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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Roland Juno-106 - a few techno patches

Published on Dec 5, 2019 SynthMania

"A few techno setups done on the classic Roland Juno-106:

0:00 Setup A: Mono-bass & Hi-syn
1:20 Setup B: PWM-bass & noisePad
2:43 Setup C: JB-bass & Dist-hit

Drums and FX done in Cubase DAW."

Just a Minute - GIVE II VCO melodying

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Stefan Tretau

ST Modular GIVE II posts

Some info on the module via ST Modular

"Give II12 HP Classic Analog VCO with additional Frequency Divider and Waveform Mixing OptionsIt is not a substitution for GIVE I, but rather another version as it is based on the same core circuit. Actually both versions complement each other very well building a powerful complex oscillator.The VCO provides five outputs, the last four of them can be mixed with an integrated mixer: PULSE, SAW, TRIANGLE, 3x PULSE SUB & NOISEPatching a voltage/audio source into FM you can frequency modulate the oscillator. Incoming voltages can be attenuated with FM CV. In the middle of the module you will find the PWM potentiometer. Here you may change the pulse width of the pulse wave. The width may also be controlled via external voltage with the PWM jack and the PWM CV attenuator.Just like all other classic analog VCOs GIVE II also tracks one volt per octave with the help of the 1V/OCT input jack. Each wave can also be hardsynced by an external wave patched to the SYNC jack.In addition to the classic VCO functions GIVE II also provides an integrated frequency divider. The MIX output jack will not only supply the waveforms SAW, TRIANGLE and NOISE, but also provides up to 3 sub octaves derivated from the PULSE waveform. The volume of each suboctave may be adjusted with the potentiometer SUB 1-3. ORIG will adjust the volume of the original PULSE signal. Using the switch ORIG SQU you can flip the SQUARE waveform."

Elektron Analog Four Live Noodling

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Michael Sagov

"Elektron Analog Four recorded in one take"

miRack - 3 Ways To Add Kick Drums - Beginner Friendly Tutorial!

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Electronisounds Audio


"I'm very excited about the miRack modular synthesizer app on iPad!

In this video, we take a listen to a patch from a friens and iOS sound designer, Spidericemidas. Then, we explore *3 different ways* to add a kick drum to your projects!""

Electronisounds Audio miRack posts

SampleRobot 6.5 Support for the Sequential Prophet X

via Sequential

"In a move guaranteed to please Sequential users, Skyline has just released a new version of their highly acclaimed sampling and editing tool, SampleRobot Pro that provides full support for the Prophet X. SampleRobot Pro 6.5 is a state-of-the-art sampling and sample prep tool that automates the usually labor-intensive process of sampling and sample editing. It allows users to sample MIDI-equipped instruments with a push of button by triggering MIDI notes, program changes, recording audio, truncating samples, and finding smooth loops using sophisticated auto loop processing and transient recognition.

Now, with full Prophet X support, users can use SampleRobot Pro 6.5 to create, edit, and export custom sound libraries into the Prophet X in one streamlined process. It allows the easy creation of multi-sampled Prophet X instruments with multiple velocity layers and other essential features. The tool can also convert existing sample libraries for use with the Prophet X, which features 50 GB of user sample storage at 16-bit, 48 kHz fidelity.

For more information, or to purchase SampleRobot 6.5, visit the SampleRobot website."

Playing the OP-1 with an external keyboard (Arturia Keystep)

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Synth & Sundry

"The Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth has a built-in keyboard but its also able to receive MIDI over USB. Let's take a look at a few examples from different OP-1 synth engines to see if there's any difference in the resulting sound. The external keyboard used is the Arturia Keystep.

The OP-1 synth engines featured in the video are:
- Cluster
- Digital
- Dr Wave

The OP-1 audio was recorded directly on the OP-1 itself to maintain quality as consistent as possible.

The video was shot with a Canon EOS 700D/T5i Rebel. The voiceover was recorded with a Shure SM48 through a Focusrite Scarlett interface. The whole video was edited on Final Cut Pro X."

Oberheim OB-SX

via this auction

"Used in really good condition. Some minor surface wear but the internals were recently serviced and plays well and stays in tune pretty well. All keys work and there are no scratchy pots. This is the later 6 voice version with the slide switch on the back to select a secondary memory ROM.

This may have limited features and controls compared to the OB-X, but when a synth sounds this good you don't need to do a lot of tweaking!"

