MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Bob Moog Foundation 2020 Trifecta Raffle: Three Vintage Moog Synthesizers. Three Winners


"We are thrilled to announce our 2020 Trifecta Raffle featuring three glorious vintage Moog synthesizers: The Moog Source, the Moog Prodigy (with MIDI capable updates), and the Moog Rogue. All have been expertly restored and are in excellent technical and physical condition.

Find out more about the synths and purchase your ticket to win here:

The raffle is a fundraiser for the important work of the Bob Moog Foundation. Proceeds benefit our hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. Find out more here:

Big Moog Love to @MaryFrances-MamaFunk for exploring these synths with us!"

flightofharmony Infernal Noise Machine (INM-E)

Eurorack Infernal Noise Machine Demo Preview Render1 - flightofharmony

"An early, very incomplete, stage in making a demo video for the upcoming eurorack Infernal Noise Machine (INM-E). The final video will explain the patches and procedure."


"A WIP demo video of part of a song made with the upcoming eurorack Infernal Noise Machine. Final video will explain the patches used for the song. We're working on a Kickstarter to fund production and should have more news next week."

5 Voice Polyphonic Moog Phatty Devo Whip It Trip Mix Rik Marston z

Rik Marston Official

DEVO - "Whip it!" Trip Mix. All music from the 5 voice polyphonic
Moog Phatty system except for drums, they are from the KARMA.
This is a multi-tracked audio demo, one midi track at a time sent to the
5 voice setup from the Korg KARMA. MIDI files are free on the internet,
they are easy & fun to tweak. Only light Delay FX were used on the

individual MIDI tracks. This was a TON of fun to make! I LOVE DEVO! ;)

Please Buy My Music "Digital Heart, Analog Soul" Vol. 1+2
already on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more!!!

Noise session with the Wonder Wheel CV generator by Crank Sturgeon

electro lobotomy

Watch your volume levels on this one.

"The Wonder Wheel is a bi polar CV source built by Crank Sturgeon. Please give his shop a visit:"

Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP - Eurorack Format Z506 - delay/flange

O.Z. Hall

Additional demos

"This is a demo of the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP module in Eurorack format from Zebra Synth ( The module features an ADSR envelope generator, a VCA on the right half of the module. These functions remain the same with all of the different "Modes". The functionality of the left half of the module changes from mode to mode. The modes are VCO, VCF, Voice, Digital Delay, Reverb, Dual Resonator.

This is video shows the delay mode with modulation to create a flange effetc. An external analog oscillator is the only other audio module used. The Swiss Daisy provides ADSR/VCA processing before going into the delay section."

U.D.O Super 6 - review and deep demonstration


"After owning my Super 6 allready two weeks, I made a review and deep demonstration of all sections.

Contents of this review:
1. Oszillator Section
2. Binaural Mode
3. Voice Assign
4. Filter Section
5. Chorus and Delay
6. LFO 1 and FM
7. Envelopes
8. Sound Demo and tweaking
9. Conclusion and Recomendation

I recorded everything life without any mastering, FX, outboard or plugins.

Finally I can recommend the Super 6 as a very great sounding synth with a lot of character. It is quite unique and I would say, its a boutique synth, not comparable in this respect with the Novation Summit. Its all about the sound, the Binaural Mode ist nice to have but not a killer feature to get the Super 6. The most advantages are the great GUI, nice modulation possibilities and its creativity potential for modern style electronic music.

Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Note the seller also has a MicroKORG listed here.

Oberheim Matrix-6

via this auction

"Has tauntek's eprom upgrade from version 2.13 to version 2.14 for faster MIDI parameter changes. Version 2.13 is included in a static free bag taped inside the synth."

Pics of the inside below.

Arp 2600 mk3 Black and Orange

via this auction

"Excellent condition ARP 2601 with its matching 3620 keyboard. Outside of minor white spots on the keyboard lid (not the keyboard itself, as shown on pics) this Arp is in beautiful condition. Its electronic condition is matching the cosmetics: it was thoroughly serviced in 2014 by Phil Cirocco at CMS Discrete Synthesizers and has not needed any service since then. All functions work to specs. Phil Cirrocco is the acknowledged expert in ARP service and repair.

