MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Sustain" Live Recording

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Mason Self


-2-5's all the way around the circle of 5ths. All minor chords.
- Chords played using Sensory Percussion. Root on low tom (piano). 10th on high tom (vibraphone)
-Bass line is played with the 0-Coast arpeggiator. Gate coming from the OP-1's Finger Sequencer. Notes coming from the k-board."

Analog Synthesizer Synth

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Rui Joaquim

Anyware Instruments Minisizer SN 55

via this auction

Moog Prodigy 336A Synthesizer Keyboard SN 7214

via this auction

KORG DS-8 - Ambient chillout music【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Mar 25, 2018 synth4ever

"Korg DS-8 FM synth demo -- playing a relaxing, dreamy ambient electronica music soundscape on DS-8 digital FM synth from KORG.

This relaxing ambient chill-out / new age synthesizer music created on KORG DS8 FM synthesizer using built-in delay effects."

Live pass with 70s & 80s analog synths

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Alex Ball

"I thought it would be interesting to try a totally live pass with my synths to see if I could do it. I usually multi-track things separately.

How does it work?

The TR-707 is the master and in addition to playing the kick drum, its trigger out is triggering the sequencer of the SH-101, which plays the bass line. The TR-606 is slaved to the TR-707 via Din Sync. It provides hats, snare, cymbals and toms. Its high tom trigger-out is triggering the step-sequencer on the JX-3P. Its low tom is triggering the arpeggio clock on the Juno-6. The MS-20 is free and not sync'd to anything so I can play melodies on the fly.

Carl Sagan also drops by."

Bivalvia Synthesis

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Love Hultén

"Bivalvia Synthesis is a small synthesizer toy based on Axoloti core"


"The Bivalvia Synthesis is a small synthesizer toy based on Axoloti core, the open source hardware synth created by Johannes Taelman. The casing is handmade from wood and unfolds like a clamshell to reveal six dial/fader controllers combined with 15 high quality Cheery MX keys - 12 MIDI notes in chromatic scale, octave up/down and patch shifting. For output, there's stereo output on the back and a built-in full-range 15W speaker. Combined with Axoloti Patcher software - a user friendly and very graphic modular environment, you can create your own effects and sounds using oscillators (from subtractive to FM), filters, modulation, and much more. Simply connect the Bivalvia Synthesis to your computer via USB and start making objects. Build your own personal patch bank and store it on the built-in SD card."


Published on Mar 25, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Further exploring the Harvestman system."

Direct Circuit To Nerve (Novation Circuit & Circuit Mono Station)

Published on Mar 25, 2018 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track here for FREE-
The Novation Circuit has the duty of producing an entire Electro Track. The bassline of course is produced by the Novation Circuit Mono Station. The rest of the jam is created from the original Novation Circuit Groovebox. everything is then recorded into Logic where EQ, compression and reverb was added to the mix."

Behringer VC340 and friends

Published on Mar 25, 2018 MrFirechild

"The Behringer VC340 prototype is having fun with his friends in the Firechild studio including Memorymoog, Minimoog, Prophet-T8, Mos-Lab modular and a crazy Swedish guy. Composed and produced by The song is called The Feuerkind Waltz. Don´t miss out the Firechild album A New World (2018) btw."

Live Jam: Creating a track from scratch w/ Waldorf, Arturia, Volca, Patterning & Xynthesizr

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Kalkartronic

"Live Jam, gear set-up: Arturia Beatstep, Waldorf Rocket, Waldorf Streichfett, Korg Volca Keys, Xynthesizr App and Patterning App on iPad, Korg Kaosspad Mini as Aux Send/Return Effect, Swissonic Easy Keys for the Streichfett. Recorded with Edirol R-1.
Quickly mastered with T-RackS 3.
Cams: Ricoh WG-M1 (left), Samsung S5 neo (right), Amazon Fire (top. Sorry, bad quality)"

Testing A RingMod+Sub Circuit

Published on Mar 25, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro (c)2018

In this quick video I am testing a DIY Ring Mod + Sub Oscillator circuit through my Tonus VCF (ARP 2600 clone of the 4012 filter) and a Timefactor Delay. The Ring Mod + Sub will become a eurorack module, I will give more info on that soon. Sequenced on Arturia Beatstep Pro. Thanks for watching!"

