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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Korg Volca Sample

Published on Jul 14, 2015 Christopher Selman

"Korg Volca Trip."

Nord Lead 2x, Audio Test - Pads

Published on Feb 3, 2017 Christopher Selman

"Playing around Nord Lead 2x, astonishing sounding VA Synthesizer."

Lead Sounds - Moog Sub37 & Nord Lead A1

Moog Sub37, Lead Test.

Published on Feb 3, 2017 Christopher Selman

"Moog Sub37, Lead Test. feat. Nord Lead A1 Random Pad."

Nord Lead A1 - Lead Sound!

Published on Feb 13, 2017 Christopher Selman

"Another short video, Nord Lead A1 trying to emulate Moog Lead.
-feat. Kawai CA51 (Midi GB Strings)"

Waldorf Blofeld : First Pad

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Todd Smith Music

"Today was my first day exploring my brand new Waldorf Blofeld. It's been over 10 years since I've owned my last Waldorf synthesizer, so this was a big day for my studio.

I created a custom Pad from one of the presets and decided to make a little video showcasing the sound, hope you enjoy the power of the Waldof Blofeld. NO added FX or EQ, all Waldorf Blofeld."

Yocto 808 TR-808 Clone V2 with PC2 synthesizer onboard

via this auction
"This is a new and mint Yocto 808 v2 with the Boss PC2 percussion synthesizer on board. It has the latest firmware, works great and was made by one of the best Yocto builders in the community. It has a tiny blemish on the case that I have taken a high-resolution picture of. Otherwise, it all works and looks perfect. It will be shipped in a custom box and packed extremely well.
Yocto v2.0 is a clone of the legendary Roland TR-808 with some extended features.

12 analog instruments cloned of the Roland TR-808 and Boss PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer
128 Rhythm patterns from 1 to 16 steps
16 tracks of 999 measures
1 external instrument track by pattern that can store 99 notes like SH101 sequencer style.
A Midi keyboard mode allow you to play external Midi device
Multi out for each instruments
Individual accent for BD, SD, LT, MT, HT, RS, HC and CH
A total accent track
Master out (L/R Mono) 6Vp-p 1Kohm
tempo 30 - 250 Bpm
7 shuffle levels
4 scales (1/8t, 1/16, 1/16t and 1/32)
4 sequencer directions (forward, backward, ping-pong and random)
Easy copy and paste pattern function
Shift left or right the entire pattern or individual instrument
In/Out/Thru Midi
DinSync 24ppqn Out
Trig Out 2ms +5V
And More..."

Custom 25 Note Keybed & Enclosure for Behringer Model D

via this auction

It almost looks like a vintage bass synth with the front panel down.

via the listing:

"It is hand-made. The keyboard is an Alesis Q25 controller set to midi channel 1.
I am including a power supply for the Q25.
I tested the power/midi/usb/pedal ports and all of them work.
You just need a midi cable to connect to the synth.
To mount the Model D you have to remove the wood end caps and replace them with the metal ends included with the Model D.
The Model D is not included, only for display purposes."

Alesis A6 Andromeda 16 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A6003020800102

via this auction

"Hello synth-kids! Here’s an Alesis A6 Andromeda. I bought this from its original owner in 2009. Since then it has been a faithful companion in my professional studio, used on several TV gigs. But – it’s time to pare my rig down, which is good for you!

This unit has several fringe benefits:

It’s in good shape – see pics.
I have a 2048kb memory card installed, which adds another 8 banks and 1024 (!) patches, loaded up with sounds I’ve collected from the internet.
A Gator road case is included (it will ship in this, with additional protective packaging of course).
The original printed manual + foot pedal are included.
All voices / VCAs / filters tune properly, no dead voices etc. The results of all tuning, calibration diagnostics, and SRAM check are shown in the pics."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Rev 2 SN 0976

via this auction

"This one is in fair cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced by a Greg Montalbano in Oakland, California. As you can see, this is a Rev 2... Apart from all the repairs, all potentiometers were cleaned, all tantalum capacitors have been replaced, the -5 and + 12 regulators have been removed on the power supply so the 2716 ROMS on the cpu board could be installed, installed the cassette board, fully tuned and scaled, and the original factory patches have been installed. I didn't replace the key bushings as they had been done at some point by the previous owner."

oplab op-z installation and demo

Published on Mar 7, 2019 thebrackett

"Hiya! No time to shoot this one on VHS, just wanted to throw up a quick show-and-tell, as I add my oplab to the op-z!