The original owner made two modifications to the original specs:

1) On the keyboard control panel there is a small red toggle switch in the upper right corner and a red momentary push button next to the vibrato sliders. With the switch in the “off” position the LFO/vibrato controls work in standard fashion. When the switch is in the “on” position the vibrato delay is replaced by push button activation. Pushing the button engages the LFO/vibrato depth settings instantly. This allows for expressive use of vibrato while playing.
2) There are two additional jacks on the lower left corner of the console, and one additional jack on the keyboard control panel next to the connector cable. These allow for an optional ground cable (included) to connect the chassis grounds between the keyboard and console. In some studio situations this improved pitch stability. It is entirely optional."

Akai AX80 Synthesizer - Vintage! 1984

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Polar 37-Key Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Plantasia (Cover)

Scott Ampleford

"I only stumbled across Mort Garson's wonderful album 'Mother Earth's Plantasia' fairly recently, but immediately fell in love with it.
Here's my rendition of the title track, performed entirely on my Dotcom Modular.
Check out my album releases:"

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2


A short demo, made with the DSI Pro 2.
As always a multitrack recording + FX.

YAMAHA SY-1 Analog Synthesizer 1974 | HD DEMO


"(c) 2020 by AnalogAudio1

I played the YAHAMA SY1 with reverb effects from the Lexicon MPX-500 and delay effects from the Korg SDD-3000.

The Yamaha SY is a synth with presets, which can be altered: Filter settings, waveforms, envelope... it's similar to the Roland SH-2000, but it has the sound characteristics of the early CS series, which is great."

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 6: Frequency Shift Takeover

Noise Engineering

"Artist links:
Becoming Zero:
Trovarsi's Instagram:
Trovarsi's website:
SoCal Synth Society Instagram:

It's the Noiseblast Hour, brought to you by Noise Engineering, hosted by Kris Kaiser! This is the sixth installment in a series of indeterminate length and sporadic release (h/t Roman Mars). Watch here for future episodes! On this episode, we welcome the Frequency Shift Takeover, an event showcasing female and non-binary musicians, organized by the SoCal Synth Society. This episode features performances by Becoming Zero and Trovarsi and interviews with the artists and the organizers of Frequency Shift.

Trovarsi is a LA based music producer and live performance artist who brings a unique sound to the world of electronic music. With a hybrid blend of analog synths, modular, drum machines and Ableton, she builds a pulsing atmosphere to any set she plays. This video focuses on the idea of creating a powerful performance with a minimal setup. The idea is to push you to be creative and inspire you to get the most out of your instrument.

Currently residing in the USA, Holly Vernon is an avante-garde, electronic industrial music artist. She works primarily with modular synthesis and effects. Her inspiration comes from a blend of Riot Grrrl, Fluxus, and a fascination with sci-fi and the macabre. (Before the COVID) She was an active performer; primarily around Los Angeles and Austin, TX. The performance you're about to watch is an improvisational piece that challenges and bends time and complex rhythms to create a soundscape for a post-apocalyptic dystopian suburbia."

Glitch Synth Music // Gotharman SpazeDrum, Little deFormer 3 & deMoon #TTNM


"Finally, here‘s a little jam session with all my Gotharman synthesizers together! More info below :)


I acquired an old, second-hand, DIY deMoon synth a few weeks ago, which was one of Gotharman‘s first commercial devices over ten years ago. Back then, I didn‘t understand nor appreciate its existence, but this has changed of course ;-) With that instrument rounding off my SpazeDrum + Little deFormer 3 setup, I decided to patch everything together and do something. So in this video, the SpazeDrum and deMoon each send their stereo audio into the LD3. There, the audio is combined with internal LD3 synth sounds and processed by its granular synthesis FX. The Linnstrument MIDI keyboard plays the deMoon and the SpazeDrum and deFormer both use their internal multi-track sequencers. I mapped the eight EDIT knobs on the deFormer 3 to various parameters and of course play with both the SpazeDrum‘s and LD3‘s morph knobs.

