MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday, December 09, 2018

'IKI' - Ngarjuna

Published on Dec 9, 2018 ngarjuna

Produced by Ngarjuna
© 2018 Acid Coast

Avalon, Patterning 2 and Eurorack modular

Visuals from (the now color adjustable!) Patterning 2

Roland JUNO-60 and KORG DW-6000 short free improvisation

Published on Dec 9, 2018 synthlegends

"A short improvisation recorded life without additional mastering."

Korg Volca FM - MIDI Feedback

Published on Dec 9, 2018 midierror

"Here is a Volca FM with a MIDI output modification, with the signal being sent back to itself via a MIDI breaker I made. It connects two cables and allows you to stop or allow data to flow between them.

100% inspired by mypandashall fly who discussed his amazing musical methods at CV Freqs in London earlier this month. It was a great event - with talks, live performances and modular stores showing their wares.

This video is cut from about 20 minutes of recording, and hopefully shows a bit of the random behaviour - as well as whats possible with this supremely unorthodox technique!

After attending CV Freqs in London -"

Deckard's Dream and Digitakt,Digitone,Analog Heat

Published on Dec 9, 2018 therudyrude

"Just tripping with these 4 machines"

PLaying The Deckard's Dream with a bunch of FX

Published on Dec 9, 2018 therudyrude

OB 4-voice subtractive synthesis demo on the percussa mSSP (short version)

Published on Dec 9, 2018 PERCUSSA

"OB 4-voice subtractive synthesis demo on the percussa mSSP kickstarter prototype - 32 modules total, all sound synthesis done on the module itself including the delay and reverb FX chain. SVF cutoff modulation with make noise function and pitch modulation with intellijel dixie II (used as LFO). Back the mSSP on kickstarter, 2 more weeks to go!"

Follow-up to this post.

Deepmind 12 vs Prophet 6 part 2: No talking

2nd video added here.

Gotharman's LD3 - WaveBuilder

Published on Dec 9, 2018 gotharman

"Assembling a waveform from multiple samplings, using the WaveBuilder, that will be present in the forthcoming LD3 update."

Modality - Modal 002R + Skulpt Cinematic Sketch

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Earmonkey Music

Sequencing Eurorack with the iOS Autony app - also with Norns/Islands & Digitakt

Published on Dec 9, 2018 junklight

"Using the Autony unreliable sequence generator modulated via Roseta LFO in AUM on the iPad sequencing Make Noise DPO and STO/MMG

The Norns script is a work in progress - FM based synth with sequencers - but needs a fair bit of work before I release it :-)

Sync'd with Ableton using Ableton link as well!"

Minibrute 2 & Modular (Arturia & AJH Synth eurorack) DreamsOfWires

Published on Dec 9, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"My first session using the Minibrute 2 with my Eurorack modular system, just a simple 70's-inspired thing. This is not an instructional video, just a musical session I enjoyed and decided to share. The Minibrute's sequencer is the backbone of the performance, with the AJH MiniMod modules providing additional sounds. Turn on subtitles for a few snippets of patch info. List of gear and effects used below.

My apologies to anyone who finds the clips of the Sparrowhawk taking a lunch break in my garden upsetting - I see my videos as an opportunity to show my view of the world, in experiences, travels, and things I feel are pertinent, or simply important to me.

If you like my uploads/music and would like to help me continue to do it, please consider purchasing my music, supporting me on Patreon, or just by spreading the word about my channel. Links are as follows:

Gear: Recorded on an iPad using AUM, with EOS2 for reverb, and Dubstation 2 for delay on the main sequence. iConnectAUDIO4+ audio interface.
Modular: AJH Synth VCO(x3), glide + noise, DH-ADSR, VCA, transistor ladder filter, Sonic XV filter. Make Noise Pressure Points & Brains, WMD/SSF Spectrum (as lfo), Frequency Central Wave Runner lfo, Intellijel buffered multiple. Oh, and an Arturia Minibrute 2 :P
Camera: Lumix GX7 & GH4."

