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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Division Department 01/IV Distorted with Boss BX-8 and Sequenced with Patterning 2

Published on May 12, 2020 NoizeHack

"I got to borrow a Division Department 01/IV drum machine so I used it to overdrive the channels on an old Boss BX-8 mixer. The Boss BX-8 is great, it is like 8 or 10 distortion pedals in one. I added another layer of distortion and compression by sending the effect send out back into an overdriven channel.

The iPad app Patterning 2 was used to sequence the O1/IV with midi.

Oh and of course there is so much bass the camera turns to jello every time there is a kick drum, this is just for simulating the experience of having your vision get all weird every time the kick hits while you are at a club with function ones and you stand too close to the subs after having a few drinks.

#DivisionDepartment #Distortion #RhythmicNoise"

Synthesizer Tutorial inside Synthspace Alpha 2

Published on May 12, 2020 Bright Light

"Support us on Patreon and try this build of Synthspace today!

Current build tested with:
VR: Rift, Vive, WMR
Desktop: PC, Mac

Modular Synthesizers seem complicated at first, but if you know just a few basic concepts - then everything will suddenly make sense! This is a proof of concept for tutorials inside Synthspace."

See the Synthspace label below for more.

ARPchivesLIVE!!! Episode III: Don Lewis

Published on May 12, 2020

"Spend an hour with Don Lewis, Dina Pearlman as we explore Don's illustrious career, his home studio including "The Organ Donor" room, his documentary released TODAY and more!"

Previous posts featuring Don Lewis
Previous ARPchivesLIVE posts

Video links:

Moog Subharmonicon Livestream

Scheduled for May 12, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Join us live at 6PM PST as we go over how the new Moog Subharmonicon works with its interesting division based subharmonic oscillators and and multiple clock dividers which can advance the two 4 step sequencers.

Subharmonicon available here:"

See this post for additional demos.

Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold - Played on a real Moog Minimoog

Published on May 12, 2020 MrCaliforniaD

"Soundtrack from the movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'.
Played on RAMCUR's custom 'Minimoog in a suitcase'."

New patches for Korg RADIAS

Published on May 12, 2020 Marcus Padrini

"In the last video in the Synth in Five Minutes series, about Korg RADIAS, many people said that the video could have been bigger, that they would like to listen to more sounds from RADIAS, etc. So, there you go! Here are a few minutes of patches that I created with Radias and that I ended up recording while preparing the previous video.

I think they can give you a good idea of how good Radias can sound in different categories."

Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Reference Manual by Yasuhiko Fukuda

via this auction

You can find additional pics of the inside posted here.

"Yamaha DX7 Digital Synthesizer Comprehensive User's Manual.

Published 1984 by RIttor Music/Yasuhiko Fukuda
Printed in England by The Anchor Press Limited, Tiptree, Essex.

"A thoroughly comprehensive manual, containing everything you need to know for successful operation of the DX7.
As well as covering the basic mechanism and operation it contains the functional explanations for more advanced sound making techniques. Also describes procedures for editing and tone creation".

If you own the Yamaha DX7 but you do not own this book and you want to expand your knowledge of the DX7, then I would highly recommend you get this book."

MFB Urzwerg Pro MkII Analog Sequencer

via this auction

Syntom II Drum synthesizer

via this auction

"This listing is for one Syntom.

Built from instructions from an article in "Electronics and Music Maker" magazine from april 1983.
It's a very special drum synthesizer. Sounds a lot like some of the analog sounds in the Movement MCS drum computer. A pair of these make a great bass drum and snare. They can be triggered by an external trigger pulse or by hitting the internal pad.

If you buy both I'll include a power cable splitter so that both can be powered from one 9V supply (not included).

And again, this listing is for one of the two Syntoms."

See the Syntom & EMM labels below for more.

Analogue Solutions Vostok Deluxe

via this auction

Creepy 5U Modular Synthesizer Sounds (Marienberg Devices + Oakley by Krisp1) #TTNM

Published on May 12, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Here’s a creepy, multitrack noise music jam in stereo, patched around the Marienberg Devices VC Multimode Filter A and VC Envelope Generator B modules.


My goal was to play my 5U Modular Synth on its own, which can be challenging as I don’t have any traditional sequencers in there. Right now I don’t even have a regular 5U VCA. But, thanks to the Marienberg ADSR’s multitude of gate outputs and a mixer, I could patch a simple CV sequencer together. The Marienberg Multimode VCF is not just used as a regular filter, but also as an analog FM Operator, thanks to its nice sine wave and pitch tracking. The VCO and utilities are Oakley MU and MOTM modules by Krisp1 and the reverb is a large Klangbau Köln Spring Reverb."

