MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

E-MU MORPHEUS - Insanity 3 【Synthesizer Sci-Fi Ambient Soundtrack】

Published on Feb 10, 2017 oscillator

"This is a third and final part of Insanity Trilogy. I used the same setup as in both previous parts - just a single E-MU Morpheus Z-Plane synthesizer with sequencer (K2000) and MIDI keyboard. No additional synths, samplers or external FX processors used. Everything you hear comes directly from Audio-outs of the Morpheus. To hear the full range of frequencies please use headphones. I hope you will find this soundtrack enjoyable :)"

All parts here.

WMD FRIDAY HANG DAY #1 - 2/10/15

"Beer drinking, patching, and beer drinking."

Das Ist ONE

Das Ist ONE from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Tiptop ONE - Z8000 controls the pitch + manual samples switching.

Heavily modulated Z-DSP, Dragon Fly Delays card. Different filters (Tiptop Audio Z4000 and Toppobrillo Multifilter) in the left and right feedback path. Trigger Riot steps through the algorithms.

Z-DSP reverb - Halls Of Valhalla.

ONE is the only sound source in this video playing the voice samples and the melody. recorded in one take - no overdubs.


ending: voltage controlled samples switching"

Sherman Filterbank 1

via this auction

Animoog Timbres, VOl. 1: Timbres and time stretching/compression

Published on Feb 10, 2017 Marc S. Langelier

"Animoog Timbres: Animoog Timbres and time stretching/compression.
Hoping to create more Animoog videos soon.
Note: Forgive the red dot in the upper right corner of Animoog's XY pad. It is the record light from the camera."

iTunes: Animoog for iPhone - Moog Music Inc.

Yellow Waldorf Q Keyboard SN 930821380

Published on Jul 24, 2015 Daniel Brunelle

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"This is the same unit as shown (prior to service) in linked YouTube video. [above]

The now-discontinued Q was Waldorf's post-Wave virtual-analogue flagship, with three oscillators per voice (with an assortment of wavetables from the MicroWave Series), two digital-modeled filters (LP / HP / BP / comb / PPG SSM204x emulation) that can be individually panned, two effects processors, a built-in arpeggiator and step sequencer, among other, wildly flexible features....

This unit has been disassembled, comprehensively cleaned (using a dilute mixture of Murphy's Oil Soap and water, which works wonders on this type of textured paint), and serviced with new Bourns PEC16-4x20F 24-step rotary encoders (replacing all 58 of the the original, flaky Alps parts), as well as with new M3 x 5 pan posi fasteners to keep the whole unit square and solid!"

MacBeth Studio Systems Elements Synthesizer w/ Touch Keys SN 1023

via this auction

"MacBeth Studio Systems - Elements - Analog Touch Key Synthesizer --- In excellent, 100% functional conditions. Comes with original universal power supply and a copy of the Midi manual. Best sounding synth I've ever owned."

Mutable Instruments Ambika 6 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth

via this auction

"Mutable Instruments Ambika - 6 Voice Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer --- In excellent condition, fully functional. Custom built by Michigan Synth Works in a black anodized aluminum case and knobs. Green LCD and engraved lettering. Comes with 2 x SMR, 2 x 4P and 2 X SVF filter cards. Comes with the US power supply and a SD card. Sounds amazing! Digital VCOs through 3 different types of analog filters. Separate outputs for each voice. The Ambika can run in any combination of voices polyphonic or monophonic."

acBMS/R demo

Published on Feb 10, 2017 analog craftsman

"Highlighting some uses of our bypass mute send/return module. Audio from the resonance of our ac2600 VCF."

$199 via Analog Craftsman

"Bypass. Mute. Send/Return.

Not every module has a bypass. Sometimes that’s lame. Not every source goes into a console with a mute button. Sometimes you want that. Sometimes you want to audition some filters. Send your VCO to some and decide what sounds best. This module allows you to do all these things. Times four.

Input your signal and use the three position switch to pass the signal directly to the output, mute the signal, or send it to another destination, such as a filter or effect, and then return the signal to the module. The outputs of each channel are normalized via switching jacks to the input below them so it is possible to input a signal to channel 1 and send it to four separate destinations via each channels send.

