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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

John Bowen Solaris Sound Demo

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Pure Ambient Drone
Update: Re-Published on Apr 28, 2020

"John Bowen Solaris Demo. No talking of some Solaris preset patches.

The general concept behind the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer is to implement something like a giant wall-sized modular system entirely in software where you can select among several completely different types of oscillators and filters, exquisitely modelled after the components culled from a variety of legendary vintage synthesizers of yesteryear and even some current virtual analog innovations of today. With up to four oscillators, four filters, four amplifiers, four four-input mixers, six envelope generators, one looping envelope generator, five LFOs, two vector mixers and still more of these software modules available in each program, the Solaris synthesizer becomes absolutely unrivalled in terms of versatility and programmability."

Updates on the JADE Waldorf Q

In case you missed it there are a few updates in the follow-up Jade Waldorf Q post here.

Los delirios del mariscal (cover) utilizando el sintetizador Zeus

Published on Mar 31, 2020 GS Music

"Otro video con el prototipo de sintetizador analogico polifonico Zeus.
En este caso interpretando el tema "Los Delirios del Mariscal", escrito por Anibal Kerpel.
En este video se utilizan los efectos propios del sintetizador.
Algunas proximas mejoras a hacerle son:
Utilizar un codec de mayor resolucion para los efectos, ponerle un teclado de 5 octavas y agregar las ruedas de pitch y modulacion."


"Another video featuring the Zeus polyphonic analog synthesizer prototype.
In this case interpreting the theme "Los Delirios del Mariscal", written by Anibal Kerpel.
In this video the effects of the synthesizer are used.
Some upcoming improvements to make are:
Use a higher resolution codec for the effects, add a 5 octave keyboard and add the pitch and mod wheels. "

See the GS Music label below for more.

Dotcom 5u Q182 Ribbon controller with patch

Published on Mar 31, 2020 therudyrude

"I explain how I make a patch for the Q182 Ribbon controller and what modules are involved. I often use this patch in mahy of my Mu,5u,Dotcom Youtube videos."

Almost thought that was a real guy there!

Moog Minitmoog Touch Control

Published on Mar 31, 2020 mysterycircuits

"Demonstrating the capacitive touch control I rebuilt on this Minitmoog. The materials I used:
Conductive Nylon tape: BCP Conductive Cloth Fabric Adhesive Tape 20mmx25M ($9, not $4 like I said in video)
Weather strip: M-D Building Products 6593 M-D 0 Premium Weather-Strip, 3/4 in W X 10 Ft L X 1/4 in T
Mylar Tape: ProTapes Pro 950 Polyimide Film Tape"

OP-Z | My Favourite Sequencer Features | haQ attaQ

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Jakob Haq

"The OP-Z by Teenage Engineering is packed to the brim with great features and there are some that I just wouldn't want to do without. Check this out!"

Audiomodern Filterstep - FREE Creative Motion Filter!

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Electronisounds Audio


"Audiomodern Filterstep - FREE Creative Motion Filter!"

Quick look at and overview of the new Filterstep creative motion filter from Audiomodern.
This is a *100% FREE* filter effect plugin for iOS *AND* Desktop!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

First jam on Elektron Cycles - SYSTEM OF THE TIMES: Model:Cycles & Korg NTS-1 #quarantune Impro

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Gary P Hayes

"Just got the Model:Cycles, so this is after a couple of hours getting under the hood (and there isn't a lot of complexity for sure) - I actually got this as a lightweight pair with my Analog Four mk2, for outdoor sessions, mainly so the drums & perhaps tuned percussion and some chords, can be done on this while the A4 sticks to sequences and bass.

For now a continuous 1st Jam / Impro on #Elektron #Model:Cycles - I used the NTS-1 because I was very keen on the delay and reverb control on the Cycles, just size and feedback and that's about it?
feat: Korg Nu:Tekt #NTS-1 recorded direct to Zoom H6 no post processing
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia"

Korg Wavestate Synthesizer Patch Exploration

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Levi Held

"I've been trying to capture everything this amazing Synth can do but for now this is just an exploration of some of the patches I have made so far as well as a few Factory Presets that's I tweaked a bit. The Korg Wavestate Wave Sequencing Synthesizer is the most fun and inspiring Synthesizer I have ever played and I can't wait to write songs with it!"

Volca Modular - Total Beginner Day 2

Published on Mar 31, 2020 StreamLabs - Eunjae Im

"Some hard bass sound on Volca Modular"

Volca Modular - Total Beginner Day 1

Published on Mar 30, 2020 StreamLabs - Eunjae Im

"I'm just messing around with Volca Modular. Please, don't ask me why I patched x to x. :)"

Rich Timbres with Simple Eurorack Modules - Live Synthesis Tutorial

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"We will be livestreaming some tips and techniques for generating interesting sounds with dynamic harmonics with simple analog eurorack modules. This tutorial will be useful for beginner and intermediate modular as well as semi-modular and even fixed architecture synthesists. We will combine techniques considered “west coast” and “east coast” both adding and subtracting harmonics from basic oscillator shapes.