Sequential Synth Tips with J3PO / Julian Pollack

Published on May 12, 2020 Sequential

"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, pianist Julian Pollack aka J3PO demonstrates how to ‘map’ filter cutoff and other parameters to the mod wheel on the OB-6 and Prophet-6. Follow J3PO here:"

Sequential Pro 3 & Strymon Big Sky

Published on May 12, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Mellow Dub Techno [Novation Circuit]

Published on May 12, 2020 Flak Cannon

"A mellow dub techno track made almost completely with the Novation Circuit (except for the effects and the hissing texture sound)."

Korg Minilogue XD - Motion Arp Soundset (50 presets)

Published on May 12, 2020 Anton Anru

"Soundset for Korg Minilogue XD - Motion Arp. It is a collection of 50 arpeggio presets with various styles and moods: soft and aggressive, dry and spacious, slow and fast, and many others. These arps are suitable for many genres of music.

Each preset is thoroughly set to sound lively, dynamic, and evolving.
The timbres are not static: add expression with Velocity, Aftertouch, and XY Joystic - these parameters are set for all the presets. In most cases Y Up adds brightness, Y Down makes the sound softer. X left and X right are set to 12 semitones, so you can add new colors to the timber immediately by shifting an octave up or down.

And the greatest thing that make the preset live is Motion modulation. Push Play button and hold the keys to fully enjoy these presets.

All the timbres are done using factory oscillators and effects only, so no additional (third-party) SDK needed to use the collection.

To load the presets to your synth you should use Minilogue XD Sound Librarian application available on Korg official website.

Get the soundset:"

Gotharman's SpazeDrum: Main Views

Published on May 12, 2020 gotharman

"SpazeDrum has 2 main views: VU-meter view and Note Grid view."

How to create a string sound on an FM synthesizer (Elektron Digitone)

Published on May 12, 2020 Floyd Steinberg

"How to create a string sound on an FM synthesizer (Elektron Digitone)

In this video, I try to create a lush string sound on the Digitone. Table of contents below.

00:00 Demo track
01:40 Introduction
02:19 Selecting an algorithm
03:09 Amp envelope
03:50 Modulator amplitude
04:52 Waveshape, detuning and feedback
07:29 Filter and filter envelope setup
10:00 Band pass filter
11:00 LFO setup
13:10 Effects (Chorus, Delay, Reverb)
14:47 Table of parameters, conclusion"

Metasonix R 53 Demo and Tutorial

Published on May 12, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We present a brief demo and tutorial of the Metasonix R-53 vacuum-tube waveshaper and ring modulator. We demonstrate the pulser and ring modulator sections separately with simple waveforms, and then apply to more complex input.

0:13 Description of the R-53
0:39 Demo with simple waveforms from the Sputnik Dual Oscillator
2:45 Arturia MicroFreak as input and Life Is Unfair expression joystick controlling the R-53
4:12 Crank Sturgeon Pocket Gamelan and Qu-Bit Prism into the R-53"

Modular Synthesizer Heartbeat Patch

Published on May 12, 2020 Lower West Side Studio

"Lower West Side Studio demonstrates a 3 layer heartbeat and respiration patch generated on an MU format analog modular synthesizer.

For more information on the modules used in this video visit"

Sound-Design with FM Synthesis in VCV Rack

Published on May 12, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here's my latest release -
Here are the patches -

00:00 - Introduction
02:46 - "Simple" bass sound
17:29 - Harsher bass
21:44 - Arp
24:34 - Bells"

Sequential Circuits SCI Prophet 600 Manual

via this auction

Vintage Korg DW-6000 Analog / Digital Hybrid Synthesizer SN 003621

via this auction

Fender/Rhodes Chroma Polaris Analog Synthesizer w/ Gator Flight Case

via this auction

"Just serviced this May 2020 by Analog Synth Service (Greg M) in Oakland CA. Membrane panel was replaced.

All aspects of the synth are CLEAN, even the insides (look): keybed has new bushings, keys have been polished and cleaned. All keys work.

All 6 voices work, and all buttons and controls function 100%

This synth is good for studio or (careful) gig use for 20-25 more years!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 2533

via this auction

"Here we have the synth that started it all. 6,000-ish made twixt 1978-1984. Sold for $4595. 61-keys/40 analogue programmable memories/5-voice poly/2 VCOs per voice/noise/polymod section/A-440 Hz reference tone/dual-voltage (120/230Vac)

This particular Pro 5 is a rev 3.2. Purchased from Rod Argents Keyboards(London) in 1979, this has been used by top pros - on Barclay James Harvest albums, for example - and has obviously been looked after. There are expected dinks & dunks, but overall is in very good condition, especially the keys (see pix). There is a slight hum from within...just enough to remind you to switch off after an all-night session. Properly serviced by Klassic Keys GB top synth tech (Bedford), we can offer 3 months full guarantee on this classic instrument. Everything works 100%..... It is wholly original, s/n 2533. No MIDI retrofitted, no expanded memory. You have to just play this one!

