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Friday, May 18, 2018

She did it

Published on May 18, 2018 cane creek

"Dreadbox Lil Erebus"


Most expensive cover? Analogue Solutions presents The Pet Shop Boys Whistle Test

Published on May 18, 2018 Analogue Solutions


I remember watching The Pet Shop Boys performing Opportunities back in the 1980s live on the BBC. It was entirely live despite what some people might think. In recent years I always thought it would be great to get those original synths back together again in one room. I never thought it would happen since DX1s are extremely rare, and as it happens so is the PX1. And Fairlights don’t exactly grow on trees. After much hunting I finally completed the set, including the Friendchip SRC synchroniser.

So this video isn’t really intended as a cover, but more of a synth reunion in honour of The Pet Shop Boys and that iconic performance.

The two Fairlights are synced together and playing their sequences live. All sounds are original. One Fairlight is playing the original sequence, the other I had to reprogram myself.

All other synth parts are played live (no MIDI sequencing). All audio was recorded into 3 Zoom R8 digital audio multitracks (you can glimpse one on the floor). The audio files where then dragged into Logic Pro X and mixed. As great as these synths are, in this day and age the whole thing doesn’t sound too great mixed dry.

With only one camera and no film crew the performance had to be done several times to get some different angles. Each time we played live and had a lot of fun. So forgive me if there are any video sync problems.

I made a video wall using 9” CRT monitors with two DVD players providing the video feed.

I will post a ‘behind the scenes’ tech tour also where you will hear some sounds in isolation.

I will not be selling or offering copies of the samples or sequence discs due to the many favours, hard time and cash I had to put in to get hold of them.

Yamaha DX1
Yamaha DX7
Emu Emulator II
Technics PX1
Friendchip SRC
Fairlight CMI II
Fairlight CMI I (upgraded)
3x Zoom R8
16 9" CRT monitors

Special thanks to those that helped out. You know who you are! Big thanks."


Behind The Scenes gear overview for Opportunities 'cover' video

Published on May 19, 2018 Analogue Solutions

Prophet 6, SEVEN 7's, Ambient, 149

Published on May 18, 2018 Bob I. Gomez

"Synthesizer Original, SEVEN 7's ,on Prophet 6 synthesizer."

Moog Grandmother Demo, Bach Prelude in C Major

Published on May 18, 2018 Mattelica

"Up close and personal with the Moog Grandmother sequenced by a Roland MC 505 to a Yamaha MG10xu mixer to a Canon 6D + 17-40mm lens."

54HP Episode 6: Bass Monster

Published on May 18, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"'Bass Monster' is the sixth 54HP case and it is built to be a traditional subtractive synthesizer voice with a few extra tricks. Instead of an analog noise generator the VCNO can generate multiple noise sounds to be added with the oscillators or used for percussion sounds. The mixer, filter and extra VCAs all have boost and saturation effects for adding dirt and distortion, or boosting line to modular levels the way the Volca Beats is boosted in the video. The multiple envelopes and VCAs can also be used to generate drum sounds or do amplitude modulation or analog FM. To finish the Case off is the DPLR which is an interesting dual delay with an adjustable filter and crosstalk for many different delay sounds.

Let us know in the comments what type 54hp of case you want to see next.

Module List:
Hexinverter VCNO
Intellijel Dixie II+ x2
Manhattan Analog DTM
Frequency Central CEMvelope x2
Dave Smith Curtis Filter
XAOC Tallin

Available here:"

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TR-8S vs. TR-808 vs. TR-8: A Friendly Comparison

Published on May 18, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"We just take a quick minute to listen to some 808 beats on the new Roland TR-8S drum machine and compare it with the original TR-808 in which it is emulating. There's also a quick look at how the older TR-8 model compares to the 8S and the 808. Which do you like best?"

DSI / 8Dio Sequential Prophet X Program: "String Frag"

Published on May 18, 2018 8dioproductions

"Prophet X Live Demonstration by Troels Folmann. Audio was recorded directly out of the Prophet X.

Visit for more information.

