pitch quantization, and then into the exponential FM input on the DPO. The O&C is clocked via Tempi.

The left hand X and Z axes are mapped to control the mod bus index and the angle amount on the Final output. The right hand X and Z axes are mapped to the Clouds position and density CV inputs. The random output from the ES-8 is mapped to the FM bus index on the DPO.

Very simple patch, but pretty dramatic results."

MAM MB33 Retro Analog Bass Synthesizer [TB-303 Clone] - Audio Demo

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Acid Alex

"Here's a demo of the MB33 Retro, a cool little clone of Roland's TB-303.

I've used a few different patterns and swept through the various settings so you can get a good feel for how it sounds. The MB33 has two little controls on the back to adjust the cutoff scale and offset. These have been calibrated so the cutoff range exactly matches that of the TB-303.

As you'll hear this is surprisingly close to the real thing, more so than my x0xb0x, TB-3 and TT-303 I would say. You can't get a better clone than the MB33 at this price.

I use the excellent Engine MIDI sequencer from Social Entropy to sequence the MB33 (and all my other gear). Highly recommended!

I used the MB33 Retro in my last two tracks. Check them out below..."

Dr. Wiener's Bananas: Pipes are for smoking, not for greedy fake presidents and their friends.

Published on Dec 2, 2016 uoYTube

Greed kills
The greediest will explode
For the end we'd all go
Out with them

Let's stand up.

Pipes are for smoking: not for a greedy fake president and their loser friends. #standwithstandingrock.


This patch is created and 100% #sequenced within the #SergeModular system. Clock source is the #DUSG. Sequencing is done with the #DivideandCompare & #Sequencer/Programer. #Drums are created by pinging the #ResonantEqualizers (see my last video for a #Tutorial) #Percussion is by pinging the #WaveMultipliers. #Bass, #Tablas, #Noise and #Squelches are made by #pinging the #VCFQ. Vocals from the glorious Roland​ #Jupiter4 channeled through my #Vintage KORG​ #KaossPad. Tons of Thanks to #CGS and RandomSource​ for their tremendous research and work over the last many of years to make #Serge #Modular available to the people as a #DIY #Synthesizer. Without their work, I would not have gotten a chance to use a serge system, or been given the knowledge and resources to build one myself. I hope you enjoy my new song. Thanks for listening and watching. Many Cheers & #HappyFriday... It's definitely not #Eurorack or #Eurocrack. It's #Serge or #4u or #Slug -- #sluglif

Body in the Thames OB6 Drum Sample Pack [Volume 1]

This one in via Body of The Thames who had the following to say:

"The 'Oberheim sound is famously about big sawtooth pads and pulse wave modulated strings and the oscillators & filter are certainly truly awesome for that 'signature' feel.

I do love programming drums & percussion on analog synths as well however.

Perceived wisdom is that you need a 24db self-oscillating filter for kicks & toms etc & the OB-6 has a 12db filter which doesn't self-oscillate.

What it does have though is is an LFO which goes well into audible range plus powerful cross-modulation possibilities and so I think perhaps this pack shows another side to the OB-6 that might surprise a few people."

That said, here are the track details from BandCamp:

"This track is a short demo created entirely with just a few of the samples from the OB-6.

'Body in the Thames OB6 Drum Sample Pack [Volume 1]'

To download the entire sample pack simply download this track - included with the mp3 is a file containing your link to the full pack.

The track & therefore the sample pack is offered as 'name your own price – no minimum' so in principle it is free but the more you give, the more material will be available in the future. :)

thank you

Release notes:

Oneshot samples made by Body in the Thames using a Dave Smith Instruments Tom Oberheim OB-6 analog synthesizer.

Stockholm, Sweden December 2016

44 kick drums (808/909 style and similar)
75 claps/snares/snaps
Individually tuned Toms
Hats, shakers, cowbells & claves
& 'Station2Station' – heavily flanged, delayed & LFO'd white noise crashes

All sounds were made exclusively with the OB-6 with no external processing.

All files are stereo wav 16bits 44.1 kHz
All files are normalized
All files are royalty free under creative commons – go crazy :)"

It really is a powerful all-round tool."