The techniques and concepts covered will include waveforms, heterodyning, sync, wavefolding, amplitude modulation, ring modulation, frequency modulation and filtering. All of these techniques can be controlled and modulated with envelopes, LFOs and even at audio rate. If you have questions you can ask them in the chat at the Q+A at the end of the presentation."

Korg Minilogue XD + Volca Beats After The Storm Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#korgvolcabeats #korgminiloguexd #tweakerstable
Korg Minilogue XD + Volca Beats "After The Storm"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Korg Minilogue XD with Volca Beats in Multi-Track ACTION!
Video 1 Korg Minilogue XD plays SEQUENCER time syncing the
Korg Volca Beats via MIDI Input! Video 2 Juno style LEAD.
Video 3 is a New Wave Pad. And the background video was
recorded this afternoon as a storm rolled in...
**Please Creation WASH AWAY all of the negativity & pain in
the world, heal the sick & help those who are in danger...**
I am looking forward to the world AFTER THE STORM

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with extra Reverb & Delay FX!

Thank you for watching!

Synth Wizards Episode 9: Holy Grail: The Yamaha CS-80

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Syntaur

"The Synth Wizards located the holy grail of polyphonic keyboards: a Yamaha CS-80. But the last time it was turned on, it smoked instead of made music. Did we pay thousands of dollars for a pile of parts, or will we end up with a magical music machine?"

Don't miss the visit to Yamaha's synth museum in this one. The rare GS2 and VL1 are featured. Note the patch strip and loader for the GS2. You can find additional posts and demos featuring the GS2 here. There's also a section on Michael Jackson's classic Billie Jean. You can find additional posts featuring Syntaur Synth Wizards here. Catch the longer interview with Michael Boddicker here.

Follow-up: Yamaha CS-80: The Ultimate Synthesizer (Blade Runner Tribute)

Randy Piscione Studio Live 2020

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Randy Piscione

"On March 29th, while stuck in the house thanks to the isolation policies, I wandered around my office taking a video (with a Sony A6500) of some stuff while doing some narrating and some playing."

Mimeophon Easel Drone

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Todd Barton

"My first go with the MakeNoise Mimeophon. Wow! Just simple, wave folded sounds from the Buchla Music Easel into the Mimeophon and looped with the TC Electronic Ditto x4."

BugBrand 001

Published on Mar 31, 2020 d4nnyp

OCTAVE for Korg Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Tim Shoebridge

"OCTAVE is a new User Oscillator for the Korg Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1 synthesisers. To purchase and download, please use the following links:

Minilogue XD:

Sam Barker on Polyend Tracker (Test 1)

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Polyend

"Been having a lot of fun testing out the new Tracker from Polyend, today playing with the wavetable sampler, a few sliced drum breaks and some textures sampled from the built-in radio."

MATTHS Coronavirus Isolation Party - Live March 27th 2020

Streamed live on Mar 27, 2020 MATTHS

"All of this is played and performed by #MATTHS (#matthewhodson) in realtime with no edits at all using #modularsynth equipment.

A live #performance from my own personal #music #studio.
I recommend listening with headphones or quality speakers for the best sonic experience."

Mind Reset - Moog One & AKAI MPC4000

Published on Mar 31, 2020 peter m mahr

Photo: Fiona Mahr
Music & Video: Peter M. Mahr

Ernesto Romeo – Capítulo 1: Improvisación | Sesiones Cluster

Published on Jan 7, 2019 Cluster


- Ernesto Romeo

- Moog Modular System
- E-Mu Modular System
- Yamaha CS80
- Korg PS3300
- MiniMoog D
- Mellotron M400
- ARP 600
- Antonus 2600
- EMS Synthi AKS
- Korg PS3100
- ARP-Solina String Synthesizer
- ARP Sequencer
- Heathkit Signal Generator

- Cluster Starfox-88 - fuzz con octavador
- Cluster Tsunami-9 - overdrive
- Cluster The Dragon-71 - fuzz
- Cluster Ithaca-26 - distorsión hi-gain
- Cluster Cosmos Vibe-13 - chorus, trémolo y vibrato
- Cluster Spirit-92 - chorus
- Cluster Spiral-48 - phaser
- Cluster Pulstar-43 - trémolo
- Cluster Mask-5 - compresor
- Cluster Heaven and Hell - fuzz
- Cluster Voices-2 - auto-wah / envelope filter

Maria Teriaeva - SØS (Official Video)

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Maria Teriaeva

“SØS” is taken from the forthcoming album “Conservatory of Flowers”.
Listen: (out on April 17).

