MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Drawing with Sound (Oscilloscope Music) - Smarter Every Day 224

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Drawing with Sound (Oscilloscope Music) - Smarter Every Day 224

"What I really like about this project is that it taught me to think about the world differently with respect to physical objects. I now sometimes think about the outline of physical objects as if it's a line. The specific area of math that you use for things like this is called 'Parametric Equations'. I had a lot of great conversations about this stuff with Hansi and Jerobeam. I was very impressed by their intelligence, and also very thankful that they took their time to share these special things with me. I know they'd really appreciate it if you'd reach out to their website and purchase OsciStudio as well as some of Jerobeam's music. Even if you don't have an oscilloscope, purchasing the software will obviously help them continue to do what they love doing. Hansi showed me a very interesting thing he's working on involving ray tracing. It was fascinating.


Here's the website you want to go to:

Direct Links:

Download OsciStudio Here so you can draw 3D objects in Blender

Download some Oscilloscope Music here:

Check out Jerobeam's channel"


Oscilloscope Music - Jerobeam Fenderson

Previous posts featuring Jerobeam Fenderson. Also see: Vector Synthesis: a Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light

Volca Drum + Analog Heat + Launchpad Pro Finger Drumming

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Nular Music

"Live finger drumming on KORG Volca Drum + Elektron Analog Heat MKII.

I used Pete MIDI's Velo2VolcaD Max4Live device to map the Launchpad Pro's velocity to various parameters of the Volca Drum."

LiveStream Exploring the MOK WaveRazor Dual module

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"Here I am trying out the WaveRazor (and a new streaming client as well) join the live chat and lets check it out."

DSI Prophet Rev2 Cinematic Ambient Sci-Fi Sound Bank

Published on Aug 31, 2019 lucafrancinimusic

"Sound bank for DSI Prophet Rev2 focusing on Cinematic Ambient and Sci-Fi genres, soon available for sale."

MU - Dark Dream

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Precarious333 Music

"Stressful dream. Dark presence. Infinite dimly lit corridors. What does it mean?

Recorded as 4 tracks into Ableton Live 8. EQ, compression, panning and effects added in post.

Patch Notes:

BASS - Q106A saw wave and Corsynth C104 soft clipped saw sequenced by SymplSEQ 1 into Q105 low pass modulated by C106 channel B and AD ENV. C104 starts out static with no CV to pitch until 45 seconds in.

CHIME - Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Magnus controlled by a second SymplSEQ.

MELODIC - Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus through Q107A low pass filer modulated by AD ENV. Also sequenced by the second SymplSEQ. I love the Noise on this module. Not standard noise but adds instability to the pitch. It's a really nice effect.

GATED - Same Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus but through Q107A high pass filer into Oakley Deep Equinox modulated by C106 A-B Out then VCA gated 16th notes.

The MELODIC and GATED components coming from the same source and running through the same multimode filter are balanced by the filter frequency knob with GATED high pass fading at high frequency settings and MELODIC fading as the low pass filter closes.

TIMING - MIDI to clock pulse supplied by Buchla 225e syncing Oakley LFO multed to SymplSEQ 1 and CGS01 Sub Oscillator acting as a clock divider/gate mixer creating the odd cadence of SymplSEQ 2. Irregular gate pattern from SymplSEQ 1 triggering an ENV and channel A of C106. Irregular trigger pattern from SymplSEQ 2 runs to sync of the other Oakley LFO re-triggering the cycle. This allows me to control the gate length by using the square out of the LFO at low rate and adjusting the pulse width adding sustain time to the ENV and NE BIM it triggers. The sine out of this LFO modulates wave shape on NE AIM."

YAMAHA SY99 Analog Softness

Published on Aug 31, 2019 synths colors

NOVATION PEAK - Unboxing, Overview & Sounds - Synth Demo

Published on Aug 31, 2019 synth4ever

"Novation Peak unboxing, overview/review and sounds & patches. This Novation Peak demo covers various features of the Novation Peak synth, sound design possibilities and a few patches and presets.