Thanks for watching!"

First contact and exploration of KORG VOLCA MODULAR

Published on Mar 7, 2019 LESINDES

"The MODULAR is a synthesizer with a potential but also with a lot of NOs, unfortunately. I really like the idea of it but it has:
1. unlike all the other Volcas NO Midi input
2. NO seperate gate input -- combined CV/Gate in so special stereo mini jack to 2 mono mini jacks cable needed
3. LPG is very low, only half as loud as LPG1, or my Volca is broken?!
4. Gate or CV output of keyboard and sequencer only in these fiddle sockets.
5. Cables with the soft easily bendable ends feel and are very fiddly. The raw cable ends slide easily out of the sockets even though you only gently touch the cables!"

Default Corporation - My band 7319

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Default Corporation

"hi, this is what i like to do after making my synth patches. Electronic 'modular' experiences.
Waldorf Quantum, Q+, Akai MPC Live, DSI Prophet 12, Norg Modular G2X"

Replica of the Moog 901B oscillator

Published on Mar 7, 2019 HOX808

"Moog 901 B Oscillator | Original replica from the year 1969. Except for the D2 diode, all components are easy to obtain. The N 4148 diode is ideal as a replacement. For operation without a 901A controller, the resistors R31, R32 must be supplied with current + 11.5V. The node 'B' must also be connected to the power supply. For the CV control the node 'A' is responsible."

The Saddest Drone Machine - HP 3782A Error Detector

Published on Mar 7, 2019 HAINBACH

"In which I explore the sad songs derelict telecommunications equipment sings."

Novation // Circuit v1.8 Update

Published on Mar 7, 2019 NovationTV

"Introducing the next stage in the development of Circuit - the firmware v1.8 update. V1.8 adds four new features to our all-in-one groovebox to benefit every producer’s creative workflow.

In this video, -CALC- talks you through all four new features: Non-quantised recording, Synth microstep edit, Per-note velocity tracking and Assignable MIDI channels.

--- Discover more about the new v1.8 firmware update:

--- For more info on Circuit:

#WeAreNovation #NovationCircuit"

Sonic TALK Special: Resynator With Alison Tavel and Tara Busch

Published on Mar 7, 2019 sonicstate

"A rare opotunity to hear the Resyntanor early DSP and analog hybrid processer, with Alison Tavel and Tara Busch.
Kickstarter for the Resynator documentary ends March 26th:
Tara Busch - I Speak Machine Patreon"

Antimatter Audio V3KT Quadraphonic Panner & Vector Mixer For Eurorack

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Antimatter Audio's V3KT can combine 4 inputs to 1 output, send 1 input to 4 outputs, or mix 4 inputs to 4 outputs. It is controlled by X and Y CV inputs which then generate 4 different CV outputs. When a joystick's X and Y CV outs are connected to the X and Y CV ins the V3KT becomes an intuitive panner/mixer, but of course other CV controls can be used to generate evolving mixes and sounds.

V3KT available here:"

Oberheim DX w. MIDI and Walnut Sides

via this auction

"Amazing machine, fully functional. Upgraded MIDI installed by the undisputed DX wizard, Paul White at Electrongate. The firmware's new functions are neatly posted along the top. The MIDI works excellent, as does the MIDI thru -- I controlled a variety of machines via this DX.

A couple nicks here and there on the paint, and a bit of the smaller lettering on the back is chipped, but all in all, it's in incredible condition.

The upgraded DX is a powerhouse. So damn punchy, and the tuning pots on the back are a blast -- such a variety of flavors (Prince liked'm tuned looooooow). Buttons work great. Sliders are smooth. Includes Paul's beautiful handmade walnut sides. Absolutely ready to go."

