MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Novation Peak and Strymon Mobius

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"I recently acquired a Strymon Mobius, and I was very impressed with how awesome the algorithms are, especially when used with synths like the Peak. Check it out"

Strymon Mobius Rotary and Novation Peak Organ Synth

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"Here is a short video of me trying out my new mobius rotary algorithm with the Novation Peak Organ wavetable. I think it soudns pretty cool."

Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

The Buchla 250e: When testing turns into music-making...

Published on Mar 3, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"As many of you might know, I work for Buchla now. Part of my job is to test modules. As a synthesist and composer, my testing procedure can occasionally take on a shape that is a little more creative than practical (but always effective, of course!).

In the midst of testing this 250e, I discovered that my somewhat-random initial knob twists to test the outer ring voltages implied a melody that I liked. So, I tuned it to be a little more specifically to that melody. Then I added a counter melody in the second of the voltage outputs. I created some interesting and complimentary timbres out of what started out as sine waves coming from the 259e and 261e.

Once I had created the sequence, I started messing around with Stage Addressing, because it will create new and different musical outcomes from your original creation.

Keep in mind that this is a test, and is a bit rough around the edges... but I found that the melody and countermelody stuck with me after the test, and felt like I needed to record it in some way. I figure if a test is musical enough that it gets stuck in my head, I should probably preserve it.

I hope you enjoy my first posting of a Buchla product!

Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!"

Yamaha "DX Performance Demonstration" (1985)

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Patchman Music

"Here is the complete cassette demo tape that was distributed by Yamaha with their DX7 and DX9 FM synthesizers. This tape discusses the benefits of FM synthesis, has examples of various FM patches, as well as musical examples. This tape was produced probably around 1984 or 1985 by Yamaha Corp.

Yamaha 'DX Performance Demonstration'
FM Digital Keyboards

DX7 and DX9 Performances
by Gary Leuenerger and Don Lewis

L'LADY (Paich) ©1984 Hudmar Publishing Co. Inc. ASCAP

THE ONE (Porcaro) ©1984 Porcaro Music ASCAP

Performed by David Paich, Steve Porcaro, and James Newton Howard

All rights are reserved by the original copyright holders."

Update: Two more from Patchman Music:


Published on Mar 3, 2018 Michael Kert


Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres. Simple a FM Synthesizer, FM Synth."

4 New No Brainer Deals from

" has announced 4 new no brainer deals with up to 70% off. Included are presets for Spire VST, Trap and Bass House kits, and the huge Percussion Mega Pack (2500 sounds) is £75 off!

There's also an extra 15% off all orders over £39. Go to the New Loops No Brainers page to see all deals and subscribe the free newsletter to get new offers straight to your inbox.

These deals end on 15.03.18. More info at"

Baloran the River: Triko examples

Published on Mar 3, 2018 coyotesynth

"The River by Baloran includes an analog Tri-Chorus. This demo demonstrates 3 presets sounds using tri-chorus with on/off comparison."

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow by Kreisferkeer Flaake

"On February 25, 2018, Kreisferkeer Flaake played an improvisation concert at the St├Ądtische Galerie Nordhorn for the opening of Florian Auer's art exhibition “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. Here’s the concert in full length."

Tentacles Lab 0011 Piano + FM Radio + Eurorack

Published on Mar 2, 2018 Tentacles

"Lab0011 is an ambient generative track, with live piano playing, white noise from a FM radio, and a Microsoft Surface with Ableton Live 10 randomly sequencing sounds from a modular eurorack synth and Ableton Live 10.

-FM Radio: Scott + SSF MultimodeFilter
-Mid-Bass: Ladik VCO1 + RYO Aperture + ALM Pip Slope + WMD MMF + HP 3xVCA
-Bass: Doepfer A110-1 + Doepfer A160-5 SEM + MI Peaks + Doepfer A132-3
-Plucksound1: Tension
-Plucksound2: Tension
-Piano: Kawai CX-9

Eurorack voices sequenced using a Befaco MIDI Thing. ALM PMW modulating a few parameters.