Note there is an accessory box from midisoft that gives you access to parameters over MIDI via the computer interface on the OB-SX. Click here and scroll down for some demos of it in action.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus Rackmount Sampler w/ Extras

via this auction

"Sequential Circuts Prophet 2002 PLUS Rack Sampler. Basically the Studio 440 without a drum machine/Sequencer but it is the rack version of a Sequential Prophet 2000 Keyboard. Excellent shape. This unit is fully maxed out and complete with all the manuals

Comes with:
- Prophet 2002
- Orginal Manual
- All manuals for all upgrades and midi capabilities. VERY Extensive and educational material for unlocking machines capabilities
- Quick guides so you can get to work right away - Vintage Sequential and Wine Country newletters and catalogs from the 80s
- WINE COUNTRY PROPHET 2002 survival kit with extra parts so it will last for a long time"

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

NIB SIEL Expander 80 & Stage Set w/ Original Box

via this auction

You can find some info the Stage Set in this previous post.

Moogfest Cancelled

Just in via Moog Music:

"Moogfest on Hold to Focus on the Future

Moogfest 2020, originally planned for April 16-19, 2020 in Durham, NC, has been cancelled for logistical reasons.

As an organization, our purpose is to create deeply meaningful experiences and relationships in order to continually enrich our creative community. This intermission will be used to focus on the future of Moogfest and to investigate new ways of exploring the future of music, art, and technology.

Since its inception in 2004, the multi-day interactive tech conference and music festival has drawn both musical pioneers and futurist thinkers as Keynote guests in the science and art fields from around the world. Renowned electronic musicians such as Devo, Laurie Anderson, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Suzanne Ciani, Keith Emerson, Brian Eno, and Giorgio Moroder are among the festival’s past performers. We will continue to support emerging artists, celebrate the musicians who helped shape electronic music as we hear it today, and work diligently to design an event that honors the spirit of Bob Moog and the Moogfest community.

To all attendees, artists, sponsors, presenters, and volunteers: thank you for your support, understanding, and patience as the Moogfest experience continues to evolve.


Your Friends at Moog Music

For ticket holders who pre-purchased access for Moogfest 2020, please email us at for information regarding obtaining a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

DSI Pro 2 & TC Electronic Trinity T2

Published on Dec 5, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

BEHRINGER CRAVE - live jam / night drive

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Aux Out

"7th live jam with my new Behringer Crave synths. Let's increase the tension.
You can buy my music and support me here:

The upper synth plays the pad. The lower one plays the lead.

I used this software:
Ableton Live
Valhalla Shimmer
TAL Chorus LX
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro
FabFilter Pro-L"

Luke Neptune's Soundtrack soundset for Rev2 OUT NOW

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Luke Neptune

"Purchase this soundset here

Soundtrack comes to the Rev2!
Inspired by the sounds of movies and TV ‘Soundtrack’ is designed to be a composers swiss army knife.
Packed with atmospheric and evolving soundscapes, haunting pianos, emotive Hollywood strings, cosmic arpeggios, growling analog leads and wild and wonderful sound FX.
Soundtrack is ideal for movie and TV score work but can also be used for popular music. Use it on your tracks to add atmosphere, vibe, life and movement.
Soundtrack features a handful of recreations of classic sounds from classic movies and TV shows such as John Carpenter Halloween, Vangelis- Blade Runner, Stranger Things (Theme & Kids) & Brad Fiedel- The Terminator Theme.
If you looking for those sci fi sounds, those horror sounds, those distant haunting sounds, those emotional sounds…..
Look no further, Soundtrack is the one for you.

On purchase you will receive step by step instructions on how to load the sounds and how to back up any of your existing patches should you wish to.

Soundtrack loads onto bank 1 so you can have all current Luke Neptune soundsets for the Rev2 on your synth at the same time."

AE Modular - Live Performance at Ambient Waves Festival 2019

Published on Dec 5, 2019 tangible waves

"I was invited to perform at the Ambient Waves Festival 2019 in Munich alongside Dieter Doepfer, Thorsten Quaeschning, Richard Aichert, Andreas Merz and others. It was a wonderful opportunity to play and to demonstrate that this little system can hold its own on a stage with a lot bigger and expensive gear. Big thanks to Andreas Merz for organising this and inviting me.


In this performance I used mainly the AE Modular system and some pads and samples from Ableton Live."

The Roland RS-09 - Forgettable Turkey or Forgotten Gem?

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Alex Ball

"The Roland Organ/Strings 09 (RS-09) was released in 1978 and then updated in 1980 or 1981.