Sunday Drone (TX Wiggles 36)

Published on Dec 9, 2018 poorness studios

"I woke up this morning and decided to do a jam with an odd collection of instruments. This was the result.

Here is the link for the drone box I use in this video:

Check out all my TX Wiggles videos here:"

EG WaveSHAPER for iPad

Published on Dec 9, 2018 ElliottGarage

"Itunes url:

EG WaveSHAPER is the first synthesizer that lets you create your sound with a finger.

Draw the waveform on the screen or shape a builtin one, mix it with a classic analog oscillator and a sub oscillator and automate all the knobs with 2 drawable LFOs and 2 ENVs

'Waveshaping is a synthesis-and-transformation technique that turns simple sounds into complex sounds'

2 wavetables can be designed and morphed to create unique and dynamic sounds under your finger, choosing the morph attack and release; complex spectra can be created waveshaping the oscillator and introducing non linear distortion, rich harmonics and a tube-vacuum behaviour.
The hybrid Waveshaping/Wavetable engine lets you combine a wavetable oscillator with a classic oscillator and a sub oscillator, to add additional sound layers and depth.

2 Lfo and 2 Envelopes with indipendent time can be assigned to virtually any of the synth parameters. They can also be graphically designed with the touch of your finger or you can choose among the builtin envelopes.

- Hybrid Wavetable/Waveshaping engine
- Draw your wavetable oscillator with your finger
- 20+ builtin waveforms to use and modify
- 2 LFOs and 2 ENVs assignable to any parameter
- FX: Reverb, Delay and EG Crush
- Detune osc to create huge unison sounds
- FM and Noise with configurble FM Ratio and Noise eq
- VCF and Reso filters
- Complete presets management with export and share
- Core MIDI: MIDI in, MIDI CC, MIDI poly aftertouch
- AU3 with full knobs parameters automation
- Universal for iPad & iPhone"

Advent Jam - Modular Analog Dawless

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Kapuzal

"Weihnachtslaune und ein neues Video Programm .... zack:
"eine Advents Jam"
Allen einen schönen Sonntag und eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit :-*
x-mas mood and a new video program... pow:
"an advent live jam".
I wish everybody a nice Sunday and happy christmas season :-*"

Sunday afternoon ambient session (Digitakt, Analog Four)

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Martin Stürtzer

"On a rainy sunday afternoon I had tea time and made some ambient patterns on my Analog Four and Digitakt."

Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler for East European Balkan Regions

Another interesting item spotted by swissdoc.

via Juzisound:

"Small and powerful sampler device specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This device is specially created to use in East European Balkan regions. Also is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arab or Middle East regions. If you play that kind of music, this device is best for you!"

Unlimited Sample Memory

Yes - Really unlimited sample memory! This device is created with new technology and new conception! Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler don`t use RAM memory for loading samples. All samples are played in True Real Time DIRECTLY from an SD Card! This new technology allows using extremely massive sample libraries. The size of the sample is limited only by the size of the SD Card in use. For the time being, the sampler accept SD cards with capacity up to 64GB, but there will be no problem in future to add support for newest and biggest SD cards.

Portamento / Oscillator Modes

In this device Juzisound implements many types of specialized Oscillator Modes, specially created for use in Ethno solo music. Many types of Portamento with full set of parameters are supported, including very popular Yamaha DX, Casio CZ, KORG and original and very useful JS and JS2 portamento. This JS and JS2 portamento have special technology for smooth sample to sample transition, and this kind of portamento is not available in any other hardware keyboards. Additionally to portamento modes, the sampler has many special oscillator engines (combination between specially prepared samples and additional software processing), specialized for playing Saxophones, Clarinets, Solo String instruments, Bouzoukis and many more.

Moog Mother 32 Tabletop Semi-Modular Synthesizer SN 06026

via this auction

"The Moog Mother 32 in mint condition with box, patch cables, manual, AC adapter, and Moog logo bumper sticker."