Price is £4999 ~ export price (no VAT) is £4165.83. Tell us where you are. We can speedily supply a shipping quote.

Grab yourself a 42-y-old vintage instrument, that still sounds as CLEAN today, with the famous strings/polysynth/brass & fat bass sounds + plenty "bonkers" sounds from the unique polymod section. It will always be a sought-after instrument, and prices continue to rise all the time......."

SYNTHR3 Goes to JBeck/JHammer Star Circle theme Demo 2/3

Published on May 12, 2020 KurtzMindfields

"Second little live demo: the SYNTHR3 is sync clocked to Electribe2 & MoogSub37 for key change. Great bass sequence sound and historical line!

Synthr3: bass sequence line, MoogSub37: Midi keyboard, Retro One: Flanged Moog lead, Electribe2 & Magix Robota: Drums.

Tricky exercice ! lol"

KurtzMindfields SYNTHR3 demos

A MOOG Orchestra - Analog Meets Digital PML MasterClass Free Preview - Part 1

Published on May 12, 2020 The Sixteenth Bar

"A MOOG Orchestra - Analog Meets Digital PML MasterClass Free Preview - Part 1

This is a free preview from the 'Analog Meets Digital' Production Music Live Masterclass. This MasterClass is a 10.5 hours long tutorial series in 65 video lessons, about using a DAW to control external synths and drum machines.

The video is from MODULE 9 and shows the process behind creating a deep-downtempo track with a MOOG Sub 37, MOOG Mother 32 and MOOG DFAM, in conjunction with some Eurorack effects, and fully controlled by Ableton Live via the CV TOOLS.

Here's the link to the full MasterClass:

Please enjoy,

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #89: Wersi DX 1000 - Song 2

Published on May 12, 2020 Christian's Sonic Spaces

"This is the second song with the Wersi DX 1000. It's a 54-note polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral ROM-based sound module using the so called ASIC-Technology. It features 256 ROM sounds, 256 RAM sounds and 6 drum sets with overall 120 drum sounds. Somehow there is almost nothing known about this unit, expect the above features that I found here and there. There is neither an operation manual available nor any deeper description. Well, it has RAM sounds, which implies that one should be able to change sounds, but so far I couldn't discover yet how because the setup knob guides just to some cryptic performance related settings. I guess the unit is from the early 90s and for that age it sounds to me surprisingly good.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
DX 1000 - DigiTech Obscura - Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe - GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are deactivated

The signal went through a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 into the PCfor recording. To create the complete song I recorded consecutively several stereo tracks. The final song was then mastered with a bit EQ and compression on some tracks and some limiting on the master track."

Song 1 here

New Moog Subharmonicon Demos

Just added four videos by Sound Provider and one from Baseck to the playlist here. Remember, you can use the controls on the top right to scroll through videos or use the skip controls on the bottom right after starting a video.

Modular Baby Steps

Published on May 12, 2020 Red Means Recording

Funny intro.

"I'm brand new to the world of Eurorack modular synthesizers. In this video, I walk through learning to use the Make Noise 0-Coast, the Erica Synths Pico System III, and the Arturia Keystep Pro together to make music."

Making of "Zenology Trailer" music by Gattobus

Published on May 12, 2020 gattobus

"Every single sound you hear in this song has been created and programmed using ZEN-Core synth engine, even Drums.
I used FANTOM 6 and JUPITER-X to program all the sounds, then I've imported them into ZENOLOGY VST.
Everything's been recorded and sequenced using Ableton Live 10.
Some of the tones I used are already part of ZENOLOGY, the others will soon be available to download for all ZEN-Core compatible instruments (for free, of course 😉 ) ."

Moog Releases the Subharmonicon

Moog's Subharmonicon orginally introduced at Moogfest 2018 with a silver front panel is now available in black for the masses. See the dealer banners on the right for availability. Above is a playlist with the following videos from Moog and members of the synth community, followed by the press release. You can find additional posts featuring the Subharmonicon here.