It's a divide-down, paraphonic poly with sounds grouped into Organ I and II (with octave divider sliders) and Strings 8' and 4'.

There's a basic low-pass filter, an LFO (with delay, rate and depth), stereo ensemble with two speeds, envelope release control (with two modes) and a separate attack control on the strings only.

You can use the audio and gate out to run the RS-09 through another synth's filter with control of the filter envelope and you can also run external audio through the RS-09 to add stereo ensemble to it.

Whilst the Roland RS-505 from the same era now commands a high price (as do other 70s string synths), the RS-09 has remained at the cheap end of the analogue vintage synth market.

I wanted to find out if that was because it's crap or whether it's because it's been overlooked, partly for my own curiosity and partly because I often get asked about suggestions of more affordable vintage synths."

Introducing the BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer

Published on Dec 5, 2019 BOSSchannel


The SY-1000 is a breakthrough creation machine that transforms your guitar or bass rig with limitless sound design options. This powerhouse music tool opens a bold new chapter in the legacy of BOSS guitar synth innovation with latest software and hardware advancements.

Backed by a cutting-edge sound engine, high-octane DSP, and evolved GK technology, the SY-1000 delivers the finest performance and most organic playing experience to date.

Three simultaneous instruments and premium processing let you craft any sound you can imagine—intense analog-style leads, warm pads, moving synth textures, modeled electric and acoustic tones, or all at once.

Sonically vast and deeply expressive, the SY-1000 is an infinite well of inspiration, energizing your musical vision with endless possibilities.

In this video, all sounds except the drum are made with the SY-1000, please kindly check the performance with SY-1000 by Alex Hutchings for guitar and Bill Banwell for bass."

Next-Generation GK Synthesizer and Instrument Modeling
Processor for Guitar and Bass

Los Angeles, California, December 5, 2019 — BOSS introduces the SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer, an advanced synthesizer and modeling processor for guitar and bass. Opening a bold new chapter in BOSS guitar synth innovation, the SY-1000 features a newly developed Dynamic Synth and refreshed versions of historic BOSS/Roland instrument modeling and synthesizer technologies. Backed by a cutting-edge sound engine, high-speed DSP, and evolved GK technology, the SY-1000 delivers the finest performance and most organic playing experience yet.

BOSS and its parent company, Roland, have been at the forefront of guitar synthesizer development since 1977, when the landmark GR-500 first introduced guitar synthesis to the world. The SY-1000 is the most powerful guitar/bass synth processor to date, fusing decades of R&D with the latest software and hardware advancements. Leveraging custom DSP and GK independent string processing, the SY-1000 brings numerous musical advantages to players, including ultra-articulate tracking, lightning-fast response, instantly variable tuning, sound panning/layering, and more.

SY-1000 users can build patches with three simultaneous instruments—each with a number of distinctive types to choose from—and combine them for an endless range of sounds. Fed by the processor’s 13-pin GK input, every instrument offers an extensive set of parameters for tone shaping, mixing, and tuning. A normal ¼-inch input is also available to blend in regular guitar/bass pickup sounds.

Deep and expressive, the SY-1000’s Dynamic Synth takes guitar synthesis to a new level, allowing players to craft sounds never before possible. Ten oscillator waveforms are available, plus six filter types, amplifier control, two LFOs, and two 16-part step sequencers for automating pitch, filter, and amplitude parameters. Optimum performance is realized with the GK input, but it’s also possible to play the Dynamic Synth via the normal guitar/bass input.

Complementing the Dynamic Synth are two additional synth instruments. OSC Synth is an analog-style engine with numerous filter options and full ADSR control. Also included is a faithful sonic recreation of the GR-300, Roland’s legendary analog guitar synth from the early 1980s.

The SY-1000’s instrument models include a large selection of classic electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and more. There’s also a unique VIO Guitar instrument that emulates bowed tones, and a Poly FX instrument that produces rich voices with high-res definition.

The SY-1000’s effects and user interface are derived from BOSS’s flagship GT-1000 multi-effects. A large LCD and hands-on knobs enable free-flowing sound creation, and users can customize eight onboard footswitches to operate nearly any function. Deep external control is supported as well. Main and Sub stereo outputs include independent EQs, and there's also an effects loop for integrating external gear.

