MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020

OB-6: "Amberlight"

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Kris Lennox

"Something I wrote at/on the OB-6 earlier. The OB-6 is an instrument that inspires & triggers music/creativity. Sit down, program a sound, and the mind travels to new creative places. I took the Obi to a friend's house a while back, and he was lost for hours. If you ever get the chance to play one, capitalise on it.

Dave & Tom really did pull a blinder with the Obi. What an instrument. There's something achingly nostalgic about the sound. SEM filter sweeps are legendary - but the OB6 has a tender sound when the filter is backed off. Very subtle tone that sits wonderfully in a mix.

If pushed, I'd have to say the the Obi is most likely my all-time favourite polysynth - of any era. Like most, I enjoy the variety of tone from various monos - but like many, I'm more particular RE polys; not for any elitist reason, but more a case of it being very difficult to produce a great-sounding polysynth. Great monos are plenty; great polys, perhaps less so.

RE the track: I added some gentle percussion (North African shakers), and the low bass is a second layer I recorded on the Obi after filming the main part. I'm playing with the metronome as the shakers are sampled/sequenced, hence the timing of the main part needed to be tight.

Enjoy/all best

Easel Basic Feedback

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Todd Barton

"Once again going down the feedback patch rabbit hole :-)
And thank you to Gabriele Gasparotti for camera work and studio at Muga Muchū Morphing Theatre"

ESK - Percussa SSP Choir & Rock Guitar

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Metunar

"This Percussa patch has 10 samples running. The samples are a choir loop (made with a Sequential Prophet X), a rock guitar loop and 8 single shot guitar samples.
For sequencing i used a ARC Serge TKB."

Live jam with GOOD VIBES! - (Just Be Yourself!)

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Electronisounds Audio


"Live jam with GOOD VIBES! - (Just Be Yourself!)"

Happy, upbeat and inspirational (?) live performance.
The vocal samples are from Cuckoo, and Virtual Riot.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

Christopher Kah and Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX & TR-8S Performance

Published on Feb 15, 2020 RolandChannel

"Christopher Kah is a multidisciplinary electronic music producer and performer from France. He mastered the art of sound design and his performance on stage is always an evolving concept of DJing, synthesizers, drum computers and samplers.

In this live performance, Christopher combines the powerful Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX with the Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer that embraces his approach in creating dynamic and evolving Techno performances with a limited hardware setup."

Roland JD-XA 49-Key Analog/Digital Hybrid Synthesizer SN Z6J3815

via this auction

Studio Electronics Code 8 Voice Synthesizer SN 1384

via this auction

8 Voices
8 x Moog, Oberheim, CS80 and 1 x ARP Filter
Overdrive Mod

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Dreadbox Hysteria Performance VCO

Published on Feb 15, 2020 RinghausenMusic

SEQUENTIAL PRO 3 - Ambient Arpeggiator & Sequencer Soundscapes | Synth Demo

Published on Feb 15, 2020 synth4ever

"Sequential PRO 3 SE synthesizer demo, featuring 4 different ambient arpeggiator & sequencer soundscapes. Filmed at Sequential headquarters, this Sequential PRO 3 demo uses arpeggiator, sequencer and effects such as reverb and delay to demonstrate some ambient-style music and soundscapes while tweaking various PRO 3 parameters.

The Sequential PRO 3 is a hybrid multi-filter mono synthesizer with 60 knobs and 70 buttons, FATAR 37-note semi-weighted keyboard and 3-voice optional paraphony mode (feat. individually gated envelopes per oscillator). The PRO 3 features 3 oscillators (two VCOs + one wavetable), 3 analog filters, 3 LFOs, 4 loopable envelopes, noise, hard sync, glide, tuned feedback, analog distortion, arpeggiator, 16x16x4 sequencer + 16-track sequencer, dual digital effects engines, touch slider and mod wheels, and a staggering 32-slot mod matrix.