Thanks to Steve Angstrom for his great tutorial on making generative music with Live:

Eurorack screenshot:

Mixed with M-Audio NRV10
Mastered in Logic 9
Filmed with Lumix TZ-80"

Minimoog and Dotcom Sequencer

Published on Mar 3, 2018 PaulLawlerMusic

"Sequencing a 1970s Minimoog Model D with the Dotcom Q960"

IKEA PAX Synthesizer Music Station!!! #TTNM

Published on Mar 3, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"In this video I present you my very own IKEA hack! A PAX wardrobe made to fit my complete modular synthesizer music setup, in a way that's flexible and ergonomic.


Like my t-shirt? Get one here:


I tied a lot of different music setups over the years. Standing at a desk, sitting at a desk, sitting on the floor, large cases, small cases, 19" racks and so on ... I found that standing upright in front of my gear feels the best to me and having a wardrobe with doors I can close to hide the mess is really nice too, when I lack a dedicated music room in the apartment. The wardrobe also helps to keep things contained and not spreading/expanding all over the place. Too much gear doesn't help my creativity and the PAX has a good size, just bordering on the "too much" side."

Synths in a closet synth wardrobe.

Sequential Circuits Pro-One - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration SN 0847

via this auction

Roland SH-2 with MIDI Retrofit

via this auction

STG Soundlabs modular plus DIY rarities

via this auction

"The case is made of curly oak top/front and ash sides/back (they match up really well) and has a couple STG Busboards with a Power One PSU that's really overbuilt for the case size. The modules are all in decent shape save for occasional rack rash that you don't see when screws are in place or some light scratches here or there from a patch lead, which is to be expected with an instrument that's frequently patched and used and nothing out of the ordinary. This system new with a case would cost well over $7,000 so this is a serious deal. Comes with a nice pile of hosa colored patch cables in 1.5 and 3ft lengths.

All modules are professionally built, even the DIY/synthcube modules so you know you'll be getting something to depend on for years to come...

Here's the module list:

STG Soundlabs
trigger mini store x 3
shift manager
Time buffer
digital attenuators
Time divider
wave folder
pulse matrix
attenuator (x2)
Dotcom Pedal Interface
dotcom spring reverb q115
synthcube blacet time machine
synthcube Galilean moons designed by Hex Inverter
synthcube jupiter storm designed by Hex Inverter
synthcube source of uncertainty designed by Roman F aka Sputnik
synthcube seiner micron
megaohm MA20 filter
CGS serge resonant eq
ssl sequencer"

ARP Axxe 2313 Serviced and Refurbished SN 1743

via this auction

"Unit was refurbished with a Synth Chaser ARP Axxe Capacitor and IC Kit. Also a brand New ARP Axxe Replacement Slider Kit – 23 pieces full set was installed. Unit was calibrated to ARP service specifications. White noise generator is engaged by pressing noise generator switch. Keybed was cleaned brought back to functioning"

Ensoniq Fizmo

via this auction

"Very nice example of the Ensoniq Fizmo. It works and sounds great. It also has the good power regulator so you don't need to worry about it dying on you. The only small issue is the volume pot has a tiny dead spot about 3/4 of travel but still allows you to dial in any volume level and has not been a problem for me. All other encoders work nicely and produce accurate and steady values on the display. All keys, aftertouch, wheels and jacks also work perfectly. There are very few blemishes, none worth mentioning, it's a very clean synth inside and out."

1981 Firstman SQ-1 Synthesizer/Step Sequencer SN 600515

via this auction

Glossy surface. You can find an advert scan below.

"cool rare little futuristic sequencer/synth. predecessor of the mighty tb 303.

the sequencer is actually really nice, capable of sequences from 2 measures in 6/8 to 16(!) meas. 4/4. sequence programming is done via foil-keyboard. you can program legato and choose from two attack settings (like an accent feature but more nice).

the synthesizer part is parameter wise somewhat limited but also very musical. the sound is quite bass heavy and can be a bit distorted in a good way if you wish. I think it sounds really special and very good.

can be played in realtime via foil keyboard. also has cv/gate and clock in and out."

JOMOX RESONATOR NEURONIUM SN 003 Electric Blue for $12,990

Update via edorc in the comments: "Juergen sells them for 5.000.- new again!!!"

Pics vid the following listings:

via this auction, also on eBay. Or you can grab SN 025 for $10,000.

"Cylinder ribbon strips and glass dome not included, but you can add it yourself from the six audio outputs.

Strangest, most curious, eclectic synthesizer of amazing sounds."