Dedicated power-up modes optimize the SY-1000 for guitar or bass operation. For full access to all synth and modeling features, a Roland GK-compatible pickup and 13-pin cable are required. User-installable options include the GK-3 Divided Pickup, which is compatible with most standard electric guitars, and the GK-3B Divided Bass Pickup, which works with most 4-, 5-, and 6-string electric basses. GK Ready instruments are also available from many different manufacturers.

Availability & Pricing
The BOSS SY-1000 will be available in January 2020, for $999.99."

Speak&SID - CPC MIDI IN SID + AY Synth

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Michael Wessel

"Turn your CPC into a powerful MIDI IN SID + AY Synthesizer!

A new mode has been added to the Speak&SID firmware - the MIDISID mode.

In this mode, Speak&SID can receive MIDI messages over its UART header to which a 10 $ MIDI breakout board is connected via Dupont cables. The Microkorg is used solely as a MIDI controller here (no sounds from the Microkorg). The incoming MIDI messages are then received by the CPC by reading the Speak&SID serial buffer byte by byte, and analyzed and translated into (polyphonous) notes for the internal CPC AY 3-8912 soundchip. At the same time, these notes are also sent to the (ARM)SID chip on the Speak&SID card, which is then also playing the received notes (currently only 1 voice - but for the AY we are using all 3 voices). With a little bit of additional work on the CPC machine code program, all of the SID's capabilities will be controlled via MIDI and/or the CPC keyboard keys in the near future, hence turning a CPC with Speak&SID into a powerful and inexpensive, versatile SID + AY 3-8912 MIDI IN realtime synthesizer. It is even possible to add one more soundgenerator to the mix - the SpeakJet chip is also a 4channel sound synthesizer! Interestingly, as you can hear, the SID and AY sound chip are slightly detuned from each other. Not sure why this is... maybe I need to tune the SID or AY frequencies a bit? Or maybe that's an ARMSID inaccurarcy? Have to try with my real 6581."

Speak&SID CPC - 2nd Demo, Line Out Recording + LEDs!

Published on Nov 9, 2019 Michael Wessel

"This time, a line out recording of Speak&SID CPC. Last video was taken from the camera's mic. Speak&SID's GPIO LEDs are controlled by the CPC, not the firmware. The 4 LEDs, from left to right, are the GATE bits of the corresponding SID cannels, and the 4th LED indicates changes in filter resonance. As the LEDs are controlled by the CPC / SID Player software, it is also possible to turn this LED display into a volume level indicator display, or other kinds of "lightshows". It is easy to patch the ASM for that (all the SID registers are modeled in software there).

In the meantime, the 2nd PCB revision boards arrived. So I should be able to ship out the first Speak&SID cards early December."

Jean-Michel Jarre sounds on Yamaha Motif XF7 Keyboard - Part II

Published on Dec 5, 2019 adnmusic

"Sound demos rather than real covers
Everything is played or triggered live, thanks to the Motif's custom arpeggios.
No talking, no additionnal tracks (except for the choir in Rendez-Vous III and the drums in London Kid).
Thanks to moessieurs and Zozole for some of the sounds.
Thanks to JMJ and his crew for the music (Guy Delacroix forever !)"

adnmusic Jean-Michel Jarre sounds

Ambient Chaos at Spectrum (Brooklyn, New York)

Published on Dec 5, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We visit Spectrum, a home for experimental and adventurous music in Brooklyn, for the November edition of Ambient Chaos.

Portions of video by Jewel Chaudhary.

Ambient Chaos Returns with four very special acts and Sofy Yuditskaya on live video!

1) Public Speaking/Gabriel Zucker Duo

Brooklyn's Public Speaking is the soulful noise project of sound artist and songwriter Jason Anthony Harris. Live, he uses voice, found objects, radio, synth, and tape recorder, poring over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources.

Gabriel Zucker is a pianist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from New York, whose work combines maximalist compositions with the progressive improvisation of New York’s creative music scene. His music has received two ASCAP composition awards, and has been praised in Downbeat (4.5 stars), All About Jazz (4.5 stars), Stereogum, Jazzwise, and the New York City Jazz Record. A Yale graduate and Rhodes Scholar, Zucker has performed throughout New York at such venues as Carnegie Hall, The Stone, Roulette, and the Jazz Gallery, as well as in 22 countries around the world.

2) The Tony Curtis Experience

The Tony Curtis Experience is
Damien Olsen's approach to Lounge and Exotica from the old school tradition of electronic music.