New Jomox ALPHA BASE Drum Machine Details & Demos

Two Audio Demo tracks above. Details and MP3 links:

AlphaOne1.mp3 (Pure Alpha Base, with filtered guitar samples + internal FM synth)
Größe: 5625 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgen Michaelis

AlphaOne2.mp3 (Pure Alpha Base, Kick from MBrane, with internal FM synth)
Größe: 2253 KB ((stereo, 192kBit/s)) by Jürgen Michaelis

Click the image for the full size shot. Pics of the upcoming Jomox ALPHA BASE were first posted here. We now have some details, Google translated from German on the Jomox website:

"- 11 instruments:
Kickdrum, MBrane, Cl HiHat, Op HiHat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride, X Sample 1, X Sample 2, FM Synth.

- Real analog Jomox Kick.

- Genuine analog Jomox MBrane voice with 2-linkable F-OSC for complex analogue snare, percussion and tom sounds from 16Hz to 20kHz.

- 2 sample-based instruments with analog VCA envelope and / or HH filter, plus metal noise as a signal source. The HH filter is 2-pole, HP / LP / Res for each parameter, variable but not oscillating.

- 4 sample-based instruments with analog VCA envelope and / or resonant multimode filter (LP, HP, BP) with ADSR envelope, plus metal noise as a signal source. The multimode filter can also be used as a signal generator to generate analog toms or sticks.

- 2 sample-based instruments with external sampling input and pure digital playback.

- 1 FM Synth with 4 operators and max. 6 voices for percussive sounds.

- Effects Delay, reverb with send po instrument, also loopable in analogue signal path with CH, OH, Clp, Rim, Ride.

- LFOs: One LFO (MBrane 2 LFOs) can be assigned to each instrument with 64 waveforms, each on pitch, VCA, Fil Cut.

- 250 samples 16 bit / 48kHz in the internal flash.

- SD card slot for loading samples.
- USB (midi device).
- Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru.
- DIN Sync 2x in jacks Midi Out or Midi Thru.

- Inputs: Stereo In for Sampling, FX, Sidechain. Both inputs are Hi-Z for guitar / bass and work up to line level + 20dB.
- Outputs: 8 single outputs balanced, stereo mix balanced, headphone.
- Output level: max. Approx. + 12dBu unbalanced, + 18dBu balanced at all outputs.

- 18 Encoders.
- Input Volume analog potentiometer.
- Phones Volume analog potentiometer.
- Mix Volume analog potentiometer.

- LCD Display 2x 24 Characters.
- 12V 2A DC external power supply.
- Sturdy steel housing.
- Wooden sides, rubber feet.
- Dimensions 410mm x 240mm x 80mm (rear).
- Weight about 3.3kg"

How to connect & sequence external synths using Circuit (Beginner Friendly Tutorial)

Published on Dec 1, 2016 BoBeats

"This is a beginner friendly tutorial on how do connect and use external gear with the Novation Circuit. In the video I use the Korg Volca Keys and Korg Minilogue in order to demonstrate some of the setups. I also showcase a Kenton Midi Thru-5."

6 advanced tips for playing melodies w/samples on the Novation Circuit

Published on Dec 2, 2016 loopop

"This video contains 6 tips for playing melodies with samples on the Novation Circuit, including how to play chords using just one drum track, a great site with free samples, properly pre-tuned, and how to get more than 60 seconds of samples on your circuit.

This is an advanced video - please watch the "beginner's" tutorials first: [posted here]

Here's a link to download the template for the circuit:"

Cat Full of Ghosts YOWLER Kickstarter Campaign Opens Design to Supporters


"The Kickstarter video for a synthesizer that the buyers help design."

"About this project

Low epic throbbing halls, rasping vocal choruses, burning thick churning waves of static. The Yowler is waiting.

The Yowler is a versatile little noise/drone synth, don't let it's size fool you, it is packed with features most small synths don't have:

External trigger + decay: trigger the Yowler from external gear, use it as a drum synth

Built in speaker + mono/stereo output: means you can use it with mono gear like guitar pedals or a modular synth, or stereo gear like mixers, headphones etc...

Pitch knobs + light dependent pitch control: get crazy sounds from the three oscillators by shining light on them


If the minimum successful funding amount is raised, you get the Yowler as you see it in the video, with all the features described. BUT, once we reach the funding goal backers will be able to contribute to the design and development of the final product. How? Read on.


