MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 08, 2017

New Orange Synth Coming from Analogue Solutions?

Analogue Solutions teases a new orange synth.

Oscillators meaning more than one of course. PW and PWM controls. Saw and Pulse waves. The rest is a blur. Feel free to guess in the comments.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Update: meet The FUSEBOX.

Three oscillators with arpeggiator, pattern generator and something called and interval generator. Big focus on modulation. Definitely should be interesting.

The top left states "Real Analogue Voice & Modulation Circuits".

Chill beat making with Korg Volca Sample with Arturia Drum Brute!

Published on Jun 7, 2017 itijik

"Building up a chill beat using song mode on the Korg Volca Sample for the first time! Layered Drum Brute percussion on top and finished with a Moog LP jam."

Jordan Rudess Featured App : Mood

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Jordan Rudess

"ApeSoft has just released a very cool new synthesizer app for iOS entitled 'mood'
Lots of great flexibility and sonic possibilities!
Here is a video of my explorations!"

iTunes: mood - apeSoft

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #38 (Moog Mother-32, DFAM, Make Noise Eurorack, Strymon BigSky)

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Rheyne

"Some more experimenting with the random voltage generators on the Make Noise Tempi and 0-Coast, along with the stepped-random voltage from the Mother-32's assignable output. Sounds are coming from three sources: the Make Noise DPO, a single Moog Mother-32, and a Moog DFAM. The stepped-random voltages from the other Mothers-32 control pitch and tempo throughout the patch. No outside MIDI or computer was used, all notes and modulations are from the rack. Reverb is from a Strymon BigSky."

MEFF 2017 - Offical Video Report

MEFF 2017 - Offical Video Report from Andromeda Outerspace on Vimeo.

"Tiptop Audio and Lattex Plus joined together to host a modular synthesizer event in the heart of Italy, featuring the artistically vibrant city of Florence. This event was open to all manufactures of Modular Synthesizers and electronic music technology entrepreneurs.

This was a two-day event at April 24-25 2017 which took place at the prestigious IED - European Design Institute known for its programs in design, fashion, and visual communication.

Video by Andromeda

Shot & Edit by Jacopo Cosmelli - Luca Ruggeri

Music by ANGLE"


Published on Jun 8, 2017 mishpult

"4 minutes / 4 quick sessions with the Novation Circuit groovebox"

А. Зацепин Тайна Третьей Планеты. Пружинный ревер и два компактных синтезатора

Published on Jun 8, 2017 KPProd Music

"Spring reverb Pioneer SR 202V, soviet mini-synth Faemi, modern Korg Vo;ca Bass"

According to Googlish the title translates to:

"A. Zatsepin The Mystery of the Third Planet. Spring Reverb and two compact synthesizers"

Interesting that Pioneer made a reverb.

Buchla Easel Back to Basics

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Todd Barton

Moments Musicaux

Moments Musicaux Part I Published on Jun 8, 2017 maisonvague

"Equipment used: SCI Prophet-10, Moog Little Phatty Stage II, MF-101, Strymon el Capistan, Bluesky, Mackie 802 VLZ3, Zoom H1"


Former FBI Director James Comey testimoney on Trump firing - through modular synthesizer

Published on Jun 8, 2017 blorkummbeeeeeep
Update: Re-Published on Jun 9, 2017

"Alternative Patch/facts - through echophon"

New Mood Synth for iOS

Published on Jun 8, 2017 redskylullaby

iTunes: mood - apeSoft

"Demo of Mood iOS synth by Apesoft.
Mood has a similar synth architecture to the Minimoog Model D by Moog but with samples , FM, LFO and Ring Modulation also added to the mix of sound shaping options. Nice rich full sound and it works on iPhone as well as iPad."

apeSoft mood Intro & Review - The Best Synthesizer For A Better Mood?

Published on Jun 8, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

"apeSoft released today Mood a new Synthesizer application that is a reinterpretation of the classic analog synthesizers from the seventies. With virtual analog synthesis, fm generator, sampler engine and noise generator, the sound design possibilities of mood are huge. Check out my introduction and review video about this new high-quality Synthesizer for iOS."

iTunes: mood - apeSoft

"mood - A personal interpretation of the legendary Analog Synthesizer by Eugenio Giordani

Jordan Rudess says:
The Mood synth has immense sonic ability.
It has captivated my imagination and sense of discovery.
In usual apeSoft form, it also has all the features that one expects in a top notch IOS instrument app.

