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Monday, July 27, 2020

Sound of: Mu-Tron Bi-Phase (Feat Novation Peak Synth & Yocto Drum Machine)

Sound Provider

"I ve done this video for people like me who love to see gear in action, so be careful, this video may be a little too long for some of you. :)

I did few quick loops here then I turn the knobs testing different settings with the glorious and vintage Musitronics Mutron Biphase Double Phaser pedal effect (Or Phasor, If you know the difference between Phaser and Phasor please tell me )

To help me with this mission, I used the Novation Peak synthesizer and the Yocto drum machine (A DIY Clone of the Roland Tr-808 from E-licktronic I build myself not without difficulty) .

The video Start with a 'Clavinet' Sound Done with the Peak, at 2.30 you have kind of Guitar arp, at 5.30 a bass Lead at 9.30 some Pad Chord, at 13minutes you can listen to the effect with a Bass then around 16 the video ends with the DrumMachine.


Leonard de Leonard"

NEWPORT Rhythm Sound FR-106


Note this appears to be the first Newport post on the site. Curious if they made anything else.

Vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Fever FR-106 Analog Drum Machine SN 8518009

via this auction

Note the two videos above are not for the listing.

Moog/Realistic Concertmate MG-1 SN 1461 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Moog/Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Analog Synthesizer New Old Stock Open Box!! RARE. This MG-1 is flawless no scratches no wear nothing! Comes with everything it came with in the 80s! Original box, manual, styrofoam, and even headphone plug! Box is is great shape."

From Cracks to Ghosts (Demo) - Live DSI Pro 2 Performance

Daniel Davis

"This is a demo version of what will shape up to be my next album, called From Cracks to Ghosts - Music for Treated DSI Pro 2.

The entire album will be one stereo track of DSI Pro 2, processed using the Boss DD-500 and Strymon Flint, with the Pigtronix Infinity Looper."

Novation Circuit Pan Automation


"This video demonstrates pan automation on the Novation Circuit using the Circuit Bender web application available at

My music on Bandcamp:

The Novation Circuit is connected by USB to my laptop running the Chrome web browser. The Circuit Bender web application listens to the incoming MIDI messages from the macro controls for Synth 1 and Synth 2 on the Novation Circuit and sends the MIDI messages for synth and drum panning back to the Circuit.

Since macro controls can be recorded and played back by the Circuit, it is possible to achieve pan automation on the Circuit using the Circuit Bender web application. This web application will only work in the Chrome and the Opera web browser, since they support Web MIDI.

This is a hack with some limitations, but it works for me, and I had a lot of fun creating it. Enjoy! And let me know about your experience with this in the comments :-).

- Novation Circuit
- Laptop running the Chrome web browser
- Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S (for recording)

- Circuit connected to the laptop using USB
- Circuit audio - KP2S (for recording)"

The One of a Kind EMS Synthi KB1

EMS Synthi KB1 by Digitana from portabellabz on Vimeo.

"Wish a nice background music from the Synthi KB1 will come ;)
Thanks for sharing, Steve !"

This image was spotted and sent my way via @deejayiwan. I've seen it before so I did a quick search on the site, but only found this previous post. A little digging on the web and I found the video above and a post on none other than x0xb0x creator, Adafruit's blog. According to that post:

" blogs about the 2017 recovery of a rare, one-of-a-kind EMS Synthi KB1 synthesizer, a model that never made it into production. This one was made for the band YES in 1971. Digitana Electronics obtained the synth and was looking to document some music history.

'We are pleased to announce that Digitana Electronics has acquired an important piece of E.M.S. history…the E.M.S. Synthi KB1 keyboard. Only one prototype was ever made, for the band YES in 1971.

'The synth never went into production. It has remained essentially unused for 46 years though Steve Howe (YES guitarist) did use it on a track in the first of his ‘homebrew’ demo recordings, some of which featured on the bands albums. We plan to release more photos and audio demos of this keyboard in the future so that E.M.S. fans everywhere can finally hear and find out more about this beautiful and historic instrument.'”

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with MR.PHARMACIST (AKA GREGG FOREMAN)

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Mr.Pharmacist (aka Gregg Foreman), is a multi-instrumentalist musician residing in Los Angeles. He has been playing music for decades alongside of artists like: Cat Power, The Gossip, Beth Ditto, James Williamson (of the Stooges), Lydia Lunch, Alan Vega (Suicide), Martin Rev (Suicide), Jesse Malin, Lucinda Williams, Linda Perry, Toody (Dead Moon), Peter Buck (REM) David J (Bauhaus), Pink Mountaintops, The Delta 72, and is currently Band Leader and key synth player for Kat Von D.

