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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Published on Dec 10, 2019 Jason Basson

"I recently moved to a new home. It took a lot of work to bring all my gear towards my new studio! Enjoy this video!"

some HydraSynth fun

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"Just having a bit of fun with the Hydrasynth"

ARP 2600 Modular Synthesizer SN 26690 & 36710

via this auction

"We meticulously refurbished this 2600 in an attempt to future proof it and to make it better than others you may find. This included the following work:

Replaced all faders and slider caps with brand new ones, so all faders work great, with no crackle at all (our cost for these parts was nearly $500)
Rebuilt power supply in an attempt to greatly extend its life.
Replaced synth section handle with similar one.
Replaced tantalum caps as a preventative measure to greatly extend this units life.
Replaced reverb tank rubber bushings.
Replaced rubber bushings in keyboard.
Cleaned keyboard J-wires and bus bars.
Resoldered feet of all modules.
Replaced Cinch Jones connector.
Replaced 3 4027-1 and 1 4015 submodules with our tech's exact replicas so future repairs will be possible (the originals are sealed and cannot be opened for servicing).
Corrected mistakes made at the factory (a couple connections were never soldered!)
The tolex was a bit chewed up along the edges, so we used a black marker to color the wood where it was showing. Replacing the tolex is possible but we're unfortunately not set up to do that here, so we will leave that decision up to the buyer.
Lengthy burn in test, systematically tested multiple times and working perfectly.
...and more.

This work required a total of 30 hours of skilled labor.

The synth section comes with a lid, though it appears to have come from a later 2600 as the tolex does not match. The keyboard section comes without a lid. Sale includes power cord and new Cinch Jones keyboard connector cable."


via this auction, also on Reverb

"This unit has been fully refurbished and is working perfectly. It was disassembled and cleaned inside and out. A couple minor repairs were performed. The aftertouch has been tested and is working well. We want our items to hopefully continue to work well long into the future, so we paid our tech to do some preventative work in an effort to future-proof this VS. All tact switches were replaced with new ones and work flawlessly, as they seldom do these days. Although the original display was working well, we replaced it with a much better and way brighter brand new one that can easily be seen in the dark. The battery still held the onboard memory, but we replaced it anyway so its next owner shouldn't have to worry about it dying anytime soon. We also reloaded the factory patches. The power capacitors have been replaced, which is something we normally do with synths of this age. This VS is better than most other VS's you'll find and is being sold by perfectionists. One thing we should mention for those as critical as we are is that the data slider wobbles ever so slightly when moved, but there's nothing wrong with it - is in fine working order. This VS should make its next owner very happy. It's a real pleasure to play!"

OBERHEIM OB-X 8 Voice Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb


The stock OBX has poor tuning, so we modify them to improve their tuning and make them playable.

This treatment requires approximately 60 hours of skilled labor, and our pricing naturally reflects this.

This OB is for the discriminating electronic musician who simply wants the best.

This unit is working perfectly and sounds like nothing else."

ROLAND JUPITER-6 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 311707

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Like nearly all the high end vintage analog synths we sell, this item has been METICULOUSLY disassembled, cleaned inside and out, FULLY serviced by professionals who’ve been servicing and selling vintage synths for more than the last 2 decades, and systematically tested multiple times over a long period to ensure it’s working exactly as it should. No BS. No ebay surprises. We’re perfectionists and don’t cut corners. Although this instrument came to us in relatively good shape, we want our items to be better than the rest and invested *many* hours of tech time plus parts costs to fully overhaul this unit so it would be clean, working like new again and as reliable as possible for its next owner. This was a serious investment of time, love, and money, and was definitely worth the effort and is of course reflected in the higher than usual price. If you’re looking for a great sounding example of this model that works just like it should without needing to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in tech fees and waiting from weeks to years, this one should make you very happy.