° Audiounit v3
° Audiobus and Inter-App Audio Sender/Filter
° Audiobus 3 MIDI support
° Share Presets and Samples between App and AUv3
° iOS Universal
° 3 Oscillators
° Noise Generator with own envelope
° Sample WARP
° FM Module
° Input Source Processing
° VCF Filter Ladder 24db per octave
° Mono or 16 voices Polyphonic
° Keyboard Tracking and Control
° Keyboard Ribbon Style
° XLFO 7 shapes + Sequencer
° Classical/Vintage Reverberator
° Stereo Delay
° Ring Modulator
° Distort Output
° Full Parameters MIDI/LFO/Accelerometer mapping
° Presets Interpolation Pad
° MIDI Clock and Ableton Link
° Record to .wav file
° AudioCopy/Audioshare/Open In... etc..."

Vintage Yamaha CS-01

via this auction

SN 6199 or 5199.

Kick.S / X1180 (320)

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Strymon BigSky
Strymon TimeLine
xOxbOx xOx-heart

The ContinuuConcert Promo Video - Behind The Scenes

Published on Jun 8, 2017 ContinuuCon

"A music-only version of the 2017 ContinuuConcert promo video, and a look behind the scenes. Shot with a ZOOM Q2n and a Canon T3i. Played by Sally Sparks, Geary Yelton and Chris Stack. Learn more at"

Continuucon started today, June 8 as posted here.

New Nantes SynthFest Videos

For those interested the following videos have been added to the playlist here.

SynthFest 2017 - Démonstration du modulaire Doepfer par Florence Michel
SynthFest 2017 - Performance de Michael Sean O'Connor (intégral)
SynthFest 2017 - Performance d'Olivier Romary au Korg Monotron Delay

Yamaha Announces Chick Corea Mark V Sound Set for MONTAGE

"Chick Corea Mark V Sample & Performance Library for MONTAGE Now Available as Free Download

BUENA PARK, Calif. (May 24, 2017) — Today, Yamaha announced the Chick Corea Mark V Sample & Performance Library for MONTAGE. This library features 16 all-new Performances, each programmed using data meticulously sampled from Chick Corea’s customized Mark V electric piano. This library is available as a free download from for users of the company’s MONTAGE synthesizer.
​In 1984, renowned pianist Chick Corea worked with Harold Rhodes in the creation of the Stage 73 Mark V electric piano. Over the next ten years, Corea and his team developed what they called the Number One – replacing hammers, developing custom electronics and creating an instrument that reflected the singular talent and innovation of its owner.
​In 2009, after enduring years of pounding from one of modern music’s most innovative composers and performers, the keyboard became too fragile to take on the
road. Before being shipped into storage, however, Corea and his tech team painstakingly sampled every note at Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles. After months of searching for the right technology platform, Corea took the massive amount of data to industry-leading sound designers, who developed Chick’s Mark V Sample Library for the Yamaha MOTIF XF, the predecessor to the MONTAGE.
​“MONTAGE users can now incorporate a piece of musical history into their own synthesizers at no cost,” said Nate Tschetter, product marketing manager, Music Production, Yamaha Corporation of America. “These custom Performances let you experience Chick’s unique Mark V coupled with the expressiveness of MONTAGE.”
​Corea’s direct involvement in the process makes this sampling session unique. A specially developed vorsetzer player-piano mechanism helped capture pristinely balanced velocities across the entire keyboard scale. The library contains all the original samples recorded in the meticulously engineered sampling sessions, and consists of 12 unlooped velocity layers and note offs. The full, natural sustain of each note is carefully maintained.
​Part of what makes this collection unique is the custom hammer and pre-amp
configuration of Chick’s original electronic piano instrument. At F# above Middle C, Corea and his team modified the hammers from the standard neoprene to wood, and sent the signal from those keys to a separate pre-amp with a specially designed EQ. This creates an almost split keyboard effect letting the treble notes ring with a clarity and punch unavailable on a standard Mark V. Chick’s Mark V loads directly into the MONTAGE integrated flash memory.