- - - - -

String Frag is a program that utilizes both the loop and reverse function of the Prophet X. The demo starts by playing Sine and Saw waves - that are modulated by String Samples. String samples are later added - both containing loop fragments on one string group, while playing another string group in reverse."


Solveig | Hybrid Complex Oscillator Synth

Published on May 18, 2018 Puremagnetik

"Demonstrated by Puremagnetik founder and lead developer Micah Frank.

Solveig is a reverse engineered early '80s analog synth modeled after the classic Roland SH-101 sound engine. It is further augmented with a "complex", Buchla inspired oscillator.

Get Solveig at

With Solveig, you can dial up anything from an MC-202 style acid bass, to a solid sawtooth lead, rich, evolving pads and more. Crank up the filter envelope and get some analog '80s percussion. And finally, unlike the original SH-101, Solveig also has a self-oscillating resonant filter.

A versatile sound design machine and realistic analog synthesizer model, Solveig is capable of complementing your productions in a variety of situations."

Répétition du concert du 15 Mai 2018

Published on May 18, 2018 RADIOKLOW

A new performance from MATRIXSYNTH reader RADIOKLOW, known for his compositions with the Access Virus TI. Side note: his music was actually the tipping point for me in finally picking up a Virus TI2. I have analog and VA covered. RADIOKLOW's experimental use of the Virus TI proved it was capable of much more. But, enough of me. The above is a rehearsal video with some interesting visuals. The below is the actual concert. The composition was done with RADIOKLOW's students.

Concert du 15 Mai 2018 : Raison, Rêves et autres délires

Published on May 18, 2018 RADIOKLOW

"This concert was given on Thuesday 15 May 2018 by the Philosophy and Electronic Music Workshop I created seven years ago. On this special occasion, we performed a show including music and a film.

Saturday 12th of may 2018, eight of the nine members of the Philosophy and Electronic Music Workshop I created seven years ago, gathered at my home to rehearse with me our concert of the 15th of may. This rehearsal appeared to us interesting enough to be presented to the public. Since the filming of it was only a work document consisting on a unique picture with nothing interested to be seen in it, we decided we would use here the film created to be shown during the concert.

Our theme was this year : 'Reason, Dreams and other deliriums'.

During the sessions of the seventh season every student worked on magic objects and created an original work. These objects and works are shown in the film. Various quotations of philosophers and poets about our notions give a written echo to the images and the music.

The music was performed on an Access Virus TI 1, Roland Fantom XR for the piano sound, acoustic instruments including : tibetan bowls, bells, indian cymbals, stones, marbles, various decoys, flutes and two electric guitars.

The musicians are :
Victor Chemla : Virus TI, various percussion instruments and decoys
Herménégilde Claux : Virus TI, various percussion instruments and decoys
Grégoire Lombard : Roland Fantom XR
Louisian Germain : Electric guitar, shaman drum, various percussion instruments
Valesca Goulmot : Various percussion instruments and decoys
Antoine Grimaud : Electric guitar
Clara Maeso : Various percussion instruments
Lucas Mollard : Virus TI, various percussion instruments
Foucauld Monteux : Flute, various percussion instruments and decoys
Marc-Henri Arfeux : Virus TI
As a bonus, you will find a composition I created and perform alone on a Little Phatty. This composition, exploring in the same field as the music for the concert, is called : Ritual of bowls."

New Loops Releases Empyrean U-he Zebra Presets

"New Loops has released a new sound bank for U-he Zebra. Empyrean features 116 inspiring Zebra presets, 22 custom oscillator presets, and 18 MSEG presets and makes good use of Zebras new wavefolder and plate reverb modules.

Empyrean is packed with powerful, modern bass presets including thick analogue basses, Serum and Massive style wobbles, future house basses, and neuro squelches. You'll find ominous, dark distorted drones and cinematic pads, spacey modulations and lush strings.

There’s also a load of cutting leads, EDM plucks, quirky keys and synths, future bass chords, gated trance supersaws, trap and drum and bass leads, sound effects, arpeggios, horns, brass, tuned percussion, and loads more.

