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Thursday, March 02, 2017

John Bowen Solaris - New Presets and Demo

Published on Mar 2, 2017 Stephen Hummel

"Volume 8 of the 'Circuits and Strings' series of studio jam videos from subtractiveLAD aka: Stephen Hummel.

My usual musical meanderings were pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of John Bowen's Solaris synthesizer in my studio.

I made some of the factory preset patches for when the synth was originally released years ago. Having it around again has been great and I've pretty much been lost in patch-making heaven since it got here. I thought it would be fun to show you the patches that I have made so far, with short little musical pieces to help demonstrate each preset. Some of the modulation stuff is more exaggerated than what I would normally do in a track but it is to show some of what the synth is capable of. Most of the preset demos feature music that I recorded as MIDI data which is then sent back into the synth from Reaper - just wanted my hands free for the joystick and ribbon, etc.

All sounds are from the Solaris only, no other effects or processing, with the exception of a little Verbzilla on the Blade Runner patch...

I feel like I've only scratched the surface on this thing and new ideas keep crowding my brain.

PS: The wooden end cheeks are taken off of this unit as it was being used for programming updates before coming to me."

Rare Ultimate Percussion K2-x

via this auction

"Ultimate Percussion K2-X Analog Synthesizer System
8 Channel drum/synth with built in sequencer.

Nice analogue drum module. Very different to Simmons and Tama units. Has 8 individual channels/sounds. Can be triggered by a CV sequencer or other drum triggers (not included). Each channel/sound has its own input trigger and individual output. It also has a stereo output. There is a stereo EQ for the output also. The onboard preset sequencer is very basic, not programmable, just has a few preset sequences that can play. The Ultimate Percussion K2-X is a very unit, I have two of them, the one I am selling is the same as the one in the pictures. There's a link to a youtube video I made a while back testing it with a 707 as the trigger. Not a great deal of info around about this one, a few of them pop up on matrix synth from time to time.

Pros, good bass, really nice white noise and pure analogue snares and hat type sounds. Toms are what you would expect from an analogue drum module. Used by PLAID (apparently)
Cons, it's very green. It's big.

Good condition. It's a vintage unit so comes with a few bumps and scratches here and there but overall is in great condition. Looks good. All the knobs have their caps.

more info: 8 trigger inputs
Individual outputs + stereo main outputs and headphone output
One special Bass drum channel
One special Snare channel
Six completely tuneable oscillator synth channels
All channels have these controls - Level, Pan, Trigger Sensitivity, Decay, Bite, Noise Filter, Noise + VCO mix, VCO pitch and VCO Sweep
All channels have Pulse button - Pulse generates an in tempo trigger."

Only a handful of these have been featured on the site.

Vintage Yamaha CS-30 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 2633

via this auction


Published on Mar 2, 2017 Cray

An MPC Before the MPC? DYNAMIC DRUMS by New Wave Software for the Amiga

Amiga Demo - DYNAMIC DRUMS by New Wave Software Published on Mar 2, 2017 peahix

Thought this was interesting. It's a video demo for DYNAMIC DRUMS by New Wave Software for the Amiga. Notice anything familiar? The UI is a standard MPC style drum grid. Only thing is, according to this site, and the copyright date on the back of the box, this software came out in 1987. You can see the date in the image below. The first MPC to be released from Akai? The MPC-60 in 1988. This software predates it. Wasn't the MPC-60 supposed to be revolutionary for introducing the grid-based pad layout? Does anyone know of any earlier hardware or software that used this format? I'm sure there will be something I forgot and totally overlooked, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. A funny side note: If this is the first time the classic grid-based drum pad layout came out, then virtual predated actual in this case.