Ever $1,000AU above the fully funded amount unlocks a bunch new options for features that the backers get to vote on having included in the final design. Some of these upgrades are aesthetic, like better knobs and buttons, others are extra features like a filter or the design becoming open-source, or Eurorack compatibility, and others are design improvements, like a case, a thicker PCB, or rubber feet.

The idea is that as a community the backers will steer and shape they Yowler through their choices. The more people who support the Yowler the better it gets.

When each voting milestone ($1,000AU over the funding goal) is reached, I will send out a survey to backers to decide between two new features. If enough voting milestones are passed then features are passed over will return for a second chance of inclusion. If your favourite feature missed out early on, with enough backers, it may still end up in the final product!


Vintage Arp Quadra synthesizer

via this auction

"This is an Arp Quadra with some moderate wear and some minor damage. The damage includes a removed power switch (it is on whenever the power cord is plugged in), a removed programmer switch (it is always in programmable mode), the tip broken off of the BASS OCTAVE SWITCH (DPDT), and the tips broken on of 5 sliders: MASTER VOLUME, EXT VOLUME, PHASE SHIFTER RESONANCE, STRING BASS VOLUME, and ELEC BASS RESONANCE - looks like all 100K linear taper. I have used this instrument and never replaced any of those because I can still use the broken sliders and switch. There are 35 sliders but only 22 knobs are included, all but 2 have white markings on them. I have no idea why the others were missing. I have been keeping them in a separate plastic bag. Everything but the knobs are easily replacable, although I'm not 100% sure about the power switch having an exact replacement. There is also a hole drilled into the control panel near the right end of the keyboard which is the right size to add a 1/4' jack. The photos should show all the wear.

The good news: The membrane panel switches all still work perfectly. The original fragile key contacts have been replaced with much more durable ones. The synth still sounds beautiful. I tried several combinations to make sure it still works right."


via this auction


1) MPL 3006
2) VCO 3021
3) 2VCA 3209
4) VCF 3017
5) EGR 3005
6) ENV/CPR 3235
7) 2LFO 3223
8) 2INR/SLR 3218
9) PRM/NRG 3211
10) MXA 3015"


Published on Nov 25, 2016 Gavin Bouma

Audio comes in at :50. Watch them levels...

"3 transistor oscillator synth controlled by photo theremin."

via this auction

"Cruel and unusual instruments present the synapse line. First in the synapse line to be created is the brain bubble. A 3 transistor oscillator photo theremin controlled noise tumor! develop for the people that just want to shake things up on stage! This little screamer runs on 18 volts of portable power with a quarter inch output Jack , 3 LED read out of oscillator speed. Yes the 9 volt batteries do slip in and slip out but have a nice tight fit 4 performance. This thing is ridiculous fun!"

Lone Wolf - 100% Analog Rytm

Published on Dec 2, 2016 BoBeats

"Another day with the Elektron Analog Rytm. This time I tried to use a couple of guitar samples to learn how the Rytms sample engine worked. It think the strength of this unit is the combination of samples and analog synthesis. With the samples going thru the analog filter everything sounds amazing on it.

I used SDS Drop (App Store) on my iMac to transfer samples.
The samples are from Converse Sample Library:"

KORG volca sample : sample sequencer as a clock shuffler

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Masaki Takada

"with MIDI OUT Mod.
have fun:)

KORG volca sample(MIDI OUT Mod) - KORG KMS-30(MIDI-DIN SYNC Converter) - Roland TB-303"

Studiologic Sledge Tutorial 40 Kids by MGMT

Published on Dec 2, 2016 David Clements

"George Hall recreates the sounds used on the classic track Kids by MGMT on a Studiologic Sledge synthesiser. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

All parts here.

How To Learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer by Power DX7

Published on Dec 2, 2016 Power DX7

Also see The Yamaha DX7 II FD D Video Manual by The N.Y. School of Synthesis.

1. How To Learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer – Tutorial: Fundamentals of FM Synthesis, Algorithm

"This is a foundation level tutorial and it’s the first Yamaha DX7 & FM synthesis tutorial from the FM synthesis tutorial series. This how to learn tutorial gives you an overview of the most important aspect of the Yamaha DX7 and FM synthesis, Algorithm.

