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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Digitakt - Expand your setup with an iPad and Beatmaker 3!

Published on Nov 26, 2019 Electronisounds Audio


I'm showing *exactly* how to connect an Elektron Digitakt to an iPad so we can sync it with the iPad and send MIDI into the iPad to an app such as Beatmaker 3.

The options are pretty much limitless as to how you could use these 2 devices together.

This is *one* really great option of how you could use them together.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!

Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"


AKAI AX-60 + OP-1 Effects

Published on Nov 27, 2019 MR TUNA Music

"Picked up a vintage analog AKAI AX-60 synth and had some fun running it through the CWO effects (my favorite) of the Teenage Engineering OP-1"

Teenage Engineering OP-1s on Amazon


via this auction

"This is a very rare manual controller for the EML-200. We paid our tech for 11 hours of skilled labor required to make this unit work like new again. It’s in beautiful condition, working perfectly and ready for its next owner."

Only one other has been featured here back in 2012 along with the equally rare EML-300.

Cwejman S-1 MK2 White SN 19-004

via this auction

"Cwejman synthesizers are some of the finest analog synths out there with a great attention to detail and quality. If you are viewing this you probably already know all of that! Cwejman products are hand built, making for long wait times associated with their direct purchase. The S-1 is a 3 oscillator semi modular monosynth with built in MIDI to cv, two filters, and loads of other circuits to open up the sound creation experience greatly. It is rack mountable or desktop friendly.

This unit is in excellent condition with little wear and works perfectly. It includes the original box and power cable. The serial number is 19-004."

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

via this auction


Published on Nov 27, 2019 LESINDES

MEDUSAs on Amazon

"First time I am trying the six voice paraphonic (3 analog and 3 digital oscillators + noise) mode of DREADBOX POLYEND MEDUSA. Instead of the POLYEND section I use ARTURIA KEYSTEP for the live jam that I totally forgot to mention in the credits. Sorry!
The FX added to the session is EVENTIDE ECLIPSE No. 445: CUMULONIMBUS 2."

Ambient Sessions // Arturia MICROFREAK + Source Audio VENTRIS (in 3 parts)

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Genshi Media Group

Arturia MICROFREAK on Amazon | Source Audio VENTRIS on Amazon


These were just some quick ambient noodlings I did with the Arturia Microfreak using original patches that I created. The Microfreak is paired with the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb."

ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ Extra Outputs

Second video added to this post.

KRISCHER / Ms-20 Filter / CLONE Update

New Demo and details added to today's earlier post here.

The Synth Sounds of Frank Ocean | Reverb

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Reverb

Sequential Prophet-6 comes in at 3:05.

"Frank Ocean is a genre-blending master, with a sound that draws on a wide range of influences from electronica, psychedelic rock, hip-hop, and beyond. In the video above, William Kurk breaks down some of the ways in which Ocean crafts his sea of sounds.
Read More on Reverb:

All Photos by Getty Images. All Stock Video by Getty Images"

Simply Pad Prophet-6

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Arnaud Music.

"Just Sequential prophet 6 no effect extern"

Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials: So I got a Prophet 6... It's a Groovebox now :D

Published on Nov 24, 2019 Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials

"One take, no external FX or mixing. Just a recorded P6 with internal effects and patch switching. This trick uses a bank of drum sounds I sequenced. When the sequencer is running and you change a patch, it jumps right to that new patch! This is BIG. I have more exploring to do.

I was almost worried the P6 wouldn't get as "Weird" as my Rev2 would.

No need to worry, there is so much more to this machine than typical bread and butter. I'll be diving in as I learn this new machine.

Thoughts on the Rev2: I sold it a few months ago to fund a semester back at college. I still miss the hell out of it but I had the chance to get a P6 at a really good deal. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. Having always wanted to experience it for myself, I accepted.

Stay tuned for some deeper dives beneath the surface of the P6."

Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials with the Sequential Rev2

Published on Mar 20, 2019 Phil's Rev2 Jam-torials


1. Episode 1: Some Percussive Exploration on the Prophet Rev2
Foolin around with some percussive patching on the Rev2.

Roland Jupiter-Xm Has An Artificial Intelligence Arpeggiator

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Artificial Intelligence has finally made its way into synthesizers! The Jupiter-Xm has an AI based I-Arpeggiator that creates whole songs while you play.

It also has a polyphonic five part multitimbral synthesizer engine which can emulate the sounds of many classic Roland analog and digital synthesizers as well as electric pianos and drum machines. The synth engines include the SH-101, Juno 106 and Jupiter 8, as far as drum machines go all of the classics are covered from the CR-78 to TR-808 and TR-909.

Jupiter-Xm available here:

#PerfectCircuit #JupiterXM #Synthesizer"

Jean-Michel Jarre - About Eōn

Published on Nov 27, 2019 jeanmicheljarre

Jean-Michel Jarre talkes about Eōn.

Choose your music service to listen to Jean Michel Jarre:

More from Jean-Michel Jarre:

You can find additional posts featuring Jean-Michel Jarre's Eōn here.

Gotharman's LD3: Percussion 3

Published on Nov 27, 2019 gotharman

"3 more Percussion Synthesizer presets, to become available together with the forthcoming LD3/Tiny LD update."

PPG wave 2.2 Wavetable Synthesizer (1982) *Blue Motion*

Published on Nov 27, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: #PPG #wave 2.2 Wavetable #Synthesizer (1982)
drums: E-MU-Emax Sampling Synthesizer (1986)
voice samples: E-Mu Emax (1986)
recording: multi-track

RetroSound home:"

New DNIPRO DOT polyrhythm sequencer

Published on Nov 27, 2019 DNIPRO MODULAR

"INTRODUCTION of a 3-channel eurorack trigger sequencer DOT. Two DOTS are linked together and control analog bassdrum and hi hets from q&d by Andrii Kuzmenko with Plaits and Peaks from Mutable Instruments.
Create rhythms on a fly and creatively vary them."

"3 channels pattern generator

Dot is handy feature-packed tool for generating and managing rhythmic triggers in your system. It can fire drums, generate variable pulses, divide clocks, create polyrhythms on a fly with several twist of a knob or with deep, careful pattern programming. Both generative and manual program techniques can be combined, f.e. you can create pattern with euclidian algorithm and then edit it in xox style or shift it with cv inputs to a new levels of variety.

Despite of its slim form factor, DOT has 3 channels of patterns on a board and can be extended with additional DOTs, that can be chained together.

General features:

3 channels trigger sequencer in 6 hp

euclidian pattern generators and XOX step programing

real time manual recording

3 routable bi-polar cv inputs

ability to save and load patterns

programmable ratchets


flip-able interface

stable clocking with ultra low latency

several modules can be chained to share clock and reset

Technical details
6 hp
120 mA +12V
20A -12V
0 mA 5V
42 mm deep
4mS, 4.5v triggers"

ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ Basic Introduction

Published on Nov 27, 2019 ADDAC System

You can find details on the ADDAC215 here.

"This new module should not be judged by it’s size, at 6hp it’s packed with features.

At it’s core it features a noise source and two precision Sample & Holds with 0.01% of maximum deviation from the Input which allows for quantized signals to be sent through without any noticeable detuning or the typical voltage drops over time.

The Sample & Hold sections can also be used as a Track & Hold meaning it holds the incoming input while the Trigger input is ON and lets the input flow to the output when the Trigger input is OFF.
Each section also features it’s own slew processor with a single control over attack and decay and an ON/OFF switch.

The noise signal is normalled to both sections inputs, meaning that without a jack plugged into the Input the sample and hold function will act upon the incoming noise signal generating random CV values.

The [Trigger A Alternate] switch allows to Link both sections so that any trigger input in Trigger A will alternate between triggering the A and B section.

