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Monday, April 06, 2020

Moog Subsequent 25 vs Elektron Digitakt - Techno Live Set

Published on Apr 3, 2020 Mauricio Maisterrena

"Moog Subsequent 25 vs Elektron Digitakt - Techno Live Set - recorded using Overbridge in Ableton Live"

GeoShred Play is Now Free Through April 17

GeoShred Play is a Free Download April 4-17 2020 Published on Apr 3, 2020 moForte

"GeoShred Play is a Free Download April 4-17 2020

Hey everybody, Jordan Rudess here as we unite around the globe to fight this pandemic together it's more important than ever to social distance and stay home. The team with GeoShred wants to play our part in keeping your spirits lifted and your creativity flowing, through this time of uncertainty. From now through April 17th (2020) GeoShred play will be available for download free of charge.

We have certainly found solace and healing through the power of music and we hope it can do the same for you. Be well and safe everybody and have a great time shredding."

Be sure to see the Free label for additional freebies to keep you occupied during the pandemic.

Live Stream // Blade Runner Blues cover semi-improv.

Published on Oct 30, 2016 State Azure

Sequential Prophet 12 lead comes in at 16:47. Waldorf Quantum on dreamy rain effects.

"Just for fun, I thought I'd do a live stream improvisation of this classic Vangelis track. I don't know all of it, hence it's a semi-improv/jam with what I know. Mistakes will happen.

Recorded direct to DAW."

Moog Mother-32 Mad Catz PS3 Keytar Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#moogmother32 #moogmusic #keytar
Moog Mother-32 + Mad Catz PS3 Keytar
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Moog Mother-32 in action using the Mad Catz PS3
Midi Controller / Keytar! I am running the Mother-32
thru the ART MultiVerb LT for the Multi-Tap Delay FX.
LFO tweaking to a classic Moog lead with Glide....
I love Moog Music synthesizers! So AWESOME!
The Mad Catz PS3 keytar is light, easy to use + very responsive!
Fantastic for synthesizer solos!

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with extra Reverb & Delay FX!

Thank you for watching!

Roland CR-8000 Drum Machine With Zen Delay, Retroverb Lancet, Sherman Filterbank and Spice

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Some drum machines sound awesome by themselves—the CR-8000 included—but they often sound better when massaged, mangled, and otherwise augmented with external effects. In this video, the CR-8000 is processed through a variety of desktop effects: delays, filters, distortion, reverb, and more.

The CR-8000 is a peculiar but awesome machine in its own right: the guts of a TR-808 in a package like a preset rhythm machine from the '70s. Still programmable and performable, it provides a solid set of sounds for digging into with various types of effects.

In this video, we first test out some time-based effects, using an Erica Zen Delay and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. The Zen Delay provides flanging/comb filtering and short delay effects, turning the raw tone into something more glitchy and choppy than possible with the CR-8000 alone. We then turn to the Retroverb Lancet, which uses a spring reverb to create murky, dark sense of space and a filter for overall tone shaping.

Then, we try a variety of distortion-oriented effects. The Sherman Filterbank Compact is a filter/distortion unit excellent for creating bizarre audio-reactive effects. Here, it dynamically tracks the incoming sound to create pseudo-scratching effects, harsh synth-like tones, and absurd sound effects, great for bringing an entirely new voice to the mix. The Plankton Spice, on the other hand, combines similar dynamic modulation with a Nutube-based distortion and bit crusher to create lo-fi, aggressive bass tones and glitches, bringing the inherently tonal kick and tom sounds to the forefront and turning cymbals and hats into harsh glitches and bursts.

Check these timestamps for each effect:
00:06 Erica Synths Zen Delay
02:06 Vermona Retroverb Lancet
04:24 Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact
06:45 Plankton Electronics Spice

Zen Delay available here:

Retroverb Lancet available here:

Filterbank 2 Compact available here:

Spice available here:"

JL Cooper Midi Channelizer Pedal

via this auction

Never seen one of these before. Looks like a simple 16 channel MIDI switch.

"Midi Channelizer Pedal for many of your vintage synths/machines.

Excellent condition, missing the bottom rubber feet.

I recall having this hooked up bettween a drum machine and a midi synth but i no longer have the power supply. sold untested but guarantee against DOA."

Waldorf Pulse w/ Stereoping Programmer

via this auction

Kurzweil 150 K150 Fourier Synthesis synthesizer module SN 87030281

via this auction

"KURZWEIL K150 Expander additive Fourier Synthesis synthesizer module for sale. Manufactured by Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc. of Waltham, MA. Made in USA. I didn't test every function of the synthesizer, but it does sound good and cycles through the onboard sound programs with no problem. The volume potentiometer is scratchy and pops a bit when adjusting but otherwise quiet once adjusted. This K150 has "K150FS V1.7" eproms in sockets U55 and U57 of the CPU board which - if I understand correctly - will allow its 240 sine wave oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc. to be programmed independently with Kurzweil's K150 Sound Modeling Program using an Apple IIe computer with Passport Designs MIDI interface card. Chassis is solid and well built. Its black paint has chipped off around several panel mounting screws and also has the usual scuffs and scratches, otherwise, finish is fair. Includes "K150 User's Manual" and "150 Fourier Synthesizer Sound Modeling Program for the Kurzweil 150FS and the Apple IIe Version 1.0 User's Guide" and copies of other K150 manuals, addendums, appendixes, lists, etc. Sold as is with no warranties. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Will be shipped with signature confirmation upon receipt. Package's dimensions and weight are 24" x 24" x 12" and 35 lbs."