Pricing and Availability
The Chick Corea Mark V Sample & Performance Library is currently available to all MONTAGE users as a free download. This library requires a Yamaha MONTAGE synthesizer running MONTAGE OS v1.51 or higher.
For more information, visit"

Company of Quail Eurorack Cases

via Company of Quail:

"New frames for euro are finally done and ready to ship. the rails are extruded aluminum and include sliding square nuts that are for m3 screws. the sides are held on by m6 low head socket bolts. this system was designed to be modular. you can hook the two 3u parts together for a 6u system and there will eventually be a third taller part to expand to 9u. there has also been some extra holes left for customization as well as potential accessories(rubber feet, bars to add mass and stability) and a power supply we are working on which can be mounted to the inside of the taller frame. for now i suggest using the 4ms power(row 30 or 40)."

They also make cases for Elektron gear. You can see one featured in a video back in 2011 here.

Gofundme for TheSynthFreq

Many of you will be familiar with TheSynthFreq from previous posts here on MATRIXSYNTH. MATRIXSYNTH reader midierror wrote in to let us know she has a Gofundme page up for anyone that would like to help her out.

From the Gofundme:

"Most of us in the synthesizer world have at one point or another come across Danielle Morales AKA TheSynthFreq's Youtube channel. It's full of the quirky demos, tips, and music of a woman that obviously loves her synths. What may not be as obvious because she doesn't make it clear in her videos is that she has some fairly serious, life long medical issues. Danielle is deaf-blind, and has been in and out of the hospital many times over the last few years, suffering through strokes that have left her partially paralyzed. Her Facebook feed is a story of endless struggle, yet I have never seen her ask for help or fish for sympathy, she takes it all in stride as best as she can. It is simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring to watch.

Last night she made a post on Facebook asking for advice on how to sell her gear, because during her most recent ICU stay she needed an emergency intubation... and during that process nearly all of her front teeth, top and bottom, were knocked out, and her insurance is refusing to cover the cost of dental prosthetics. She has described to me the way she looks now with no front teeth as "shocking". This is unacceptable. She absolutely should not have to trade her music for the ability to leave her house without appearing "shocking". I contacted her after seeing her for sale post to ask if she was comfortable with a fundraiser, and she is, so I ask you- my fellow synth nerds across the planet- if you have even a dollar to spare to help this ridiculously strong woman get some sense of normalcy back to her life without losing her music in the process, please help her out. 100% of whatever is collected will go straight to Danielle, I have assigned all financial control of this account to her. Also, if anyone reading this is a dentist/owns a dental lab/ has any relevant connections in the Austin, TX area and would be willing to donate professional services, please feel free to contact us."

Very Popular (Synthesizer Composition and Performance)

Published on Jun 7, 2017 Matt Gregory

"A tribute to Bob Moog and his amazing Minimoog Voyager synthesizer.

Performed on:
Moog Minimoog Voyager synthesizer
Moog Moogfooger CP-251 CV processor
Elektron Octatrack sampler
Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine
Strymon BigSky reverb

All synthesizer sounds are from the Voyager. Electronic percussion sounds are from the Analog Rytm.

Opening monologue spoken by Bob Moog from "Moog: A Documentary Film" by Hans Fjellestad (Copyright 2005 Plexigroup, Inc.) (used with permission)"

Reminder: Brighton Modular Meet July 1st & 2nd

via @thonk_synth

"Brighton Modular Meet sponsor and attending manufacturer list is 👌👊✊ 🤟🎺🔥"

See the flyer in this post for location.

Nantes SynthFest 2017 Videos by Klair Zaki

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Klair Zaki

SynthFest 2017 - Présentation du GEM Promega 2+ par Paul Wiffen
SynthFest 2017 - Vika Yermolyeva avec Nani Sound et Christophe Duquesne (Anckorage)
SynthFest 2017 - Klairzaki essaie la harpe laser
SynthFest 2017 - François et le Sequential Circuits Pro-One
SynthFest 2017 - Nori Ubukata et l'Ondomo
SynthFest 2017 - Démonstration du modulaire Doepfer par Florence Michel
SynthFest 2017 - Performance de Michael Sean O'Connor (intégral)
SynthFest 2017 - Performance d'Olivier Romary au Korg Monotron Delay
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer (extrait 1)
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer (extrait 2)
SynthFest 2017 - Présentation et démonstration Arturia Matrix Brute
SynthFest 2017 - Présentation et démonstration Arturia Matrix Brute (v2)
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer (extrait 4)
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer avec Kilian (extrait 3)
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer (extrait 1v2)
SynthFest 2017 - Concert de Time Composer avec Kilian (extrait 3 v2) HD
SynthFest 2017 - Démonstration du HAKEN Continuum par Christophe Duquesne

TIPTOP ONE: Selecting files with CV

TIPTOP ONE: Selecting files with CV from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Testing the new (1.4b) firmware for the Tiptop ONE that adds adjustable CV/Trigger delay.