Its versatile. It’s useful. It’s fun."


Published on Feb 10, 2017 once upon a synth

"Let's make a shimmer reverb effect and apply it to a pad sound on the Behringer Deepmind 12 synth. The shimmer effect was created by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. It involves a placing a pitch shifter in the feedback chain of a reverb. The important thing is setting a high decay time on the reverb and a +1 octave pitch shift on the pitch shifter. The result is a high pitched sustained tone that rings out as you hold notes which creates this lovely texture."

More here.

Buchla MArF 248r Exploration #1

Published on Feb 8, 2017 Alessandro Bonino

"The MArF plays the 208r"

New QuBit Electronix Contour Eurorack Module

Contour from Qu-Bit on Vimeo.
Never run out of envelopes again.

via Qu-Bit Electronix

"Never run out of envelopes again.

Contour is a quad envelope generator. Each channel has looping, CV over attack and decay, as well as unique chaining capabilities. This makes for the creation of complex modulation patterns with a minimum amount of trigger sources. Cycle times range from 5ms all the way to 20 minutes, providing an extremely wide range. In addition to its full feature set and four channel architecture, the ergonomic interface makes it ideal for performance scenarios.

CV over attack and decay

Looping mode

Linear and exponential shapes

Unique chaining capabilities

Wide range from 5ms to 20 minutes"

Priced at $279.00

Wave Computer (PPG 360 demo)

Published on Feb 10, 2017 seb17320

"all tracks PPG 360A

except :
-first bass : RSF kobol
-sequence : Mos-lab modular
-drums : TR808"

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Yamaha MONTAGE Firmware Update v1.5

via Yamaha

"Yamaha MONTAGE Firmware Update Improves Sound and Control, Supercharges Workflow in Iconic Synthesizer Line

ANAHEIM (January 19, 2017) — Yamaha today released the second free firmware update (v1.5) to its popular line of MONTAGE synthesizers. The update adds features that enhance the instrument’s sound, dynamic control and workflow.

MONTAGE is the latest flagship synthesizer from Yamaha. With over 40 years of innovation, MONTAGE takes sound, control and workflow to a new high. OS v1.5 adds both new features and new content to inspire musicians more. Plus, it's a free download for all MONTAGE owners.

The new OS improves the Rotary Speaker effect and adds new organ Performances. New dynamic processor effects provide even more tonal character and dynamic control.

Control enhancements provide even more ways to use the Assignable buttons and Super Knob. With the OS update, they now carry more linkage options for players’ creative parameters. Improved Auto Beat Sync lets MONTAGE players jam with live drums or tracks. External MIDI Scene control is now possible, perfect for use with Ableton Live. Additionally, users can create or recall Favorites with the press of a button. A new Performance View feature allows visualization of split points, layers and more.

New workflow features allow even easier Part copy and navigation. Players are better able to control and track USB audio input volume. An improved backup file system lets users store and recall all their data in a single file.
“MONTAGE is a great synthesizer for all kinds of users. If you need amazing imitative instruments like pianos and strings, you’ve got it. If you need super-deep synthesis and controllability, you’ve got that too. Tie it together with an intuitive user interface and you have an instrument that serves a lot of needs.” said Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, music production, Yamaha Corporation of America. “The latest OS makes MONTAGE that much more powerful. We can’t wait to hear the music people make with it!”

Pricing and Availability
Yamaha MONTAGE Firmware v1.5 is a free update currently available to all MONTAGE users."

Happy Nerding 3xMIA

Published on Feb 9, 2017 LINLOGmodular

"This is a quick tutorial how to use the 3xMIA."


LYRA-8 improvisation by Vlad Kreimer (ART-AURA 2017)

Published on Feb 10, 2017 Vlad Kreimer

"Free improvisation on LYRA-8 by Vlad Kreimer (LYRA creator)"

Baervaag - FM Synth

Published on Feb 9, 2017 Klevgränd products

"Baervaag* is a fairly simple FM synthesizer with one carrier and one modulator. The oscillator waveforms can be modified seamlessly between sine wave to pure square wave with PWM (pulse width modulation). All sounds in the soundtrack are made with Baervaag.