Video description:
"Back in the late 80s I used to use this obscure drum machine program on my Amiga called Dynamic Drums (later Dynamic Studio). I noticed that hardly anyone else used this thing or remembers it, so I thought I'd make a little video of it playing its factory demo songs via WinUAE. I always liked the lo-fi punchiness of the built-in drum samples, and I used them on alot of tracks back in the day, usually synced to my Ensoniq ESQ-1. There's a glitch in the video which causes the screen to go black a few times, but I couldn't be bothered to go back and redo it so sorry about about that."

Pics of the box, description and discs for DYNAMIC DRUMS via Amiga Future.

Update via gwenhwyfaer in the comments: "The Boss DR220(A or E) had its pads in a grid layout in 1986. It may well not have been the first."

Volca Circuit Sunrizer Poison 202 House Classics Session 2 - 808 State Pacific State

Published on Mar 2, 2017 014london70

"A basic rendition from memory of this house classic. On listening back I realise it's out of key, but hey ho :) Circuit is Sequencing Sunrizer and Poison 202. Recorded to iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch."

Moog Source Sync Interface Document & Accessories Price list Including DEVO Presets & Painter's Cap

SOURCE Addenda - Software Revisions 3.2 and above, covering the Sequencer, Cassette Interface, Digital Board Modifications, Digital Board Wiring, and Source Software and accessories.

An interesting and useful bit of synth history in via Matt who spotted this previous post of a Moog Source with the DIN Sync In mod.  It's meant to be used as a Drum Interface for clock sync.

"Your article is one of the few that pop up on the net when you search for info on it. I found the attached document which is a pretty cool memo from Moog. It includes information about how the interface works and a catalog of accessories that were available at the time."

The doc as you can see if from 1983. You can click on each image for a larger more legible version.

Check out the last price list page with the following:

Cassette of factory programs.
Cassette of programs by Jan Hamer.
Cassette of DEVO programs by Mark Mothersbaugh
Cassette of programs by Gary Wright.
Various Cables and Cords
White Painter’s Cap for $5
Source T-Shirt with "May the Source be With You" for $6

I'm curious what the hat and T looked like.

Bamboo - Moog Mother 32 and Eurorack Generative Patch

Published on Mar 2, 2017 ann annie

"A self generative patch with the Moog Mother 32 and Sputnik Modular Coast Random Source in the Eurorack. Recorded in one take using no computer. Reverb and delay from JHS Alpine and MXR Carbon copy, as well as the Delta Labs Effectron III for texture synthesis.

Using the KORG SQ-1 as a clock generator and mod source.

If you'd like to download the track, head here:"

RyuX CEM3320 VCF Filter Eurorack Modular

Published on Mar 2, 2017 RyuX

"Highpass Filter Design based on CEM3320"

Metasonix S1000 Prototype Tube Based Analog Synth in Custom Cabinet

S1000protoincab Published on Mar 2, 2017 Metasonix Metasonix

"This is the previously mentioned prototype S-1000 in its massive custom cabinet. Yes, thanks to the Synhouse MIDI-CV it is 'playable like a musical instrument' more or less. This was a failed prototype, we have already found a buyer for it. Just showing that it all works. And yes, it literally sounds like this, the mic in the camera is a pretty good one and is not fooling you."

oriental D

Published on Mar 2, 2017 Ebotronix

4ms Peg, QCD/Expander², QPLFO, RCD²
Analogue Systems RS 100², RS 110²², RS 360²
Bananalogue Serge VCS
Cyndusries Zeroscillator
Doepfer R2 m² , A101-2², A118, A131², A133², A134²², A141,
A143-1,2,9, A148, A149, A151²², A152, A156²,A166, A171,
A175²²², A185-2(14x), A138m,a²²b²²c²²²
Flame 4 Vox, Chord Machine, Q Slider², Tame Machine
foh choices
Grendel Formant Filter²
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths², Moddemix²²,
Optomix, QMMG, René, Wogglebug²
Malekko Anti ²², Unkle²², Jag
Moog Taurus 2, Freqbox²², MP 201
Oberheim Sem
SSL Modulation Orgy
Toppobrillo Quantimator² (oriental),Sportmodulator
Tiptop Audio Z 8000
Kenton Pro 2000
FX: BossVF-1, Lexicon MX 400, PCM 90
drums Ultrabeat
mackie the mixer³
vid # 1688