Some sequencers will not output CVs and Gates/Triggers at precisely the same time forcing the super fast and precise ONE to play sample that was selected by CV on the previous step. The available Short / Medium / Long delay times can be select with Config file.

In this video: Triggering ONE loaded with DOTS with Verbos Multistage and later with ER-101. Sometimes manually offsetting the playing group of files to play other files with the same sequence. In both cases using Medium delay setting. Both sequencers were not playing nicely with ONE before, but as you can see its super stable and reliable now."

Patterning 1.3 : Improved Dropbox Support

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Olympia Noise Co.

"It's now way faster and easier to import multiple samples from Dropbox into your Patterning sample library."

iTunes: Patterning : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co.

Jomox Xbase 888 SN 2010 - 0325

via this auction

Fender Chroma Polaris Model 2123 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 302560

via this auction

"The Chroma Polaris was the second synthesizer made by Fender/Rhodes after they took over ARP, following their classic Rhodes Chroma. It has a very ARP-like sound.

-12 VCO, 6 Voice Polyphonic Synth with FULL MIDI implementation
- Velocity sensitive
- Patch layering
- On-board Real-time sequencer
- 132 patch memory

In very close to original condition (has sliders, nice looking panels, no rust/oxidation, and wood end caps)."

KORG 770 SN 770394

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 508423

via this auction

"The Roland Juno-106 is a 61 Key, six voice fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer.

• The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) guarantees an extremely stable pitch.
• The Juno-106 is the complete 6 voice synthesizer provided with 6 VCF's, 6 VCA's, and 6 ENV's.
• The Juno-106 includes memory capacity to retain up to 128 different patch programs.
• The Juno-106 features battery back up system to retain the programs even when switched off.
• If connecting the Pedal Switch to the PATCH SHIFT jack, you can call the 8 patch programs stored in the same bank one after another, simply by pressing the pedal.
• Transposition to any key is possible by the Transpose function.
• The Portament function is provided.
• The Chorus effect produces rich and expansive sounds.
• Featured with MIDI BUS, the Juno-106 can be set up with other MIDI devices."

Ensoniq Mirage Gray DSK-8 8-Bit Sampling Keyboard Synthesizer SN 15812 w/ Library

via this auction

"When it was introduced in 1984, the Mirage Digital Sampling Keyboard made history by being the first truly affordable sampling keyboard - the Mirage put sampled sounds into the hands of musicians who didn't have the price of a house to spend on a keyboard. It has gone on to become the most popular sampler ever made. It is also the best supported, with hundreds of sounds available on diskette from ENSONIQ and other third party developers, as well as a wealth of computer software and other peripherals. "

1986 Ensoniq ESQ1 Digital Wave Synthesizer Metal Version With Carrying Case

via this auction

Regarding the metal version, some ESQ-1s have a hard plastic case.

Univox Mini Korg K-1 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 3326

via this auction

"This is a wonderful example of a truly classic synth. It is in very good condition. All knobs and switches work as intended. It's got that fat analog sound that these beauties are famous for. If you are looking at this item you probably know the extent these were used both live and on so many recordings. Greg Hawks of The Cars probably made the most of his MiniKorg on nearly all of their hits. Stories tell that he still uses the same unit he has had since day one. That's how durable and stable they are. The hinged door that hides the power cable still latches shut jsut like new."

Sequential Circuits Six-Track w/ Original Box

via this auction

Native Instruments Releases Free REAKTOR Blocks 1.3 Update

via Native Instruments:

"Major update of Native Instruments’ Eurorack-inspired modular system adds a new family of modules and synthesizer patches

June 8, 2017, Berlin – Native Instruments today released REAKTOR Blocks 1.3, a substantial update to this acclaimed virtual modular system, provided with REAKTOR 6.

Free for existing users, Blocks 1.3 introduces a new Blocks family: Kodiak. These five modules are not modelled on specific hardware. Instead, Kodiak modules combine analog character with digital power.

Duality OSC is a dual oscillator that adds innovative wave-shaping to Blocks. It offers phase-, frequency-, amplitude-, and timbre-modulation, and is ideal for growling basses, vibrant leads, and rich percussion.