Besides each section outputs there’s also 4 extra outputs: Noise, Difference, Average and Sum. The [Noise] output is coming from the noise source, the [Difference] output is the subtraction of section A minus section B, the [Average] output is the sum of both A plus B and then divided by 2 and finally the [Sum] output is the sum of both A plus B sections.

This module will also be available as a full DIY kit."

ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ Extra Outputs

Published on Nov 27, 2019 ADDAC System

KORG 800 DV w/ Original Beige / Brown Dust Cover

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

KORG 800DV branded dust cover pictured below. This is the first post to feature one. :)

Custom Moog Model 12 Vintage Modular Synthesizer w/ SNs 1016 & 7589

via this auction

"This is from an estate sale, on consignment in our store. It is a Moog Model 12 custom build. 1 owner. We do not have the lids. It works, and comes with a keyboard. We are not experts on these older synths but it does turn on and we were able to play some basic patches with it...however, it will need serviced in order to be at it's best. These machines are old and rare and this one is in very good condition cosmetically. Once it is serviced fully, this will be an awesome piece of history and a mammoth sounding all analog synth. Please feel free to ask questions. I will be doing a bit more research myself and will keep this listing updated."

PPG WAVE 2.2 80s Wavetable Synth

via this auction

"Fully refurbished and future-proofed and working perfectly, unlike most."

SEQUENTIAL Prophet VS VECTOR Synth SN 0869 w/ New Display

via this auction

"Stunning Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer analogue/digital hybrid, V1.45 OS with original manual and in superb condition!
Fully working and Pro serviced ready for sale!

Brand new OLED display fitted! Aftertouch fully refurbished and working better than new! Latest V1.45 Shalebridge OS fitted which clears up many bugs and give you selectable free running LFO or LFO sync and ARP amongst other new features! Rare original manual included.

One of greatest and most unique sounding synths ever made..the random patch generator is incredible. There are sounds in this that you will never find anywhere else..such a creative and inspiring instrument! It's really no surprise that these are a big favourite with greats like Aphex Twin and Ulrich Schnauss:)

Switchable UK/Euro 220-240 volt or US 120v operation."

Malekko Manther - Analog Synthesizer and Sequencer

via this auction

"This machine is kind of like an SH-101/MC-202 with a wave folding triangle, which really is the secret weapon here. So many great tones.

Comes with everything original:
box, manual, power, knobs

Updated to latest OS and it's rock solid!! Don't sleep!"


Published on Nov 27, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Ever wanted to use a commodore 64 with more knobs? but still keep all of dem functions! well this should work!!!"


The C64 Synthesiser - Ep. 4 Custom Knobs

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Doctor Mix

ELEGY TO WATER AT THE POOL OF SILOAM: Live dawless outdoor jam #MicroFreak #VolcaModular #Strymon

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Gary P Hayes

"Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation
Composed Performed & Filmed © Gary P Hayes
at The Pool of Siloam Leura Blue Mountains Australia
on Korg #VolcaModular & Arturia #MicroFreak
Reverb #Strymon #BlueSky & looping on #Jamman #SoloXT
recorded on #ZoomH6 with ambient sound
no other processing. Sync: Note the main over shoulder shot is the live performance other non-sync shots filmed afterwards."

MatrixBrute 2.0 Update

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Arturia

"Let Jakub show you that the MatrixBrute 2.0 Update isn’t just a few bug-fixes, it introduces new creative scope, letting you go deeper into the instrument than ever before, and create sounds that are truly one of a kind."


