MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rush - Subdivisions (Bass Guitar/Synthesizer Cover)

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Bobby Shock

"Rush - Subdivisions (Bass Guitar/Synthesizer Cover).

Performed by Bobby Shock.

Instruments used:
-Rickenbacker 4003 with Rotosound Roto Bass 100-40 strings played through a Peavey Mark IV head and Ampeg 4x10 cabinet.
-Korg Lambda Synthesizer (main pads).
-Yamaha MX49 (Synth Lead).

Rush - Subdivisions off of Signals (1982) from Mercury Records.
I do not own this music.

Original music:"

Micro Transmission 002: Eurorack Modular - Hermod + Pluck + Disting + Black Hole + Zoia

Published on Nov 30, 2019 A Box In The Sea

"Micro transmissions is a series combining different Eurorack modules in a 62hp Intellijel case with the 1010 Music Black Box, the Empress Effects Zoia, Midi Fighter Twister, Touche and the Launchpad X.

Ver 002 = Squarp Hermod, Mutable Instruments Plaits, 2HP Pluck, Music Thing Radio Music, Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 and MK3, Erica Synths Black Hole DSP, Ornament and Crime, Intellijel Zeroscope, VCA and Outs."

A Box In The Sea Micro Transmissions


Published on Nov 30, 2019 synths colors

Roland MC-707 synth jam

Published on Nov 30, 2019 calleguitarguy

"Roland MC-707 jam.
All sounds from the Roland MC-707
Zen-core synth engine groovebox played via external midi keyboard and internal sequencer."

Introducing Bit Boy Studio

Premiered 4 minutes ago SidTracker 64

"From the makers of SidTracker 64, introducing the chiptune legacy on the iPad inspired by the Game Boy classic. Bit Boy Studio.

#BitBoy #GameBoy #Game Boy #Chiptune #ipad #nes #amiga #c64 #tracker #famitracker #protracker #arcarde #chip"

Retro Synthesizer Music -- Saltfjellet ( long version)

Published on Nov 30, 2019 KWILLU

Lots of Korg Trident in this one.

"Here is the long version of the melody Saltfellet. The music was made for the Nordlandsbanen minute by minute. The original made then was only at 2:30 min. Had a very short deadline therefore became very short.
so after several years I decided to make long versions.

The Nordlandsbanen minute by minute is a television program that was first broadcast on NRK2 on Saturday, December 29, 2012. The program was watched by over one million and was considered a great success for NRK. [1]

The program lasts for 9 hours and 50 minutes and follows the day train from Trondheim to Bodø minute by minute through four seasons. This is unlike the minute by minute Hurtigruten not a direct broadcast, but in return, a total of 4 recordings - one for each season. During the broadcast, the various recordings are alternated, so you can see the whole stretch how it was in the different seasons.

The reason for the program being produced is that it is 50 years since the Nordlandsbanen was completed until Bodø."

You can find additional posts featuring KWILLU here.

A Favorite Eurorack Multi-FX Module // Endorphins Milky Way Overview

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Ricky Tinez

"Milky Way has solved my want for a Multi-FX module that didn't take up too much space in my case! Here are a few of my favorite FX." Milky Way

New ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

Published on Nov 30, 2019 ADDAC System

"Here's the Overview video for ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

At ADDAC we’ve been in love with Bandpass Filters for a long time! We use them in several different ways but mostly as dynamic equalisers at the end of an audio chain for ever-changing timbral qualities with slow modulations on frequency and volume. Slightly or drastically changing the character of the incoming sound just by controlling a few parameters and adjusting the modulation speed. And while this method is a personal preference of ours while developing such module we soon realised that some features would give it other aural qualities and so we started by adding a dedicated feedback control so that each filter could self-oscillate while making this control independent from the Bandwidth control. Also added an amplifier x3 or x100 at each of the inputs in order to create soft or hard distortions turning it into a controllable 3 band distortion!

3 independent Bandpass filters each with:
Input gain up to x3 or x100 via a switch
VC Frequency with attenuverter
VC Bandwidth with attenuverter
6 or 12db (1 or 2 poles) Switch
Individual output VC Amplifier with attenuverter
Phase output switch

3 bands summing mix plus Dry control with attenuverter

Inputs are Normalled: 1 to 2 to 3 allowing for the three bandpass filters to be used either for the same input source or from three independent sources.

Filters and VCA’s developed with the modern version of SSM2164 from CoolAudio for pristine sound quality.

Tech Specs:
3.5 cm deep
250mA +12V
250mA -12V"

Chase Bliss Thermae + ARP Odyssey first jam

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Flohr

"Some space noodles with the Thermae and Karp. Ody is getting midi from Keystep which is clocking my modular and sending some random QCD clocks to the Thermae tap input. Reverb from Valhalla Vintage Verb."


Chase Bliss Thermae + ARP Odyssey Part 2

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Flohr

"More space noodling. Additional delay on the Thermae from Ableton Echo. Valhalla Vintage Verb on everything."


Published on Nov 30, 2019 Arnaud Music.