ROLAND MC-505 Groovebox w/ Wood Sides

via this auction

"This Roland MC-505 unit is in great working condition. All knobs and sliders function properly. It is one of a kind with custom wooden sides and a blue LED screen. No dead pixels on LED.'

Leploop Lumanoise V2 Desktop Analog Noise Synthesizer

via this auction

"Great little analog desktop drone synth controlled by light.

From the official website:

Lumanoise v2 has:

- one square oscillator, one 12bit sawtooth oscillator, and 2 trautonium like sub oscillators.

- inspired by the Oskar Sala Trautonium synth. We use one Trautonium tmaster oscillator under LDR control and 2 sub oscillator, where you can set the division frequency of the tmaster oscillator.

- oscillators pitch is controlled by a photo resistor, each oscillator has a volume pot.

- has a 12 db low pass resonant filter, the filter cut-off can be controlled by the potentiometer or the photoresistor.

Lumanoise works with voltage between 9 and 12 volt
direct current DC, central +"

Moog 2090 Micromoog Synthesizer SN 1541

via this auction

"I'm selling my vintage Micromoog that I've owned for about 40 years. I've used it mostly for left-hand bass and wired in a jack on the bottom to accommodate a Yamaha BP-1 bass pedal unit (13 notes, lower C to one octave up). The keyboard was rebuilt in late 2015 with all new rubber bushings using the proper Dow Corning lubricant. The keyboard action feels like new. The potentiometers and switches were cleaned at the same time. Everything works as expected and the unit sounds great.

Note the following:
1) The ribbon controller has a small tear near the bottom as can be seen in the photos, but it works fine and doesn't affect the functionality.
2) The white rectangular area to the left of the Moog logo (on the back) is from an adhesive label I had there at one time. I wasn't able to get it off with a mild adhesive remover, but a stronger one may work.

Included in the sale is the original "preliminary" operation manual from Moog dated July 1975, a Micromoog operation manual by Tom Rhea, some extra rubber keyboard bushings and a like-new Gator case."

JEN Synthtone SX1000

via this auction

Roland MSQ-100 & JU-06 + SE-02, JP-08, ARP Odyssey (preview)

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Alba Ecstasy

"A small preview of what is coming next: integrating the Roland MSQ-100 in my setup! This vintage sequencer just popped in to my studio. And is making a great match with the Roland JU-06.
So, in this video, MSQ-001 is sequencing the JU-06 (pads), Keystep is sequencing the JP-08 and the SE-02 and the Analog Four is sequencing the ARP Odyssey.
Effects: Neunaber Slate for ARP, Boss RV-3 for JP-08, Clouds+Demora for SE-02&JU-06.

Sequential Prophet VS Analog Keys

Published on Mar 3, 2018 synths colors

"No External Effect Added, As Usual..."

Qu bit electronix pulsar module demo by andy pidcock

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Andy Pidcock

"Qu bit's pulsar module has become central to my eurorack modular system and thought it was worth a shout out with a video all of it's own (module has not been given to me by Qu bit for 'a' review F.Y.I.) I know I won't have covered everything but have done my best !
complaints to management ok.

Thanks all.

Camera: Zoom Q2n"

New FaithState 12-Voice Modular Synthesizer for $444.99

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Peley Krane

Update: the website link is down, and I have a report from a reader that some customers are no longer receiving communication from them. As always, be careful... I've reached out to Peley Krane and will report back when/if I hear back.

"FaithState is Now Available From

A Collection of 9 Function Generators, FaithState is a Complete Modular Synthesizer System"

High level features (be sure to see for more):


12 Voices of 16-Bit Digital Waveform Audio are Simultaneously Controlled Using 3 Identical Control Channels (1,2,3). Each of these Channels Contain a Voltage Input Jack for Pitch, Amplitude, and WaveBlend.

This Unique Approach to Synthesis Voicing Combines the Classic "Oscillator Section", "VCA", and "Audio Mixer" Sections Into a Single Digital Voice Unit.