Shift Sequencer is an unconventional step sequencer. It has independent sequence-length and direction controls for pitch, octave, velocity, hold, and gate, making polyrhythmic sequencing easy.

Curve Sequencer takes a modern classic – MASSIVE’s stepped modulation sequencer – and places it in the Blocks rack. It enables complex stepped modulation, perfect for electronic music.

Morph Filter delivers a triple-resonant filter bank designed to morph between settings for vowel sounds, chords, or percussion.

Flip Gen is a versatile tone generator and experimental noise source. It is perfect for generating bleepy sequences, bell-like FM, morse, pitched noise, crackly textures, and for use as a creatively random modulator.

Blocks 1.3 also includes five new ensembles – each one a powerful new synthesizer in its own right. They showcase the five new modules, with over 195 new presets, covering everything from self-generating polyrhythmic techno grooves to Daft Punk-style vowel-filtered leads.

Blocks 1.3 is part of REAKTOR 6. REAKTOR 6 is available for purchase now at the NI Online Shop for $199 / 199 € / ¥ 24,800 / £169 / AU$279.

Existing REAKTOR 6, KOMPLETE 11, and KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE owners can download and install the update using Native Access."

from Hard-Mod on Vimeo.

"Not overdubs. No external effects. Just 4 voices from the modular synth (kick drum, clicks, bass line and pad)." Shuttle Modular Synth System Overview

Published on Jun 8, 2017 sonicstate

Analog Craftsman acVCO Hard Sync Demo

Published on Jun 8, 2017 analog craftsman

"A demonstration on patching modular VCOs in hard sync using a pair of our own acVCOs and an acQAR EG that were built for Tom aka Junkie XL. We compare the sound of the modular VCOs with that of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One monosynth, a synth known for its hard sync sound."

Erica Synths Fusion VCF demo by ▅ ▅ ▅

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Erica Synths

"Here is the demo for the Fusion VCF made by our friend ▅ ▅ ▅. Enjoy!"

Digitakt – making a beat from a YEAH! sample, Q&A + more (live stream)

Streamed live 8 hours ago BoBeats

"a Bobeats Live Stream with the Digitakt from Elektron.

0:26 Live stream starts
3:15 – A dark and epic Digitakt beat.
8:00 – Questions & Answers about the Digitakt
12:00 – Playing some more lo fi inspired Digitakt beats
32:50 – Talking about my live stream setup
46:50 – Viewer challenge from Linus Minus. Doing a beat where all the sounds come from a cringe YEAH sample.
1:20:00 – Connecting Digitakt to the Keystep
1:26:30 – Making a dance groove with the arp recorded from the Keystep
2:11:56 – Recap of what we have made during the live stream"

Roli Introduces the Seaboard Block: Super Powered Keyboard

Published on Jun 8, 2017 ROLI

"Make music your super-power with the most compact, portable and affordable Seaboard ever made. It fits in a backpack and connects to ROLI's NOISE app so you can play it anywhere. Or use on your desktop with Equator Player and Blocks Dashboard for DAW integration."

Seaboard Block: Play it Anywhere

Published on Jun 8, 2017

"It's a Seaboard.... It's a Block.... It's Seaboard Block. The newest and most affordable Seaboard is an expressive MIDI controller that fits in your backpack and connects to ROLI's NOISE app so you can play it anywhere."

Two octave version of the Roli Seaboard for $299.95.

Monotribe BugBrand PT Delayed

Published on Jun 8, 2017 hajimmie

"I've finally got the wonderful PT Delay. Need many experiments with this delay! Here, just plugged Monotribe and delay feedback is ring modulated by MF Ring."

Servando in da house, showcasing his mobile music setup

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Oliver Greschke

"Long term Elastic Drums betatester and brilliant presets creator Servando visited us in the office yesterday and showed us his mobile music setup (he is traveling a lot), using Elastic Drums with a Midi Controller (Korg NanoKontrol 2) and JBL speakers. He also showed us some presets where he is using the new synths (Merzbow, etc.), we are currently beta testing. We are looking forward to hear more from Servando !!! :)
Servando is also using PureData a lot and is creating awesome music tools himself (

Elastic Drums:

Kick.S / X1179

Published on Jun 8, 2017 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
TR Rack
Planet Earth
Strymon BigSky
Strymon TimeLine

One day while messing around with the Juno 60

Published on Jun 7, 2017 musiqfreq

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