AIRA Start - SYSTEM-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer

Published on Mar 2, 2017 RolandChannel

"Powerful and deep, the SYSTEM-8 delivers a vast palette of sounds inspired by over four decades of legendary Roland synths. Its next-gen Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) engine powers an eight-voice, three-oscillator monster with stunning filters and effects, highly versatile LFOs, and a massive array of high-resolution knobs and sliders to control it all. Support for three PLUG-OUT synths means the SYSTEM-8 can host spot-on recreations of numerous Roland classics, and JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 PLUG-OUTS are even included with purchase.

0:17 - Bass & Lead Sounds
1:25 - Pad Synth
2:48 - Poly Synth
4:44 - Chord Memory
6:01 - Step Sequencer
7:28 - CV/Gate with the Roland SYSTEM-500 Modular"

New Synth From Moog Coming to Moogfest

via Moog Music

"Get the most out of Moogfest with the Engineer VIP Pass, which includes a special two-day synth-building workshop led by Moog engineers as well as VIP access to the festival. This behind-the-scenes workshop gives you the opportunity to engage Moog engineers while gaining insight into the art of electronic design. With the Engineer VIP Pass, you’re delving into synthesis at the foundational level—and you come away with your own limited-edition, unreleased Moog synthesizer, hand-built by you.

Pre-Sale Engineer VIP Passes are available for a limited time, while supplies last. For more information, go to the Moogfest Engineer VIP Workshop page."

Last year we had the BFAM or Brother From Another Mother. Curious what we'll see this year.

Dwarfcraft CV with Moog Sub Phatty

Published on Mar 2, 2017 theonetrueaen

"Hey Everybody!
We've gotten some emails about using out CV outputs with Moog synths, so I thought I'd do a little blog about it! WHOOPS it just turned into a tutorial/demonstration video. Just hitting the basic functions here, the music making is up to you. Or me, later, I guess."

Rossum-Electro Morpheus Demos via Control

Published on Feb 17, 2017 Control Synthesizers & Electronic Devices

More Info:

Rossum-Electro Morpheus — Part 1: Introduction & Overview
Rossum Electro Morpheus — Part 2: Exploring the Cube
Rossum Electro Morpheus — Part 3: Filter Sequencer

Video Credentials:
Sonic Scenarios for Control

With our MORPHEUS ​digital filter module, we’re finally able to unleash the full power of the 14-pole Z­-Plane Filters that Dave invented for the E-mu Morpheus synthesizer.

The MORPHEUS Eurorack module includes over 190 filter configurations. Each configuration is composed of up to 8 complex filters that you can picture as being at the corners of a three dimensional cube. Morpheus gives you the ability to smoothly interpolate between those 8 filters within the cube’s three dimensional space.

Due to processor limitations back in the day, the original Morpheus was capable of real-time morphing in one dimension, but interpolation in the frequency and transform dimensions were set at note-on and remained static for the remainder of the note. But even with that limitation, Morpheus offered sonic capabilities that are unmatched to this day.

With the MORPHEUS filter module, you now have simultaneous real-time CV control of all three dimensions, for dynamic timbral effects unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. In stereo.

Bubblesound DiOD Filter Demo & Overview via Control

Published on Jan 19, 2017 Control Synthesizers & Electronic Devices

"More Info:

The DiOD Filter is a faithful recreation of the classic Steiner Parker Diode Filter with modern inout and output buffers. This keeps the noise to a minimum while retaining everything that made this filter a classic. The DiOD is a unique sounding and versatile filter in a small 4HP package. From soft and smooth to brutal, noisy and chaotic, the DiOD's flexibility will make it at home in any size system.