20% off intro price: £19.98 (reg £24.98). Listen to the audio demo and download the free demo at"

Half-built Moog Subharmonicon: here's what it sounds like

Published on May 18, 2018 loopop

"Here's what a half built Moog Subharmonicon sounds like (thru some reverb), after part one of the Engineer Workshop at Moogfest."

New ONDA from Critter & Guitari at Moogfest

"Take one of the first looks at the ONDA, a new musical instrument computer from Critter & Guitari that runs patches that can mimic a variety of behaviors, from simple synths to complex algorithmic generators.

With an open platform as it’s base, it possesses the potential to grow a community of artists creating and sharing their own patches with one another."


Z-DSP: TAPE ECHO from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Very promising Tape Echo delay algorithms, still in development but already a keeper.

Simple patch: Tiptop ONE is playing a V-Haus sample running through the Forbidden Planet filter prototype (band pass). BD808 on bass drum duties running through Toppobrillo Multifilter (hi pass)"

Quadrangle Kit Released! - Quad Eurorack Envelope / Function Generator - Modular Synthesizer

Published on May 18, 2018 synthrotek

"The Quadrangle is now in Kit form!

The Quadrangle is quad cascading triggered envelope generator with bipolar output attenuversion. Each channel has voltage control over attack and decay/release, end of attack and end of cycle trigger outputs, and mode (AR, loop and AD). Each channel's EOC is normalled to the next gate input, resulting in interesting rhythmic opportunities. Channel 4 has a "stop" or "continuous looping" switch which allows either a "one shot" cascaded envelope or continuous cycling. The SUM output allows for longer and more dynamic bipolar envelopes, perfect for interesting modulation. Users also have voltage control over all of the attacks and decay/releases simultaneously when using the ALL A and ALL D/R input jacks. Massive function generation, modulation, rhythm and versatility sets the Quadrangle in a class of its own.

4 Cascading envelope generators
Attenuverters for each envelope output (dial in that secret sauce!)
Attack, Decay/Release and Loop modes per channel
Super fast ~2 mS (Audio Rate) envelopes
CV over Attack and Decay/Release per channel
CV over ALL Attack and ALL Decay/Release
Bipolar Voltage SUM output of all envelopes
End of Attack & End of Cycle trigger outputs per channel
Normalled EOC to next channel Gate input (broken when jack is patched)
One Shot or Continuous Looping of all channels
Module width: 20HP
Module depth: 15mm
Current draw:
+12V: 64mA
-12V: 44mA
Comes with power cable, 2.5mm and 3.5mm screws"

Oberheim OB-8 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage Korg 770 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage amazing sounding Korg 770 synth from the 70's. Overall excellent condition. Looks like the wood was top coated with a shellac perhaps. 1-2 keys are slightly stickier than the rest. Otherwise everything works, sounds superb, tracks well, stays in tune. An incredible machine, theres 70's Korgs Rock!"

Unique, Hinged Eurorack ROBOCASE - 6U 104HP Modular Synthesizer Rack Case

via this auction

I've never seen one quite like this before. Pull both ends and let it slam down!


· Portable Eurorack case with steel frame Wooden panel and transparent bases, includes 2 rows of 106HP ( total of 212HP )

· 14 high quality slide nuts per rail ( 4 rails )

· Includes optional opening for power supply /socket connections.

· Includes 56 x specialized 3mm screws .

· Does not include Eurorack modules , power supply or RGB led controller.

· Optional mounting kit for Korg Volca and Roland Boutique series available

· ( Its advised to buy a RGB controller with a remote control with included power supply at a local dealer and to place the led strip in the case per taste )

· *The item displayed is available in 120HP 6U

Waldorf Pulse Monophonic Rack Synthesizer SN 74022045

via this auction

KORG TRIDENT - *Pro-Serviced* Vintage Synthesizer SN 331664

via this auction

norns: whitesands

norns: whitesands from tehn on Vimeo.

"norns running euclidean rhythm drum machine, overlaid with 'whitesands' by studio ost, scenes (2012-2015)"

VCV-rack - Stranger Things Jam Patch Breakdown

Breakdown added to this post.