DETAILS: we paid our tech for 20 hours of skilled labor to not only fully refurbish this unit but also to future-proof it, so it hopefully wont need any work done to it for a long time. Power supply recapped and rebuilt, all pots replaced with new ones, replaced voice card caps, cleaned inside and out, cleaned key contacts and bus bar, replaced battery and reloaded patches, etc. This is costly work that makes our JP6 much better and more valuable than others you may find. Ebay limits the number of photos to 12. There are more on our website."


via this auction

360 SYSTEMS SPECTRE Oberheim SEM Based Guitar Synth

via this auction, also on Reverb

"We fully serviced this unit a few years ago and used it occasionally since then. The 360 Systems Spectre is an Oberheim SEM (synthesizer expander module) with a built in guitar interface. The SEM is legendary for its excellent tone, thanks in great part to its sweet multimode filter. We got this unit without a guitar pickup, so it hasn’t been tested with a guitar. We had our tech rewire the transpose A and B jacks so they’re now CV and gate inputs so this unit can be controlled with a Roland or similar type 1 volt per octave synth with CV and gate outputs. Since we don’t have a pickup to test this unit with, we don’t know if the guitar interface section is working, so although we have no reason to believe it’s not working, we cannot guarantee it and are therefore selling it as is. 1 of the latches that holds the case closed is missing but the case still closes ok. There's a new fuse-holder too."

The Datanomics SYNTHI 100

This one is in via MATRIXSYNTH reader, Daniel Araya of Camp303 who also restored the Belgrade SYNTHI 100 featured here.

"I just restored the University of Cuenca Synthi 100!

This is the last S100 ever made, by the company Datanomics that took over EMS in 1979.

They produced this unit in 1981/82 and it was used at Gabinete de Música Electroacústica de Cuenca (G.M.E.) until it was put in storage for many years.

Now, thanks to professors Sylvia Molina Muro and Julio Sanz Vázquez a new G.M.E. is started and the Synthi 100 is restored to be used at the University.

The Synthi had been stored in a good environment and was in a nice state.

This machine is very different from the other S100's, it is completely redesigned internally by Datanomics and is using CEM chips (Curtis Electromusic Specialities) that made it a lot simpler to service because the reduced number of components.

The sequencer and keyboard are based around Z80 microcontrollers and are greatly improved from the old ones. Some components had not aged well so I changed out every power supply capacitor and replaced some broken IC's and went through all modules and functions.

I managed to fix about 97% of it in two days, a small part of the sequencer and some controls are still left for the next visit.

The new studios are modern and spacious and sports an amazing vintage quadrophonic Genelec 1024B sound system that is also being restored as well as some cool vintage outboard effects and various reel to reel tape recorders.

I also discovered an original ad/article for this synth while researching, check this out.

pic attached (with a classic Akai sampler as a bonus!)

/Daniel Araya"

The Commodore Music Maker Deluxe

Published on Dec 10, 2019 MrCaliforniaD

"I made this keyboard out of a broken Commodore machine and a Arturia MiniBrute keybed.

This thing is not a MIDI controller nor a Arduino / Raspberry Pi design. It uses carbon contacts that act as switches and connect directly on the keyboard matrix inside a Commodore 64.

Because of this, it can be used with ANY programs that allow the musician to play notes directly on the C64's keyboard, allowing you to use a wide vierity of original music programs that were compat"

OMD's Enola Gay :)

The Commodore Music Maker Deluxe Part 2 - The making of

Published on Dec 23, 2019 MrCaliforniaD

A Clockwork Orange Opening Theme with the Moog Matriarch and Grandmother

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Mattelica

"Live take of Wendy Carlos' opening track for A Clockwork Orange with the Moog Matriarch on chords and Moog Grandmother on bass to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4 lens."

SOUNDMIT 2020 and TORINO SYNTH MEETING Set for November 2020

Check out previous posts featuring SOUNDMIT here. Note exhibitor sign up is currently 20% until 31 Dec 2019. Details follow:


The Soundmit and the Torino Synth Meeting are preparing to celebrate 10 years of activity together by announcing a 2020 full of surprises!

The dates of the next international exhibition dedicated to synths, electronic musical instruments, and new technologies are already set.

The event will always take place in November but the dates change a little, the Soundmit moves from the first to the third weekend of the month that the City of Turin dedicates to contemporary art, to consolidate international and institutional collaborations. So schedule the dates for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November 2020 right now!