Gregg has been using Sequential instruments since he was a kid — his relationship with Sequential started when he bought a second-hand TOM drum machine. Mr.Pharmacist refers to his style and genre as “Moth,” referring to being one part Mod and one part Goth. He draws his influences from the soundtrack music of Blade Runner and John Carpenter, and the post-punk sounds of Suicide, Fad Gadget, and Cabaret Votaire.

We chatted with Gregg on how he’s using the Rev2, Prophet X, and OB-6 in his recordings"
You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

16 Voices and Bi Timbral - Summit Series // Novation


"In this Summit deep dive video, -CALC- takes a look at the multi aspect of our flagship polysynth, exploring it's bi-timbral nature.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. And, that’s not the end of it: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

--- Discover Summit"

NovationTV Summit Series

Synths of Sci-Fi Episode 3: Wendy Carlos, Moog Modular Synthesizer & TRON (1982)

Koboto Music

"In this episode, we look at the life and works of Wendy Carlos from “Switched-On Bach” to her score for Tron in 1982 and the original Moog Modular Synthesizer. Thanks For Watching! Please help to support the channel by leaving a comment and hitting those Like and SUBSCRIBE buttons!!

Wendy’s Modular System Details:"

Synths of Sci-Fi Episodes

Eplex7 DSP Releases Hitech Lasers 1 - Plug-in Instrument for Win / Mac

Hitech psytrance plug-in instrument with special sound effects - hitech space lasers

"Eplex7 DSP Hitech lasers 1 is VSTi & AU plug-in instrument with 10 multi octave banks of sounds like lasers and space guns.

The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more."

"Eplex7 DSP has released Hitech lasers 1, is a VSTi & AU plug-in instrument with 10 multi octave banks for Windows and macOS. It works in the Free Eplex7 Player plug-in or can be used also as expanding library in other Eplex7 DSP's plug-in instruments.

This multi-octave banks instrument includes laser and gun sound effects like hitech lasers and space guns designed mainly for hitech, psycore, darkpsy, darkprog, tech trance, progressive, fullon psytrance as well as almost all electronic music styles to name a few: trance, rave, electro, techno.

Hitech lasers 1 is modern and easy to use plug-in instrument with multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, instruments, waveforms and synths.

The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more.
All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb/Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function. You can use external VST plug-in effects from Eplex7 or other manufacturer to significantly modify all included instruments and create brand new sounds fast and easy.

CME Introduces WIDI Master - Wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

via CME

"After the successful launch of WIDI Master, we present to you the 2nd member of the WIDI family.

Meet WIDI Jack! The Bluetooth MIDI interface.

It is an interface solution that offers multiple exchangeable cable options. Plus the ability of an external power source. It ensures wireless MIDI connectivity for even the rarest vintage synths as well as the boutique style devices!

Our WIDI technology delivers ultra low latency (3ms between two WIDI products with BLE5 in tests) over Bluetooth through dual role automation and 4 additional smart algorithmic solutions that optimise performance both on stage as well as in the studio.

What is WIDI Jack?
WIDI Jack is your virtual MIDI interface
Bluetooth MIDI is the new wireless standard as approved by the MMA.
Now you can connect all your MIDI devices - without computers - without cables - with WIDI Jack!"

A Super TRIPPY Novation Circuit Jam

Gabe Miller Music

"A chaotic, trippy Novation Circuit jam with elements of vaporwave, trap, synthwave, electro, glitch, and dubstep. Made with DreddSteppa and my free drums pack.
Background graphics by Beeple and VisualDon.'

Sequential Prophet 6 & Industrialectric Generator 7446


Dreadbox Medusa - "Synergy" 64 sequences and 64 presets

Lfo team proudly presents its first soundset for greek creature - Dreadbox


"Synergy" Vol.1 contains 64 sequences and 64 presets (tones)
overall - 128 sounds in one!

We spend much time to create complex & interesting sequences using built in exotic & traditional scales, extended synth modulation capabilities.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author of 'Stratosphere' for Wavestate.

Synergy sounds massive & deep and made as a part of our 'Cinematic'
series patches (DeepMind, Wavestate,Argon8 etc)

Extend your Medusa sound universe with ummy presets!"