Sequential Prophet 6
Sequential OB6
Analog Four

Yamaha Portasound PSS-460 FM keyboard demo - "Night Vision"

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Alfonse

"Yamaha Portasound PSS-460 keyboard (1986)
All sounds you hear in the track were made using the PSS-460; some were run through delay pedals (the Vestax DDX vintage digital delay and the more recent Boss DD7). All parts were recorded to a DAW, where compression, EQ, and reverb were added as required. I also double-tracked the lead synth part (each part tuned fractionally differently) to give it a fatter sound. Individual drum hits were sampled from slowed-down rhythms and processed to allow fresh beats to be built, rather than using the rhythms found on the PSS-460 itself.

The aim of these videos is to see what you can create using sounds from ageing home keyboards together with current production tools. The 460 was one of a few of Yamaha's PSS range to use the same YM3812 sound-generating chip used in the Soundblaster soundcards of the late 80s/90s.

Synth settings are editable via the sliders on the top right of the control panel. If you have one of these keyboards and want to recreate the sounds, here are the parameters:

Bluesynth (edited): 2 5 1 1 3 3
Synth 1: 2 3 5 4 5 3
Vibes (edited): 5 5 5 5 3 3
Synth 2 (bell): 3 5 3 1 3 3

Music: "Night Vision" (C) Copyright 2019 Alfonse
Download here:


Korg DW 8000 Demo

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Synthdude

"Sounds and features of this classic Korg poly synth."

CRUMAR BIT99 | Analog Synthesizer 1985 | HD DEMO

Published on Nov 29, 2019 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2019 by AnalogAudio1

Synthesizer demo of the analog synthesizer Crumar Bit99 from 1985.

For reverb effects, a Lexicon MPX 500 was used, along with a Korg SDD-3000 for delay effects. The sounds were programmed by me.

The Bit99 is a nice fully programmable polysynth with warm analog sounds made in Italy. It has been developed by Mario Maggi, the developer of the Elka Synthex! It has a velocity sensitive keyboard and MIDI. 2 DCOs, 2 LFOs, 24dB lowpass filters, 2 ADSR envelopes, noise, make many different sounds possible."


Published on Jan 10, 2012 Mrquaqua1

"This is a demonstration of the sounds that can be made through the use of the VOX Octavoice I. I believe it was made in 1968 and is very rare. For more info"

Note this is the first one to be featured on MATRIXSYNTH. Hadn't seen one before now. Spotted it in the listing below and found the video above.

via this auction


Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 w/ MIDI

via this auction

Roland TR-09 Rhythm Composer SN Z4H9594 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Soundtronics MFOS Soundlab MIDI Ultimate with Arturia Keystep in Wooden Case

Published on Jul 6, 2019 Torsten Spiller

"A very first demonstration of the Soundtronics Midi Ultimate which is based on the MFOS Soundlab Ultimate. I made a special version of my DCASE that the Midi Ultimates fits in."

via this auction

"The MIDI Ultimate project is a fully-featured analogue synth with a performance comparable to many commercially available instruments. The MIDI Ultimate is an evolution of the (MFOS) Sound Lab Ultimate design by the late Ray Wilson who is credited for much of the design which has been reproduced with kind permission of in the US.

Synth Features
Three Musically Accurate Voltage Controller Oscillators (VCOs) with sawtooth and variable width pulse wave forms, pulse width modulation, hard-sync, log CV inputs.
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF) 12db/Oct doubles as a sine wave oscillator
Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)with log response
White Noise Generator
Active 8 Channel Mixer for all VCO waveforms, noise and external input
Two Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release Envelope Generators (ADSR)
Two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) with square, ramp, triangle and sawtooth waveforms
Repeat Gate Generator that can also double as another square wave LFO)
Sample & Hold (S&H) with variable sample rate and glide
Toggle Switch Patching with potentiometer mixing
Echo Effect Sound Processor
MIDI to CV Interface with 1-16 channel selector switch, responds to all 128 MIDI note keys
Headphones and Line output
Integral +/- 12Vdc Power supply Regulator (needs external 12Vac 500mA plug top adaptor)
DIY Construction with through hole components
Single board design with PCB mounted pots and switches eliminates panel wiring"

Waldorf Attack Percussion Synthesizer

via this auction

"Very cool and uncommon drum synth. Works great!"

Yellow highlight version. You can find a demo of one here.

Dinsync RE-303 Black

via this auction

"Awesome 303 replica. You know what it is and how sick it can be 😎"

See the seller's other items for more.

Exploring Generate 3

Published on Nov 30, 2019 Joranalogue Audio Design

"Join modular synthesist Gregory Delabelle (Nordlys) for a 20-minute exploration of Generate 3's sonic capabilities. Sound only, no talking, no effects (except for a touch of reverb)."

20191130CS01 SNAPPER 7 FUJIOKA GT Sound

Published on Nov 30, 2019 ryouichi harada


Patch of the Week 34: Formant/Talking Style Bass on monologue

Published on Nov 29, 2019 Korg

"The Korg monologue’s LFO has some really cool fast settings that can be used to create gnarly audio rate modulations. We use those to create a formant/talking style bass sound on monologue."

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Patch n Tweak

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