The Soundmit 2019 closed on the rise with a turnout of 1200 paying visitors, 180 operators in the sector, 55 brands on display with 12 countries represented, over 30 hours of workshops and showcases and 7 live shows during which we celebrated the 100 years of the Theremin.

Trovarsi Eurorack Techno Tutorial With Noise Engineering Modules

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"LA-based techno artist Trovarsi recently came by our shop to talk about modular synth techniques. If you're curious about how to make techno with a modular synth, this is a great place to start. In this demo, she shows that even the most modest setups can be powerful musical tools when approached with some fundamental techniques and a healthy dose of experimentation. Learn more here:

Trovarsi uses a 62hp Intellijel Palette case of Noise Engineering modules to create an array of alien percussion, slithering bass lines, and frantic, aggressive leads. By linking several sequencers and modulation sources to a single clock source (the Horologic Solum), she keeps everything moving together. Her only sound sources are a Basimilus Iteritas Alter and a Manis Iteritas—but by deploying some clever patching, she expands these into a complex tapestry of fluid, yet aggressive sound.

Proving you don't need a lot of gear to make compelling sounds, Trovarsi turns this tiny system into a full-fledged, in-your-face groovebox."

Novation Peak & Strymon Big Sky

Published on Dec 10, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

AudioKit L7 - Live Looper - Let’s Explore - iPad Live

Published on Dec 10, 2019 The Sound Test Room

Release post with details and official demo posted earlier today here.

New Panoptigon Format Disc – GRAND PIANO

Panoptigon plays SILENT NIGHT Published on Dec 1, 2019 optigandotcom

"SILENT NIGHT recorded on Quilter Labs' PANOPTIGON, featuring the new Panoptigon format disc GRAND PIANO (available now!) as well as the Optigan format DARKSOPHONE and Orchestron format VOCAL CHOIR and SOLO FEMALE VOICE discs. Please see for more information."


Published on Dec 10, 2019 optigandotcom

"Announcing a new disc for PANOPTIGON from Quilter Labs! This is the third disc in the new Panoptigon format, only playable on Panoptigon (

GRAND PIANO expands on the concept of our original Orchestron format Piano disc, in that it takes advantage of the full 60-note keyboard of the Panoptigon format, and also we've arranged more complex rhythmic figures for the individual notes, in 6/8 time. As with all of our discs featuring rhythmically articulated scale tones, GRAND PIANO is best used for playing sustained chords to produce rippling, arpeggiated patterns and textures. It's also great for playing in reverse for even more ambient effects.

GRAND PIANO can only be played on PANOPTIGON, and is NOT compatible with Optigan or Orchestron.

The raw piano recordings used on this disc are open-source samples available here:"

How to use a Raspberry PI as a synthesizer

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"How to use a Raspberry PI as a synthesizer. Table of contents below! The Raspberry PI is a popular card-sized computer. In this video, I show how to set up a Raspberry PI V3 as a virtual analog synthesizer with keyboard and knobs for realtime sound tweaking, using standard MIDI controllers and some very minor shell script editing. The result is a battery powered mini synth, creating quite impressive sounds! There's a demo at the start of the video showcasing some sounds I came up with.

This video is not about Pure Data or DSSI - that's a topic for a separate video.

Table of contents
00:00 demo (Synth V1 App, realtime tweaking of sounds)
02:48 hello
03:23 required / optional hardware
04:47 required / recommended software downloads
05:18 installation instructions
06:15 enabling remote access to your PI
06:40 installing music software
07:19 you don't know JACK... (and you don't know ALSA)
08:55 Bristol synthesizer - DX7 emulator
09:19 Bristol synthesizer - Korg polysix emulator
10:01 synth v1
10:32 XRUN callbacks?
11:32 lol, Linux
11:38 setting up a patch bay in qjackctl for reusing setups
12:29 setting up synth v1's control scheme for external midi gear
13:30 creating a boot script for launching your setup after switching on
14:25 conclusion"

The Roland XV-5080 Comes to Roland Cloud

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Roland Cloud

"Released in 2000, the Roland XV-5080 stepped onto the scene, leaving a mighty footprint. Described for years as “Roland's ultimate sound module,” the XV-5080 boasted immense PCM-based multitimbral synthesis power, sophisticated modulation, an array of pro-quality DSP effects, and compatibility with the popular SRX Expansion Board series.

