MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dystopia-Sound pack for TAL Sampler

Available at

"Welcome to Dystopia, a carefully and lovingly crafted selection of dark sounds for the amazing TAL Sampler.
Inspired by recent happenings in my own life, events of 2016 - which to be fair was a pretty shitty year, and the general state of the world we live in.

More demos are coming!

The pack contains 84 patches and over 400Mb of original, raw sample data generated with a range of synthesis/re-synthesis techniques and manipulated field recordings.

This sample data is contained in a separate folder in raw form for use in other synths/samplers if you wish.

The patches are intended for use in dark, dubby, bass-orientated genres, ambient, experimental, Drum & Bass or wherever your imagination is led.

Included are:
10 basses, digital, subby and a few deep reece patches
24 chords/stabs, think dark dub and old skool jungle
18 FX/drones/textures, eerie dirty backgrounds and beds.
3 leads,
3 loops,
28 pads, warm, dusty, saturated or cold, harsh and digital.

Yup, I like making stabs, pads and textural drones. :)

f0cus packs are deliberately kept fairly small so a great deal of care and attention is put into every patch with no fillers. Despite the amount of time and work which goes into the packs the price is kept at a level which should be affordable by most people, including bedroom producers just starting out. Many more f0cus packs coming in 2017 for TAL synths and more.

Empty Vessel is my only job as a one-man company operating wherever my laptop, my Zoom H5 and an internet connection happen to be wandering around the beautiful country of New Zealand and beyond. As such, I very much appreciate your support in purchasing packs and allowing me to continue doing what I love and making more sounds for you to use in your music.

All the best,


Published on Dec 20, 2016 Miles Cosmo

"I made a video where I demonstrate and talk about one of my favourite synths, the Ensoniq VFX-SD, my first vintage synth. I walk and talk through some of my own patches as well as some presets and then I make a new sound. I hope you enjoy it.

Moog Mother 32 Self-playing Patch

Published on Dec 22, 2016 zacharyradford

"feat. Zoom MS-70CDR on Particle Reverb."


Published on Dec 19, 2016 Miles Cosmo

"A short demonstration of the Novation Circuit using some of the new features of the recent software update. Plus some jamming and on the fly track building. Enjoy!"


via this auction

Roland TR-707 though Aira Scooper modulated by Korg SQ-1

Published on Dec 22, 2016 zibbybone

"Running the 707 into the Scooper and messing with the Scatter, Pitch Shifter and Filter using the SQ-1 step sequencer which is sync'd using the trigger out from the 707."


Published on Dec 22, 2016 LESINDES


Homage Rube 4 Adam

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Todd Barton

". . . as I was preparing for a skype tutorial I'll be giving tomorrow ,revolving around the Buchla 250e Arbitrary Function Generator, I couldn't help thinking about the way Rube Goldberg's inventions revealed cascading situations that triggered new shifts in the structure. Here's the result, enjoy! For better audio:"

Wham - Last Christmas [TRAP REMIX??!!]

Published on Dec 22, 2016 pyrofiliac

"merry christmas to all and to all a good drop"

Dark Sessions // 008 - Synthmas carol

Published on Dec 22, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 072-
DarkSessions 008-

Here is a small patch to listen and enjoy during the christmas time.

(Free) Music Download:



Published on Dec 22, 2016 LESINDES

"Tweaking and fooling with the ultimate analog kick drum generator KORG VOLCA KICK. This is the FIRST PART of my Volca Kick + MFB DOMINION SED session. Question is: HOW CAN DOMINION SED serve your ACID needs???????? This video is featuring first of all MFB DOMINION SED +drums from Marilyn."

Korg Mono/Poly Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 370048

via this auction


Published on Dec 22, 2016 LESINDES

"After the Teaser here is the whole story now of VERBOS BARK FILTER PROCESSOR splitting the mono signal of KORG VOLCA FM into odd and even bands. Both bands are fed independently into 2 channels of DOEPFER A-132-1 Dual VCA. The envelope follower CV signal from 2 BARK bands control 1 VCA channel each. Adn the signals are routed directly into the Audio Interface."

"I Am Tetsuo" Credits dual sequencer

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Zodiac Gallery

TR-707/Juno 6/Prophet 6/Bigsky - A Creepy Carpenter Christmas

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Jae Ryan

"I recently had my Prophet 6 modded to accept a wider range of voltages on the trigger input! This is fantastic for me as the Pro One has always been my dream synth and though this one is polyphonic it gets me close enough to that sound! I picked up a 707 yesterday that is in mint condition with the original Roland batteries still inside AND still working (don't worry there was no leakage!) I wanted to do a very minimal film score type thing and this is the result that came out of one take. Somewhat inspired by Mr. Carpenter but also nowhere near as good. It's just a vibe. A crunchy, analog, cassette, boring, old school vibe!"

Retape records #2: 'Mehsse' [Unreleased]

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Retape

"Actual good one coming up next."

Eurorack & Social Entropy Engine.

Novation Circuit - Sum Funk

Published on Dec 22, 2016 IllBert (Official)

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.

Novation Circuit Limitations depend on your creativity."

AM Lights by Phone Records

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Phone Records

AM Lights (microKorg, Electribe Sampler, Matrix 1000, Drum Station, Roland DEP-5)

A new track via supporting member, Phone Records aka Aaron Kwiatek.

How to Hack a Vintage Casio Keyboard Synthesizer

Published on Dec 22, 2016 IEEE Spectrum

"All the cool kids are coaxing crazy sounds from old electronic toys and synthesizers via the process of 'circuit bending,' so we thought we’d give it a try.