The PRO 3's sound can be powerful and aggressive but also airy and atmospheric depending how you program it. The 2 analog VCOs + wavetable oscillator also open up new combinations of sound design that, when combined with the 32-slot mod matrix, provides unparalleled flexibility.

In this ambient-style demo video I tried to convey how easy it is to tweak the PRO 3 in live use to create music on the fly, and use the effects to enhance the sound further. The Sequential PRO 3 is a powerhouse analog synthesizer and the wavetable oscillator, huge modulation matrix and deep sequencer capabilities allow for incredible creative potential. Hope you enjoy the demo."

Nicholas Semrad's Sequential Rev 2 Patch Set

Published on Feb 14, 2020 Nicholas Semrad

"Here is a demo video for my available-for-purchase Sequential Prophet Rev 2 Patch Set. You can purchase these patches at my website,

I've specifically made 50 patches (10 basses, 10 leads, 10 pads, and 20 aux key patches) for this set and it includes many patches I've recorded with and played live. Thanks for Emily Hoerdemann for the cover design!"

For three voices - Novation Summit, SCI Pro One & Digitakt

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Ehsan Gelsi

Stream, buy and steal my music:

BOSS SYB-3 Watch

via this auction

BOSS SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer Limited Wristwatch w/ original box.

MACBETH M5 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is the Original M5 with the black & orange colour scheme, as used for the later version ARP 2600.

Note that whilst it looks like a later model Rev.3 ARP2600, the M5's sound is both Moog and Oberheim inspired.

[Update: note the lawsuit mentioned below never happened. There was contention over the filter but it never got to that.  via Wikipedia: "Early versions contained an imitation of Robert Moog's 4-pole 'ladder' VCF, later the subject of a threatened (though ultimately nonexistent) lawsuit"Also the epoxy covered modules were likely more for performance reasons. Not sure if it was to stabilize temperature and to isolate the modules. See the comments at the bottom of this post for more.]

The original ARP 2600 (Blue Meanie model) that many/most claim sounds best of the 2600's, stole the Moog filter design of course, hence epoxy sealed units, lawsuit, 4072 ARP filter redesign, etc... Plus, the M5 actually dwarfs the 2600 in overall height + size. This M5 is one of around 90 (I think) of the original versions that were hand made between 2005/6, so only 14-15 years old compared with over 40 for a 2600.

It has great build quality courtesy of Ken McBeth. No tiny slider tops or mini jack sockets to fiddle with... On a practical note you can get multiple (man sized) finger tips between the slider tops for patching/mixing/modulation purposes. A joy to play with as you can easily see all patch points, sources, destinations, signal flow, etc.

As regards stability & tuning, many older analogue synths had & still do have problems with these factors. This M5 tunes very accurately and holds tune throughout every session, nor is this dependent on whether it's hot or not - inside or out, as was the downside of many old analogue synths, though it's appreciated some do like such instability... I prefer to start off with known stability & increase detuning/instability if/when needed. There is even a stability pot on Osc#3 for dialing in that effect when required, except it's under your control and not at the mercy of other elements...

IMO the M5 is sonically much more powerful and versatile than the 2600, based on the dual filter type design alone.


via this auction

"The Polymorph is basically four synths loaded with synth and drum sounds, geared towards electronica and other forms of synthesizer music. Individual ADSR's and filters per oscillator make for a totally tweakable and flexible synthesizer.

The sequencer: 16 step, 8 variations, 4 parts or instruments. Parts and even notes can be muted or changed in real time to build and decompose grooves or synth textures. There are also preset phrase patterns to play around with.

The PolyMorph is beefed up by a great set of effects. Add distortion, EQing, reverb, chorus, flange, etc. to each of the four parts independently! The controls, knobs and sequencer can all be controlled via MIDI for in-studio use, however the impressive multi-effects implementation alone is a major hint that the PolyMorph is a machine suited for live, DJ and on the fly music production."