Using Arturia's KeyStep with VCV Rack

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Omri Cohen

Follow-up to VCV Rack & Arturia's KeyStep - First Patch

"For a while now, I was looking for a relatively small midi keyboard, that will work well with VCV Rack, but also with other gear, and that will fit into my live setup I'm building. Little did I know that the KeyStep from Arturia is a very powerful tool to have, super intuitive, and very friendly in a live situation. Other than having all the "regular" features a midi keyboard has like velocity and aftertouch, it has also a cool arpeggiator with 8 play modes, and a very powerful sequencer that can interact with the user and evolve the sequence on the spot as the composition develops. It's also very easy to use within VCV Rack, and in this video I show how to sync the KeyStep with VCV Rack, how to use it as a "normal" midi keyboard, also polyphonically, and I demonstrate how the arpeggiator and sequencer are working, including Chord mode, which is very cool by itself.

00:29 - Syncing the KeyStep with VCV Rack
04:08 - Using the KeyStep as a "normal" MIDI Keyboard (monophonic AND polyphonic with up to 16 voices)
16:02 - Using the KeyStep's arpeggiator
19:25 - Using the KeyStep's sequencer including KYB Play mode
24:45 - Using the KeyStep's chord mode"

Black Corporation Xerxes Session with Paul Schilling & Pandomonium

"I was able to spend an hour with the amazing Xerxes, with the Midiboard as controller, so polyphonic aftertouch. It was still a prototype (you may hear some subtle chorus "chirp" artifacts in especially quiet spots). In this session I gravitated towards exploring the beautiful highpass and bandpass filter modes. This is a killer synth.

We recorded this session with Valhalla reverb and a bit of delay."

& XERXES Synthesizer - Fanfare by Pandomonium:

"Xerxes synthesizer (prototype).

Individual tracks played live on Kurzweil Midiboard with dynamics controlled via polyphonic aftertouch only. Sounds programmed and performed by Ando Pilve.

Percussion by Spitfire
Reverb by Valhalla

No other samples or sounds used

Fanfare for the Common Man composed by Aaron Copland"


Published on Mar 7, 2019 zack dagoba

"Sampling a Firelight CMI with an Akai S612!

See https://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot..."

Roland Juno-106 with Kiwi Modification

via this auction

"This vintage Juno-106 is fully functional and in excellent condition. Comes with Kiwi modification and overlay. This unit has been fully serviced/modded here at Switched On and includes new Analogue Renaissance voice chips. Sounds and looks great!

This Juno-106 is in great condition and has had the Kiwi-106 CPU upgrade installed. The Kiwi-106 mod features larger patch memory, an additional ADSR and LFO, a step sequencer, better MIDI implementation and more.

The Juno 106 was one of the most successful keyboards of its time, and is still used often today, because of its easy to program interface, midi features, and analog sound.

It is the third incarnation of Roland's Juno series, preceded by the Juno 6 and Juno 60. The Juno 106 is an excellent synth for someone wanting to learn synthesis, but is also fully featured enough for a seasoned pro."

Moog Opus 3

via this auction

"Stings, Organ, and Brass sections that intertwine and can be mixed individually. All analog and all fully polyphonic! Overall in good working condition, some of the pots and sliders crackle and briefly cut out when in use. The wood chassis appears to be rebuilt as well."

LepLoop Eurorack Drum Modules

via Leploop

"Percussion modules based on LepLoop V2 Cassa design.
Cassa: Same as LepLoop v2 Cassa, hard\soft BD generator can go full resonance.
Cassa CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Bongo: Same as Cassa one octave higher pitch range, Tom and Bongo like sounds.
Bongo CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Legno: Very high pitch Cassa for rim shot, wood blocks, fingers snap like sounds.
Legno CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Piattino: Hi-hat module based around Cassa design with white noise and tow release envelope.
All percussion module are 3U 4\6 HP and have tow trig input and a trig mix pot. accepting different signal :

Trig: short trig, less than 10ms will play one time, longer trig will play tow times.
Cv: you can use different cv signal like envelope, lfo for trig the modules.
Audio: Cassa design is based around a stepped resonant filter, you can route audio signal to a trig input for filter and distortion effect.

