MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Komprezzor Modular Streaming Test

Streamed live 6 hours ago SecreTechno Recordings

Krell with MakeNoise Shared Sytem and 0-Coast

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Glow Worm Cables

L.L. Electronics Rozzbox One V2 Demo

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The L.L. Electronics Rozzbox One V2 is a rare and quirky synth with 5 digital voices and vacuum tube filters. Demonstrating some patches with the Rozzbox as well as using its input that heavily distorts the Korg Volca Beats. Made to exploit its digital design, the Rozzbox is capable of a variety of unique effects, from intense oscillator aliasing to several forms of nonlinear digital distortion--perfect for gnarly glitch sounds and fizzy discontinuous soundscapes."

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New Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer Kit

via Division 6

"This kit gives you two handy little sequencers behind one Eurorack panel. Why would you need more than one sequencer? Why would you need mini sequencers?

More sequencers = more steps
Use one for playing notes and the other for transposing those notes
Can be used as a clock divider
Run in parallel for multiple CVs / triggers
Each one gives you the standard CV and gate out, plus an ACC out (Accent? Accessory?) Use it to open up a filter, enable a glide, trigger a drum, or whatever you can think of.

The two sequencers will run completely independently, or you can daisy-chain them using the XP IN/OUT jacks to create sequences of any length.

Each sequencer has its own internal clock to get you up and running in a hurry, but you can connect an external clock if you need greater control of tempo or want to sync with other devices.

The module stores your latest sequence even when the power has been removed.

While this kit is designed to give you a Eurorack module, the PCB patterns for the jacks also have holes that will accept Johnson/Cinch-style banana jacks. There are also standoff holes on the main PCB, so you can mount them behind your own custom panel.

This module has lots of LEDs and is very shiny, but only two of them are ever on at a time which keeps it from loading down your power supply.


Morpheum VCA / Ring Modulator Demo

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Division6Labs

"George Mattson demonstrates the Morpheum VCA / Ring Modulator Eurorack Module from Division 6. He talks about how amplitude and ring modulation work, and even a bit about what they have to do with radio.

More about the module here:

Video by John L. Rice"

DSI Pro 2 Beta OS Now Available

via @dsiSequential

"New #DSIPro2 Beta OS now available on the DSI forum"

TIPTOP ONE - Glitchmachines BENT

TIPTOP ONE - Glitchmachines BENT from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"A small selection of samples from Glitchmachines BENT card for Tiptop Audio eurorack sample player module ONE

ONE is in a trigger mode / free and quantized pitch. Triggered from Trigger Riot. Pitch CV from Tiptop Z8000. Playing clean - no processing, just sometimes a bit of Valhalla Room from TTA Z•DSP.


Tiptop BD808 - clean.

BD909, Mid TOM909, SNR808, RS909 and Clap909 are processed with Vermona VCDrive, Toppobrillo Multifilter HiPass and TTA Z2040.

HH909, HH808

Valhalla Room from TTA Z•DSP. Clocked delays from another Z•DSP, Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay

recorded live. A bit of compression and a bit of limiting on the mix bus."

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Clouds Texture Synthesizer implements a whole new world of granular audio processing. Here we are signal processing a clean guitar with the Clouds. Clouds focuses on real-time audio manipulation, providing left and right input channels for full stereo effects processing. Incoming audio is saved into a buffer and is accessible through little pieces of the sound, called grains. These grains can be layered upon each other to create rich textures, similar to the water vapor in the sky coalescing into clouds. The density of the texture is manipulatable with the density control knob, and is independently controllable from the texture grain envelope, as well as the grain size and position in the audio buffer. The audio buffer can capture up to 8 seconds of audio (at the lowest audio quality settings), and up to 1 second of audio at the highest audio quality settings."

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sneak-preview of the audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq - first/last step & sync function

Published on Mar 17, 2017 audiowerkstatt

"This is a small preview of the audiowerkstatt mini-midi-drum-seq. Here you can see first and last step and the sync functions.

It's still a prototype - so details can change."

follow-up to this post.