【エレクトーン演奏】レキシ「TAIROW~キミが目指してんのは~」・Rekishi - "TAIROW ~kimi ga mezashitennowa~"・on Electone D85 / D800



This is probably my favorite song from 2018 "Mukishi" album. It has a bit of TOTO vibe, don't you think?"

Making Wonky Beats in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

malekko manther growl exploration


"please support the channel:

the malekko manther growl is a synth voice for eurorack based on their manther desktop synth. it includes a cem3340 vco chip and an ssm2044-based analog filter. it has separate levels and outputs for the square, saw and triangle oscillators. it has two adsr envelopes with outputs and an lfo with multiple destinations and an output. it has a wavefolder with two modes: tri or all. the all mode folds all waveforms and the external input post-filter.

i've had my eye on the manther desktop for some time but knew i wouldn't utilize the built-in sequencing capabilities. upon discovering the manther growl i realized i could replace a number of modules in my existing rack (including my a-105 vcf which is based on the same ssm2044 chip) with room to spare.

after spending a few hours with the manther growl i'm very impressed. it's straightforward and sounds as good as the specifications suggest. the filter has a nasty, vintage character. the oscillators are beefy. the wavefolder is a unique addition that introduces unpredictable sonic variety. all the tools i like in a single oscillator synth are there.

my only critique is that driving the levels doesn't seem to alter the tone. the manther growl sounds as though it's always being driven. that said, it's still capable of subtle sounds. what it excels at though are thick, heavy, nasty, dirty tones. in short, it does what is says on the tin.

filter sweeps at 0:05
bass line at 4:30
saw arp at 6:45
wavefolder chaos at 10:31
triangle arp at 14:43

patch notes:
malekko manther growl thru walrus audio fathom x2 and boss dd-8

disclaimer: module was purchased out of pocket for music production purposes"

Buchla Music Easel vs. 208c Command

012358 13

"Just a little jam with Buchla Music Easel and the 208c Command. Both 208s are being controlled by the 218e. All of it is improvised live, mistakes and all. Aside from a minor volume adjustment, no post production was done to the audio. The use of the arpeggiator makes it look as if the video and sound are not in sync, they are.

The card being used is a 208 Toolbox from portabellabz, great little gadget.

The pedal is a Strymon Blue Sky."

JMT Synth KD-1 Percussion Envelope Gate

via this auction

KD-1, from JMTSynth, is a drum-like desktop unit that can be physically hit or triggered via external source in order to gate external signals. External signals can be introduced and bypassed, allowing users to use the unit to dynamically control incoming signals: percussively gate guitars, external oscillators, or better yet—another JMT synthesizer. The trigger in handles up to +9V.


Percussive gating device

Trigger input handles up to +9V

Tap or strike the top of the unit to trigger sounds

Trigger sounds with external signals via trigger input

Sustain and sensitivity control allow shaping of envelope response

1x 1/4” output"

You can find a video with one from 2018 here.

EMS Synthi E

via this auction

"EMS synthi E with DK keyboard in beautiful near mint condition, owned by collector.
Spartanite case in mint shape.

Just back from Pro Service by EMS Expert Constantin (Portabellabz).
Fully functional. Plug & Play. Sold with invoice including 1 year warranty.

You will receive:

Ems Synthi E
EMS Synthi DK E Keyboard
Original Synthi E Sheet
Manual (Copy)
Power adapter
Patch cables
Ocsidance Invoice including 1 year warranty
Service Report"

Waldorf XTK Wavetable Synth

via this auction

Access Virus C Analogue Modelling Synth SN 10202769

via this auction

ELEKTRON SID STATION 8bit Synthesizer Module SN H30301326-81

via this auction

"Built-in SID6581 chip developed by MOS Technology and installed in PC such as Commodore 64.

It is a synthesizer that maximizes the sound source of this SID chip with a design that matches music production."

Yamaha VL1m Version 2 with BC1 Breath Controller

via this auction

"This is an incredibly well maintained, mint condition unit. Includes 5 original user manuals, a Yamaha BC1 breath controller, and a step up/down converter. Unit is a 220v model.

The backlight and screen are well eliminated and unit shows of light usage. This has spent nearly all of its life in a rack mount. Floppy drive is presumed functioning, but it has not been used in many years and I have no floppies available.