MatrixBrute #Update Tutorials | Episode 1 - Custom Waveform LFO
MatrixBrute #Update Tutorials | Episode 2 - Extended Mod Destinations
MatrixBrute #Update Tutorials | Episode 3 - Sequencer Improvements
MatrixBrute #Update Tutorials | Episode 4 - Preset Compare & Settings Mode


Published on Nov 27, 2019 BoBeats

"Today we are checking out the new update to the Matrixbrute. And it is massive. If you enjoy my videos support them on Patreon:"

La Fraîcheur & Florian Meindl | Shaping Berlin's sound with MatrixBrute

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Arturia

"In her studio, La Fraicheur uses the Arturia MatrixBrute as her go-to instrument when she’s looking for an inspiring sound to kick-start a track. Making the most of the immediate, hands-on nature of its parameters, in-built sequencer, and deep-diving mod matrix, she can easily experiment, tweak, and refine to create the evocative, imaginative sounds that have become her signature."

Florian Meindl | Shaping Berlin's sound with MatrixBrute

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Arturia

"A self taught musician, Florian has been passionate about electronic music from a young age. Setting out to DJ and produce music, he left his native Austria to move to London, and finally Berlin."

Krischer MS-20 Filter Clone

Published on Nov 27, 2019 John Krischer

Krischer brought us the Syclope mini single knob analog synth, the Octoscillator, and the three knobbed Poly Analog Synth.

Update: one more demo with the Poly Analog Synth:

Krischer / Ms-20 Filter clone

Published on Nov 27, 2019
Ce Clone du mythique filtre MS-20 vintage offre un Lowpass spectaculaire, avec une résonance puissante !

Le cutoff est contrôlable grâce au potentiomètre et via une entrée CV dotée d’un fine tune.

Astuce : Le filtre peut même résonner avec lui même en mettant le PEAK à fond pour créer un oscillateur contrôlable à 1v/oct via l’entrée Cv !

Fabriqué à la main à Paris, France.

99€ sur :

via this auction

"This clone of the mythical MS-20 vintage filter offers a spectacular Lowpass, with a powerful resonance!
The cutoff is controllable with the potentiometer and via a CV input with a fine tune.

Hint: The filter can even resonate with itself by putting the PEAK at maximum to create a controllable oscillator at 1v / oct via the Cv input!

Handcrafted in Paris, France."

Introducing ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster - Sound examples

Published on Nov 27, 2019 ADDAC System

You can find an overview and details on ADDAC System's new ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster here.

UNO Drum Anthology Libraries

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"IK Multimedia sent me over a UNO Drum to check out the new and free Drum Anthology Libraries. So I took it as an opportunity to check out their cool little drum machine and give my thoughts on it and the new sounds. Lots of sound demo in this video - check out the index below.

Intro - 0:11
Overview - 2:11
Anthology 1 - 12:08
Anthology 2 - 18:51
Anthology 3 - 22:52
Anthology 4 - 26:36
Anthology 5 - 30:08
Anthology 6 - 34:29
Anthology 7 - 38:21
Anthology 8 - 40:57
Anthology 9 - 44:53
Anthology 10 - 47:37
Final Thoughts - 51:21"

26 11 19 Serge Frequency shifter - Demoing feedback [01]

Published on Nov 27, 2019 batchas

"Showing here an example using feedback control with the Frequency shifter to make it more interesting or effective.

No external effect applied."

batchas speaks.

Doepfer A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer Voice

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Alex4

"In this video we explore the new A-111-6 module from Doepfer. A complete synthesizer in only 10hp. This module offers more than you might expect - with its complex routing you are able to mix and match three different waveforms and a sub-oscillator, you can add an external input and of course do PWM and FM. You can use the filter as a sine wave VCO and switch the envelope from AD to ADSR to AR and so on.
And it is also available as a vintage edition in black."

Doepfer A-111-6

VAX reading the complete Apollo 11 Mission transcript.⁣

Published on Nov 27, 2019 Polaxis

"Various DECtalk voices are used to mimic the dialog between Eagle and Houston.
End of lines are used to trigger beeps via the Aux signal.
Morse message is done with Emy in keyboard-Morse mode.
Audio Ring Modulation processed by the Zoom MS-50G.
(the VAX file is available here:"

Patch n Tweak

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