Access Virus TI Desktop Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

CAVISYNTH : SLKT4 Sequential Switch

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Quick audio demo and overview of the SLKT4 from Cavisynth.
The SLKT4 will then start a rotation by changing steps each time it receives a clock signal.
The corresponding input signal will then be assigned to the output of the module. You will be able to create complex and evolutive rhythms or more varied melodious sequences."


"This module was designed and assembled in Switzerland by hand and with love.

4 step low cost sequential switch
Easy to build, easy to use !

Plug simply 2, 3 or 4 (CV,CLOCK,TRIGGER) signal to the inputs
Send the outpout to a VCO, VCA, EG, drum module or anyway
Choose numbers of steps do you want (2-3-4)
Plug in one external clock or trig signal
The SLKT4 will then start a rotation by changing steps each time it receives a clock signal.
The corresponding input signal will then be assigned to the output of the module. You will be able to create complex and evolutive rhythms or more varied melodious sequences.

Technical specifications:

Format – Eurorack
Power consumption – 25mA [+12V] / 10mA [-12V]
Module width – 4HP (20mm)
Module depth – 40mm (Skiff friendly)
Weight – 30g"

Buchla Music Easel - EMS VCS3 card exploration

Published on Feb 9, 2020 012358 13

"Having some fun with the Easel and the VCS3 card :)"

EMS VCS3 card by Portabellabz

Buchla Cosmic Drone - Session 12 - Modular Drone Music Performance

Published on Feb 15, 2020 The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for listening! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

Relax and tune into our live weekly improvised Drone Sessions. This twelfth session involves a drone featuring two independent Buchla style complex and modulation oscillators starting in tune a couple octaves apart. As the oscillator frequencies drift apart by way of manual control, beating ensues. Listening to droning oscillators can serve as mindfulness sounds as there is no sudden changes in sound. Just smooth drifts in pitch and the resulting beat frequencies. Drones can also serve as an ambient track to have on while doing tasks that require intense focus. Drones are also great for a Sci-fi film soundtrack. The slow yet progressive nature of a drone performance can help one focus on tasks without distraction. The fact that we are manipulating these oscillators live and in collaboration helps the drone meander ever so smoothly in an evolving fashion as we are always reacting to one another's subtle movements. These movements are improvised so there is an unrehearsed and reactive ebb and flow to the tones generated. Engage in the practice deep listening with us.

The electronic music instruments used in this performance of modular drone music are the Buchla Music Easel, and a small system involving a Buchla clone model 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator, Buchla 292h Dual Lowpass Gate, and 281h Dual Function Generator in the Buchla LEM Powered 3 Boat.

The Galaxy Electric -"

OBERHEIM Xpander Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is an overhauled product that has been completely repaired, inspected, tested, repaired, and cleaned by a specialist (2019/12/26)."

Access Virus TI2 61 Key Keyboard Synthesizer with Effects

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

"This is in great working order, screen still very sharp with good contrast. Andromeda is known for its quirks, dirty pots can cause screen jumping but I have recently cleaned all the pots with compressed air and high quality contact spray and no jumping (to explain: when you turn a knob the A6 screen will jump to those parameters, when pots get dirty, they will move move fractionally so screen will jump to page which can get annoying. Screen lock feature however can freeze the screen where you want)

There are a few other known quirks, too much midi info can freeze the A6 sometimes as well as freezing on boot up though power cycle will sort it out."