Influenced by the music of Let's Baxter, John Barry and 60s and 70's TV shows, elaborating a romantic and intricate sonic poem,.
Joined by the talents of Neb Ula the Velvet Queen on Theremin and Jeremy Slater on various electronics.

3) Amanda Chaudhary

4) 4 Airports

4 Airports is a collaboration between guitarist Craig Chin and synthesist Nathan Yeager. Together they create improvised electronic soundscapes, exploring weird sonic terrain and deep ambient textures."

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, Jugend am Werk - MakingOf

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

"Ein Projekt mit Jugendlichen der Produktionsschule STAR, Jugend am Werk, Wien."

"A project with young people from the Production School STAR, Jugend am Werk, Vienna."

The Arpeggiator Analog Groovebox - Introduction and Circuits

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Andreas Remshagen

"This is an Introduction of my DIY-Analog Groovebox, the little Beast.
Here is a Link where you can Download the Description and the Circuits.
Most of them based on the Cirquits from and Ray Wilsons Music
from outer Space. I made some Modifications customized for my own usage
Plans and Cirquits:

The originals you can find here:"

Rainbow from Prism (4MS SMR) - VCV Rack Tutorial

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Omri Cohen

"There's so much to explore with this one...

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here is the patch -"

EMS VCS 3 Cornwall with Mods and Extras

via this auction

"EMS vcs 3 it comes with lots of mods done professionally at the factory in Cornwall,It is in mint condition and comes with all the associated leads for the mods Fully working in every way it’s like new,Also comes with 18 white pins ,8 Grey pins,4 red pins 30 in all Extra,Plus you get Digitana matrix interface,and Digitana Quad midi-cv, these two pieces add loads more options,The keyboard that goes with this Vcs3 Is on order been three years now Don’t know when it will come whoever buys this as the option of getting the keyboard , I also had a case made specially for it when I shipped it from UK to Malta. Better safe than sorry I will ship in case obviously adds to the Cost to shipping,"

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

"Serviced about six years ago by Tone Tweakers, all functions work perfectly (see pictures for Voice Test results).

In great shape - LCD display plastic has slight superficial dullness/hairline marks consistent with age. Case and graphic panel overlay in terrific condition, with original stickers on back. A few very light scuffs and one tiny dent to wooden endcaps (see pictures). Includes original box (in rough shape) and power cable."

Yamaha SS-30 STRINGS Synth SN 2493

via this auction

"This Polyphonic ensemble from Yamaha is in excellent condition, though it does show some tiny signs of age. It is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished. All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated. Thekeyboard has been rebuilt, every keys are working correctly without double triggering. The unit has been calibrated following the factory specifications."

Korg Oasys 76 Keys Music Open Architecture Synthesizer

via this auction

"Loded With EXs-1 EXs-2 STR-1 LAC-1 MOD-7 Expansions

2GB Memory Ram Installed"

Roland V-Synth GT Version 2

via this auction

Future Retro Revolution Limited Edition Orange

via this auction

"Only 9 of these were made. It is signed by Jered the creator & owner of Future Retro, and also numbered by him. It is number 3, fittingly enough. The case is UV reactive, if you're in to that sort of thing.

Unique to this very limited edition and not featured in other Revolution models, Future Retro included one modification that provided a logical *accent* gate output on the ring connector of the gate output jack - so both 'gate' and 'accent' are outputted from the gate output jack, when using a cable splitter. Meaning when you are sequencing analogue gear you output the full range of sequence parameters associated with a 303 sequence - cv, gate, accent. as opposed to simply outputting cv & gate as it is on all the other models of FR Revolution."

Club of the Knobs Model 15

via this auction

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab System - Sonic LAB

Published on Dec 5, 2019 sonicstate
Re-Published on Dec 6, 2019 sonicstate

"Another feature packed system from Pittsburgh Modular, the Voltage Research Laboratory is a combination of the Lifeforms Voltage Lab - a West Coast type of synth combining complex oscillator, secondary oscillator, function generators (2), Dynamics Controllers (2) and an analogue delay.

The Lifeforms Touch Controller - 10 touch pads with 2x CV out plus Gate and Y axis controller and sequencer and the case, a wood panel split case with PSU and utilities."