This filter will track, but not as tight as the VCOb and it will self-resonate; in fact at the upper reaches of the Resonance it's pretty hard to control.

Compact and quiet enough to chain several together for stereo filtering, adding more poles or creating a very resonant phaser.

Video by Sonic Scenarios for Control"

SoundsDivine's 'Greatest Hits' - U-He Diva

Published on Mar 2, 2017 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Greatest Hits' soundset for U-He's Diva synthesizer."

SoundsDivine's 'Virtual Acoustics' - Madrona Labs Aalto

Published on Mar 2, 2017 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Virtual Acoustics' soundset for Madrona Labs' Aalto synthesizer ."

BEMI Easel Aux Card Simple Patch

Published on Mar 2, 2017 Todd Barton

"still getting my feet wet as I learn the Aux Card in preparation for some proper demos. Enjoy!"

2 x ONE

2 x ONE from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

"Two ONE samplers playing nicely with the analog modules."


via this auction

Dual Function Sequencing: Crossing the Streams

Published on Mar 2, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"Using TEMPI and a pair of Functions we can generate many variations on two sequences, causing them to wrap around each other like errant strands of DNA."

=TMB= "Andy at Work"

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2011 Thomas Martin Bruijn

"Having fun on the A6 Andromeda after making some patches, a live recorded solo in my old set-up over a quick thrown toghether sequence in cubase 5.

Sorry for the poor video quality :)"

Alesis Andromeda A6

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2011 mummstylesound

"Multitimbral 16 voice analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators and noise. All sounds were created by Marcus Mumm on the Andromeda without external effects."

Korg Minilogue Demo

Published on Mar 2, 2017 mummstylesound

"I synthesized every sound in this video with the Korg Minilogue four voice polyphonic analog synthesizer.

I sampled the sounds with my Roland MC-909 and arranged them to a short track. Enjoy!"

Drone synthesizer Muscarin "421 black" by kNoB tech. Live Session.

Published on Mar 2, 2017 kNoB Technology

"New revison of Muscarin analog Synth -
4 voice
2 dual form lfo
1 3 mode lpf\fix bp\res2x

1\2 clean\ 1\2 with reverb 5s long"

Follow-up to: Drone synthesizer Muscarin "421 black" by kNoBtech demonstration and tutorial

Soundfly Chip Challenge Winners!

You might recall Soundfly's Chip Challenge contest posted here.

via Soundfly:

"In celebration of the launch of the latest addition to Soundfly's Chiptune Crash Course series, “Chip It: The Chiptune Cover Challenge,” they decided to turn the course’s assignment into an open competition for aspiring and active music makers from around the chipiverse. Alongside contest judges (and chip stars) Chipocrite, glomag, and minusbaby, Soundfly asked artists to submit their own, chiptune-style take on Devo’s classic hit “Whip It” for the chance to win a modded Game Boy, flash cartridges, free music from 8-Bit Operators, and feedback from our course instructor, Chipocrite.

Check out the winners here, and listen to their amazing tracks!"

Pajama Floor Modular Test 1

Published on Mar 2, 2017 retrosynthads

"Put my modular into three mixer pop-up cases and plugged 'er all in. First time through its paces.

- Master clock from Doepfer A-155.
- Drone coming from Waldorf MW-1.
- Low bell from Make Noise DPO - envelope and VCA from Hexinverter Galilean Moons. Sequenced from Doepfer A-155/54.
- High bell from Mutable Instruments Edges. Sequenced from Hexinverter Orbitals. Orbital steps triggered by TB-03 gate to push notes around.
- Low and high bells effected by Roland Demora.
- Drum pattern from Mutable Instruments Grids.
- Drums from Hexinverter Mutant Drums (Kick, Snare, Hi hats). Mixed together with Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue.
- TB-03 sync'd through trigger. On-board distortion and delay.
- Reverb slathered on like butter on toast with Strymon Bluesky."