Moogfest: Dave Smith, Dave Rossum, Ableton's CEO, & LZX +Zappotron Super-Sequencer

via Moog Music

"The Emulator I... Ableton... The Prophet-5... MIDI... Modern analog video synthesizers... Dave Rossum, Gerhard Behles, Dave Smith, and Lars Larsen are instrument design luminaries who prove that following your fascination can change the world. They will join us at Moogfest this May and provide an eye into their pioneering perspectives through interactive workshops and conversations. Learn about their stories here.

All four designers will be speaking at Moogfest 2017 as part of the Instrument Innovators program. Get your tickets to join the conversation here."

BTW, you might recall the Zappotron from this post.

Buchla CVT Seven

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Todd Barton

"The weekly offering"

All parts here.

Buchla CVT Six

Published on Mar 10, 2017

"Weekly sonic journey. Better audio here:"

Moog 700 drums & percussion and Minimoog - #2

Published on Mar 17, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Experimenting with a Minimoog bass line and then adding the 700 modules..."

Modular Meets Leeds 2016 - Slideshow

Published on Mar 17, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's a selection of pics from Modular Meets Leeds 2016. Absolutely killer event that both me and Phil that organise it couldn't be happier with. Onwards to August 19th where we do it all over again! :)"

Studiologic Sledge Synthesiser Tutorial 46 Trance Sounds

Published on Mar 17, 2017 David Clements

"George Hall recreates some classic trance sounds on a Studiologic Sledge synthesiser. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

All parts here.

modular shades #02 | minimal music

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Elinch

"Modular Shades #02 feat. Dreadbox Omikron / VCL VCF 24 / ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Loop: Mutable Instruments Clouds
1. Sequence (Lead): Dreadbox Omikron / VCL VCF 24 / ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky
2. Sequence (Bass): Dreadbox Omikron / Make Noise Optomix (filtering) / Intellijel uVCA
3. Sequence (Percussion): Make Noise STO / Make Noise Optomix
4. Sequence (Strings): Intellijel Dixie II / Dreadbox Lamda / ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky
5. Sequence (Triangle): Mutable Instruments Rings
Drone: 4ms DLD in Hold Mode (source: all sequences)

Effects: TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay
Sequencer: Fugue Machine / Mutable Instruments Yarns

One Take directly recorded into Cubasis.
For the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.
Videofootage: recorded in Stralsund"

Erica Synths Introduces a Polivoks Inspired DIY Modular System

Erica Synths eurorack DIY System sound demo Published on Mar 17, 2017 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths DIY System is a Polivoks inspired eurorack modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical monosynths.

*All sounds in demo solely from the DIY System, no effects or drum lines added."

via Erica Synths:

"March 17, 2017

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new DIY kits!

Fully redesigned, skiff friendly and even more adapted for modular functionality – great sounding 84HP two-VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical monosynths.

Key modules are Polivoks-inspired, but this is not just a Polivoks clone. We have introduced numerous innovative solutions in each module to make it more versatile and to expand the functionality of the entire system.

DIY module system includes:

Expert Sleepers Introduces disting mk4

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Expert Sleepers

disting mk4 - New Feature Highlights
disting mk4 - Select Bus
disting mk4 - Tuner
disting mk4 - Frequency Reference
disting mk4 - Pitch Reference
disting mk4 - Firmware Update
disting mk4 - Parameters
disting mk4 - Help
disting mk4 - Settings
disting mk4 - Choosing Algorithms
disting mk4 - Menus
disting mk4 - Startup Sequence

Lavender - Carved Intentions (Teaser #2)

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2017 Lavender Synth

An upcoming release composed entirely on the KORG Poly-800ii, via MATRIXSYNTH member, Lavender.

"One week away from the release of his new music video, Lavender unveils second teaser and builds expectancy with provocative black and white aestetics. 'Carved Intentions' is the first single from his critically acclaimed sophomore album 'Horizons Beneath the Surface' (Jacktone records, 2016). Full video out on: 03.24.17

For fans of: john carpenter, film noir, analogue synthesizers.