Published on Mar 25, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro (c)2018

In this quick video I am testing a DIY Ring Mod + Sub Oscillator circuit through my Tonus VCF (ARP 2600 clone of the 4012 filter). I am also punching into freeze mode on my Strymon Big Sky. The result is a colossal wall of sound! The Ring Mod + Sub will become a eurorack module, I will give more info on that soon. Thanks for watching!"

Polivoks Tuning with Vladimir Kuzmin

PolivoksTuningEnglish Published on Mar 25, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

"Original tuning method of the Polivoks synthesizer described by its inventor Vladimir Kuzmin."

Arturia MiniBrute 2 VCF close up by Olivier Briand

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Olivier Briand

"Some close up around the filter of the Arturia MiniBrute 2 by Olivier Briand"

More from Olivier Briand.

Spitfire Tundra Strings, Digitone, Digitakt, Mother 32, Waldorf XTk, Eurorack

Published on Mar 25, 2018 junklight

"I was playing with playing the utterly gorgeous Spitfire Audio Tundra strings through the Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop and this is what happened........."

Funky Monologue Makeover

via @MechanicalAudio

"We've been using the #Korg #Monologue for some time, and it's finally received its long-awaited makeover! Truly part of the family now."

Korg SQ-1 to J3RK Stroh Synthesizer

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Ritchie DeCarlo


Morning meander - Improvising with the Circuit, OP-1, microGranny and Volcas

Published on Mar 25, 2018 MakingSpaces

"An exercise in getting nowhere."


And nothing really out of place...

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 5509

via this auction

"Restored and Refurbished with a lot of Love and Care to 100% functionality and it is sounding incredible.


· Brand new beautiful wooden side panels made by SynthWood

· Keys have had a complete Rebush.

· The Keys have all been leveled.

· Keys are all greased up and the action is feeling fantastic!

· The J-Wires have been cleaned and set right for perfect triggering

· The Pots have all been cleaned and lubed with Deoxit for smooth sweeps.

· A complete tune up was undertaken to get everything sitting just right!"

Original Moog Minimoog Model D SN 12850

via this auction

"Original Minimoog Model D (Serial Number : 12850) in good working and esthetic condition. With custom pitch bend control to make sure pitch always goes back to its original position."

Access Virus TI Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

via the seller: "This Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synthesizer has been very lightly/gently used in my air-conditioned studio and is in gorgeous condition. It was used briefly with the software controlling it, so the knobs, buttons and connections are all in perfect working order and feel great. This synth was a little too complex for my juno-level background with synthesis, so it's received very little use (likely under 20 hours). It's voices are rich complex and extremely powerful throughout the sound spectrum."

Original Nextel Blue/Grey Waldorf Q Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

When and why did these get referred to as the "Halloween Edition"? Orange on black would make sense, but yellow on blue/gray?

Akai AX80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Excellent cosmetically, Perfect operationally

Unit has been completely gone over and works perfectly.
(A very experienced tech just re soldered all weak connections, replaced the battery and replaced the display circuit.)"

Crumar Bit One Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer RARE S/N with SSM2044 Filters

via this auction

"Only 200 of these SSM Bit Ones manufactured! Warm SSM Filters!

Italo Disco Powerhouse
Bit One analog Synthesizer - Made in Italy - Vintage 80s -RARE

Some great features:

Velocity Sensitivity (adjustable)
6 Voices with SSM2044 Lowpass Filters
MIDI Capable In/Thru
Very programmable synth with control assignable to many parameters
All 63 of the Original factory sound patches have been loaded. The patches are good, but far more interesting bass, FX, detuned brass, sounds are possible with some programming knowledge."

Roland SH-101

via this auction

"Fully Serviced and Calibrated by James Walker @ Synth Repair Services (November 2017) and fully working with a clean battery compartment."

Roland Jupiter 8 (14bit) - MIDI + Flight Case + Roland Booklet SN 403223

via this auction

"All sliders have been lubricated, new more robust tact-switches have been installed, the battery has been replaced, the PSU board has been recapped and it's been calibrated to factory specs. Technically it's in superb condition and ready for the future! Cosmetically it's in used, but fair condition for its age. It's an original 220V version.

- 14bit Version and has the DCB port on the back (Roland MD-8 included)
- NO Tuning issues. All Oscillators work and respond as they should
- Comes with Professional Heavy Duty Flight Case
- Roland MD-8 DCB to MIDI Interface to enable the Jupiter 8 to be controlled via MIDI
- Original 3m DCB Cable INCLUDED to connect the Jupiter 8 with the MD-8
- 240V
- Roland The Synthesizer 2nd Edition BOOK from 1984.


