MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019

OB 6

Published on Apr 28, 2019 SugoiGaijin

"(Best in HD, headphones recommended)
Hi all, it's been quite a while!!
Also, welcome to all the new Subscribers, thanks for joining my little channel.
I just got a new toy so I thought it would be a good time to make a short video.
More soon!

(Mejor en HD, uso de auriculares recomendado)
Hola a tod@s, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que subí un video. Bienvenidos también a todos los nuevos suscriptores, gracias por uníos a mi pequeño canal.
Hace poco conseguí un nuevo juguete, así que pensé que sería una buena oportunidad para grabar un nuevo video.
Pronto más!

And just a little post-mastering with Logic Pro X.
Videorecorded with a Olympus OM-D, E-M5.

Please consider supporting me at:

Check out my SoundCloud page:"

Minilogue xd Motion Mode as LFO

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Oz The Conjuring

"The sequencer of the monologue xd can be used as a powerful lfo to modulate or sequence up to 4 parameters, you don t enter notes but knobs movements.
This is how to do this..."

Oberheim OB-Xa SN 823012

via this auction

"Very rare to find a legendary synth in this condition, does not require any servicing or hard to find parts/replacements. I never had the midi installed, but isn't too expensive to have done, I always feel why mess with something that's perfect and original, functions perfectly. This example of OB-XA is truly spectacular and stable. Never had any memory issues or tuning problems. Sounds incredible..."


via this auction

"It is in good cosmetic condition, and works well but does have one issue.

The small switch that you have to press to select the midi channels is broken, so the channel is stuck on MIDI. Channel 1.

Sound wise and in use it all works perfectly and sounds great."

SundaySynth #29 : Sequential OB6 Arp and Filter

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Khoral Central

"The vintagey sound of that glorious OB6 filter."

PhatOne - New DIY Programmable Mono Rack Synth Based on AS33xx and Arduino

DIY Synthesizer - PhatOne Demo (AS33xx and Arduino based) Published on Apr 28, 2019 Krzychu1995

English description below
Mam przyjemność zaprezentować instrument PhatOne - monofoniczny, programowalny syntezator w formacie rack 19" 1U. Sterowanie odbywa się za pomocą kilku przycisków na panelu wraz z 2 enkoderami (konfiguracja, edycja presetów i ich zapis). Moduł zbudowany jest w oparciu o układy serii AS33xx firmy Alfa z Łotwy, w części cyfrowej znajdują się dwa układy ATmega 328P-PU zaprogramowane w środowisku Arduino (łącznie ok 2000 linii kodu). Zastosowanie mikrokontrolerów umożliwiło ponadto pozbycie się sprzętowych generatorów modulacji (ADSR i LFO), co znacząco wpłynęło na koszt instrumentu.



I am pleased to present PhatOne instrument - monophonic, programmable synthesizer in rack 19" 1U format. For steering purposes there are several buttons on panel and 2 encoders (configuration, preset edit and saving). Module is basen on AS33xx IC produced by Alfa in Latvia, in digital part there are two ATmega328P-PU chips programmed in Arduino environment (around 2000 lines of code). Employment of microcontrollers made possible to get rid of hardware modulation sources (ADSR, LFO). Thanks to this costs are lower.


And two previous development videos:

DIY Monophonic Synth Demo

Published on Oct 14, 2018 Krzychu1995

Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn (cover) [SYNTH DEMO]

Published on Dec 31, 2018 Krzychu1995

"For the end of year - short demo of my DIY synth. It played bassline and lead. Rest of arrangement done on Arturia Minimoog and Microbrute."

Making a Pitch Modulated Pad with Minilogue xd - Super Beginner Friendly Tutorial

Published on Apr 28, 2019 BoBeats

"How do you make a pad sound on the Korg Minilogue xd? In todays tutorial I go over this. Check my patch store for upcoming Minilogue xd patches:


AE Modular Synth Filter Comparison (No Talking) #TTNM

Published on Apr 28, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"A quick comparison of the AE Modular synthesizer lowpass filters.


Of course the individual modules can offer a lot more than just lowpass filtering and the modulation ranges, etc. can vary as well, so here are my opinions about them:

WASP Filter:
The WASP filter has a lot of musical character without the need to dial in many parameters. It loses bottom end and volume at higher resonance levels and doesn't really self-oscillate.

NYLE Steiner Parker Filter:
This is a feature-packed filter with LP, BP and HP inputs instead of outputs. It's got a raw and sometimes squelchy or rubbery sound. The resonance can be CV-controlled and the filter self-oscillates really well.