Little deFormer 3:"

Telharmonic DubChords _ 31 | 6th d


Make Noise Telharmonic
Make Noise Wogglebug
Make Noise Maths
Make Noise Rene
Make Noise Rosie
Bastl Cinnamon
Bastl Skis
Pamela's New Workout
Mutable Instruments Rings
Mutable Instruments Peaks
Cassa LEP
Dreadbox Modular Multiple
Intellijel Metropolis
Verbos Harmonic Oscillator

Live synthesizer piece inspired by Kraftwerk

Peter Maas

"Slower piece, inspired by Kraftwerk. Sequential Pro One on bass, Roland Jupiter 4 on lead, process by the amazing Meris Mercury 7.. with the Sequential drumtracks playing a Linndrum Kick and Snare eprom."

Custom wood case on that Pro One.

Korg Poly 800 demotrack


All sounds from the Korg Poly-800
Drums: Korg volca beats
Some reverb and delay.

Why the Roland Jupiter 6 is amazing.


"Sit with me and let's have a blast on the ever-underappreciated dark horse of the vintage Roland Jupiter polys - Jupiter 6. Beloved by Orbital, and you can hear a lot of them in it. Even by today's standards it's still amazingly powerful, full of options with its own unique voice, killer oscillator and filter combo, as we get into in this vid! Let's polybleep!"

Roland Jupiter-8 (Groove Electronics MIDI Mod) Editor for MIDI Designer

via MIDI Designer

"This simple layout allows acces to all MIDI controllers that are exposed by the Groove Electronics MIDI modification from 1987 for the Roland Jupiter-8. Note, that the Groove MIDI interface does not expose all parameters of the Jupiter-8, but at least the most important.

This layout comes in handy when you want to record controller movements into your DAW, which is otherwise not possible with the Jupiter-8, since the Groove interface does not send out any parameter changes from the Jupiter-8 panel controls through its MIDI output.

Another interesting use-case is the much higher fader resolution you get when controlling the Jupiter-8's parameters via MIDI. I suspect that the Groove MIDI interface adds too much load to the old CPU of the Jupiter-8 that the timing/resolution of the hardware faders suffer somehow. However, the same parameters sent via MIDI are processed much faster and smoother. So, if you need faster fader resolution this MD layout might help you."

Omri Cohen Opus III - Full Album

Omri Cohen

"Here it is on Bandcamp -
Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -

00:00 - String in Chaos
05:34 - A Point in Time
11:14 - Hyphae
19:34 - Mycelium
29:07 - Prickly Pear
36:07 - Synesthesia
45:33 - Morph
51:38 - Modular Quartet in E minor

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

I created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -"

Using VSTs - Minute by Minute

Randy Piscione

"I wanted to try to duplicate the sounds of some favourite keyboards using free VSTs. This time it's Michael McDonald's Rhodes from the Doobie Bros' Minute by Minute.

VSTs mostly from -
VST Host - Cantabile Lite -
Rhodes - DPiano - E -
Preamp - PTEq-1A -
Phase Shifter - HY-Phaser -"

Checking out a Massive Home Made Synthesizer and Other Mad Inventions


"So this weekend i went to pickup an item from the Nervous Squirrels Place For The Museum Of Everything Else (video to come!) But couldnt help checking out his other mad #inventions and his Huge #diy #synthesizer.

Check him out here :-"

ARP 2600 with 3620 Keyboard SN 1640

via this auction

Syntecno TeeBee MKI Rackmount TB-303 Clone Analog Synth Sync-Box Filter

via this auction

"RARE Syntecno TeeBee MK1 real analog synthesizer, filter, and syncbox all in one!

Not just any TB-303 clone: this is a very underrated synth that provides the TB-303 sound iwith a ton of extra features!