Read more:"

Korg Volca FM into the Wobble Room from Mattoverse Electronics

Published on Dec 22, 2016 mattoverse

Synth Live Jam Mix 2016 | Electronica, Ambient, Chill-out, Downtempo, New Age Music

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Ralph Baumgartl

"This is a 90 minutes video and music mix of several Live Synthesizer Jams that I recorded during June and December 2016 at various locations together with some of my musician friends. The music covers genres such as Electronica, Ambient, Chill-out, Downtempo, New Age and Berlin School of Electronic Music. I have also provided a track list with links to the the original Synth Jams, which are usually much longer than the excerpts that you can see and hear in this Video Mix. If you are interested in the Synthesizer Gear and Equipment that we were using in a particular jam session, and would like to see the full version of a specific Live Jam, then kindly go to the original video where all the details are provided. Kudos to all my musician friends with whom I was jamming in 2016: Joerg [Radikal Technologies], Andy, Bernie, Hadi and Heiko! I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all my Viewers and Subscribers for their awesome support in 2016. You guys rock! And in 2017 you can expect even more new videos and fresh content on my channel :-)

Track list:
1. (0:02) Synth Dreamscape
2. (5:04) Dark Ambient Synth Jam
3. (10:08) Psychedelic Rock Synth Jam
4. (14:15) Tribal Dub Electronica
5. (18:55) Live Ambient Jam
6. (22:22) Cosmic Jump
7. (28:48) Vocoder Synth Live Jam
8. (33:07) Ambient & Berlin School Live Synth Jam
9. (41:52) Live Synth Jam Berlin School 2.0
10. (46:10) Funk Synthesizer Live Jam
11. (51:13) Soundscapes from the Good Vibes
12. (59:01) Ambient Synthesizer Live Jam
13. (1:07:39) Live Chill-Out Jam Session
14. (1:12:09) Ambient Soundscape Forest
15. (1:16:08) Autumn Live Synth Jam
16. (1:24:56) Arturia Keystep & ARP 2600 Jam
17. (1:28:16) Synthesizer Lullaby"

Modular on the Roof 7 - Federico Chiesa (Oora)

Published on Dec 22, 2016 pyrofiliac

"Modular artist and producer, Federico (AKA Oora), climbs up to the #modularontheroof rooftop for the chilliest and one of the best sounding sessions yet! Combining two Moog Mother 32s, Strymon pedals, an ORIGINAL TR606, a 303 clone, mutable modules, and others, for a dark, acid-inspired and arp-heavy session."


Published on Dec 21, 2016 LESINDES

"Stunning how the VERBOS BARK FILTER PROCESSOR is able to enhance the analog dwarf ARTURIA MICROBRUTE."

Carol of the Bells Modular Melody

Published on Dec 22, 2016 brandon logic

Waldorf Miniworks 4-pole Analog Filter w/MIDI & Original Box SN 920421526

via this auction

YAMAHA CS30 monophonic synthesizer w/8step sequencer

via this auction

Roland SH-2 monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Introduction to the New Waldorf KB37 plus general jamming

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Phoenix-Flare

"just got a Waldorf KB37 and filled it with modules. My background is more from playing keyboards so this is the most intergrated I felt felt with a modular system - suits me well."

Arturia MiniFilter V Introduction Tutorial - Free Filter for the Holidays

Published on Dec 22, 2016 ARTURIA

MiniFilter V puts the power of a legendary analog filter into your DAW, and opens up exciting new creative possibilities for producers and musicians.

00:24 - Powerful Ladder Filter (Used on an acoustic guitar)
01:02 - Intuitive Step Sequencer (Used on an electric guitar)
01:40 - Creative Inspiration (Used on a general Mix)
02:09 - Layer & enrich your sound (Used on a Piano)
02:38 - Cut through the mix (Used on Vocals)
03:12 - True Analog Emulation (Used on a Drum machine)
03:47 - Full MIDI control (Used on a Bass)
04:17 - Wide ranging, dynamic controls (Used on a Drum Kit)

Source audio used by kind permission of the copyright holders.

Acoustic guitar: Those Flying Machines - "Rust"
Guitar solo: The Blet Project - "The Flood"
Full mix: The Blet Project - "The Anthem"
Piano & vocal: Kirsten Adamson - "Feel The Same"
DrumBrute & intro: Guy Perchard
Bass: Chris Robinson
Drum kit: OO&XX - "Blame It On The Parents"

via Arturia

"To thank you for all the good vibes you have sent us this year we would like to offer you the MiniFilter V

2016 has been full of highlights for the Arturia team. The craze about the MatrixBrute and KeyStep announcement at the NAMM Show, the launch of V Collection 5, the surprise of DrumBrute and many other moments of joy."

December 2016 Predator 2 update

Published on Dec 22, 2016 Rob Papen

"Small video about the Predator 2 update of December 2016."

Synth Jam inspired by 'The Exorcist' -bo-

Published on Dec 22, 2016 GRIMS Music

"Analog Synthesizer jam by 'bo'
Inspired by the legendary horror film 'The Exorcist'

Using only
Arturia Drumbrute
Arturia Minibrute
Moog Sub 37
Roland Boutique JU-06
Korg Kaosspad3 (for reverb)"

"Il Fauno d'Argento" (Powertran Transcendent 2000 & ARP Omni-2)

Published on Dec 22, 2016 SynthMania

"I came up with a hypnotic arpeggio progression tonight and made this theme out of it. In the classic late '60s / early '70s tradition, but using a Transcendent 2000 and an Omni-2 instead of modulars on this one."

Starlight Bounce Meltdown

Published on Dec 21, 2016 Kevin Polzer

"Varigate 4 with Pico and Black Hole DSP combo."

Patch n Tweak

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