Strange things are happening in the science lab - here and there new objects appear. The exact settings of the universe are lost due to the unforeseen events in outer space. At the same time, Maria Teriaeva conducts musical experiments at her studio. The laboratory resonates with the studio. We do not know all the laws of the universe, and collapse can occur unexpectedly and in unpredictable forms. But anomalies are of particular interest to Maria Teriaeva.

This is the first video clip of the Moscow production studio SUPERBASIC.

Part of the clip was shot in the scientific experimental complex at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The protagonist of this part is the scientist Mikhail Yuryevich Sotskiy. Mikhail publishes works in Acta Astronautica, and knows what to do if a trash ball flies to Earth.

Serge Acid + Cowbell

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Dr. Wiener

"All the sounds are generated with the serge modular
with the addition of a cowbell*. This track was recorded live in 1 take.

* generated with the roland system 100, the cowbell sound was co-produced by sumisu


Crudlabs Crudman (Version 1, with EXTRAS) | Aphex Twin "Ageispolis" cover on Crudman

Aphex Twin "Ageispolis" cover on Crudman Published on Jul 18, 2017

via this auction - pics and additional details further below.

"Crudman is a unique electronic musical instrument based around a cassette Walkman hacked so its speed can be accurately controlled in musical intervals with Midi and 1v/octave CV. Here a Crudman plays a melody and a bassline of a song you'll hopefully recognize, via a Midi file played in Ableton.

The tape in the video is of a sine wave tuned to middle C, and the audio is straight into a recording device with no pedals or effects or anything. Straight unprocessed sine wave is not the most compelling sound in itself but it gives the clearest possible demonstration of how the Crudman affects a sound. Likewise I don't expect or want customers using these to cover classic songs but its a fun way to show the capabilities of the thing.

I believe this is the first of these videos to feature most of the Crudman's 4 octave range. The top 2.5-3 octaves are extremely stable and accurate, usually to about +/-10 cents. The lowest 1 to 1.5 octaves, heard in the bassline in the middle here, are super wobbly and the lower you go the less stable the tuning is. If you look at the bassline with a tuning app (I use PanoTuner for iPhone) you'll see its way off, like over 50 cents, but for whatever reason it still sounds pretty much spot on."

via this auction

"RARE monophonic cassette playback synth capable of amazing drones, leads, and sound effect - all based on recordings YOU supply.

Several videos available on YouTube demonstrating the use of this unique instrument; search "Crudlabs Crudman". Please note this is the Version 1 edition of the Crudman, and varies slightly from the later version shown in some videos. Video shown in listing is not of actual unit, and meant for demonstration purposes only.
Comes in original (plain white) box, original power supply, and printed instruction manual.
VERY light studio use.

EXTRAS INCLUDED: Five 60-second and ten 30-second blank cassette loop tapes, two tape splicers with splicing tape, an aluminum splicing block, a Sony F-V220 monophonic microphone, AND a separate Sony TCM-200DV cassette-corder (identical to the one on the unit) - all for use in recording and editing your own loop tapes. This extra cassette-corder unit may also be used to supply spare parts if needed for future repairs conducted at Crudlabs, located in Brooklyn, NY.

NOTE: Labels shown on inputs/outputs and switches are not factory screened/supplied, and have simply been added to assist in set-up and use."

Cheetah Marketing Specdrum EP1 Introduction

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Really Nice Audio

Corona Beerus.

"This was supposed to be a quick video about the fantastic Specdrum by Cheetah Marketing. It turns out there is a lot I want to get through so this will be an introduction to this Oberheim DMX wannabe.
Stay tuned for demos of the preset rhythms, explanation of programming, alternative kits and syncing to modern daws!!

Add SD card with the Divmmc Future

Fantastic resource for repairing ZX Spectrums

Keyboard and case new parts"

Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Angry Drone Patch (TX Wiggles 57)

Published on Mar 31, 2020 poorness studios

"Here's another musical experiment derived from self-isolation. In this video, I patch an angry drone and then explore each of the 4 voices used to create it. In case you're wondering, it's in the key of Bb. The four sound sources are: 1) Pittsburgh Waveforms thru Dwarfcraft HAX, 2) Erica Black Wavetable VCO with wavetable morphing, 3) MI Rings thru Pittsburgh Crush & Chronoblob, 4) Basimilus Iteritas Alter. The mix goes to the Doepfer Wasp filter and then to Boss RV-6. Most of the modulation comes from Batumi."

poorness studios TX Wiggles

Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982) Aus Strom gemacht - Vocoder Voice - RetroWave

Published on Mar 30, 2020

(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1981)
Vocoder: Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus (1979)
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


BoBeats MC707 Jam & Live Stream Setup

MC707 Jam & Explaining my Live Stream Setup Published on Mar 31, 2020 BoBeats

"Highlights from my first isolation stream: MC707 jamming and going over my live stream setup. BIG thanks to DistroKid for sponsoring this weeks live streams. Check them out if you want to release music on Spotify/Apple Music and other stores."