The Novation Peak is an 8-voice polyphonic digital/analog hybrid synthesizer featuring digital oscillators + analog filters and VCAs. The Novation Peak's "New Oxford" FPGA-based oscillators run at 24 MHz to avoid typical sample rate limitations of sample and DSP oscillator designs.

The Novation Peak features 3 oscillators (each with sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse waveforms) and 43 wavetables. Each oscillator also can be have sync or linear FM, and there is a ring modulator and noise as well.

There are 3 envelopes and 4 LFOs on the Peak. The LFOs have triangle, sawtooth, square and Sample & Hold waveforms. The resonant filter is a multimode OTA design with lowpass, bandpass and highpass settings and can be 12dB or 24dB slope. It also features pre and post filter drive amounts.

The Novation Peak effects section contains analog distortion, 3 types of chorus, delay and 3 types of reverb. All effects can also be modulated in a 4-slot FX mod matrix and configured in parallel or serial routing signal chains. There is also a traditional modulation matrix with 16 slots, each slot having 2 sources per destination.

In addition, the Novation Peak has an arpeggiator with 7 modes, 33 patterns, and adjustable gate length. The Peak also includes various functions such as drift, diverge, unison mode, unison detune, Animate buttons to enable temporary sound changes, and more.

The Novation Peak is a powerful and versatile digital/analog hybrid synth for the modern era with great effects and modulation capabilities. It excels at not only traditional analog sounds, but also vast ambient soundscapes, cutting leads, powerful basses, textures and sound effects. The Peak is a fantastic instrument for those who enjoy experimentation and bread n' butter sounds, and fuses digital and analog technology into a single powerful synth.



0:00 Arp Jam

0:31 Unboxing

2:17 A Few Presets

04:18 Overview
04:45 Oscillators
05:16 Waveshaping
06:49 Footages
07:05 Pitch Mod
07:44 LFO 1/2
08:20 Wavetables
09:33 Ring Mod
09:58 Noise
11:05 Filter
13:13 Overdrive
13:36 Arpeggiator
15:25 Distortion
15:58 Chorus
17:25 Delay
18:53 Reverb
22:41 Drift/Diverge
23:06 Envelope Loop
23:38 LFO 3/4
24:11 FX Mod/Routing
24:41 Unison
25:25 Mod Matrix
25:43 Animate

26:23 Conclusion"

Arturia Matrixbrute Seq Mode Presets (Seqs Machine Soundset)

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Anton Anru

"Get the collection of Arps & Seqs for your Arturia Matrixbrute.

'Seqs Machine' soundset includes:
16 Arps
16 Seqs
16 Arp+Seqs
16 Duo Splits
Get the patches:

Each preset has Mod Wheel and 4 Macros modulations, that gives you an opportunity for creative tweaking during a performance/jam, as well as fast and easy automation inside your DAW.

For sending the presets to your MatrixBrute use Arturia Midi Control Center."

Experiments with Hartmann Neuron

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Neuronium spectacular

"Starting from Scratch using a simple sine wave"


Some interesting textures throughout this one.

Rare PPG 360A Wave Computer

via this auction

Roland Juno-6

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev. 1 SN 0056 w/ Koa Wood

via this auction

Update: new pics added below.

"1978 Prophet 5 Rev. 1 SN#0056. Completely tunes and restored in condition of fully operational by Wine Country Productions, in November, 2016. Only fire up for testing and never use any project since then. Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 use SSM chip, much fatter but issues on power supply going too hot and drifting tunes. This machine added large heat sink to prevent such issues and very stable. Rev. 1 produced only 182 units hand made at Dave Smith’s garage. Comes with Corticate of Restoration. Replaced parts includes 1x SSM2020 dual VCA IC, 2x SSM2030 VCO IC with tempco, 1x SSM2050 ADSR IC meaning core parts are new and no visible damages as well. CV and Gate inputs allows to drive this synth from the external sequencer."