LinnSequencer - 32 Track MIDI Sequence Recorder

via this auction

"The LinnSequencer was revolutionary when it was introduced and is a rare piece of gear. It would certainly be a unique and interesting part of your collection. They don't come up for sale very often. When they do, they usually aren't working. To find one this nice, that still functions, is remarkable."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 w/ Extras

via this auction

"I acquired this synth from the estate of the original owner who bought the synth new in 1982. Along with the synth came piles of catalogued frequent servicing by wine country essential that spans through many years. There are extra parts, operation manuals, micro-cassettes (for patches), dust cover, etc. The synth is in excellent condition for its age & shows minimal cosmetic wear. Functionally, it is a completely working unit. However both key-beds are a little stiff & could definitely benefit from a servicing in that aspect. I currently do not have the factory patches loaded into synth & use it manually but I do have the original factory patch micro-cassette plus others if you’d like to load the patches in"

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

ASM Hydrasynth | Modular Synthesizer | Finger Drumming Session

Published on Feb 15, 2020 VoltageCtrlRtv

"Let the rhythm hit em'

#hydrasynth #modularsynthesizer #fingerdrumming"

Hydrasynth on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

Mayer Electronic Music Instruments M800 Polyphonic Multi-timbral Eurorack Module

4 Preset from M800 -Polyphonic Multi-timbral Eurorack Module-Mayer Electronic Music Instruments

M800 Multi-Timbral Polyphonic Synthesizer VA- Mayer Electronic /Wavetable patch

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Dziam Bass

The Mayer M800 made its first appearance at SUPERBOOTH 2019, posted here.

"The amazing M800 Polyphonic Synthesizer Multi-Timbral Virtual Analog with touch screen and variable multimode filter like SEM: multimode state variable filter (Curtis chip emulation) and another Diode ladder filter (Steiner Parker) 12db and another on MOOG_LD23: Transistor ladder (moog style) 24db and more from Mayer Electronic has just arrived here.

A powerful tool that takes the eurorack module to a new level M800 - Virtual Analog [VA] multitimbral polyphonic synthesizer in the Eurorack format. Multitimbral with four Parts. The synth-engine has 12 Voices on the end of the signal path every part has your own stackable effect section (Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Equalizer ...).

Yamaha CX-5 Music Computer (with TTSH synth and a little ELP)

Published on Feb 15, 2020 robotmakers

"Yamaha CX5M is an MSX-system compatible computer that had a built-in eight-voice FM synthesizer module, introduced in 1984 by Yamaha Corporation. It was a cross between a Commodore 64 and a DX9 FM synth. Yamaha produced a range of cartridges including a programmer for Yamaha's DX range of FM keyboards and a real-time sequencer. There were a couple of high quality keyboards you could hook up, floppy drives and a variety of different accessories.

Here, the MIDI out of the CX5 is interfaced to a TTSH (Arp 2600 clone) synth used here for ELP's Karn Evil 9 intro."

Stylophunk - Stylophone Gen X-1 Funk w. AX5G K350 #StylophoneGenR8Comp

Published on Feb 15, 2020 ChrisLody

"Double whammy of Song-a-day Feb 15 and my entry to the Stylophone Gen R8 competition.

So this video features several takes of the Stlophone Gen X-1 playing bass, a lead sound, a guitar like solo through a Korg AX5G guitar pedal, some sci-fi 'wobbles' near the end and it also filters and adds delay to the OG Stylophone (well the modern copy of one) as well as the drums from the Technics K350 keyboard. Had a total blast making this to be honest :D"

election - a 122bpm electro rhythm for cirklon and eurorack synthesizer

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Luke Killen

"Today i gave the Cirklon a good workout."

The Weekend - "Blinding Lights" Played on Roland Ax-Edge

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Angelstar Scotland

"Here's my take on the the lead sound form 'Blinding Lights' using my trusty Roland AX-Edge. Short but sweet :)"

And the original:

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Video)

Premiered Jan 21, 2020 The Weeknd

Tokarev Protosynth V1M7 (enhanced version of the V1LP) #tokarevprotosynth

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Konstantin Tokarev Assatiani

"Making some music on the newly built Tokarev Protosynth V1M7 revision running on an STM32H7 processor, featuring 8 independent digital biquad filters for the 8 oscillators of the polyphonic mode controlled by midi note frequency, with additional frequency and resonance adjustment from an external handbuilt midi controller (on the left). MIDI notes sourced from computer."

Patch n Tweak

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