Its fidelity and technological adaptability were unmatched at the time and embraced heavily by composers and producers spanning a wide range of genres.

The rackmount Roland XV-5080 was an undisputed hit.

With over 900 presets in its library, Roland Cloud’s XV-5080 facilitates genre-hopping fluidity. From low-end theory to iconic retro game sounds and symphonic masterpieces, this instrument is limited only by the imagination. The categorical search function makes finding the perfect sonic complement to your workflow effortless."

Roland Juno-106 Analog Synthesizer (1984) Forever Young - Alphaville

Published on Dec 10, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

I think each one of us has a soundtrack of life, that is, certain songs that connect with formative situations in life. The first love, a moment when you were very happy or maybe even unhappy lost someone.
The song "Forever Young" by the German synthesizer pop group Alphaville was released in 1984. It was the band's second single. There are songs that shape one in many different ways. This one is in my personal Top5.
In 1989 I was lucky enough to catch an Amiga license album. In the GDR, Western music was hardly to be found. The VEB Amiga Berlin pressed few albums, which were under the counter and if, then only with relations to get. In July 1989, shortly before my 17th birthday, I was able to buy an album on the black market. This moment of happiness.
I wanted to cover the track, as a small tribute to this wonderful song.
In the original they used the Jupiter 8, PPG wave, Logan String Melody 2 and for the solo at the end the Arp Odyssey. I recorded everything with the Juno-106. That is also from the year 1984.;)

all synthesizer sounds: #Roland #Juno-106 Analog #Synthesizer (1984) except the aah sound is from the Emax
drums: E-MU Emax samples
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay"

VoxSyn Pro

Published on Dec 10, 2019 virsyn

"VoxSyn Pro - Voice Controlled Synthesizer and Vocoder for iOS devices

Available very soon on the App Store:"

Fun with S&H

Published on Dec 10, 2019 DoveAudio

"I did a quick tutorial on how I use the S&H to create interesting wavechanges on the WTF using my sequencer.
I continued playing and this happened :)"

Oberheim SEM Notepad

via this auction

Another synth memo pad. This one based on the SEM. Also check out the MS20 and SH-101 if you missed them.

"Synthesizer shaped stationery. It is not OBERHEIM SEM.
Include Memo pad & Knob type push pins & Pen stand (Pen is not included).
Knobs are rotatable.
The package is in a folded state. Please assemble by yourself."

See the Synth Bling label for more stocking stuffers.

Update: these and others are also available on Etsy.

Oberheim Matrix 6

via this auction

Arp Solina String-Ensemble Synthesizer SN 0119922

via this auction

White ARP Odyssey MKI 2800 Lumina Sliders w/ Several Mods

via this auction

"Arp Odyssey (2800) Lumina. heavily modified by Phil Cirocco of Discrete Synthesizers/CMS (best Arp tech in the states, maybe world). Phil did the lumina mod so the sliders are 100% functional, LED-modded and AWESOME. Phil also did all the mods you see: LFO free run switch, ext audio in, CV/Gate/VCF inputs, highpass/bandpass switch and ADSR time/range extension switch. he also overhauled it, leveled the keybed, general maintenance, etc. awesome awesome condition. minor little marks here and there (hey, it's almost 50 years old!) but nothing major. the mods alone were $1800."

Korg Mono/Poly w/ Tubbutec MIDI,

via this auction

"This beautiful Korg Monopoly with all the goodies !
Hardcase, documents, and first owner invoice !
This MP-4 has been fully serviced,
- All the potentiometers have been cleaned and lubricated.
- The Keybed has been un mounted, cleaned all the contacts and re-graphited.
- the Tubbutec midi upgrade has been installed.
- The factory calibration has been completed on the synthesizer !

This is an excellent and really versatile synthesizer with 4 VCOs !"