Cwejman S1 MK2 SN 19-050

via this auction

Composing longer tracks // Synthstrom Deluge Tutorial

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

Intro 0:00
Sequencing notes 0:30
Changing length of track 1:00
Duplicating entire track 1:22
Zoomed out longer notes 1:59
Copy Paste Function 2:25
Clearing track 3:45
Composing a new track 4:00
Playback from screen view 5:25
Copy paste to another track 6:02
*Note -Could use duplicate track function, then change midi channel. This is just showing copy paste again
Composing an accompanying longer track 6:51
Extended Demo playback with master FX 10:42

THE MOOTS play "Golden" by Jill Scott

Published on Aug 31, 2019 mootbooxle

Full ARP Odyssey on bass demo. The Minimoog doesn't get touched in this one.

"In case you ever wondered what exactly I do, well, here's one of the things! I have a jazz-funk duo called The MOOTS which consists of myself on a pile of keyboards and vocals and effects, and Darrell Nutt on drums and electronics/loops etc.

This was the end of the night and the club was pretty much empty, then Reese 3Piece came and rocked it on a couple. He's a serious piano player himself! Anyway we had fun...we always do in The MOOTS!"

Dreadbox Omikron Aion 904 a Filter Aion ADSR eurorack modules Berlin School like sequence

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Tiefengrund

Dreadbox Omikron through Aion 904 a
Aion ADSR for filter cutoff
Doepfer ADSR for VCA
VCA: Intellijel uVCA
Sequencer: Doepfer Dark Time
Gate to Doepfer Racheting Controller

Goldberg Variations 1 - Modular Synth

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Modular Landing

"This is the second in a series on playing Bach's Goldberg Variations on a modular synth."

Drum Button Eurorack Kit Assembly

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Today we are going to build a Drum Button sequencer, if you are unfamiliar with what is does see the link here [posted here]

kit available here"

Patch of the Week 21: microKORG Funk Bass

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Korg

"Basic patches you can follow along at home on your microKORG synth: Funk Bass using 2 oscillators."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

20190831MoogLP gtSound

Published on Aug 31, 2019 ryouichi harada

What's the little action figure? He gets moved around the Little Phatty now and then.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z - Moby Porcelain Cover

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Matt Craven

"This was a bit of a labour of love and there were times when I fell out with the OP-Z, but quite happy with the end result and we're friends again now.

All sounds coming from OP-Z recorded directly into Huawei P30 Pro via Boya 3.5mm TRS to Type-C Connector Audio Cable.
Some stock sounds, some samples from Splice and sampled a bit of the original track for the 'Dey' 'Wobbah' bits!"

Side note: I think the "Dey" "Wobbah" is actually "Hey" "Woman".

MONTAGE MODX TOOLS - Making a cool arpeggio performance!

Published on Aug 31, 2019 Woody Piano Shack

"We'll use the software editor for MODX and MONTAGE to create a layer and split performance on the YAMAHA MODX6. After we've created the patch I'll do an improvised demo for you.

Sounds covered in this tutorial are bass, pads, synth comp, synth lead, drums and plenty of the interesting arpeggio patterns that come with the MODX powerful arpeggiator.
The editor will give us a nice overview of the architecture and sounds design aspects of the AWM2 and FM-X synth engines when creating patches and sounds.

Montage / MODX Tools - John Melas' Synth Site"

Synthesizer Soundbath, Second Sundays at VSM

Published on Aug 30, 2019 Vintage Synthesizer Museum

"Bring a pillow, or two, and come relax at VSM while over 20 synthesizers drone and arpeggiate in beautiful harmony for two hours. Feel free to arrive and leave at any point during those two hours.

$5 suggested donation

The next sound bath is Sunday, September 8, 2019
1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Note: the soundbath is aimed at adults 18+ who want to come relax, reflect, meditate, listen, etc…so come prepared to be chill and be quiet. While this is a good opportunity to see and experience VSM, it is not an opportunity to play and touch the synthesizers. If you would like to play the synths, please book an appointment with us during our regular hours. Thanks.

Contact VSM at:

Patch n Tweak

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