Algorithm plays a critical role in the FM synthesis sound design. It determines how all Operators (oscillator with envelop generator) interact with one another. The DX7 algorithm offers both frequency modulation synthesis as well as additive synthesis. Having 32 options of different algorithm, the DX7 FM synthesis offers greater versatility of sonic creation."

2. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Tutorial: FM Synthesis Sound Design Tub Bells Part 1

"I will use the famous Tub Bells patch as an example for the FM sound design process. I will take you through the DX7 FM parameters, including Algorithm, Feedback and Oscillator. The reason why I picked the famous Tub Bells patch is that it is one of my favourite (and I'm sure a lot of people like the iconic DX7 sound), and it is one of the easiest patch to explain how the FM synthesis works to beginners and new comers to the DX7 and FM synthesis. Initially I will focus on analysing the famous Tub Bells patch, then I will going into improving the famous sound using Priority Parameters."

3. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Tutorial: FM Synthesis Sound Design Tub Bells Part 2

"This is a third tutorial of the FM synthesis tutorial series that I’m planning. As I need to cater for a wider audience, I decided to create this ‘how to’ tutorial series from the very beginning, starting from the very basics of the FM synthesis and Yamaha DX7 synthesizer."

4. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Tutorial: FM synthesis Sound Design Tub Bells Part 3

"This is a fourth tutorial of the FM synthesis tutorial series that I’m planning. As I need to cater for a wider audience, I decided to create this ‘how to’ tutorial series from the very beginning, starting from the very basics of the FM synthesis and Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.

Continuing on from the Part 2, I will revise the DX7 envelop generator as it can be complex and confusing for people new to the FM synthesis. In a nutshell, the DX7 has basically 6 advanced ADSR type envelops. After the revision, I will introduce more Priority Parameters such as Keyboard Rate Scaling, Output Level and Key Velocity Sensitivity. You will learn how the famous Tub Bells patch was created using the FM sound design process."

5. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Tutorial: FM synthesis Tub Bells Improvement Part 1

6. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer - Tutorial: FM Synthesis Algorithm Interchangeability

7. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer: FM synthesis – Sound Design Tub Bells Improvement Part 2

8. How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer: FM synthesis – Sound Design Tub Bells Improvement Part 3

MFB Tanzbar Lite & Roland TB03 Bass Line

Published on Dec 2, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar Lite drum machine and a TB03 synthesiser synced together (Tanzbar Lite MIDI Out to Minilogue MIDI In)."

KINGKORG turns into "Berlin School of electronic music" (homage to Tangerine Dream)

Published on Dec 2, 2016 KurtzMindfields

"Demo of the KingKorg, great virtual analog synthesizer, actually programmed as 6 differents vintages analogs synths: OBERHEIM S.E.M synthbass (step arpeggio) , MINIMOOG lead, PROPHET V Pad, MELLOTRON Church Organ, Choir and Strings & KORG MS20 Noise effects ... live records session on Magix Sequoia, 6 tracks, no effects added, sounds playing with direct knobs controller: Filters, Resonance, LFO amount different waves, split possibilities, ect ...
Inspired by "Sorcerer" (TD)"

Tubbutec Juno 66 and Ableton Max4Live

Tubbutec Juno 66 and Ableton Max4Live

Published on Dec 2, 2016 midierror

"A brief look at a Max4Live patch I'm working on to control the Juno 66 - a modified Juno 6.

The Juno 66 mod is available here"

The Witch (Pittsburgh Modular,Mutable Instruments,4ms)

Published on Dec 1, 2016 Metatron's Cube

"Deep in the northern forests, a witch collects Amanita under the canopy of trees. Frosted air, overflowing streams, a deer's gaze from a hilltop.

Some experimentation trying to figure out some these crazy modules. I sort of want to add some other stuff on top, we'll see how that goes(The Korg Arp odyssey desktop module just came so that might get some attention). Thanks for watching and listening!

Gear pile:
Tiptop Audio Mantis rack
Pittsburgh Modular system 10.1 + TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb
Pittsburgh modular Game system (drum sequencing)
Mutable Instruments Rings
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Mutable Instruments Peaks (drums)
4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator
Sputnik 6 input mixer
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Zoom R24"

Patch n Tweak

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