Practical Synthesis for Electronic Music Volume 1,
Practical Synthesis for Electronic Music Volume 2,
A Foundation for Electronic Music &
Multichannel Recording for Electronic Music.

Outer sleeve in USED Condition. Books in UNREAD and MINT Condition!"

Roland JD-800

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Synths And Sequencer Package

via this auction

"Station X analogue synth

Station Y synth expander

Station Q analogue CV step sequencer (with missing handle!)

Comes with power adaptors and a selection of CV leads"

MFOS Sound-Lab Ultimate Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer | Music From Outer Space

via this auction

Nice looking build.

"This synth has its quirks; it doesn't stay in tune that long, midi to cv won't track a full octave, osc1 pulse width nob only works in a small range of the full knob sweep. But these things never made it unusable.

The synth sounds awesome the oscillators and filter go really well together and the lfos are pretty extensive and always produce cool patterns.


- 3 oscillators square w/ pw & saw

- mixer with external input and white noise

- VCF with resonance, and AR and LFO mods

- VCA with AR and LFO mods

- AR generator with long and short modes

- 2 LFOs with 4 wave options each and high and low ranges

- repeat gate

- 4 attenuators

- S+H

- midi to cv

This synth has a few a few quirks - kinda hoping this goes to someone who knows a little bit more about the DIY side of synthesizers.

My go-to use for this synth was tuning a chord out of the 3 oscillators and sending a 16th note trigger to the AR generator and running the 16th note pulse through a phaser. Very daft punk sounding."

The PULSCar files - #3

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Stereoping

"A mellow tune this time. On checking out a newly aquired T.C. M-ONE with the Boutique JP-03, the critical border was passed where a simple test sequence starts to get inspiring and is to nice to be thrown away. Now this is the 3-hour-production result of a studio afternoon. Arrangement and mix are far from perfect, demoing inverse VCF keytracking, LFO1 mod, Portamento or VCF behaviour of the PULScar on the way. The sound is quite noisy as i forgot to mute unused mixer channels (awkward). Other synths used: Roland JP-03, Nord Drum 2, Korg PolySix, Kawai K4. Effects: TC M-one, D-Two, Alesis AirFX and 2 x Boss SE-50."

More PULSCar here.


Published on Mar 25, 2018 LESINDES

The Arpøpone vs Multicassa

Published on Mar 25, 2018 tonylight

"The Arpøpone is the multicassa brother."

Moog Mother 32 & Eventide H9 Max (Ultratap)

Published on Mar 25, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Mother 32 synthesiser through the Ultratap algorithm on the H9.

No further processing except normalisation."

Animatronic DIY Musical Face On A Modular Synthesiser?

Published on Mar 25, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Kosmo has an #animatronic face!

Check back next week for a more in depth look at the process of making this mean machine. It will be up on my patreon in 2/3 days mind, as my amazing patreons make it possible to have time to work out how to make something as creepy as this...

Built using cheap ass servo's a teensy 3.2 microchip, some ping pong balls and chattering teeth form the joke shop. it was surprisingly simple to build as the rest of it was made from scrap sitting around, (blocks of plywood, bendy plastic and strips of metal). With a bit of effort and thought, it wouldn't be hard to replicate for under 40 quid.

Looks like the #furby organs mumma furby"

Chec out the Furby organ here.


Build A Robot Animatronic Face For 30 Quid for a modular synth?

Published on Apr 2, 2018

"How to build an animatronic robotic face? for a modular synth? ofcourse.........

A zine with concepts and more info on the gubbins will be up on my patreon this week! the support helps a lot to doing these vids more even a quid! :) :-"

1010music bitbox, fxbox, toolbox Modules (no talking) Sound Demo

Published on Mar 25, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

"1010music Bitbox, Synthbox, Toolbox Modules (no talking) Sound Demo"

Alesis Ion "Geometria" 115 patches by Chronos

Published on Mar 25, 2018 chronosproject

"Organic arpegios, most analog basses, deep texture pads, massive strings,agressive leads,fx's & pluck - for your production.


Demos of the rest:

DR55 SE02Sound0325

Published on Mar 24, 2018 ryouichi harada

All analog session with MS-20, monologue, monotribe, Mopho and Poly 800

Published on Mar 24, 2018 Arrayzable

"As always live play with synths and sequencers.

Used in this track:

Korg MS-20 mini
Korg Monologue
DSI Mopho
Korg Poly 800
+ DIY woodblock percussion thing

Trackname: 'Time'


Patch n Tweak

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