ARP 2500 - isolation 01

Published on Apr 6, 2020 DJjondent

The 2500 is being sequenced by a Roland TB 303.
The 303's Gate is triggering the 1046 quad envelope generator.
The 1004-P VCO is sequenced by CV from the 303.
A second VCO 1004-T is running in LFO mode and also modulation the 1046.

Every Picnic needs a Synthi

Published on Apr 6, 2020 wutierson

"It was a special meeting, on September 2016, at Sonorámica Studio, somewhere in Mina Clavero/Traslasierra (Córdoba, Argentina), which included events along four days: courses on sound synthesis, production with electronic technology and live performances by Ernesto Romeo, Toni Gutiérrez and Sebastián Cirillo.
There were several classic and contemporary synthesizers, modular systems, sequencers and more, so on 10th September, at sunset and under the inspiring landscape of the mountains, the idea came out: since there were two EMS Synthi AKS units and one EMS VCS3 in the setup, the recreation of the magical scene was unavoidable. All of this happened, of course, off schedule. The composition was improvised at that moment with no previous rehearsal and taking as inspiration the magical essence of the environment, the wild and welcoming nature, the energy of the area, well-known for its frequent "sightings"… The EMS brought its organic sound and its futuristic and science fiction spirit and aesthetics to represent that moment perfectly. It was recorded live without any further additions. The sounds and melodies emerged from the top of the mountain, radiating their power to the valley, while the last sunbeams lightened the earth.
Unique and very special experience that was possible thanks to the love and passion of everyone who attended the meeting. This video and this theme remain as a memory of such a moment.

Ernesto Romeo : EMS Synthi AKS, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay
Antonio Gutierrez: EMS Synthi A
Sebastián Cirillo: EMS VCS3

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with TIGERCIDE

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Beneath the bright lights and beyond the velvet ropes of Hollywood lies a different Southern California: a desolate land filled with darkness, punctuated by unrealized dreams, and broken down with anguished hearts. Tigercide, formed half a decade ago in LA, gives musical form to this landscape with the ethereal, melancholic vocals of Shexist and the sparse, shadowy, and balanced beats of Saint Brendan.

The post-punk of bands like Joy Division and the Fall embodied a de-industrializing Manchester. The Bristol sound of Massive Attack and Portishead gave voice to the multicultural grittiness of their city. So too, does the darkwave trip-hop of Tigercide capture the ethos of Angelenos anxious about their future. In a city characterized by soaring rents, temperatures, and population, can there be any more California dreaming?

We chatted with Shexist and Saint Brendan on how they’ve been using the Prophet Rev2 in their music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

John Tejada Preset Bank for Novation Peak and Summit

via @WeAreNovation

"We’re excited that one of the most notoriously meticulous producers around -
@johntejada - has made a full bank of presets for Peak and Summit.

John’s Peak and Summit presets - Signature Sounds - are available for free via Components >>>"

0-coast ambient::rem0te c0nnect

Published on Apr 5, 2020 C Nich0lls

"hope you are able to stay safe and well

This piece consists of a single-take recording. The MakeNoise 0-Coast is sequenced by the Rene 2 and further processed by the LxD and Moddemix that are part of the System Cartesian.

The X and Y sequences are used in conjunction. The X provides CV control of the of the pitch whilst the Y generates the gates that trigger the primary sequence pulse. They are different lengths and a second pulse is derived from the gate stream using Maths to divide the stream.

The result is that the core sequence is always shifting. This is also 'double gated' to further create a variety of different accents that emphasize different components of the sequence.

The output is processed through a custom 'Swell' patch on the Strymon TimeLine and a custom 'Bloom; patch on the Styrmon BigSky.

There are 2 additional tracks that are derived from the same patch. The CV is disconnected and the 0-Coast is lin FM'ed by different audio rate outputs from the Wogglebug."


Published on Apr 6, 2020 Pepe Mogt

"Here I am connecting the TR-909 to the Blackbox as a MIDI controller and some samples that I did. I hope you like it."

Sound Design with Polyend Dreadbox Medusa (Ep. 1) - A warm brassy lead (Vangelis style)

Published on Apr 5, 2020 Miltos Schimatariotis

"This is my first attempt for a tutorial / walk-through of creating a patch for the Medusa synth. In this video I explain how I made the lead sound of my 'Vangelis - Rachel's Song' cover. It's a relatively simple patch but if there is an interest in this type of videos I could make this a series where more sounds will be covered. Thanks for watching, and take care!