Roland Juno-60 w/ Extras

via this auction

"This Juno 60 is a piece of Museum, it comes with all the original documents, soft case and preset tape from Roland,
The documents included the owner invoice (blank !) the owner Manuel and the preset bank A and B documents.
I also had the tape to load back the presets and some jack adapters from Roland, still with the Roland plastic envelopes.
This synthesizer itself is in excellent condition, it shows some tiny signs of wear but the keyboard and push buttons are still in a really beautiful colour, not yellowish.
The synthesizer has been meticulously serviced and calibrated.
It works really great !"

Rare Roland SH-7 fully serviced and calibrated

via this auction

"Duophonic and so many modulation possibilities, 2 VCO 1dual and 1single,
Ring mod 2env a great filter and a modulation section really complete !
This synth sounds like no other one.
This is a must have to own for every collector.
This one has been fully serviced,
The VCO boards had some OPAmp changed
The LFO section as well, the KCV board has been inspected as the hold parameter tends to drift. This one does not !
In other words this is a fully working SH-7 ready to get a new home !"

Percussa SSP Super Signal Processor

via this auction

Erica Synths Exits DIY

via Erica Synths

"The current line of Erica Synths DIY series modules will be discontinued & the remaining stock is available with 15 % off

Erica Synths has decided to shift the focus of its DIY kit development towards more educational kits, designed for learning the basics of electronics. They will be simple, affordable kits with extensive manuals about building and “how it works” and recommendations for modifications and experiments with design. We want to provide exciting teaching aids for electronics classes and for people who want to get deeper into electronics. Modules will be eurorack-compatible but will have some design compromises in order to make them understandable for beginners in electronics. We will continue to retail our current DIY modules while stocks last. We will not make future runs of our current designs and will terminate the customer support for DIY designs in the time of a year."

Hillman – Vintage Combo Synth

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2019 Klevgrand

"Hillman is a synthlike instrument inspired by old combo-organs, string machines and similar vintage gear. It has 4 voices per note, each with selectable waveform (transistor:ish, tube:ish, sine and special plasma), octave switch and a level control. The sound is generated with an analog approach, but does not use samples or sampled wavetables. Hillman also has an intuitive ADSR envelope control, FX section with Chorus, Phaser & Reverb, and comes with many built-in presets."

New Quadrax Intellijel QX Expander Video

Added a 4th video in the playlist posted here.

Roland CR-8000 | Unboxing

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Doctor Mix

"Today I unbox the CR-8000 by Roland... in Canada!"

One of my favorite things to do when traveling in the late 90s and early 2000s was to hit pawn shops. There's just something about picking up a used synth and checking it out in the hotel room. Sound dirty.. I'd always have to go through a cleaning ritual.

A Speak & Spell Vocal Effect Plugin?

Published on Dec 10, 2019 once upon a synth

"This is a tutorial and demo of the Soniccharge Bitspeek VST plugin. It's an audio effect plugin which uses technology similar to that used in the old Speak & Spell toys. You can use it to process your vocals to sound like a robot. Or you can use it to inject some lofi vibes into your tracks."

Father & Sonthesizer Ep. 19: CV Panning Mixer

Published on Dec 10, 2019 George Kay

"In this series me and my dad talk about our DIY synths and current projects/past experiences. This episode we introduce you to our next upcoming project by way of a CV Panning Mixer!

Website: https://fatherandsonthesizer.wordpres..."

All parts here.

Minilogue XD, is it REALLY awesome? - Complete review/tutorial

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Woochia's Beats & Bobs

0:00 Intro
1:11 Overview and presets
4:45 Master section and arpeggiator
7:35 Oscillator section (Analog osc)
11:56 Filter section
13:57 Envelope and LFO section
18:14 Effect section
21:10 Sequencer and automations
24:45 Edit mode (menus)
26:36 Joystick
27:59 Multi engine (digital osc)
32:15 Importing user effects and oscillators
33:32 Conclusion


Peter Allwin's user oscillators:

Mutable Instruments' website:

Download KORG's USB driver and sound librarian:

DirtBoxSynth's filter pack:

Baloran The River

Published on Dec 10, 2019 MrFirechild

"Baloran The River, an 8-voice analog synthesizer from France! A synth with its own sound and character which excels in magic pads and strings. The song is a tribute to both The River and JMJ and is using sounds exclusively from The River except the Drums. Composed and produced by"

CHRT Tube Analog Synths! Synthplex 2019 z28 Very quick look

Published on Dec 9, 2019 VJ FRANZ K

"Noticed this on the way out! It's a little different than your usual, something to watch..."