1. Moog Subharmonicon | Suzanne Ciani + Scott Kiernan | Music as Living Matter
2. Subharmonicon | Using Subharmonicon with Mother-32 & DFAM
4. Subharmonicon | Pitch Sequencer
5. MOOG SUBHARMONICON REVIEW: Unique Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Synthesizer - BoBeats
5. The Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Synthesizer - Reverb
6. Sonic LAB Moog Subharmonicon - sonicstate
7. Moog SUBHARMONICON Full Tutorial with 9 patch ideas and pairings // New version reviewed - loopop
8. MOOG SUBHARMONICON - Inside and out, Playing It and Tearing It Down - LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER
9. Brand New Moog: The Subharmonicon! - Gaz Williams
10. The new Moog Subharmonicon - HAINBACH
11. A Moog Subharmonicon Explainer followed by Mother-32 + DFAM + Eventide Jams - mylarmelodies
12. Moog Subharmonicon - The Minor 11 - Noir Et Blanc Vie
13. Moog SubHarmonicon: Rowdy Distortion with Hudson Electronics Broadcast - Rishabh Rajan
14. Moog Subharmonicon: 3 Pulse Width Modulation Options - Rishabh Rajan
15. Moog SubHarmonicon: Ambient Jam with Avalanche Run - Rishabh Rajan
16. 1st Day with Moog SubHarmonicon Analog Synth 1-4 - Sound Provider
17. Baseck Moog Subharmonicon Bliss [Demo] (no talking)
18. Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Synthesizer Sounds (with DFAM) - Perfect Circuit - previously posted
19. Moog Mother 32 - Subharmonic Video Game Music Patch - RemixSample
20. Mycelium // moog subharmonicon & modular - ann annie

"Today, we're excited to announce that the newest addition to our family of semi-modular synthesizers, Subharmonicon, is now available worldwide.

Subharmonicon is an intensely creative analog synthesizer capable of complex sounds and patterns, yet is incredibly simple to use. With two VCOs, four Subharmonic Oscillators, two 4-Step Sequencers, and four Rhythm Generators, this new musical machine is designed for the exploration of sequences that unfold and evolve over time, spiraling through six-tone subharmonic chords and organic polyrhythms.

Although no patching is required to start creating, Subharmonicon can be patched into itself, expanding its onboard capabilities, or interfaced with Mother-32, DFAM, and other external Eurorack-compatible gear for endless possibilities."

"Subharmonicon is a semi-modular polyrhythmic analog synthesizer that employs a 6-tone sound engine and multi-layered clock generator to explore the world of subharmonics, polyrhythms, and the unique relationships they create.

Subharmonicon’s characteristic sound starts with two analog VCOs and four Subharmonic Oscillators for a total of six powerful sound sources. Each subharmonic tone is mathematically derived from one of the two main VCOs, giving the resulting chord shapes a beautifully coherent quality. Onboard quantization lets you dial in perfect intervals every time with selections for multiple tuning systems. Choose from contemporary Equal Temperament settings, the heavenly intervals of Just Intonation, or the unlimited freedom of no quantization at all.
Animating Subharmonicon’s distinctive chord shapes is done through a polyrhythmic pair of 4-Step Sequencers. Each sequencer is clocked by any or all of four Rhythm Generators that output mathematical divisions of the master tempo. Layer multiple Rhythm Generators on top of each other to create complex polyrhythms and discover inspiring new patterns and styles. Delve into Subharmonicon’s dual Envelope Generators, Moog Ladder Filter, and analog VCA to call up dynamic articulations ranging from lush pads and blurred edges to percussive plosives and ritualistic rhythms.

Although no patching is required to start creating, exploring Subharmonicon’s modular patchbay unlocks worlds of possibilities as you make novel connections and plug into new ideas. The 32-point 3.5mm patchbay can be patched into itself, expanding Subharmonicon’s onboard capabilities, or interfaced with Mother-32, DFAM, and other external Eurorack-compatible gear (MIDI Type A adapter included for DIN to 3.5mm MIDI input). Use as a standalone synth with included +12V DC power supply or simply remove the front panel to install into any Eurorack system.
The Moog Subharmonicon is a versatile analog labyrinth of subharmonically derived synthesis and polyrhythmic sound, equally suited for losing oneself and simultaneously finding oneself."

Behringer Introduces Their MonoPoly

Published on May 12, 2020 BEHRINGER

"The Behringer MonoPoly is here!
All audio recorded with UMC1820.
Some of the solo tracks on demos used the TC Electronic BBD Gauss Tape Echo and Hall Of Fame Reverb pedals."


BEHRINGER MonoPoly Synthesizer Clone (Demo Jams)

Published on May 12, 2020 Fj Francois

Patch n Tweak

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