Listen to my 'Vangelis - Rachel's Song' cover here" [posted here]


Published on Apr 3, 2020 Muhn Channel

"La sigla di Stranger Things. Suonata con il solo KORG MS20 mk1. Multitraccia. Logic Pro X.

Stranger Things MAIN THEME. Played with the KORG MS20 mk1 only. Multitrack. Logic Pro X."


-6 Bar Loop- Chase Bliss Blooper/Novation SL MKIII + friends (track built from scratch) -CALC-

Published on Apr 6, 2020 -CALC-

"I bought myself a Chase Bliss Blooper, waited patiently for it to arrive and.... oh boy, is it NICE!

This is the first thing I made with it. It's a single take of building things up from nothing... all sequences are made in realtime.

It’s a 6 bar looping phrase starting with a Yamaha Reface CP being recorded into a clock sync’d (b)looper

From there the Novation SL MKIII does all the heavy lifting with some sequencing and hardware control

SL MKIII is sequencing/controlling the:
Roland TR-08
Roland SH101
Rossum Electro Assimil8or (via cv.ocd)
and… a tastey summit patch from lightbath

Later on more loops are added to the Blooper which are then left to “crumble” at the end

A lot of fun for only 6 bars worth of music"

L O V E S I C K 😷 || Synths: Roland VT-4, Prophet-12, Korg Prologue, System-8, Squarp Pyramid

Published on Apr 6, 2020 MR TUNA Music

L O V E S I C K 😷
You only come alive when it’s dark
I know the only way to your heart
I thought you would have given this up
But baby you’re lovesick

BASS STATION 2 any functions on the keys

Published on Apr 6, 2020 JOSEF KLANG


Yamaha DX1 Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer w/ Original Manual

via this auction

"The Yamaha DX1 is a flagship synthesizer from 1984, top of the line of the DX series. Since their production in 1984 there were only 140 of them made in the world. Weighing at about a 100 lbs with 73 full length wooden keys and a wooden case it offers 32 note polyphony and supersonic performances thanks to the carefully selected components. Uniquely for a vintage synthesizer it features polyphonic aftertouch. Yamaha built these to impress, not to a price point (they originally retailed at about $10,000 in 1984-around $35,000 in today’s money).

Completely overhauled by a professional technician it is functioning at 100% capacity. The only cosmetic blemish is it is missing one voice cap(#8 shown in picture) but that voice button still works when pressed.
All key bed contacts have been completely cleaned and keys aligned. Power supply recap and adjusted. Memory battery replaced with new one. Cleaned and lubricated front panel sliders. Light front panel cleaned up."

ARP Quadra

via this auction

Blue Roland SH-101 SN 310226 w/ MGS-1 Grip & Gig Bag

via this auction

Moog Voyager RME w/ Original Box

via this auction

Eurorack: Modular and Nature - 2x Dixie II+, Maths, Moog Minitaur, Big Sky

Published on Apr 6, 2020 lucafrancinimusic

"The core of the rhythmic idea is Maths with both cycles active; its Fall knobs are modulated by two LFOs with phase inverted, which creates the "alternated plucky contraction" in both Dixies. The pitch info is provided by Marbles.

Chronoblob2 delay and Clouds give each oscillator a different space and flavor.

Going out of the Eurorack, there's a Minitaur playing a simple sub line and a Prophet Rev2 doing some ornaments here and there and a BigSky reverb pedal in Clouds mode which is processing the Eurorack only.

The nature sound effects come from my personal library, recorded with a zoom H6, I thought they would add a nice touch to the track.

The nature footage is licensed through Envato Elements:"

A few moments with the PM Foundations reSEMble module

Published on Apr 6, 2020 Steve Castellano

"A short demo of the PM Foundations reSEMble Eurorack module."

PM Foundations reSEMble

Yamaha Dx100 & Zoom 1201 Synth Pads - Ambient Jam on Four Track

Published on Apr 6, 2020 ChrisLody

"I've had this Dx100 sat around the studio for a few weeks now as a friend brought it over just before the virus hit asking me to find him a power supply. I've not used it up until now as I didn't have time to read through the manual, well now I do!

This is a custom string synth patch that has a LOT of Zoom Studio 1201 Hall 1 reverb on it! Like, a lot. The trick is to get the sound a source 'moving around' a lot before it hits the reverb so I've added LFO to pitch with the LFO set really slow and then detuned the Operators away from each other too to get a much wonk into the patch as is possible on the Dx100. The Sanyo Talkbook is playing a field recording of passing traffic outside a house I used to live in, the recording is 15 years old or more. I was going to layer this up more but I decided two tracks is enough on this, simplicity is best sometimes. Recorded to four track for extra lofi vibes."

Patch n Tweak
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