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

Update: and the stream:

FIRST IMPROV MUSIC THEN synth Q&A Stream and Hangout 9PM CET / 3PM NY

Hans Impro march 2020

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Deep Forest

Waldorf Wave
Improvisation Haken Continuum
@Deep Forest

An overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - March 2020

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here are all the patches -"

PPG Wave 2.2

via this auction

"This is one of my most prized and cared for possessions. If we weren't in the middle of an unprecedented financial crisis, I would prefer have this beauty buried with me. ;) It's the absolute king of wavetable synthesizers, the first and only of its kind if you ask me (and virtually anyone else who's had the privilege to use one). I've had this particular one for the better part of 20 years, and she's never let me down (unlike multiple new synths where I find myself flustered when firmware corrupts or memory erroneously wipes out); she's just been steadfast and true for her treasured time with me. Always kept in a non-smoking studio, voltage regulated and on battery backup. When I bought this beauty some 20 years ago I was under the impression the previous owner had a good working relationship with PPG when they were still in business and this was one of the first editions in circulation. This beauty was exported to the UK and found a home with one of the curators of the early 2000 (UK) PPG Conferences. With the help and guidance of PPG connoisseur, H. Seib, she was gone through with a fine tooth comb and had been swapped out with new bushings, keys and factory formatted. Since my acquisition of this unit (3rd owner by my understanding) I had created and sculpted custom waves with the Waveterm A (When it still functioned, but sadly that is now a very distant memory) and a wide range of factory sounds which are still in place. I had considered the upgrade to V8.3 to save much of the library I had created but wouldn't attempt it without the expertise and assistance of a few friends in Toronto who had years of experience working on these, but sadly that never did come to fruition. Time is always the greatest enemy, isn't she? ;) I also have the entire factory soundset from the floppy disk of the 2.3, Waveterm A and B as well as many wavetables shared on the old PPG forum so the update would probably be worth it. It's a fairly easy upgrade and still available to purchase if you're considering using the SYSEX features of V8.3. There was discussion some years ago about a virtual waveterm being available at some point (Waveterm C), perhaps a gentle nudge in the PPG discussion forum and it will eventually materialize with those DIY monowaves. ;) Until then, I leave you with one of the worlds finest synthesizers ever imagined. This is the stuff dreams are made of, not kidding. Serious inquiries only, thanks!

Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

via this auction

"Bought new in October, very interesting sequencer but find it to be too big for my Skylab system.
comes in original box.

due to covid conditions it may take me a day or two to ship."

Nord Lead 2X

via this auction

Korg Poly-800II SN 011035 w/ Original Box, Tape Cassette, & Docs

via this auction

Yamaha DX200 w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

Akai S612, MS204, MS100, & MD280 Full Set

via this auction

"This is a rare chance to own the Akai S612 full set that comes with the Sampler, the MD-280 + storage disks, ME20A and the ME10D.
Everything has been tested and works as should."

Focus on Quantum – Tutorial Part 1

Published on Mar 31, 2020 WaldorfMusicChannel

"This is part 1 of the upcoming tutorial series for our Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer."

Virtual Moogfest Day#8: Moogerfooger ClusterFlux

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Starsky Carr

"Day 8 of my Coronavirus lockdown. This time featuring the Moogerfoogers ClusterFlux. Just at the quick look at the pedal and why it's so special. Something to fill a few minutes during self-isolation."

Starsky Carr Virtual Moogfest

Keyboard Mag. Nov'84 | What Was In It?

Published on Mar 31, 2020 Espen Kraft

"Plenty of cool colorful ads of now classic vintage gear. In-depth features on Tony Banks, Genesis and Berlin. Great issue!"

Espen Kraft Mag posts

Emerald | Waldorf Quantum / Toraiz Squid "AMBIENT" with walkthrough

Published on Mar 30, 2020 HEAD DRESS

"Using Toraiz Squid to sequence the Waldorf Quantum in this video. 8 Squid tracks in use, each with different pattern lengths and probability amounts all sending a single note each to the Quantum. In this video I walk through my patch via text so you can follow along with what I'm doing or nod off on the couch."

Patch n Tweak
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