Analogue Solutions Fusebox 3 VCO True Analogue Synth

via this auction

"The synth sounds amazing and there is definitely something very special about that truly analogue sound. It can work standalone, or would work well with other modular gear, and it has a great MIDI to CV interface that means it also works brilliantly with a DAW. I am reluctantly selling as I have too much gear at the moment, so I'm consolidating my studio a little. The synth comes in it's original box, with all the original accessories as follows;
Mains adaptor
5nr patch cables with original bag
Accessories to convert to horizontal orientation
Several stickers"

Teisco 60F Vintage Analog Mono Synth

via this auction

"Teisco Synthesizer 60F Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer, which were manufactured in the early '80s under license from Arp Instruments.

The unit is fully functional, all the sliders and knobs and keys working fine as being tested. No noticeable scratch noise on the sliders and knobs.

Cosmetically the unit is in very nice condition as you can see. There are no wear and minor scuff marks on the corners and on the presswood ends."

Crumar DS-2 Digital Synthesizer SN 00054

via this auction

Roland Juno 106 w/ Black Stained Wood Side Panels

via this auction

Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth track

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Marcus Padrini

"I read that the OP-1 would be discontinued, then I remembered of this little synth track I recorded a few days ago. The OP-1 is a unique musical instrument, but It has always been very specific and expensive, even more so in Brazil. Anyway, it's already a classic."

JEN SX-1000 SYNTHETONE Analog Synthesizer 1978 | HD DEMO

Published on Dec 9, 2018 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2018 by AnalogAudio1

I played the JEN SX-1000 with reverb effects from a Lexicon MPX 500 and delay effects from a Korg SDD-3000.

The Jen SX-1000 is an Italian monophonic analog synth. It's very basic and simple, it's an entry level synth. 1 oscillator, lowpass filter, noise generator (pink and white noise), 1 LFO with sine waveform, 2 ADSR envelopes. Tuning is very stable. No interface jacks. The basic sound is very similar to the Jen SX-2000 I demonstrated two years ago. If you can find one cheaply like I did, just grab it ;-)"

Join in the Chant - Nitzer Ebb cover on PO-12

Published on Dec 9, 2018 tubesockor

"Drums and bass played and jammed like the 2006 Remaster of Nitzer Ebb’s ”Join in the Chant”. Performed on a Teenage Engineering PO-12. Feel free to chant like Douglas McCarthy on top of it.

(This is a bonus recording I had some plans for back in 2016, but never did anything with it, so could just as well make it public two years later...)"

Thoughts on the Dreadbox Erebus v3 - Patching

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Tim Shoebridge

"This is my third video dedicated to the Dreadbox Erebus v3. In this instalment I explore some of the patching capabilities of this three-oscillator semi-modular synth."

Buoy (bye) - Friends Compilation - Digitakt / Digitone / Eurorack / Ambient

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Jogging House

"This track is part of the wonderful ambient compilation 'Friends' released on my label Seil Records. Available digitally and in a limited cassette edition at:

Eurorack system sequenced and accompanied by Digitakt and Digitone. Routed through pedals, multitracked to Ableton and mixed to 1/4" tape.

Hope you enjoy it."

Roland System-1 SH-101 Plug-Out Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Dec 9, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

Classic 808 Tracks Using TR-08 - Shannon - Let The Music Play

Published on Dec 9, 2018 chisel316

"This time I'm covering a classic track that dropped during the Summer of '83 - Shannon - Let The Music Play. Although Chris Barbosa used a Roland CR-8000 for the 808 sounds, I couldn't resist covering this fun song. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Gear used:

Roland Boutiques
TR-08 - drums
TB-03 - bass
JX-03 - synth chords
JP-08 - synth stabs
JU-06 - chord sweep
SH-01A - high synth strings
SE-02 - sweep fx

Yamaha Refaces
DX - synth bells
CS - synth lead

Social Entropy Engine - All MIDI patterns
Korg MicroKEY - JX-03
Yamaha Reface DX - SH-01A
Beathawk ioS app - triggering JU-06 & SE-02 samples
Novation Launch Control XL (x2) - controlling AUM

iOS apps
Kymatica AUM - mixer
Audio Damage Dubstation 2 - delay
Audio Damage Eos2 - hall reverb
DDMF Envelope - gated reverb
FAC - chorus

Patch n Tweak

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