Friday Fun - Synth Jam Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 Synth Jam

Published on May 18, 2018 sonicstate

"We're back with another Friday Fun, we got our Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 Black Box back from Superbooth and hooked it up to the Mutable Instruments Clouds (Fulsome Edition)."

soundmachines (arches) full performance demo

Published on May 18, 2018 Davide Mancini

"Two synth voices and a drum machine controlled by the upcoming arches.
Kickstarter campaign with limited discounted price is here:"

Dreadbox NYX - 10 Patches (Riamiwo StudioVlog 90)

Published on May 18, 2018 riamiwovideos

"After one year with the Dreadbox NYX with very different sounds I made with it I now started to make a collection of NYX - Sounds.. just like the cook-book of the MiniBrute2 :)
Here are the first 10 patches..."

Elektron Digitone Jam - "Machine Me"

Published on May 18, 2018 Stochastic Design

"A song made entirely with the Elektron Digitone. All drums - kick, snare, hats - are actually generated from the same kick drum patch, through parameter locks on decay rate, feedback and modulation (the snare and hats use high pass filtering as well).

Rhythmic LFO modulation and some random LFO on delay time and depth is used to introduce variation, as well as conditional mutes."

Buchla USA At Superbooth 2018 With Marc Doty

Published on May 18, 2018 Synthtopia

Interrupted by the Confederate flag walking in at 1:45. Just watch. :)

"At Superbooth 2018, we talked with synth guru Marc Doty, who gave us an update on the state of Buchla USA.

The company, originally founded by Don Buchla in the mid-1960s (as Buchla and Associates), is now headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and headed by CEO Eric Fox.

Doty also shared his personal take on learning more about Buchla's approach to synthesis, and a hands-on demo of the hypnotic Buchla Polyphonic Rhythm Generator."

Catalyst Audio Brings Buchla 100 Modules Back In Eurorack Format

Published on May 18, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2018, Catalyst Audio gave us an overview and demo of their line of Buchla 100 modules, which are based on the original 60's modules, but adapted for the Euro format."

Joué Expressive Controller Now Available

Published on May 18, 2018 Synthtopia

"The Joué - an expressive and modular MIDI controller - is now available.

Here's a hands-on demo from company founder Pascal Joguet, using the Joué with both hardware (Novation Peak) and software (Ableton Live). "

Landscape Touch Interactive Devices For Music

Published on May 18, 2018 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 2018, Landscape gave us a hands-on demo of their latest touch interactive devices for music, including AllFlesh, Stereo Field & the Human Controlled Tape Transport."

Alice-1387 (Алиса-1387) analog synthesizer from USSR (made in 1983)

Published on May 18, 2018 seek sound

"some photo & sounds"

Behringer Model D

Published on May 18, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Playing with the controls on the Model D synthesiser."

Waldorf Microwave XT

Published on May 18, 2018 Miguel d'Oliveira

"browsing + tweaking sounds on a Microwave XT in search of something for an end credits track"

SYNTHJAM #0000702

Published on May 17, 2018 caleb condit

"I decided to finally break in the 5dmk4 with a synthjam. I had put the alpha juno on a shelf for a bit and, UM THAT WAS DUMB. Thing sounds amazing with the mopho and mpc."

Simple mod on the Korg MS 20 mini

Published on May 17, 2018 Arrayzable

"This is a simple and easy DIY mod to get a 1/4 inch or 6.3 mm jack socket signal out of the MS-20 mini. The mini only has mini jacks which is fine on the Volcas and other small devices, but the MS-20 mini has plenty of room for a standard sized instrument jack, and it just makes connections to pedals and other outboard gear much easier.

Thanks for watching, and please like, comment and share the video - and be a pal and subscribe ;D

The backgroundtrack is called 'Guilty', and I'm not quite finished with it, so this is just a simple live play on the Access Virus Indigo.

In the jingle track I'm using:

Korg Electribe EMX-1
Korg ih Interactive Harmonizer
Korg Poly 800


Patch n Tweak

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