You can find additional posts featuring CHRT here.

AudioKit L7 Live Looper

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2019 AudioKit

"Available on the App Store:" - Limited intro price: $3.99, normally $19.99

"L7 is the new live loop­er from Au­dio­K­it and Coda Labs. With up to 16 tracks and 8 ef­fects per track it’s an incredibly powerful loop­er for iOS.

In­spired by the RC-505 Loop Sta­tion, L7 packs dozens of fea­tures pre­vi­ous­ly only found in pro­fes­sion­al hard­ware loop­ers into a sleek, easy to use pack­age with vir­tu­al­ly un­lim­it­ed cre­ative po­ten­tial.

+ Record up to 16 tracks
+ 8 ef­fects per track + mas­ter ef­fects & in­put ef­fects
+ Pan
+ Re­verb
+ Tremo­lo
+ Tem­po de­lay
+ Pitch shift (± 12 semi­tones)
+ Comb fil­ter
+ High pass fil­ter
+ Low pass fil­ter
+ “Voice ­tune” (inspired by Auto-tune) with 144 dif­fer­ent scales, con­trol amount & speed
+ Au­to­mat­i­cal­ly trig­ger ef­fect changes hands-free
+ Vari­able loop length with auto-stop
+ Mute / un­mute in­di­vid­ual sec­tions of a track
+ Over­dub tracks
+ Save ses­sions and ex­port wave files and mixdowns to use in your fa­vorite DAW
+ Im­port au­dio from any file for­mat (wav, mp3, aiff, m4a, etc.)
+ Au­diobus com­pat­i­ble
+ Sync with oth­er apps us­ing Able­ton Link
+ Works with most USB au­dio in­ter­faces
+ Best with wired head­phones


Looping is one of the most exciting things to do on an iOS device. Musicians, vocalists, noise makers, professionals, beatboxers, and hobbyists alike will be delighted by this new looper app from AudioKit.

Inspired by one of the most popular hardware loopers on the market, the legendary RC-505 Loop Station, L7 brings this power to iOS. Easy to use for beginners. Powerful enough for the stage and studio.

L7’s killer features include “VoiceTune” (inspired by Auto-Tune) and the ability to apply eight different effects to each audio track individually. AudioKit L7 is the first iOS looper to have both input (microphone) and output (performance) effects.

You can turn every-day sounds like humming, whistling, and finger tapping into dreamy musical motifs that sound like they were recorded in a professional studio.

Additionally, L7 is the first iOS looper to have effect triggering, which allows you to automatically trigger multiple effect changes in time with the metronome. With this feature you can create powerful, spontaneous musical moments like bass drops and beat changes.

Users can save their sessions and can even export their creations and use them in a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) on their computer to make full-fledged tracks.

L7 is a premium app, which means that once you’ve bought it, it’s entirely yours. There are no in-app purchases, ads, or subscriptions.

It’s available beginning Dec 10th for an intro price of $3.99

This app has an amazing story. Daniel Kuntz started making apps in high school, inspired and enabled by the AudioKit framework. When Daniel met the founder of AudioKit, Aure Prochazka, earlier this year, they quickly discovered their mutual love of loopers.

'AudioKit people were incredibly welcoming, which was a really big deal. I felt like it legitimized my work. It really encouraged me to keep going. I honestly thought they were out of my league. I did not ever consider that we would develop an app together. It’s like a dream come true.' – Daniel Kuntz

Aure was instantly impressed with Daniel’s drive, design skills, and musicality at such a young age. He enthusiastically wanted to partner with Daniel with the mission of creating the most fun and powerful looper for iOS. They might have done it."

Patch n Tweak

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