Roland JUPITER Xm // Review and in-depth tutorial // ZEN-Core engine overview

Published on Dec 5, 2019 loopop

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
3:00 Connectivity
3:40 16 Buttons
4:00 Scenes
4:35 Parts
6:20 Models
8:00 Model assign
9:20 Function
9:55 Partials
10:50 Drum kits
11:55 Effects
14:20 I-Arpeggio
18:00 Sequencing
23:00 Model control
25:20 Osc & filters
27:25 JP-X model
31:30 Menu layout
34:15 Pros & cons"

Teenage Engineering OP-Z jam and review - 3 days, 7 patterns, and first impressions

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Payton Carter

Teenage Engineering OP-Zs on Amazon

"I got an early Christmas present two days ago. I thought I would show you some of the patterns I’ve created so far, and give a quick 'first impression' review of the Teenage Engineering OP-Z.

I’m coming from the Novation Circuit, which I’ve loved, but I was starting to feel the limitations of the two synth tracks and canned presets. I chose the OP-Z so I could expand the number of synth tracks, allow full control of the synth engines without a computer, and use its awesome, esoteric sequencing capabilities.

I’ll start off with some of the things I like. First, the synth engines sound wonderful. They are very usable and musical sounds. I’ve found myself spending less time trying to find the right sound and more time writing music, because the sounds just work in almost every context. I feel like I could use the same set of sounds across diverse genres equally well. I’m able to focus more on melody and composition, rather than sound design, which helps me be a lot more productive.

The step sequencing and punch in effects are fantastic. I haven’t used it enough yet to be comfortable using the punch in effects live, but the step components are great at adding elements of variation and surprise. You can make it so you’ll never hear the same 16-step pattern twice, but the parameters have enough constraint that it never feels chaotic (unless you want it to).

It’s super portable, and the built in battery is convenient. I’ve only had to recharge it once in the two days of use. I don’t think it’s too small to use comfortably, and it’s actually quite nice to just use it on your lap. I can fit the whole thing in my pocket easily. The buttons feel good to play.

The interface is surprisingly intuitive. It took about 2 hours to feel comfortable with the interface, and now I feel like I can perform most of the tasks without consulting the manual. I only have to reference the step component parameters every once in a while. I have an Android phone and didn’t realize until the second day that TE had just released a beta app. Honestly, I didn’t find it too useful. I prefer using it without a connected screen.

The sampling capabilities are great, especially now that you can sample directly through the microphone or USB audio. I’ve been going through my music collection on my phone and building sample packs from them right into the OP-Z. You can use samples as one shots or sources for a synth track, so the sonic capabilities are now pretty much endless.

Here are some of the things I don’t like. First, the reverb is terrible. I don’t know what TE were thinking. There’s only one reverb algorithm, and it’s very digital and harsh sounding. There’s almost no tweaking of the sound. The maximum decay time is much too short. It’s almost useless at adding large space, so I’ve found it really only works as a stereoizer. It works in some cases, but I don’t find myself using it very often.

I’m slightly concerned about build quality. I bought mine used off Reverb, and when I received it, I was disappointed to find that the encoders were popping right out. I scoured the forums and found a little Teflon thread tape around the encoders should fix the problem. It worked wonders and I haven’t had problems with that since. The back panel is a little loose. The buttons do double trigger every once in a while, which makes me worried for their longevity.

The synth engines, while great sounding, are a little limited. There’s not much tweaking of the sounds, so everything ends up sounding pretty similar. This is less of a con than I thought, because the sounds are very usable and work across many genres. I’ve always held that composition much more important than sound design, anyway.

I wish an analog of the mixer interface on the app was available on the device. You have to go to the fourth page of parameters on each track to change its volume. That’s not very practical in a live setting.

There’s no excuse for how little memory is on board. 32 Mb is just unacceptable in 2019. As great as the sampling capabilities are, there’s only room for 4 different six-second samples per synth track, so you have to pick your favorites unless you want to constantly shuffle samples back and forth from your computer.

Despite its limitations, I’m in love with this thing. It’s my desert island instrument for sure. I am super productive while using it, I can take it anywhere and make music anywhere, and it’s just plain fun to use. Mine was supposed to get wrapped and put under the Christmas tree, but I don’t think I can let that happen."

KORG VC-10 Comes to Software in Full Bucket Vocoder


"The Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a software plug-in for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) simulating the classic KORG VC-10 Vocoder from 1978. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. The main features are:

20 band full stereo vocoder
64 voice polyphonic built-in Tone Generator section
Accent Bending and Vibrato effects
Optional WAV file playback
Fully tweakable Analysis/Synthesis section
Tweakable Ensemble effect
Double precision audio processing
All parameters can be controlled by MIDI controllers
Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32 bit and 64 bit)"


Patch n Tweak

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