* Bärvåg = Carrier (Swedish)"

Desktop version:

iOS version:

iTunes: Baervaag - FM Synthesizer - Klevgränd produkter AB

"!!!OBS!!! Current price is an intro price and 35% off !!!OBS!!!

Baervaag brings FM synthesis to the masses! An easy to use but still powerful and tweakable synthesizer, accessible to everyone. Several parameters are sensitive to velocity which makes Baervaag very expressive and fun to play.

The additional LP filter, ”Wobbler”, and a simple stereo chorus makes this synthesizer versatile and a joy to tweak.

Noteworthy features:

• AUv3, works with AUv3 compatible hosts like GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM etc.

• 77 handcrafted presets created by professional musicians

• FM Feedback, Filter, ADSR Attack and Volume can be modulated by velocity

• Oscillators can be shaped between sine, square and PWM

• One ADSR for each oscillator.

• Controllable wobble factor that adds analogue unpredictability.

Important: Baervaag in stand-alone mode does not support IAA or MIDI. You can try it out using the keyboard at the bottom, but that’s it. We recommend using Baervaag with AUv3 compatible hosts.

iPhone 6 or later is recommended.
iPad Air 1 or later is recommended.

A full documentation is available at"

The Korg Monologue- Part 8- Sync and Ring

Published on Feb 10, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a lengthy portrayal of the sound and functionality of the sync function and ring modulation function on the Korg Monologue."

All parts here.

Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Moog Prodigy vintage analog mono synth, very nice condition and oozing with Moog fatness.

Get a free Syntaur T-shirt with this purchase!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 SN 3313 + Rare 1005 Poly Sequencer

via this auction

"Prophet 5 in very good condition, with MIDI. Rev 3.3 - Minor marks on the woodwork, number in backpanel.

Incl RARE 1005 Poly Sequencer (mint)"

Oberheim Matrix 6

via this auction

"This unit has never been used! I acquired it in the late 80's for my son, we fired it up and it worked great however my son was never interested and it has sat (covered) for all these years. It is literally in new condition, I have misplaced the power cord but am including the KIMA stand."

Moog Rogue Synthesizer SN 8805

via this auction

Vintage KORG Univox SR-120 Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

"Really nice 1970's drum machine. Great condition. Everything works as it should. Look at this baby!!!! It's a rare, well-respected drum box - especially in this woody case."

Yamaha SY-2 Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Yamaha SY-2 of 1975 or so
An outstanding sounding and playing instrument.
One of the most responsive aftertouch systems known to mankind. Excessively playable and 'expressive', as they say.
Uses the same discrete VCO VCF VCA modules as in the Yamaha GX-1
Precursor to the CS IC based stuff.
Massively underrated by most, highly prized anyplace people have working hearts and ears."

WMD TEST LAB LIVE EPISODE 1 - Arpitecht Live Demo & End of day Jam

"Alex is explaining the ins an outs of the Arpitecht, and jamming on other new modules."

WMD End of day Jam

"William messing about with the stream and the modular."


Published on Feb 10, 2017 LESINDES

"First Touch fooling just a little with 1 PAD and 1 ARPEGGIO

BEHRINGER DEPPMIND 12 is a 12 voice analog polyphonic synthesizer.

I must admit that I had my reservation after having heard all the demos circulating in the web. The synth appeared to be soft und dull. And srue it is not the grittiest but it has a nice an sweet sound and seems to be very adpted to ambient and pad based music in general -- but that is only my first impression.
What definitely sucks is the keyboard. On some keays there is sometimes a little resistance to overcome as you can find it very old pianos and since you cannot predict when and where you will encouter it it is irritating. Also the edges of the keys scratch your skin when touched more than they should."

The MultiPhaser

Published on Feb 9, 2017 VBrazil Modular

"VbModular Multiphaser module demo.
Module designed by Vinicius Brazil, Video by Quincas Moreira"

MFB Tanzbar & Kawai K1r

Published on Feb 10, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine & a Kawai K1r synthesiser synced together.
Tanzbar MIDI Out to K1 MIDI In

No further processing except for reverb and normalisation."

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