SVF State Variable Filter:
The State Variable Filter offers two audio inputs with different preset amplification levels. This video demonstrates the hot input, which can overdrive the input signal, adding a nice wave-shaping character to filter sweeps. The lower amp input keeps the signal cleaner. It self-oscillates nicely as well.

LOPAG Lowpass Gate:
This is not a typical filter, but a vactrol lowpass gate. There is no resonance control and it does not self-oscillate. It is normally meant to be pinged or "struck" by triggers or gates, producing percussive sounds."

Moog Prodigy - Monophonic Analog Synth w/ CV Mods

via this auction

"Retro fitted by Analogue Solutions with semi modular patch bay to front panel (see photo)

Includes original Moog owners manual"

Moog Sample Hold Controler 1125 SN 2860

Published on Apr 6, 2015 JW GT

"Seconds after this video I broke off the slider on the far right. Still works 100%, just needs a slider."

via this auction

"Super-rare Moog Sample & Hold controller for sale in working order and good condition. This is a great accessory for your vintage Moog.

The 1125 adds a random/staircase waveform pattern generator, and sample and hold options to your vintage Moog (Minimoog, Sonic Six, Modular etc). Power is drawn from the synth itself so this will work anywhere in the world. Great and creative tool that generates all kinds of wild patterns and sequences…

CONDITION: In good condition. “RANDOM-SAWTOOTH” slider post has snapped off. It still works, and can be moved with a jewelers screwdriver. The wooden end cheeks are custom made. Included with sale are one of the original cheeks with the original slider cap that came off (the snapped off post is in the cap).
The cable was created by a tech in Nashville; it is more stable than the original."

Roland Jupiter-8 MIDI

via this auction

"Roland Jupiter 8 (12bit) first version, very rare.

Details of the JP8 :

- Kenton MIDI retrofit in, out, thru.
- Custom Universal Transformer 100, 110, 220, 240 V no need of step down/up transformer.
- Excellent shape for its age ( already 30 years ! ) and excellent working condition.
- All oscillators are functional
- All sliders, faders are functional and slide smoothly
- All knobs, tact-switches, buttons are functional and comfortable
- All outputs and DCB port are functional
A few scratches, as you can see on the detailed pictures
Maintenance serviced over the past 30 years."

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 5830

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Pro One in Fully Functional Beautiful Shape.

Grab this one while you can! They don't come around this beautiful.

This is the J-Wire Version with a mega flat and nice playing keybed!

What a Beauty."

Sequential Circuits Pro-8 SN 02439

via this auction

"This unit powers on and outputs sound normally when triggered via midi. However the keyboard does not trigger any sound output. The programs can be chosen, and parameter numbers move as well."

Behringer Model D Euroracked with Wood Side Panels

via this auction

"Behringer Model D with one of a kind rack ears by Tiptop Audio!"

Wood side panels for spacers in a eurorack case. Interesting touch.

Red Sound eleVAta

via this auction

Nava TR-909 Analog Drum Machine Clone

via this auction

See the e-licktronic label for more.


via this auction

You can find a video of a Columbia CRB-101 previously posted here.

Korg Rhythm 55 SN 250984

Published on Apr 28, 2019

via this auction

"Here is a vintage Korg Rhythm 55. The unit works as it should and sounds great. Good condition ,It has a small ding just above the KORG Label ( swing knob ) but works great. Fully tested , pots/knobs have been cleaned as well."

Elektron SID Station 8-bit Synthesizer

via this auction

Dreadbox Erebus 3 Patch #01 (No talk, just music)

Published on Apr 28, 2019 dænkrø_ ElectriXity_

"Here comes the Erebus 3 with a patch which hopefully showcases the versatility of this machine. S&H as much as the triple ring let the sound evolve constantly. During the middle part the Erebus 1 comes into play to increase the lead character of the patch.

The drums come frome the volca sample which is sequenced by the Arturia Beatstep Pro.

Have fun!"

Pluck v2 for Korg Minilogue XD and Prologue

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Tim Shoebridge

"This is a brief video just to highlight the improvements I have made in this new version of my Pluck user oscillator for the Korg Minilogue XD and Korg Prologue synthesisers."


EP Presets for Minilogue XD

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Tim Shoebridge

"This is a brief video to demonstrate a set of seven presets which I have designed specifically for Pluck for Minilogue XD. They each possess a vibe reminiscent of a processed electric piano preset.

You can download them at my SoundMangling store here:"

Volca Shootout! Drum vs Beats, Sample, Kick

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Hyperobjeckt Synths

"Now that the Korg Volca Drum is out, there are four Volca percussion options to choose from. Each of them is very different from the others, which can be confusing if you're not familiar with the Volca line.