A Library Containing Over 500 WaveForms has been Designed, Created, and Split into 85 Unique Groups of 6 WaveForms Each (WaveSets). 2 of these 6-Voice Wavesets Can be Mixed, Blended, and Tuned against Eachother at a time using Controls "WaveSet/Mix" and "Detune"

Mutable Instruments - Plaits - Stereo Demo Jam

Published on Mar 3, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my first video with Plaits from Mutable Instruments. For the most part I have the module patched in stereo with the main out panned hard left and the aux out panned main right. Now this ISN'T a stereo module but for the sake of demoing two sounds at once (headphones will help you here) and also showing that some of the modes do work really well in stereo that's how I made this quick jam demo. Information on the links/site below and more videos coming soon. Cheers!

Honourable mentions here ...

Tuesday from TiNRS
Event Boss from Abstract Data
PICO RND from Erica Synths
DATA from Mordax
Tides from Mutable Instruments"

Mutable Instruments Plaits talks!

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Erstlaub

"A short rundown of the latter half of the vowel and speech synthesis mode.

7 o clock to 11 o clock on the HARMONIC knob fades between formant filtering, SAM and LPC vowels (not featured in video), this focusses on the latter set of sounds where Banks of words are selected using the HARMONIC knob, MORPH selects words within the bank, TIMBRE alters the gender/species of the sayer of the words.

I'm loosely scanning through the word"

Video Patch Notes for Mike Thomas' 5-15 Sputnik Jam

2nd video with patch notes have been added to this post.

X1L3 - SHARD - power electronics - rituals - trials

Published on Mar 3, 2018 manufacturedZ3R0

"Two shards - one automated by midi to gate to generate the drone, the other manipulated manually to drive the chaos.

Shard 1 is passed through a filter and then clouds to add reverb. This automated unit also has wreckage, a simple companion module connected to the audio input. This is bought in towards the end.

Shard 2 is clean with persudatron connected to the audio input. Persuadatron is an FM radio receiver with gating controls over tuning, volume etc. Any audio source at the audio in of shard will disrupt the oscillators, a radio is particularly good at this and can be heard mid way in the hands on chaotic section.

To summarize, Shard 1 for the first third, creeping in as the filter is opened up, changing timbre via osc gate automation about midway. A vca gate is then opened for shard 2 at two thirds and the chaos begins - letting persuadatrons commercial radio gash bleed through in places. The gate is closed at the final third, shard 1 takes control again and the set fades into sludge discord as wreckage is bought in and the filter is closed.

For anyone vaguely interested - shard, wreckage and persuadatron up for sale soon at:"

MFB Tanzmaus, Doepfer Dark Energy 2 & Yamaha Reface DX

Published on Mar 3, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Tanzmaus, Reface DX and Dark Energy 2 synced together. Dark Energy 2 & DX are sequenced by an Octatrack.

No further processing except for normalisation."

Looptrotter Monster abusing a Korg Volca FM

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Miguel d'Oliveira

"First attempt to mangle & distort a synth sound from a Korg Volca FM with the mighty FET compressor / tube saturator Looptrotter Monster.
Very promising, I think.
Deliberately picked a sound that I hate (gold old digital piano) to see if I could turn it into something I liked."


Published on Mar 3, 2018 Michael Kert

"Video contain a DIY TUTORIAL making atmospheric AMBIENT music which turn into hard TECHNO beats with the ELEKTRON DIGITONE. A LIVE JAM Session DEMO for beautiful ambient sound modulated into hard KICK and HHAT beats.
Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres. Simple a FM Synthesizer, FM Synth."

New Mutable Instruments Plaits Demos by DavidH

New videos added to the playlist here.

Yamaha CS60 Videos by Nader Sharif

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Nader Sharif

"Quick demo of Yamaha CS60 (Part 1) and sorry for the slightly distorted audio. I just got a new camera and could not optimize the audio level. Yamaha CS60 and TC electronics Reverb + Chorus + Delay."

Random Rings Experiments: Rings+Soundbox

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Hannes Pasqualini

"Second video for my Random Rings series. This time I'm using a Leaf Audio Soundbox played with a violin bow, to create the excitation signal. More info about the Soundbox can be found here:"

Live expression on DIGITONE and ANALOG FOUR/KEYS: How to bring sounds to life

Published on Mar 1, 2018 loopop

"If you're not using an external keyboard's modulations to contol your\ sounds, you're missing out on a lot. Here's how to bring sounds to life on the Elektron Digitone, Analog Four (both MK1 and MK2) and Keys."

Happy 3.03 Day by Honeysmack

Published on Mar 2, 2018 Honeysmack

Patch n Tweak

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