Unit had an amazing set of user programmed presets that will help you get the most out of your breath controller, but also pairs well with an expressive keyboard controller as well.

Overall this is an excellent example if you are looking into getting into the world of VL synthesis and real world modeling. No one has come out with a synth as intuitive and realistic as this model. You will be pleased."

ROLAND JP-08 JUPITER-8 Boutique Sound Module

via this auction

"Mint condition barely used. Sometimes my best friend would come over and look at it, but no touching.
The legendary JUPITER-8 synth is back as a limited-edition module no bigger than a book. Part of the Roland Boutique series, the JP-08 is all about hands-on control and that iconic JUPITER sound. With an array of 36 knobs and sliders from the original JUPITER-8 front panel, the 4-voice JP-08 is highly programmable and encourages sonic experimentation, especially with the built-in speaker and battery operation. Using Roland’s acclaimed Analog Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology the JP-08 faithfully reproduces the original JUPITER-8 sounds and adds a few new twists in the form of extra LFOs and expanded VCO range. You can even slide the JP-08 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience."

Roland Juno 106 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 472721

via this auction

"The successor to the Roland Juno-60 ("one of the most important synthesizers in popular music"), the Roland Juno-106 is a six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer released in Japan in 1984, during the "Golden Era" of Japanese audio equipment. This synthesizer features classic, sought-after sounds that not only defined a generation of synthesizer-based music in the 1980s, but also continue to leave their mark in the modern era. The Juno-106 has been used by Daft Punk, Vangelis, Tame Impala, Justice, and more. The Juno-106 is full of enticing features, such as arpeggiation, stereo chorus, LFO modulation, MIDI connectivity, twice the patch memory of the Juno-60, and more. If you're looking for that authentic vintage analog polyphonic synth sound, then you definitely need to check out the Juno-106!

This particular unit is in very good condition and shows only light signs of age, including some minor scratches and dust stain (please see photos). This Juno-106 has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly. All keys, buttons, and lights are working perfectly, and the display is fully intact and easy to read."

Korg 770 w/ rare midi kit package

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

"Here it is. The legendary Jupiter 6. Easily the most versatile and IMO aggressive of the Jupiter series of synthesizers. It has a very aggressive "bite" to its tone and the Multimode filter adds even more control over how well this synth cuts through the mix. Capable of lush moving pads and stabs and insanely large bass. Compound waveforms on each oscillator also set it apart from any of the other Jupiters that Roland produced. The cross mod is capable of some seriously clangerous and metallic tones as well as a whole whack of weirdness. Bleeps, Bloops, killer bass, delicious, lush pads and swells as well as an infinite amount of everything in between is available from this beauty. Much of the magic in this synth can be found in the increments between the notches on its potentiometers..."

Doepfer Schaltwerk Sequencer SN 970507 in SKB Case

via this auction

"The Doepfer Schaltwerk is a professional tool for generating pattern-based musical structures. It is an input and controlling instrument for rhythmic trigger patterns, arpeggios, analog sequences, chord triggers and other rhythmic structures whereby all functions are available simultaneously. The real time access to all 8 tracks predestinates SCHALTWERK for improvisation and live events.

- 8 tracks of 16 steps.

- MIDI - Note on/off + 2 CC per step

- CV - 1 Gate + 2 CV per step"

All Before (Modular Vocal Downtempo Performance) + Video Patch Notes

Red Means Recording

"Hello here's a song on a eurorack system. Patch notes at end of video."

Using a Soviet wire recorder as a ghostly space echo


"In which I explore the wonderful lofi tone of the Soviet made MN61 wire recorder for music. Includes probable Cold War spy communication, a guide on splicing magnetic wire for recording and lots of musical and sound design examples.

Get radio communications from the cold war and support what I do:"

The Buchla Easel Command - Overview by AutomaticGainsay - Parts 10 & 11

Parts 10 & 11 have been added to the playlist here.

Glitchmachines - POLYGON 2.0 - 03 Oscillators


"This is a closer look at the Oscillator section of Polygon 2.0 - a Hybrid Sampler plugin from Glitchmachines."

Glitchmachines - POLYGON 2.0 - additional details and demos

Octatrack: Thru Tracks and Midi Setup

Inflatable Robot

"Here I go over how to setup an Octatrack to sequence an external synth and route the audio through the Octatrack's internal FX using a 'Thru Machine'."


Patch n Tweak
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