TRIG MIX : The rhythm played by the Cassa is the sum of the tow trig IN1 and IN2.
The trig mix pot. adjust the mix between the tow trig input, great for create poly rhythms.

If only IN1 or IN2 are plug the trig mix pot. adjust the level of the trig in signal.

FREQUENCY: Adjusts the pitch of the sound of the case, also affects the resonance.

RESONANCE: Adjusts the resonance, ie the damping time of the Cassa.
Beyond a certain level the Cassa go into permanent oscillation, the level at which the oscillation begins varies with frequency.

DISTORTION: Adjusts the level of Cassa signal distortion."

Cool art! Pick your favorite. I kind of like Legno.

Yamaha CS60 Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"Very Good Condition, Yamaha CS60 Synthesizer Brochure. BROCHURE ONLY. Full color, 8 pages, fold open, high quality glossy stock paper. Two punch holes, no tears, no writing, no highlights."

BLUE Roland SH-101 | Monophonic Analog Synth

via this auction

ARP Eminent Solina String Ensemble First Model SN 0094511

via this auction

"It has a unique, bit less reverb-y ensemble modulation compared the model 2's, which means it's drier, with more bite, more manageable in the mix and performs better through effects pedals, AMAZING through a phaser...."

You can find a video demo of one here.

Cwejman MBC-3 Multi-Band Dynamic Compressor

via this auction

Arturia Pigments, Polychrome Software Synthesizer Preset Demos

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Arturia


Arturia Pigments - Effects Presets
Arturia Pigments - Sequence Presets
Arturia Pigments - Pads Presets
Arturia Pigments - Keys Presets
Arturia Pigments - Bass Presets
Pigments - Highlights

Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 & TC Electronic Hall Of Fame

Published on Mar 7, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

A "Casio" SK-5 for iOS

SK-51 by Fingerlab App Trailer Published on Mar 7, 2019 Fingerlab

"Download for free on the App Store:

K-51 is an all-in-one keyboard inspired by the Casio SK-1 (and his brother the SK-5), a 8-bit lo-fi keyboard from the 80’s, with sampling features and onboard drum machine.
Called the poor man's sampler at the time, this keyboard was a real instrument and has been used by many major artists such as Fatboy Slim, Portishead, Autechre and Nine Inch Nails.

As some of us at Fingerlab compose their first songs with it when they were kids in the eighties, we wanted to bring back to you this particular feeling from the past, so we created the SK-51.

We recorded all the instruments and drums notes, one by one with a professional audio quality (16bit/44KHz), we recreated the sampling features, and we transcribed all the demo drums patterns.
We also added the sounds from the Casio VL-Tone, a keyboard older than the SK-1 but nevertheless famous.

With its nice and true to life interface, many instruments (Trumpet, Flute, Piano, Vibraphone, …), 4 sampling slot and many drums patterns and sounds, the SK-51 is versatile and fun music tools.
Record your voice, start the drum box, play a chord and you got it!

Free version features:
- 3 instruments (Flute I, Piano I, Trumpet)
- 7 drums kit
- 4 sampling slot
- 3 demo drums patterns
- Full Mixer
- Midi support
- AudioBus & Inter-App Audio support
- Ableton Live support

IAP Full version features:
- 19 instruments (including Brass Ensemble, Vibraphone, Chorus and many more…)
- 7 drums kit
- 21 demo drums patterns
- 3 FX: Phaser, Delay & Reverb
- Live Recording

Soon coming: more instruments, more Fx and new features!

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stay tuned!
Fingerlab Team"

Boodaman - Sputnik Exercice 2

Published on Mar 7, 2019 Boodaman

"Exercice around Sputnik Modular stuff and West coast inspirations...

100% Eurorack based performance recorded @Boodaman studio Geneva.

Reverb: No reverb"

Arturia MatrixBrute Part. 1

Published on Mar 6, 2019 DKS SYNTH LAB

DKS SYNTH LAB Arturia Matrixbrute videos

Patch n Tweak

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