Album link:

Praise for 'Carved Intentions':

'Unforgettable three-minute-long portrait of Giallo horror containing nothing beyond a plaintive, warbling synthesizer backed by a careful bassline, does so much with so little it must be heard to be believed.'
- SF Weekly

“Easily compared to the complex spontaneity of early Pink Floyd and the uncanny atmospherics of John Carpenter.”

Best Albums of 2016 list - KALX Radio"

For booking:

Let's Play with LayR

Published on Mar 17, 2017 Tim Webb


"LayR is a new app from a new developer, but it packs in an incredible amount of features. Let's layer up a big synth sound in LayR! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a new monthly Patreon campaign:

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Boutique-Jam - First session with four boutiques - Tr09 / Tb03 / Jp08 / Jx03 (Riamiwo StudioVlog 28)

Published on Mar 17, 2017 riamiwovideos

"I added the Roland Jx03 to my boutique-setup.. this is the first jam with this awesome mobile-jam-setup :)

Roland Boutique TR-09 , TB-03, JP-08 and JX-03
Arturia BeatstepPro"

Roland Juno-DS Ambient Soundscapes 2017 Synthesizer Demo Rik Marston DS61 Synth

Published on Mar 16, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland Juno-DS Ambient Soundscapes 2017
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston 100% No Talking!
**Watch in HD** Turn it up!! Pure Juno-DS Power!

This synth is so fun to use. It sounds great out of the box.
Worth the price you pay & more. Can't believe I waited...
Happy I got one now. A keeper? Possibly!! We'll see.... ;)
The Juno-DS is a GREAT tool to use for recording, playing
& tweaking... getting that idea down & making it sound A+!
I haven't used the sample feature or vocoder yet, but I've hit just about everything else! I love the price, good for everyone's budget!
If you have seen my videos & the types of synthesizers I've
used, you will know this is something if I go off on a synth...

Here are the Patch names & location in the video:

1. Aerial Choir @ 00:04
2. Analog Dream @ 03:17
3. Chorus LS @ 05:31
4. Film Cue @ 07:45
5. Magic Wave @ 10:42
6. Paradise @ 12:21
7. Space Flute @ 13:55
8. House Clav @ 15:15
9. Syn-Orch/Mod @ 17:18

Moog Werkstatt & Strymon El Capistan d'Tape Echo

Published on Mar 17, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Werkstatt synthesiser through the El Capistan. The El Capistan been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Eventide H9 + ALM S.B.G + Modcan Dual LFO eurorack modular demo

Published on Mar 17, 2017 FunkyjunkItaly

"Make Noise DPO audio source
H9 algorithm space time and shimmer used
ALM s.b.g dry/wet and 5v pedal expression to h9
Modcan quad LFO to modulate various parameters of the DPO and H9"

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Teisco Synthesizer 60F SN 1997

via this auction

"Teisco Synthesizer 60F / S-60F Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer, which were manufactured in the early '80s under license from Arp Instruments.

The unit appears to be working reasonably well, I noticed the LFO FREQUENCY slider seems to be not responding and the frequency rate is uncontrollable, but otherwise all other sliders and knobs and keys are working fine to the best of my knowledge. There is quiet a bit of scratch noise on the sliders, plus the LED light on power switch seems to be not lighting up, which could also do with some servicing/adjustment.

Cosmetically the unit is in nice and reasonable condition as you can see."

Roland SH-101 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synth w/ Original Box SN 294369

via this auction

Ensoniq SQ80 Polyphonic Crosswave Synthesizer

via this auction

"It has BRAND NEW OS v1.83 x 2 AND KB v1.5 x 1 CHIPS FITTED, will supply the old chips as spare.

It comes with THREE OF THE ORIGINAL CARTRIDGES which each have 80 patches, you can save your own to these.

It also comes with a BRAND NEW 8-WAY CARTRIDGE which contains640 patches!"

Electribe 2 vs Sampler: Grey & Blue vs Black & Red - what's the difference?

Published on Mar 17, 2017 loopop

"Electribe 2 vs Sampler: Grey & Blue vs Black & Red - what's the difference? A detailed analysis including an oscilloscope and spectrum analysis"

rossum electro music “Morpheus” 289 FILTER CUBES

Published on Mar 17, 2017 official quelltll

"rossum electro music 'Morpheus'"

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