Atheus - "The Noise Generator" . Demonstration no.1

Published on Feb 27, 2017 darkpoem9

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 028 + 029 - Force from beyond

Published on Mar 2, 2017 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 082-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 030-

For this video I had two patches which just fitted together so nicely that I had to put them together as one track.

The dark sounding patch (left video) is inspired by a sound I heard on the SoundWorks Collection Podcast. In an interview with Renée Tondelli about the sounddesign for the movie 'Deepwater Horizon' they played this awesome dark, roawing sound which I had to try recreated with the Phenol.


Euclidean Pattern Generator 1.2

Published on Mar 2, 2017 WouterHisschemoller

"This video is a very short introduction to the Euclidean Pattern Generator and to what's new in version 1.2.

The Euclidean Pattern Generator is a desktop application to create a type of polyrhythms known as Euclidean rhythms. The application generates these patterns in the form of MIDI notes, where each pattern can be set to a different MIDI channel and note pitch.

Read the full article about version 1.2 on my website:"


via this auction

Rare Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 Vintage Sampler Synth

via this auction

"For sale is a very rare Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 sampler. Very cool vintage unit with remote control. It's fully functional and in excellent condition. Includes a large disk library, with many original Wine Country disks. Big full punchy sound, a fun unit to use and for the collectors out there definitely a unique piece to own."

Vintage Sequential Circuits MODEL-800 Sequencer SN 00209 w/ Foot Switch

via this auction

"Vintage Sequential Circuits Model 800 Sequencer with Foot Switch

This unit has been fully tested with a dotcom modular system. All functions have been tested and found to be working as designed.

This unit comes with the rare foot switch. Two of the LEDs appear to have been replaced; they burn a little brighter than the rest.

A switch has been added to the back of the unit to allow the output jacks for CV and Gate to be directly connected to the input jacks for CV and Gate. This is beneficial for patching configurations where the source synth keyboard is not the playback synth. The switch is toggled back and forth between recording and playback.

Cosmetic condition is very good with only some scratches and scuffs on the top and sides."

1978 Micromoog (Fully Serviced) SN 6793

Published on Mar 2, 2017 synthpro

via this auction

MFB Tanzmaus / TB-303 / Analog Heat / monotron DELAY : acid techno

Published on Mar 2, 2017 Masaki Takada

First Impression: Roland Jupiter 8 Plugin Synthesizer

Published on Mar 2, 2017 Synth Anatomy

"Roland released today the Jupiter 8, Juno-106 and System 8 Plugin Synthesizer in the Roland Cloud. Here is my first impression and some sound demos of the Jupiter 8"

Vermona DRM1 mk3 & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo

Published on Mar 2, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"DRM1 through the RE501 tape delay. The RE501 has been placed on an aux send.
DRM1 sequenced via from Ableton Live.

No further processing except normalisation."

Arturia MatrixBrute Review - Sonic LAB

Published on Mar 2, 2017 sonicstate

"We take a look at the Arturia MatrixBrute new analog monster mono. its BIG...."

Tom Catin'

Published on Mar 1, 2017 HardtekStudios

"Just a fun jam with the Akai Tom Cat. I'm using the Tom section as a kick that can be transposed for special fx. The audio was recorded directly into Logic with no pre or post processing. So this is the true sound of the Tom Cat."

MOOG - The Electic Eclectics of Dick Hyman Vinyl Gatefold

via @ArdeeCarrickLPs

"The 1969 & 1972 release of this #Moog #DickHyman record the 1969 is the gatefold, for synthesizer fans everywhere! @moogmusicinc @Moogfest"

Click the pic for the full size shot. You should be able to make out some of the copy.

You can still find these on Amazon and eBay.

New Yamaha CS80 Clone Front Panel Pic & Updates

Pic of the manufactured front panel via It gives us an idea of the size and what it might look like in person. Also, you'll be able to chain two for 16 voice polyphony. See the main post here for full updated details on the synth.


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