This is a simple comparison between the four, using the same sequences played on each synth or sampler. I'm also using performance effects unique to each Volca including Stutter on the beats, Isolators on the sample, Touch FX on the kick, and Wave Guide on the drum.

For a "no talking" demo you can skip straight to the music:
00:00 R&B pattern comparison
03:00 Disco
05:07 Reggae
08:41 Funk
12:04 R&B pattern again, with all four Volcas at once

There are of course a LOT more differences between these machines once you start getting into specific features & workflow, but I want to keep this video short and high-level. If you're thinking about getting one of these for yourself, the best thing to do is try them in person of course!"

"HARMLESS POISON" [SH-101 + TB-303 + TR-808 + TR-909 + CR1604 + DIGITAKT + ELZ_1]

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Masaki Takada

"My new EP now on sale :)"

Masaki Takada

Pantala Labs - Carcellata : Melisma sub module - preview

Published on Apr 28, 2019 Gibran PantalaLabs

"This is a little preview of the Melisma algorithm with Auto Evolution locked on."

Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole // Eurorack quad filter, vco, slew, LFO + more!!!

Published on Apr 28, 2019 DivKidVideo

"So here we have the Stereo Dipole from SSF / Steady State Fate. It's a Eurorack quad filter with two filters per side (A and B, can be left and right for stereo). Each filter is multimode and you can mix and process in series or parallel or use both sides independently. The Stereo Dipole makes for a great quad oscillator, quad LFO, kinetic sub audio boom, slew generator, acidic filter, clean filter, stereo distortion and a tonne more.


00:00 Hello + patch previews
01:27 Features + sound demo
04:07 FILTER BURN! Driving the filters & basic modulation
06:29 Frequency dependent panning - stereo imaging
08:08 Turning the Stereo Dipole into a DRUM KIT! Percussion synthesis + FX layers.
10:20 ACIIIIIID + formant/vocal filter processing FX trails.
13:11 Smooth filtering for melodic ambient patches
14:41 Rich HP-LP filter exploration
15:57 Filter pings with polymetric patterns and FM
18:41 Distortion exploration with drum break and 808 kick
21:13 Oscillating filters, clean sine VCOs, FM synthesis and more
22:59 X Mod, cross mod … aka turning the Stereo Dipole into a NOISE MACHINE!!!
24:11 Dipole AB mixing trick
25:37 Audio rate modulation
27:06 HP to LP filtering with Korg MS-20 bass boost trick and variable band width filtering
29:44 Quad LFO generator
31:44 Kinetic LFOs aka SUB AUDIO BOOOOOOM
33:48 Imparting chord tones over your audio
35:34 Slew Limiting (lag, glide, portamento)
38:11 Audio feedback, added weight / low end
39:49 Resonant envelopes. Imparting wobble and LFOs onto envelopes
42:05 Steep filter cut off - 48dB 8 pole filter responses"

The return of the potato synth cam

Published on Apr 28, 2019 vinyljunkie07

"The return of the potato cam and a cameo appearance with Sam Nolan :D

If you wanted polished paid for biased content, go watch TV"

Studio tour with Jasper, Behringer D, Jen SX1000, Korg Minikorg 2, Yamaha DX-100, KORG MS20, Roland Alpha Juno, & Ensoniq EPS.

ROM - ANTIC Memories ( Looping Test Jam ) D56 Z6

Published on Apr 28, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

"When we stayed up all night..." I made this melody with my Deluge synthesizer, and I'm trying out vocal phrases to be the lyrics. This is often my song writing process - try things out and see what works best.
and I'm particularly interested in looping with the Deluge because soon the OS will be updated with an Audio Looper.

Synthstrom Deluge, BOSS RC-505 looper, and Roland VT-3 vocal transformer.

IK Multimedia Uno & EHX Deluxe Memory Man

Published on Apr 28, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Tears for Fears Heritage Synth Restoration D 550

Published on Apr 28, 2019 BEHRINGER

"We recently purchased a collection of heritage synthesizers from iconic 80's band Tears For Fears. Our passionate Music Tribe UK Care team here bring back Tears for Fears' D 550 back to life."

Tears for Fears Heritage Synth Restoration

Moog Matriarch FM exploration #Moogfest (PROTOTYPE UNIT)

Published on Apr 27, 2019 cuckoomusic

"I had the opportunity to try a prototype unit of the soon to be released Moog Matriarch. It can be described as an expanded, different version of the Moog Grandmother. This time with more oscillators, stereo filters, a new stereo delay. I specifically explored some FM sounds here. I love it!"

Patch n Tweak

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