A very high quality piece: I've owned several TB-303 clones over the years and the TeeBee ranks near the top in terms of both sound and features. The TeeBee is unique in being one of the only TB-303 style synths in a 19" rackmount format. The knobs are some of the best on any gear I've ever had - really wish more manufacturers made gear this solid!

Velocity sensitive Synthesizer based on Roland TB-303
Mixable Analog Filter with analog input
Sync-box with DIN sync and MIDI!
MIDI-to-CV convertor!
4-channel CV / Gate for eurorack integration, etc.
Analog controller
Fast digital Midi controller (sends MIDI CC's for automation control).
Internal MIDI sequencer (basic)
Slide effect controlled through MIDI, as well as every other editable parameter using MIDI SysEx commands!"

Vintage Moog Prodigy Analog Synthesizer Model 336A SN 7031

via this auction

Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth With MIDI + Mods

via this auction

"• Modifications :

-CLONE KLM-367A PCB. Brand new control board! Slightly lower-noise TL072 op-amps used instead of 4558's, high-quality long-life electrolytic capacitors, original rare transistors. Includes new CR2032 coincell battery (memory backup).

-VOICES DIRECT OUT. An extra output socket has been added that bypasses the Polysix Effects section, which normally adds noise even when set to "off" - bypassing the Effects section results in a much cleaner sound!

-EFFECTS IN. An extra input socket has been added to route external sounds through the analog "Bucket Brigade" Polysix Effects section. When in use, the Effects output is routed to the Output and Phones, while the internal Polysix sound is routed to the Voices Direct Out.

-SAW-PULSE WAVEFORM. The Saw Waveform can be used in combination with the PulseWidth Waveform, and there is a toggle switch to enable or disable the function. The waveform mix is saved in the patch data as well!

-MIDI IN. Includes Bob Tauntek's Polysix MIDI interface. Basic MIDI IN functionality: MIDI channel setting, Note On/Off, and the ability to MIDI clock the Arpeggiator. The functions are set by holding down specific keys during power-on. There is a small instruction sticker located under the keys for easy reference.

-ADDITIONAL NOISE REDUCTION. Extra steps were taken for optimum noise levels. Although this Polysix does not include the KiwiSix kit, all the additional grounding steps to reduce hum that are described in the KiwiSix installation have also been performed. Slightly lower noise TL072 op-amps have also replaced all the 4558's on the KLM-368 Effects PCB. Perhaps there is no audible difference - but it sounds great, in any case!

-SERVICED AND TUNED. The synthesizer has been adjusted to the exact specifications and tuning described in the original Korg service manual. It was given a general cleaning, rubber key contacts were refreshed, sticky tact switch buttons addressed, loose knobs tightened, etc. It's in excellent working condition!

-COMES LOADED WITH ORIGINAL FACTORY PRESETS. Presets can be backed up or restored with only minor headache using audio files and the PolySix Tape Interface."

Flutter By at Beanalog


"I recorded 3 Easel performances sitting on the floor at Beanalog Studio. This is Flutter By."

Synth Stuff Ep. 67 - Korg Wavestate


"I kinda blew off the Wavestate at first, thinking it was just a repackaged Wavestation. Which is cool, but vintage Wavestations are fairly cheap (especially the racks). However this thing is far beyond the original. While it has some of that sort of cheesy Wavestation vibe if you want it, it is certainly far more modern sounding. Not that it can't do other sounds, but it really excels at pads and soundscapes, which is most of what you'll hear on this episode. Far easier to edit on this as well, compared to the atrocious interface of the original. Personally, I really like strange sounds, so this synth is right up my alley."

Is the Nunomo QUN the smallest Full Featured Synth ever made?? It's tiny... it's VERY tiny

Starsky Carr

"How can so much be packed into such a small package... watch and find out! Its a feature packed virtual synth with virtual analog, FM and granular synthesis on board as well as a great little sequencer."

Yamaha Sy77 by Atlsynth


"Thrift store find. 1st patch sounds great."

Patch n Tweak
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